Eminem Honors Tupac In Open Letter: ‘He was a superstar in every aspect of the word’


In their new series,Nowstalgia, Paper Magazine is paying homage to the rappers who set the stage for hip hop today. The series features some of the most influential artists of today, share a letter about an artist from the past that served as an influence to them.In the first installment, Kendrick Lamar payed tribute to Eazy-E. In most recent, Eminem shares the influence Tupac had on him while growing up and as an artist.

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R.I.P Three 6 Mafia’s Koopsta Knicca Dies Following A Stroke


After much confusion and uncertainty thoughout the night, it has been confirmed that Three 6 Maifia’s Koopsta Knicca has passed away following a stroke earlier this week.

DJ Paul first shared news of Knicca’s death late last night (Oct. 8) via Twitter, saying “Yall Back Together Brothers,” accompanied by a photo of Knicca and original Mafia member Lord Infamous, who passed back in 2013. DJ Paul later corrected his post after finding outKnicca was still breathing and on life support.

Just hours later, Knicca’s death was confirmed via his official Facebook page. The statement read

To all who are concerned Robert Cooper Phillips AKA
KOOPSTA KNICCA has officially left us all,
This is a GREAT LOST to us all
We will continue to keep him alive with his music.
I loved you with all my heart Koop & ive learned alot from you .
– Per Admin

DJ Paul released another statement following the confirmation, where he pays tribute his “group member and brother.” He revealed they had just begun working on Devil’s Playground 2, however never got the chance to record. Read the full statement below.

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PlayMobil Sparks Controversy After Featuring ‘Slave Collar’ Accessory For Black Doll


As if today’s society wasn’t already in a constant outrage about races, toy company Playmobil has taken toy detailing to a new extreme by including what they called a “shackle” in a toy kit.

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According To A Judge, Dame Dash Smokes Too Much Weed!


Dame Dash is currently dealing with an on-going battle to improve his visitation rights with his daughter but according to the judge, he smokes too much reefer for that to go down!

As of now, Dame Dash has monitored visitation with seven-year-old Tallulah. According to his ex-wife Rachel Roy, Dash is constantly puffing ganja smoke around the kids. She even says that allegedly one time the children ate an edible weed rice-krispy and cake by mistake.

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A Shooting At Northern Arizona University Leaves 1 dead, 3 injured


Officials aren’t sure what caused the shooting at the Northern Arizona University campus that left 1 person dead and three others injured.

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Wrap It Up: “Netflix & Chill” Now Has It’s Own Condom Out!


All those in favor of enjoying some quality TV and some sexy time are very well aquatinted with the term, “Netflix & Chill.” Now to further ensure a safe and responsible time doing so, University of Texas at Austin graduate Yousef Okasheh thought it would be hilarious to sell condoms after the very popular phrase has gained such popularity.

“I saw a couple memes have been floating around, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think it would be hilarious to quickly sell [condoms],’” Okasheh explained to Fusion in a recent interview.

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Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq Arrested For DUI Car Crash

Malika Haqq

At around 3AM on Friday morning, Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq was found by police after she crashed her car on a Los Angeles highway.

According to law officials, Haqq looked completely intoxicated and out of it. When they gave her a field sobriety test, she failed it horribly. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star was then arrested and taken away to jail.

She was apparently at a birthday party prior to her arrest, which would explain why her alcohol levels were higher than the legal limit. Luckily nobody was hurt, only her car.

“Drive sober, don’t get pulled over!” as they say.

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Lady Gaga Spices Up American Horror Story With Lots Of Group Sex!


American Horror Story is an explicit and boundary-pushing show that airs on FX. From crazy nuns and priests, to witches who kill boys by having sex with them, the show knows no limits. Well this season the show will take place in a hotel and star, pop-genius, Lady Gaga. This season, the show will also feature an excessive amount of group sex!

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Justin Bieber Is Calm About Leaked Nudes Because Of THIS!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is currently dealing with a leaked nude scandal after photos from his trip to Bora Bora got out of him lounging on a balcony.. BUTT A$$ NAKED. However, the Biebz does NOT seem to be stressing one bit.

JB and his lawyers aren’t looking into this situation as being horrific due to the size of his private parts. Since Justin knows he’s hung like a horse, sources are saying Justin is actually happy the photos went viral so people know how gifted he is.

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Coca-Cola Admits To Bribing Health Experts


It takes money to make money, right? Well, Coca Cola just admitted to funding 115 health experts to manufacture studies. Hit the jump to find out exactly how many millions and for what kinds of perks.

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