(Video) B.o.B. Discuses Upcoming Album & Rumored ‘Tha Carter V’ Collaboration with Lil Wayne!


RapUp TV recently caughy up with ATL rapper-producer B.o.B. who opened up about working on his new project amongst some other topics. He explained that with the exception of his current single “Not For Long”  featuring R&B crooner Trey Songz, he is producing all the rest of his music , which also applies to his official fourth studio album in 2015. People also wanted to know if the ATL rapper is going to be featured on Lil Wayne’s Carter V, find out after the jump!

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(Photos) Miley Cyrus Celebrates 22nd Birthday, Topless!


Miley Cyrus brought in her 22nd Birthday with a bang and transformed Los Angeles’, Factory Night Club into ‘Miley’s Happyland’!

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James Blake Is Hopeful For A Kanye West Collaboration On Upcoming Album!

Kanye West

As James Blake preps for the release of his upcoming album, he recently spoke with the Miami New Times about his hopes for a Yeezus collaboration!

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(Video) Mystikal Takes Over The ‘SNL’ Stage, With Bruno Mars For A ‘Feel Right’ Performance!


As Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson took over the SNL stage with their latest hits, including ‘Uptown Funk’ the duo brought out a special guest to help them perform anther one of their funk filled hits!

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(Video) Bob Marley’s Family Launching Global Marijuana Brand?!


What would identify more with the legacy of Bob Marley than his music? His own brand of weed of course! According to TMZ Bob Marley’s family is set to launch a marijuana brand! “The family of Reggae icon Bob Marley and a Seattle-based private equity firm on Tuesday said they are launching the first global cannabis brand with marijuana products sold under a name long tied to a plant he lovingly called “the herb””. Check out the videos after the jump!

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(Video) An Evening With Joey Bada$$


Pro Era and East Coast repper Joey Bada$$, has teamed up with R&R to deliver an exclusive look into his touring life. In this footage Bada$$ shows you exactly what it takes for him to execute his classic performances.

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(Video) Watch Usher Open Up About His Career In 97 Seconds!


The newest episode of Hot 97’s “97 Seconds” features R&B superstar-legend Usher Raymond! In this video clip, the artist touches on the impact P Diddy and Jermaine Dupri both had on him as an individual, as well as his career. Usher also explains how the craft of R&B is not an easy task. In the video he says, “R&B is not something that anybody can do, writing a great record is something that a lot of people have been able to do, but to be an R&B artist is far more than just being a great singer or having a hit record, you gotta really have the soul, you gotta feel it and hear it in the music.” Watch Usher open up about his career in 97 seconds!

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(Video) Fergusons Grand Jury Still Has No Answers!


Yikes, Fergusons Grand Jury Still Has No Answers!

As the Ferguson Protests continue, the Grand Jury has yet to make a decision on whether or not police officer Darren Wilson should be indicted for the unlawful murder of teenage Michael Brown that occurred on August 9th this year. The public is extremely disappointed about the amount of time it has taken for officials to end this case; they want answers!

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(Photos) Is Lisa Bonet Sending Subliminal Messages To Bill Cosby Over Serial Rape Allegations?

IFWT_Lisa Bonet

Is Lisa Bonet is sending subliminal messages to Bill Cosby over serial rape allegations? Hmmm, and the plot thickens. TV Dad and family man icon Billy Cosy has been at the center of a whirlwind of controversy after serial rape allegations have come back to the forefront, as well as more accusers who are coming from the wood works to point fingers at the actor and comedian. By the looks of a series of Tweets Lisa sent out, it appears it just may be so. There has been some bad blood between the two for YEARS, which may explain why Lisa Bonet declined to appear in the 10th-anniversary special, where she was snubbed for turning down the opportunity to reunite with the cast. Well after 15 accusers have come forward with similar stories claiming to have been drugged and rapped, we may now know why. See what Lisa tweeted, seemingly directed towards Cosby inside.

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(Video) Former Mayor Known For Crack Scandal Died Today


Uh Oh! Former Mayor known for crack scandal died today. Marion Barry, of Washington D.C. was announced dead at 78 years old on Sunday morning. Barry was known for the crack scandal that he surpassed in the midst of his term in the year 1990.

The incident that occurred during his tenure could’ve broken his career, however, getting caught in a hotel room smoking crack with an estranged woman wasn’t the “end all, be all” for the Mayor. His infamous phrase when the FBI barged in was, “She set me up,” and from then on Marion Barry was made a laughing stock. At the time, every comedy skit referenced the quote. Barry completed his time in prison for the irresponsible act, and was able to serve another term as Mayor!

In all, Barry served 4 terms. He will always be known as the politician who fell hard, yet got back up.

Unfortunately the cause of death has not yet been revealed. R.I.P Marion Barry. Stay tuned for more information. Below is the video from 1990, when Barry was arrested for drug possession.

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