(Photos) Beyonce Covers TIME As One Of Their ’100 Most Influential People In The World’

Beyonce x TIME Magazine

Beyonce has been named by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People In The World for this year’s annual issue, gracing one of many covers that she shares with the likes of Pharrell, President Obama and more. Check out more pics from her shoot in the gallery, and the full 100 below.

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(Photos) Filipinos Protesting President Obama’s Visit Get The Super Soaker Treatment

Putin brushes off obama's warnings

A group of over 100 left-wing Filipino activists were protesting President Obama’s visit with rallies, riots and a bunch of nasty signs that read “Obama Not Welcome.” During their march outside of the United States Embassy in Manila, police gave them all the water hose treatment due to their out-landish behavior. President Obama just landed in Japan on Wednesday and will be making his rounds to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines with hopes of increasing American militia in Asia. See the pics from the water feast in the gallery.

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DAMNNNN! Master P’s Ex-Wife Wants $67M From His Estate As A ‘Parting Gift’ From Their Nasty Divorce!

Master P and Sonya

Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller are currently battling it out in a nasty divorce battle. Being that P owns 13 cars, 31 properties and 45 companies all together coming to a grand total of $178,743,300 “joint marital assets.” According to court documents, she wants 40% of EVERYTHING. She also wants $10 Mil of P’s “Make ‘Em Say Ughh!” energy drink, her $28,000 wedding dress and ONE of P’s high-end vehicles (out of the 13 others he owns.) In total, Sonya’s requests come out to $67,647,800, leaving Master P with only $111,095,500 left. BOO HOOOOO!

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Lil Boosie Says DEATH TO LEAN Because It’s Ruining Lives & Hip-Hop!


Lean has taken over the Hip-Hop culture these past few years, causing many rappers to become addicted to the concoction. From song lyrics to music videos, it seems like we can’t get away from the dangerous mixture. Rapper Lil Boosie, who’s a former lean addict, says lean is ruining lives and Hip-Hop and needs to be pulled ASAP from the market. He even revealed that he almost died three or four times from drinking too much lean. Luckily for him, Actavis announced that they will be yanking their super addictive promethazine caught syrup used to make “sizzurp” from the market due to it’s highly addictive and dangerous rep.

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(Video) Who Knows More: Katy Perry Super Fan Knows More Katy Perry Trivia Than The Singer!


This super fan has proven that when your passion is an artist, you may end up knowing way more about the celebrity than they do themselves! Watch as Katy Perry and a super fan, play a hilarious game of KP Trivia, on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ below.

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Angel Haze Talks Homophobia In Hip Hop & Her Sexuality


The outspoken lyricist, Angel Haze, has taken to Noisey to voice her thoughts on Homophobia and sexuality within society and hip hop. Haze wrote a piece highlighting the struggles those have that are ‘coming out’, as well her support. check out her written article below.

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(Photo) Strike A Pose: Michelle Rodriguez Flaunts Her Balance And Abs In Yoga Pose!


Michelle Rodriguez the Badass beauty, has taken to her Instagram to post a an amazingly balanced photo of herself, keeping herself up, while upside down. But the real show is Rodriguez’ amazing body, watch her flaunt it below!

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(Video) Awesome: Chicago Muslims Recreate Pharrell’s ‘Happy’!


Videos of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ music video recreated by all groups of people have hit the internet, and just as the original, these covers are nothing short of amazing! Watch the latest rendition of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, below.

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(Video) Asher Roth Talks ‘RetroHash’ & Its Influences!


Asher Roth Has taken to VIBE to break down his latest project ‘RetroHash’! Watch as Roth details the producers, vibes, and over all influences behind the piece, below.

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(Video) ScHoolboy Q Brings Out BJ The Chicago Kid In Chicago!

IFWT schoolboy-q-oxymoron-500x500

As ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron Tour breezed through Chi-town, the Black Hippy couldn’t leave without bringing out one of their own, BJ The Chicago Kid! The two joined forces to perform their hit ‘Studio’, watch it below!

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