Maryland Pastor Says “That Gays & Their Supporters Are Worthy Of Death”

A hate pastor from Maryland that goes by the name of Rev. Robert Anderson, of Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown stands proud of his discriminatory words after stating that Gay’s and their supporters are “worthy of death” and claims that these words are in the bible! FunkFlex

Hair Salon Shooting In Florida; Woman Stares “Death” In The Face

Maryline Lowe; a female Florida resident; was on her way to get her hair done at a local salon in Casselberry. Fortunately, she was running late as she was just about to walk into the salon the gunman let off a few rounds. Three woman were shot and killed and Lowe caught eyes with the gunman and was unsure if she was going to make it out alive or not. FunkFlex

Japanese Man Pays $780K For Woman’s Virginity & Man’s Virginity Goes for 3K

Catarina Migliorini,20, was looking to start charity housing she decided to auctions off her virginity on a “Virgin’s Wanted” auction website. After having several men from different countries battle for her virginity a man sealed the deal by bidding $780,000.Migliorini plans on having a videographer follow her on her journey to losing her virginity.The same site also allows men to auction off their virginity and the highest bid was set at $3,000! FunkFlex

41 Year Old Man Shows Up At His Own Wake

A 41 year old car washer from Brazil was pronounced “dead” as his family and friends mourned him at “his” wake he walks in. The body laying there was another man (also a car washer) who resembles him a lot! But, what kind of communication do you have with your family and friends for them to not you aren’t dead??? FunkFlex

Look out..[Update] Strip Club Taxes; You Might Have To Bring Spare Change To The Strip Club!

We tried to tell you about tax exmptions in the strip club back in September in our post “Strip Club Wants Taxes Exempt” Well unfortunately, Lap dances ARE NOT art.. New York’s highest court rules that stripper shows are subject to sales taxes. (No Romnesia over here) FunkFlex

Tech Talk News:Parasite Websites Are Lifting Photos From Social Media Like Crazy!

You ever get those annoying pop ups with pictures of some one else’s “business” well,the way things are looking you should exclude yourself from uploading anything. Parasite websites are lifting photos from a majority of social networking sites in the blink of an eye. You might not be “safe” even if you delete your pictures..Be careful cuz’ you never know when your “goodies” are going to be stolen! TatWZA

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