Club owners would say anything to avoid paying taxes. When we talk strip club owners they get all artistic and inspiring on us(literally). A strip club owner has made a claim that nude lap dances should not be taxed because it is art. You know what? I’m not even going to knock the hustle. Click below to find out more.

WiL Major

New York’s highest court will consider legal arguments by a strip club on whether nude dancing is an art and deserves a state tax exemption as such.
The case involves Nite Moves, an adult entertainment club in suburban Albany. The club is contesting a tax bill of more than $124,000. The court is scheduled to hear arguments Wednesday.
State officials say the club paid sales taxes on its non-alcoholic drinks, but also owes taxes on admission charges and on so-called “couch sales,” where patrons pay for private or lap dances.
Nite Moves is claiming an exemption as a “live dramatic or musical arts performance” under state law. A state tax tribunal and a mid-level court say the club didn’t present sufficient proof that it qualifies for the exemption.