Flex is giving money to the top 3 #FunkFlexFacebookMessenger Curators every month! At the end of each month the first place influencer gets $1000, second place gets $250, and third gets $100. If you like listening to music and want to check out some freestyles, all you have to do is sign up and vote. If you become a verified influencer you might just end up in the top 3 and earn some money for your opinion on these freestyles.

You might also earn a chance to attend live freestyles, hang with Flex, and become one of his personal A&Rs. So keep up with that leaderboard and start voting on your favorite freestyles.

Old School/New School, Need to Earn Tho…Make đź’° with your opinion!! You can actually make $ by out working anyone…

Posted by FUNKFLEX on Sunday, November 11, 2018