(Video) Infamous Marvel After Credits Scene For Deadpool Leaked Online

IFWT_Deadpool leak

Everyone that goes to a Marvel movie knows, when those credits come on, don’t move….they’ve adopted a ‘One More Thing’ like Steve Jobs used to do at an Apple event! Well that scene for their upcoming “Deadpool” movie(in theaters this Friday) has hit the net, so maybe you won’t have to wait this time!!

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(Video) How VR Sex Toys Could Save Long Distance Relationships

IFWT_Oculus Rift VR Leader

I’ve already told as many people that will listen, VR WILL BE the gift of the 2016 holiday season!! I know we are a good ways away from that period, but the amount of hardware and software that is finally going to be available now….trust me it’s going to be the move!!

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(Photos) Update: Instagram Multiple Accounts Feature is LIVE


This Multiple Accounts Feature is probably the 2nd highest requested feature for Instagram(the 1st being views-how many and how), but here’s the problem, we don’t know if it’s a slow roll out or a leaked beta test 🤔.

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(Video) #NoBueno: Mom Has Sex In Front Of Toddler; Dude Hits Whip During [NSFW]

IFWT_Watch Me Whip

Unfortunately this video is really sad, BUT funny at the same time. The fact that a mom would have sex in front of her child is beyond sad, quite disgusting and repugnant actually, but for the dude to ;hit the whip’ during, and he didn’t even know he was being filmed, kinda funny…

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Dj Khaled Announces New #AppleMusic Show & NEW Future Album!!

IFWT_Khaled on Apple Music

So Dope!!! Can’t tell you the level of Happiness to see ALL the success Khaled is getting from being the King of Snapchat, which IS THE new ‘IT’ platform of social media!! Khaled took to his Snapchat and IG to announce he will have a new radio show on Apple’s Beats1 radio Friday’s, 8p east coast/5pWest coast, and that he will be premiering the NEW Future Album This Friday‼️‼️‼️

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(Video) No Ride: Uber Drivers Protest In NYC Over Price Drop


Damn homie, last year you were the ride homie(s)! Recently Uber decided to drop the price by 15% of Uber X in order to gain more ridership, but the drivers see that as pay cuts, so they have decided to protest in front of the Uber offices today in LIC(Long Island City).

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(Photo) Kanye Responds To Amber’s ‘Fingers’ Tweet; Explains Why She Said That!

Kanye West x Amber Rose

This week…boy…1st Kanye changes the name of his album, then Wiz said there’s only one wavey 1, but speaking on smoke put kk, then all hell breaks loose, amber gets thrown in it, she responds crazy, and a day later, we’re here.

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(Video) Damn! Meek Mill’s Beef’s Made Into a Video Game

IFWT_Meeky Mill

Damn man, hasn’t the homie Meek had enough BS this year? Some fan(obviously not his) made a video game out of Meek’s beef’s, like a hip hop Super Mario. 🙃

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(18+ Video) Whoa!! Caught On Tape: Alleged Teacher Having Sex With a Student In School [NSFW]


IF this really is a teacher being recorded in a school having sex with A Student, his a** is grass!!! But IF this is a teacher having g sex with another teacher/administrator, well it’s most definitely inappropriate and he/they would be in trouble but not facing legal issues…I don’t think. 😳

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Mendeecees Won’t Be Able To Watch Love & Hip Hop Anymore

Yandy x Mendeecees

Not the rest of this season or any season! After checking into FCI Allenwood prison Harris was alerted by the TV he would not be able to watch his reality friends, because VH1 is not a channel offered!

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