(Check The Pics) Amber Rose Close To Naked On A Public Beach!!

IFWT_Amber R

#ThirstAlert #WagonAlert What ever alert you want to say, this is the time to say it, your girl Amber Rose hit a beach, and most def was feeling sometime of way!!

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(Video) Amber Rose Speaks Out On Khloe Kardashian Beef; “I Don’t Hate Her”


Philly native Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian recently shared some harsh words with one another via Twitter to lead us to believe the beef was still well-done and sizzling. Amb recently had a sit-down interview with Entertainment Tonight where she revealed she actually does not hate Khloe Kardashian at all. She does explain, however, that she finds it “weird” that Kim Kardashian is married to her ex, Kanye West, who now has a baby with Kim. However, Muva Rosebud says that she wouldn’t mind for them to reach out to her so they could all have a sit-down and talk out their differences. MMMM, do I sense a new E! special coming?! That would be GENIUS! Check out what Amb had to say below.

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(Video) Amber Rose Has a Humble Moment, Visits Her Old House in South Philly

Amber Rose Humbled By Her South Philly Visit Home

This IG goddess turned fashion muse, model and international eye catcher is more than thirst trappin, throwing money at clubs and causing headline after dramatic headline…she’s got a history before the fame just like anybody else! Check out what she had to say as Amber Rose Has a Humble Moment, Visits Her Old House in South Philly!

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(Photos) Take Notes! Amber Rose Shows Instagram Followers ‘How To Be A Bad B*tch’!


Amber Rose loves to show off her sexy curves and I mean who can blame her with a body like that. So, on her recent vacation she shared her pictures with followers but the captioning is probably what caught peoples attention the most. “I heard Instagram is turnin wives into hoes? I guess it’s a Hoeing a** Friday for me *emoji* #Thotie #Milf #HowtobeabadB*tch.” Well alright now, Amb then followed up by sharing her #AmberRoseSlutWalk movement and informing her followers that if they don’t get her captions, they will this summer. She is flipping the word slut and using it in a positive way to empower women.

Check out photos in the gallery!

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Wow…You’ll Never Guess What Amber Rose’s Assistant Said About Her!


Amber Rose and her live-in assistant Benji Carlisle are like frick and frack. He helps her with her daily tasks such as groccery shopping, picking up her dry cleaning, helping with baby Bash and more. However, it doesn’t stop there. According to Benji, he is the creative mastermind behind all of Amb’s thirst traps and twerk videos.

“It [starts] like, ‘Benji, I feel like dancing’. We dance all the time — if we’re not [hiking] at Runyon Canyon, we’re dancing because that’s all workout. She’s like, ‘Benji, I feel like making a video’. And my response is like, ‘OK, Miss Rose. What song should I listen to?’ Then she’ll be like, ‘You ready?’ Then I do it. She’s very particular — if you take a picture of her, she likes a certain angle. It’s all about the frame, she says, about the whole frame of everything. I’m naturally gifted and creative, so I know the correct frame automatically.”

He then went on to say, “I love her as my family. We are a family now. Me, Amber, [her] mom, Bash, and Pauly and Franky, the dogs. She inspires me. She’s my mentor. Oh my gosh, I’m about to cry — I don’t know, she’s really more like a guardian angel than a boss. My focus is on her. I am looking forward to supporting Miss Rose as much as she needs me to support her, work for her ’til my grave. I’m happy.”

Benji– you are a wonderful man for giving us

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Trappin’ Aint Dead: Amber Rose Is Back With More Half Naked Flicks!


Amber Rose is the queen of thirst trapping as we’ve been seeing. After taking a few days off, Amb is back with some super sexy flicks that you do not want to miss! Check them out over in the gallery.

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(Video) Amber Rose Love Dem Strippers…


…hell, she better; she use to be/is one. Amber Rose and her also separated BF, Blac Chyna were spotted out at the Ace of Diamonds in Hollywood – on a Monday (wild)! It’s being said that the two girlies dropped $10,000 on them ho– … dancers, and ended the night on a good note.

Check out the girl-on-girl excitement after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Amber Rose Gives Us A View Of Her BUSSSTYYYY Chest… DAMN!


Amber Rose has been blessing us with some crazy sexy selfies lately, leaving VERY little to the imagination. However, Muva Rosebud is back and better than ever! Check out her latest thirst traps over in the gallery. SHEESH!

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(Video) Blac Chyna Gets Cozy With A Lady Friend?

ifwt_blac Rose

Blac Chyna Gets Cozy With A Lady Friend? Blac Chyna posted a picture of her giving a young lady some smooches.I guess her affection toward the female species is nothing new. Back in the day way before she was a mom or Tygas ex she posted a lot of “hands on” videos with women. She and bff Amber Rose have posted twerking videos together that almost broke the internet. More info after the jump.

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(Photos) Eat Your Heart Out: Amber Rose Sends A Message To Her Haters All Dressed Up In Sexy Lingerie

Amber Rose unbothered

Of late people don’t know whether to stop and gawk over all the lusty thirst traps Amb’s been posting of late, OR lay praying hands on the vixen. Either way, its extremely clear that the rebel could give zero fuxx about the opinions of others. Shrugs, she’s just out here living her life the way she deems fit. Well haters eat your heart out: Amber Rose sends a message to her haters all dressed up in sexy lingerie. Peep inside for the racy message.

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