(18+ Photos) Uh Oh…Is This K. Michelle Completely ‘Butt’ Naked?!


Not completely naked, just her booty completely Naked. Ok, there are 2 reason’s this is even questionable, 1. It’s coming from MTO, and they will say ANYthing, and 2. She’s not turned around, so there is no way to specifically know for sure. The one thing we do know for sure, it’s not apart of the iCloud hacking, or even the #Snappening(the Snapchat leaks), so the other question in minds(at least mine), where did this come from? AND Why was it taken??

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(Photos) Kim K Posts Pic Of Kanye In Bed; Followers Get Disrespectful In Comments

Kim & Kanye

All I can say is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, damn that wasn’t clean! Kim just trying to get some shine with her hubby in the bed, but the fans be noticing sh*t was to much. BUT to keep it 100, they kept it 100.

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(Photos) Nicki’s Man(Ex?) Scaffbeezy Speaks On “Only” Record


Now there was already talk about how Nicki is single, and that got fueled further when pictures surfaced of Scaff with his Nicki tattoo covered up, but since “Only” dropped a couple days ago, people have really been talking about the lyrics and all the sexual references from Drake and Weezy about Nicki. A lot of ‘Ohh, that must have hurt him’, well he’s spoken out about it!

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(Video) Lil Jon Says If Michelle Obama Tells Him To ‘Eat It’ He Will


Ahhh Haaa, Got ya, it’s not what you think, but still very insightful from Lil Jon! TMZ caught up with the Trap Master himself at an Airport, discussing the “turnip For What” video Michelle Obama did to raise veggie awareness, you know the 1st lady gets her healthy on, and ask Lil Jon if he knew about it, and was good with it, of course he is.

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AWKWARD! Webstar Gets Denied Outside NYC Club 1, 2, 3, 4…FIVE Times Before Getting In!


Call that b*tch a crew hop / got me feelin’ like Tupac!

Last night, “Chicken Noodle Soup” co-creator DJ Webstar was attempting to get into NYC hot spot Griffin, but things didn’t quite go the way he wanted for a period of time. It seems as though he doesn’t have the clout he needed to get in, and attempted to slide through with various artists as they made their way in. He tried walking in with Rick Ross and Stalley first up – Webstar got the elbow. Next was Mandeecees and Yandy – another elbow for Webstar. Then Funk Flex walked in…Webstar didn’t. Elbow. He finally got in Busta Rhymes’ mix and was able to ride his coattails into the club.

Webstar, you get an A for resilience, but a D for being a crew-up. At least you never gave up. Ni**a You made it!

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(Video) NASA Rocket Explodes On Launch; Completely Destroyed

IFWT_Rocket explosion from NASA

Thank god this was unmanned, so no one was killed, but this definitely reminds us of when the challenger exploded be in the 80’s. Although no apparent loss of life, they do say ‘Damage is significant’.

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(Photo) Love And Hip Hop; New York’s Rich Dollaz Arrested Behind Child Support


Well, it looks like Richie Dollaz is neck deep in some serious trouble, and all because he double parked next to a police station in Edgewater NJ. Rich and his crew double parked outside of the New Jersey Police Headquarter’s to get some Five Guys(a burger spot), When the po po ran his plate, and a child support warrant popped up, for $11k back pay.

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(Video) Rich Gang Stops By Funk Flex; Birdman Speaks On The Drake/Tyga Situation

IFWT_Funk Flex and Rich Gang F

As I was airing this conversation, it was pretty clear to me how Baby feels about this, he’s not feeling it. When asked, while respecting all parties, but he said “it’s about family”, and “you either with us or you against us”.

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(Photos) Revisit Your Drunken Pitfalls With This App!


Have you heard of Timehop, the app that allows you to revisit your past mistakestatuses? If not, head over to iTunes or the Google Play Store and download it now. Not only will you make your friends laugh uncomfortably, you can also indulge in your masochistic side in the process!

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(Photo) Michael Alicea Needs Blood And Platelets-Please Help If You Can!!

IFWT_Sloan Kettering

If you’re a Parent, then you know when your child needs help, you’ll ask anyone anywhere for help, it’s not about pride, it’s about getting your child help! Someone reached out to IFWT to try and bring awareness to their child’s needs, so if you have a second, please check out the info to see if you can help in anyway!!

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