(Video) Body Cam Footage Shows Officer Pushing Pregnant Woman

pregnant lady

Some disturbing video has surfaced of California police officers pushing and shoving a pregnant woman to the ground.

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(Video) A$AP Rocky Shares First Weed Experience With Funk Flex


A$AP Rocky’s new album #A.L.L.A (At.Long.Last.ASAP” is currently available. Rocky stopped by HOT 97 to chop it up with Flex. They both exchanged stories on different subjects. One story in particular you should check out is Rocky talking about his first experience with weed. Watch below.

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Nightmare: Dementor Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into Zombies


This new species of wasp is one of the most terrifying sounding creatures I have heard of to date. This wasp turns it’s prey into a zombie and proceeds to eat it alive. Disgusting and terrifying! This wasp is said to one of 139 new species discovered in the Greater Mekong region.

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(Photos) New Species Of Human Ancestor Discovered in Ethiopia


Meet Australopithecus deyiremeda a newly discovered species that gives some insight into our earliest ancestors. The recent discovery of teeth and jawbone dates back to almost 3 million years ago when ‘Lucy’ (A. afarensis) roamed present-day Ethiopia. This discovery makes it clear that she would have come across other two-legged apes that were similar to herself.

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U.S. Dept. Of Defense “Accidentally” Shipped Live Anthrax Spores To Nine States, Including NY And NJ


Where they do that at? Only in America. The Pentagon’s Department of Defense admits to shipping live anthrax spores to nine states: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas and California.

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Mariah Carey Says American Idol is ‘Fake’ and ‘The Worst Experience’


Mariah Carey did not hold back when asked about American Idol in a recent interview. Judging by her answers she’s not still not a fan of the popular singing competition which she was a judge for back in 2013. In her interview on an Australian radio station she said the show was ‘boring’ and ‘fake.’

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Rick Ross Responds To 50 Cent’s Lawsuit

Rick Ross

50 Cent filed suit against Rick Ross last week, after 50 was sued by Ross’ son’s mother Tia for leaking her sex tape. In 50’s suit against the MMG rapper, Fif says it’s actually Ross who leaked the tape, and he was merely sharing Ross’ link. He is suing to get his fees and settlement covered should Tia win her suit against him.

Now Rozay’s team is firing back, and his lawyer has released the following statement:

[50’s lawsuit is] another attempt to draw attention to his descending entertainment career and one of several desperate, last minute attempts he’s made to avoid and deflect legal and financial responsibility for his own actions.

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Internet Sensation Auntie Fee Lands Role In ‘Barbershop 3′


Auntie Fee who is most well known by her Youtube following as Chef Sista Girl is headed out of the kitchen and on to the big screen. She recently audition for a role in this hood classic and got the part. Read more after the jump.

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Chicago Cop Fired After Mocking Drug Suspect With Deer Antlers Attached To His Head


Racism between police officers and young black men is nothing new, which is why when Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan decided to snap a picture – believed to have been taken between 1999 to 2003 – of a black suspect in a compromising position, it caught up to them in 2013.

In the photograph an unidentified black man lays on the floor with deer antlers attached to his head as the two police officers were holding rifles, kneeled beside him.

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IN WTF News: Woman Stabs Another Woman In The EYE For Taking “The Last Rib”


Lordt, the term rib-eye seems fitting here. Munice, Indiana has some hungry individuals; one named Sabrina Davis. The 45-year-old woman is facing a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness, and sits in a Delaware County jail under a $5,000 bond after a battle over “the last rib”.

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