#MusicStillMatters We Are Looking For Writers/Interns For Websites!!! Do You Have What It Takes?! #MusicStillMatters

IFWT_needs interns

One of the Web’s sources for the best in NEW MUSIC, VIDEO’s, NEWS, KICKS, SPORTS, TECH, AUTO TALK, and MUSIC VIDEOS. Are you ready to be apart of it?!

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(Photos) Rick Ross And His Fiancé Lira Galore Almost Make A Sextape On Snapchat

IFWT_Rick Ross and Lira aka The Roberts-F

Looks like Ross and Lira are really getting into the married couples swing, ‘The Roberts’ have been doing the most with their Snapchats. See some bedroom antics in the pics after the jump!

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(Video) Snoop Dogg Announces Merry Jane, A Platform Meant To Be The WikiWeedia On The Net


My neezy Snoop be on his Tech grind, staying as current as possible but this new tree’s based platform, Merry Jane, is pure genius!!!No it’s not the 1st of it’s kind IF you’re thinking it’s just a weed site, but if you really look at it, the platform is incorporating the best parts of the web into one, think Complex meets wikipedia(but if wikipedia was ONLY about marijuana).

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(Video) This Might Be The Craziest #NetflixAndChill Story Out There!!!


I’m not gonna lie, this story is funny and sad all at the same damn time! a 16 year old decided to let the world know why she got pregnant, and according to her, and her Mother, it’s all Netflix’s fault!!! #NetflixAndChill

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(Video) Gaming: NBA Live 16; Russell Westbrook, Jim Jones, Maino, Jadakiss, Jack Thriller Get A Preview!

IFWT_Westbrook NBA Live 16

So this past Saturday night, it went down in NYC, the preview to “NBA LIVE ’16”, it was an event that the Hip Hop community came out to support!

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(18+ Video) Female Co-Worker Receives ‘Special Sauce’ In a Micky D’s Bathroom [NSFW]


I know ‘Have it your way’ is a Burger King saying, but this guys def had it his way in a Micky D’s bathroom from what seems to be one of his female co-worker’s. Not much else to say except watch below.

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(Video) Jadakiss & Styles P Are Bringing Healthy Juices To The Hood!


Healthy food is not easy to come by in the slums. While fattening and sugary foods continue to reign supreme in bodegas and corner stores all over the hood, Jadakiss and Styles P of The LOX are on a mission to provide healthy alternatives for everyone in the streets, especially the kids. Learn more about their new business venture after the jump!

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(Photos) Big Daddy Kane Defends Macklemore For Including Veteran Rappers In “Downtown”


Macklemore’s new song “Downtown” has caused a rift in the hip-hop community. The song felt the real brunt of the backlash from die-hard hip-hop fans when Mac performed the song at the MTV VMAs along with Grandmaster Caz, Melle Mel, and Kool Moe Dee. After hearing enough haters go in on social media, another veteran hip-hop icon Big Daddy Kane has spoken out in support of Macklemore. Find out what he said after the jump!

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Curtis Young Reveals How He Will Portray His Father Dr. Dre In The Upcoming Film “Dogg Pound 4 Life”


Curtis Young may not have been heavily involved with the record-breaking biopic Straight Outta Compton. However, the spawn of Dr. Dre will be involved in another film about his dad’s outstanding music career. In a recent interview, Young confirmed that he will play his father in the upcoming Dogg Pound For Life movie. See what Young had to say about the biopic after the jump.

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(Video) Big Body Bes Trolled Vic Mensa, Tinashe, & More At The VMA’s!


Action Bronson’s right-hand man Big Body Bes was on site at the VMA’s last night and followed around some of your favorite artists and celebrities around the Red Carpet. Bes represented Complex and got to talk chop it up with Vic Mensa, Tinashe, Kel Mitchell, and plenty more entertainers. Watch Bes on the the Red Carpet after the jump!

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