Don Diva Magazine’s own Keven Chiles and Delson Holoway dropped by to make sure some truths get told, and there be no doubt about what’s what!

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This all started because Flex had been mentioning Alpo at diff times recently, to the point Mysonne came through in #Freestyle046 and talked about Alpo needing to be ’taken care of’, Flex did say Alpo was a snitch, then on-line a kid claiming to be Po’s Son made Flex feel like there was another side to it, but since most have said Alpo def was a snitch, and now Keven Chiles, someone who ran with Alpo, and had his own issue’s with Alpo in his ‘paperwork’ ?.

In case you didn’t watch, or want to make sure you hit just the good points, here’s a list:

‘back then the hustlers used the product’
‘freakin off classic slang’
‘Had it figured out by 1986’
‘working class ppl’
‘freebase; poor man’s drug, rich man’s high’
‘Richard Pryor nationalized it’
‘a key was 50/60k’
‘Harlem wasn’t gentrified like now’
‘they didn’t know it was crack’
‘how do we do(handle dealing with) a ransom’
‘CCE continuing criminal enterprise ‘
‘Kevin Chiles theory on AZ’

And a lot more, really… watch the whole thing!!