(Photo) OG Maco Suffers From Multiple Skull Fractures & More After Near Death Accident

OG maco

Over the weekend Atlanta rapper, OG Maco suffered a great deal of misfortune after getting into a pretty grisly car accident and sustaining some pretty major injuries as a result of it. The rapper took to Twitter last Friday, and captioned a photo of himself bruised and battered laying on a stretcher, “#PrayForMaco.”

(Photo + Video) Bernie Sanders Responds To Donald Trump’s Attempt To Go In On His Speech


During the DNC, Bernie Sanders spoke on his reasoning for endorsing Hillary Clinton. Although he was booed earlier for telling his supporters to vote for Hillary, Sanders went on to explain why we have to get Hillary in that White House.

(Photo + Video) Corey Booker Pulls Out The Receipts On Donald Trump During The DNC


Corey Booker goes completely in on Donald Trump during the DNC. Although Booker has not come out to endorse Clinton, he shows he is not here for Trump.

(Video) Wow: 2-Year-Old Shows Off His Brilliant Math Skills


In a recent video, a 2-year-old shows off his impressive math skills. At just a young age, who would’ve know this young boy would know his math the way he does.

(Photo + Video) Michelle Obama Delivers A Powerful Speech During DNC


Michelle Obama delivered such a powerful speech at the DNC. The first lady says in November, we will have the power to determine who will help shape the lives of our children for four years. She goes on to state her support for Hillary Clinton.

(Photo + Video) Bernie Sanders Supporters Detained While At Democratic National Convention


During the Democratic National Convention, atleast 55 were given citations for disorderly conduct after climbing over a barricade. In a video we can see people being placed in plastic zip ties. Police allowed them to climb over the barricade just to arrest them but then let them go.

(Video) LMAO: Group Of Guys Make A Parody To Joe Budden Chase


Social media is going meme crazy over the whole Joe Budden chase that took place the other day. A group of Drake friends ran up on Budden and got the chase of a life time.

(Video) Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger In China


In a graphic video, we see a woman being mauled to death in China by a Tiger. In the video we see the attack take place at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing after the daughter got out of the car and walked to the other side.

(Photo) Social Media Confused After Rob Kardashian Erases Blac Chyna From His Instagram

IFWT_Rob Kardashian

Social media is completely baffled at this point after Rob Kardashian erased all signs of soon to be wife and baby mother Blac Chyna. The only thing left was a solo photo of Rob which since has been taken down. There is now zero photos on Rob’s Instagram. Fresh start maybe?

SMH: Moviegoer Pulls Out Gun On Child During Star Trek Movie


Every now and then we find ourselves at the movie theater telling someone to be quiet or to stop kicking our seat. But I doubt we’d ever pull out a gun… It’s not usually that serious. Hit the jump to read what this man did after a child kept kicking his seat during Star Trek.

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