#IFWT Wishes Dj Khaled A Happy Birthday!!

IFWT_Happy Birthday Dj Khaled

From the IFWT family to the ‘We The Best’ Family, we wish our Brother, America’s Dj A VERY HAPPY Birthday!!! Got Love for You Brother!!

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(Video) Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision Of ‘No Indictment’

Mike Brown's Mother reacts to decision

Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision, this is actually Heartbreaking to watch, as well as not cool. Mike Brown’s Mother Reacts To Decision is the heartbreaking part, seeing her pain, knowing her son is gone, and no one will see justice for it, her tears, her anger, her frustration, if you have children it is so painful.

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(Photo) NYPD Commissioner Gets Fake Blood Thrown On Him During Mike Brown Protest


Did NYPD Commissioner Gets Fake Blood Thrown On Him During Mike Brown Protest? I can’t 100% say this is real but it’s circulating on the gram, along with other protests going on around the country at the moment. NYC it was in Union Square, in DC it was in front of the White House, and of course Ferguson is in the fire! it’s clear that Black Americans(And most Minorities) feel like the ‘institute’ is still the same, and again no justice has been served.

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We Are Looking For Writers/Interns For Websites!!! Do You Have What It Takes?!


One of the Web’s sources for the best in NEW MUSIC, VIDEO’s, NEWS, KICKS, SPORTS, TECH, AUTO TALK, and MUSIC VIDEOS. Are you ready to be apart of it?!

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(Video) Marley Family Launching Global Marijuana Brand?!


Marley Family Launching Global Marijuana Brand, What would identify more with the legacy of Bob Marley than his music? His own brand of weed of course! According to TMZ Bob Marley’s family is set to launch a marijuana brand! “The family of Reggae icon Bob Marley and a Seattle-based private equity firm on Tuesday said they are launching the first global cannabis brand with marijuana products sold under a name long tied to a plant he lovingly called “the herb””. Check out the videos after the jump!

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(Video) LMAO! Dude Asks For A ‘Friendly Fade’ And Gets Slumped!

IFWT_Blue Kcks Out Red

A Friendly Fade Huh? It was all jokes until the punch comes through, then it’s ‘sfgbrb…gbryhgbh….rtbyerb’. Yes that was a bunch of gibberish, because that’s all dude could say when he kinda woke up, be careful what you ask for!

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(Video) Charlie Brown, Snoopy, And The Peanuts Gang Are Back!

IFWT_New Peanuts Gang Look

Yes, the classic holiday group will be back with a fresh up to date twist, but not on your boob tube, on the big screen! In 2015 the Peanuts gang is set to hit theaters with a new CG animated/3D Look!!

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(18+ Video) Getting ‘Top’ And Pulling Prostitute In GTAV As 1st Person


Whoa, the incredible visuals in the next-gen version dropped yesterday, and already they have 1st Person Of Pulling Prostitute In GTAV!!!

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(Photos) Anonymous Hacks KKK Twitter For Ferguson Protesters

IFWT_ Anon Vs kkk the war in on

Y’all can say what you want about Anon, but they stand TFU for the real injustices in the world! You might remember a while back they shut down those Church nuts that were threatening to protest the sandy hook funeral’s, well this time Anonymous Hacks KKK Twitter with #OpKKK!!!

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(Photo) LOL! Cam’Ron Has Idea For Lifetime’s Next Movie


My G Cam is so funny! After Lifetime taking plenty of heat over Aaliyah’s Biopic that aired this weekend, with Timbaland leading the charge, everybody’s got a comment, and Cam might have the best one!

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