(Video) School Bus Crash Leaves 30 People Injured And Food Store Demolished In Queens, NY


School Bus Crash Leaves 30 People Injured And Food Store Demolished In Queens, NY
It has been reported that at least 30 people were being evaluated for potential injury after a large truck and a school bus were involved in a accident that not only left 30 people injured but destroyed the Front of a food store in Queens. Hop into the post for the photos from the accident and the details! #IFWT!

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(Video) Kendall Jenner Is Like 95 Percent Naked In GQ Behind The Scenes Video


Kendall Jenner Is practically naked in this GQ behind the scenes video . Plus she talks about selfies (as if that was what caught your eye.) Hop into the post for the details and to watch her stripped down GQ video! #IFWT

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(Photo) Rihanna Shows Off New Lip Piercing And Grill On Instagram


Rihanna Shows off new Lip Piercing and Grill on Instagram, hop into the post for the details! Tell us how they look! #IFWT

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(Video) What Is ‘Snitching’? Cam’ron Talks The Term On “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore”



Cam’ron has become one of the forefathers to put the phrase ‘no snitching’ on a hip hop platform. During his head-to-head battle with Anderson Copper on 60 Minutes, back in 2007. Most likely the reason he was invited to The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. Wilmore, Killa, comedian Chris Distefano and Ras Baraka, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey all sit in a round table discussion about what it means to snitch and who should be able to do the telling when a crime has taken place.

The show’s host raised a thought-provoking point when he stated, “Snitching is focused on the powerless people. It’s never focused on the Wall Street cheaters.” TRUE. It’s all about the type of community you live in and how you will be seen after participating in the act. “Just because you snitch doesn’t mean they’re gonna get convicted,” Cam’ron said. “Now you’re snitching on somebody who has to go through a court process, go through trial, go through etc. etc., then comes back out on the street and looks at you like, ‘That was you who told on me.'”

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(Photo) Jay Z Might Personally Call You If You Sign Up For Tidal


Jay Z’s new streaming company launched no more than a month ago, but he is already showing how serious he is with a hands on humble approach with the company. Jay Z will be personally calling select Tidal users to thank them for using the music streaming service. Hop into the post for details so maybe you can get a call from Hov #IFWT.

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(Photos) Diddy Shows Off His New Pet Giraffe!

_Diddy Shows Off His New Pet Giraffe

Diddy shared a photo of his new pet giraffe on his Instagram. Read more on the story and check out the photos of Diddy and his pet giraffe in the gallery below!

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Big Ang’s Sister Pulls GoFundMe Account To Raise Money For Hospital Bills Over WHAT?!


Big Ang from VH1’s Mob Wives has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer and her fans wanted to help her out with her hospital bills for whatever insurance did not cost. Being a good sister she is and trying to help, Ang’s sissy Janine Detore created a GoFundMe account so all of Ang’s worried fans could have an easy way to donate cash money for her surgeries. However, Ang was never told about the page. A random fan asked Janine why a celebrity was asking their fans for help, and she realized that was a valid point. She quickly took down the page and apologized to fans for even asking for any help due to the fact that between Ang and her family, they’re more than capable of covering any hospital bills. The page was only active for a few hours but in that time, they raised $150.

We hope you feel better, Ang!

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From Reality TV To Porno: Farrah Abraham Has Now Decided To Become A Plastic Surgeon!


Teen Mom’s own Farrah Abraham has dipped and dabbled into a large range of different jobs. First, she got her big break from MTV after appearing on Teen Mom. She then decided to get into the porn world and released her own XXX video called “Backdoor Teen Mom.” Now, she’s in the process of becoming a plastic surgeon. In a recent sit-down interview with Brian Particelli from Toofab, Farrah reveals she has been shadowing Dr. Sergio Gomez, who she had been dating for 5 months, with hopes to open up her own practice soon.

She also spoke out on the new season of Teen Mom OG that’s airing on April 20th on MTV. She revealed it’s been difficult having the cameras back in her and her daughter Sophia’s life, along with the fact her cast members were less than pleased after finding out the producers brought her back onto the show.

“She does have her troubles with some of the male camera operators,” Farrah tells toofab about her daughter Sophia. “I think that’s justified, because we’re normally not just having an all-male crew and we’re normally not having cameras as much in the way when we’re getting dressed. Keep in mind, we’re women. We not so open usually and usually have more privacy. This was definitely like, ‘MTV, what are you doing?’ And Sophia voices some of that [on the show].”

Farrah also touches on her costars not getting along with her. “Nothing hurts me. I think I’ve gone through worse s**t,” she

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(Photos) Did Young Thug Propose To His Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae?!

_Did Young Thug Propose To His Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae

Young Thug recently posted a photo of a pair of his and hers matching rings with the caption “@Missjerrikakarlae WILL U???” Many are starting to believe that the rapper proposed to his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. Check out the photos of Young Thug and his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) Did Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife???


Either one man has massive illusions or it’s just too hard to ignore the alleged #facts of his missing bae. The screenshots and social media evidence are mounting…Did Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife?!

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