(Photo) Kylie Is One Tough Cookie !


I’ll say it again, Kylie is One tough Cookie ! I think all the hype around her lips and all the Tyga drama has pushed our little Jenner Doll to her Limit. We all know that when your famous you have to deal with hecklers and haters. The most example I use is to be Beyonce and not let any comment get to you to the point where you feel the need to comment back. It kind of takes away from your celeb essence. But every now and then people get to that point and they clap back!!

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Wiz Khalifa On Son Sebastian ‘I Would Die If He Got Tattoos Like Me’


It’s no surprise that like most first time parents Wiz Khalifa has a brand new understanding and appreciation for his own mother. In a recent interview Wiz dished on all the things that he learned from his mother that he’s sharing with his now two year-old son Sebastian.

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Baby Mama Drama: Amber Rose Might Be Ruining Wiz’s Wild Vegas Plans!


Taylor Gang OG Wiz Khalifa is NOT the happiest camper in the world right now. For Memorial Day Weekend, Wiz’s plans consisted of hitting up Las Vegas, making his big debut as DJ Daddy Cat and of course partying it up like he’s known for doing. However, it seems like his ex-wife Amber Rose booked a suite at the Palms Casino Resort– the same hotel he plans on staying at! Once Wiz found out the news, he quickly called the hotel and begged to not be on the same floor as her.

This get a little complicated because Amber is hosting and Wiz is DJing right next to each other, so hopefully things don’t get too weird.

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(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Finally Opens Up About Amber Rose

Hot 97 x Marisa Mendez x Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is one of my favorite artists and has been a good friend of mine for years now, so it was double the blessing to make my Hot 97 interview debut with him on Ebro In The Morning today!

The Bad Boy rapper stopped by to discuss his new single and its powerful visual, “A Little More,” and of course he got into plenty of other topics with Ebro and I as well.

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(Photos) Amber Rose Angers JFK Passengers For Requiring Star Treatment!


Whether anyone begs to differ, Amber Rose is a celebrity and I doubt that will be changing any time soon. While at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York recently, due to Amber Rose’s extreme star power, she was able to breeze right through security at Terminal 5 like she knew the promoter at the door. “Why is that woman allowed to cut the line?” the female traveler asked security. “That’s Amber Rose,” the TSA agent explained to her. The TSA employee then went out to explain how Amber used to date Kanye West and was married to Wiz Khalifa. The woman than replied by saying, “For doing that, you should have sent her to the back of the line.”

Love it or hate it, Muva will remain super famous with much more money and power than us, sadly. #ColdWorldNoBlanket. Check out some photos of Amb from the airport that day dressed like a pilot.

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(Video) Ru Paul Checks If Amber Rose’s Butt is Real


Ru Paul Checks if Amber Rose’s butt is real on live tv. We all wonder, but no one really knows. We all want to ask but we don’t dare, just leave it to Ru Paul. Not too long ago Amber tried to break the internet posing on a balcony in a string for a bathing suit shaking up the social media world. This generation people automatically assume that models and dancers have artificial butts and breasts these days. Ru paul had to find out for her self . See video snippet of the magic moment when there’s no where to run when it comes to the infamous Ru Paul.

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(Photos) Machine Gun Kelly and Amber Rose Take NYC Once Again (+ Amber Shows Love To MGK On IG)

Amber Rose x MGK

Machine Gun Kelly and Amber Rose surprised us all when they were spotted holding hands in New York City earlier this month, but after a couple of days, we didn’t hear too much about them. However, Amber recently addressed the rumors during a red carpet interview, saying that she and the “Wild Boy” rapper are “enjoying each other’s company.”

Following the interview, Amber returned to NYC again this weekend (where MGK is currently filming a movie,) and the pair were spotted by fans at various spots throughout the city. Amb even took to social media with her first post for Kells, sharing a screenshot of her iPod playing his track “Till I Die,” which was released at the start of 2015. The awkward part is that she got the lyrics wrong, but it’s the thought that counts! LOL!

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(Video) Shots Fired! Amber Rose Claims Travi$ Scott Writes Kanye West’s Raps


Amber Rose was at the Supperclub in Los Angeles earlier in the week, the blonde bomb shell was partying up until the dj played one of her ex Kanye West’s songs. She got on the mic and went all the way off taking a few unexpected shots at her ex bae.

Amb then suggested that Travi$ Scott, who was standing behind her, writes Yeezy’s lyrics. The rapper just stood there like he didn’t know what she was talking about. I guess he was thinking to himself that he wants no parts! “Stop playing n**gas I used to f*ck, stop, stop. Why don’t we play the n**ga who writes his songs for the other n**ga: Travi$ Scott. Let’s go. He writes his songs foe the other n**ga, let’s go.”

Watch the full clip below!

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Amber Rose Addresses Machine Gun Kelly Rumors

Machine Gun Kelly x Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly were spotted out in New York City holding hands and looking quite cozy last week, but we haven’t heard too much about the pair since. It was definitely an eyebrow-raising moment considering that MGK was once pretty tight with Wiz, but it looks like this might be the real deal!

In a new interview with XXL about her forthcoming movie Sister Code (out tomorrow,) Amber was asked about the “Wild Boy” rapper, and she had the following to say:

“We’re enjoying each other’s company.”

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Good GAWD! Amber Rose Flosses Her Cakes In Crazy Bikini In Vegas

Amber Rose x Vegas

Muva Amber Rose made an appearance in Las Vegas yesterday for the post-fight parties, and she was SLAYING! Wearing a netted dress with a teeny-tiny bikini underneath and some insane shades to match, Amber linked up with Taz’s Angels and had heads turning from left to right as she hosted a pool party at Tropicana.

I’m sure Machine Gun Kelly will appreciate these pictures! Check out Muva slaying in the gallery.

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