(Video) Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album

Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye Album

Some behind the scenes scoop as Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album, the first artist the up-and-comer has ever written for!

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(Video) Suge Knight is Going Blind

Suge Knight Going Blind?

The saga continues: After another rush visit and even more hospital attention Suge Knight is Going Blind while awaiting the conclusion of his recent murder charge. He’s told the judge the unexpected news…but will this do him any better in court???

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(Photos/Audio) Azealia Banks Falls Back from Social Media? J. Cole + C. Gambino Weigh In

Azealia Banks Falling Back from Social?

Is it facts or promo-fiction that ‘another one bites the dust?’ Azealia Banks Falls Back from Social Media?

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(Video) Warner Bros Drops Restricted Trailer of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Movie

New Trailer for Kevin Hart + Will Ferrell Movie

Explicit Content ahead! Warner Bros Drops Restricted Trailer of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Movie to shed more light on the premiere of “Get Hard” this March 27th!

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(Video) Arizona Dad Cares for Quadruplets After Wife Dies from Childbirth

Arizone Dad After Quadruple Birth and Wife Death

Man of the House: Stepping up to the plate big time is news of Arizona Dad Cares for Quadruplets After Wife Dies from Childbirth. What’s even wilder is his wife who was prepared for the situation, left notes on how to journey on without her!

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(Video) Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon

Lil B Gives Rare Speech at Carnegie Mellon

#ThankYouBasedGod—Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon this week to drop gems, lift hearts, and continue to mystify as one of the most intriguing presence’s in Hip Hop and pop culture today.

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(Video) Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson

Justice Department To Make New Ferguson Announcement

Could the string on non-indictments in our rear view have a change in sight? Long-standing discrimination, a racist joke coming to surface, cover-ups and possible settlements swirl as the Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson. “It should be more than obvious that something had to change in Ferguson…”

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Transgender Rapper “Black Madam” Admits To Administering Butt Shots To Amber Rose & Karrueche!


It’s no secret that majority of these famous “vixens” now-a-days all go under the knife for plastic surgery, but it’s always entertaining when hearing the stories from those administering the implants. Transgender rapper from Philly who goes by the name Black Madam (real name Padge-Victoria Windslowe) is currently on trial for administering illegal booty shots. During her trial, she recently revealed that Kanye West used to drop Amber Rose at the Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia where her appointment was booked at with the Black Madam so she could plump up Amb’s booty. Windslowe explained that the Philly native came in for silicon implants and “left a walking billboard” due to the great quality of her work.

She also worked on various celebs such as “Chris Brown’s girlfriend (Karrueche Tran)” and was supposed to also do work on Nicki Minaj, but it ended up not going through last minute. Due to privacy agreements, Black Madam was not allowed to come clean about who she worked on but it all came out recently during the trial. However, Windslowe’s work might not be the most credible resource to get your booty shots done with. She is facing murder charges after the death of 20-year-old Claudia Aderotim, a dancer who died from complications after being administered butt implants.

Moral of the story: STAY NATURAL, FOLKS!

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YES…Migos Are Dropping A New Mixtape This Week!


Atlanta’s own favorite trio Migos are gearing up to drop some new heat for our speakers within the next few days. They’ve already gave us No Label II and Rich N*gga Timeline within the past year, but they did not plan to stop there. According to the group’s official Twitter page, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff will be releasing their forthcoming mixtape entitled Migo Lingo sometime this week. “#MIGOLINGO MIXTAPE DROPPING THIS WEEK Hosted By #YrnLingo @DjDurel #YRNTHELABEL,” said the tweet. Although there is no official date that has been confirmed on the release of the new music from Migos, we know it is coming within the next few days so stay tuned. MIIIIGGGOOOOOOOO!

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You Go, Girl! The Mother Of Ludacris’ “Break Baby” To Work A 9-5 Just To Get Custody Back!


WELP, it looks like the mother of rapper Ludacris’ “break baby” is trying to straighten her life out. After she lost custody of their 1-year-old daughter Cai in the courts to Luda, it seems that his BM is doing anything possible to get her baby girl back. Tamika Fuller is gearing up for her next appeal for their custody agreement and decided to get a regular 9-5 job working in the hospital industry to try to impress the courts as much as possible. Her new gig put her on the night schedule, totaling to 40 hours a week on the clock. We’re not quite sure if it will be enough to wow the judge, but it is definitely a start in the right direction.

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