Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J - For Everybody

Last night, Juicy J dropped his Wiz Khalifa-assisted single “For Everybody,” and boy did Wiz have some choice words for his ex Amber Rose on the track! And to drive the point home, they included a photo of themselves at his wedding to Amber as the song’s artwork.

Marisa Mendez

The song’s title gives you the basic idea: these women are for everybody. Staying perfectly on topic, Wiz opens his verse with:

Man, I fell in love with a stripper
Funny thing is, I fell back out of love quicker

Then he goes on to say other gems like:

Bottles be turnin’ these girls into thots
Instagram turnin’ these wives into hoes
No real life, they just readin’ the comments
Mess with a real one and get you exposed


Sharing is caring, that p#ssy ain’t gold
Sorry you ain’t in control
You all about that money, that’s sh*t that I throw
Just make sure you clean off that pole

Listen to the whole verse here. Ugh, Wiz. So. Not. Cool. That’s the mother of your son!