Woman Sexually Assaulted On Manhattan Train In Her Sleep

Apparently this mans parents never taught him to “keep his hands to himself”. A woman riding the 4 Train in Manhattan was sexually assaulted by a complete stranger right in front of other passengers! In attempt to stop this disgusting man passengers told him that it wasn’t right but, he didn’t stop. The man was caught on camera and this incident was reported to the NYPD and MTA…Click this link and scroll down to find the post of the video! 4TrainAssault FunkFlex

91 Injuries Leaves 2 Year Old Dead

Rio Smedley was murdered by his mothers boyfriend at the age of 2. I’m not sure whats worse, that it was the mother’s boyfriend or that he inflicted 91 injuries on a 2 year old. Either way this is wrong, condolences to the family. The boyfriend plead not guilty and the mother claims her son “fell down 4 stairs and hit his head.” The autopsy shows liver injuries (from blows to the abdomen) and a month before the Rio’s death Kirsty Smedley (mother) called the police to report abusive behavior from her boyfriend… FunkFlex

16-Year-Old sues PA school district for 75,000+ after having sex with his girlfriend on a school trip

Imagine at the age of 16 what you can do after receiving 75k for suing your school district. Anders Hemdal might know that feeling very soon. Anders was secretly video taped having sex with his girlfriend on a school trip to Morocco, once the tapes leeked his school suspended him for disorderly conduct. However, “Sex is legal in Pennsylvania between minors who are no more than four years apart in age.” FunkFlex

‘Clean Halls’- Bronx Community Leader Agrees

The “Clean Halls” movement also known as “Stop & Frisk” is a very controversial issue in NY. In June of this year Thousands, yes thousands took a silent march to protest against the “Clean Halls Act”. Opponents of this program say it lets NYPD arrest people for trespassing outside of their own buildings. Take a look here to recap on the march in June. Protest Stop & Frisk Bronx community leader;Joseph Cicciu; thinks this act is whats best for lowering crime rate, loitering, and drugs & gun usage and he gives this act a thumbs up! FunkFlex

Trippin’ (Literally): Man struck & killed by sanitation truck after tripping over trash bags

A young artist pursuing the dream of “blowing up” in NY took a spill yesterday on E. 84th Street. After tripping over pilled up garbage on the sidewalk Andrew Schoonover was tragically hit by a sanitation truck. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. FunkFlex

Busted: Brothel on Wall Street “Brooklyn Style”

As all of you may know “Wall Street” is known for being a symbol of commerce to the American society. It’s also known to be the stomping grounds for the New York Stock Exchange and “The Wall Street Journal”. However, earlier this month William Thomas, 42 from Brooklyn,NY was busted for running a brothel at several residential homes in the heart of Wall Street. The adds posted on E4A Korea set the price at 260 a pop! FunkFlex

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