(VIDEO) SONY May Be The First Of Many As Security Breaches SkyRocket Within The US

Security Breach at Sony

Unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you are up to speed or at least slightly aware of the Ridiculously embarrassing SONY email leaks. Well friends this may be the beginning of many. Find out more inside to find out why.

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(Photos) Now There Are More Instagram Verified Accounts Post Purge!!

IFWT_Verfied Check

A lot, I mean A LOT of people took L, of course Ma$e took a huge loss, but Akon might have lost the most, going from 4.3M to 1.9M. Now post Purge there are official ‘Instagram Verified Accounts’, your favorite talent will get that little blue check that has been on twitter for years, and FB followed suite not too long ago, and in both cases it has lead to an even food chain of popularity with anyone that has a little blue check being on top.

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(Photos) Darren Wilson Grand Jury Key Witness Exposed As A Racist Liar!!


If you were one of the multiple millions of Americans that felt like Darren Wilson was some complete BS, then *itch you guessed it….you were RIGHT, because the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Key Witness Exposed as a MF’ing LIE!!!

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IFWT Exclusive: (Video) DJ Kay Slay ft. Fat Joe, French Montana & Rico Love – Don’t Do It

IFWT_Dj Kay Slay Dont Do It

Don’t Do It“, That’s right, Dj Kay Slay got a heater off that upcoming ‘Rhyme Or Die’ album, and we got the exclusive visual to it, Featuring Fat Joe, French Montana, and Rico Love, even though it’s don’t do it, what you should def do is watch this vid!!

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(Video) Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton for DC March


Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton for DC March, While #MillionsMarchNYC successfully brought over 50,000 protestors together for Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement this weekend, little word came out of the Washington DC march that happened on the same day, until now. Ferguson Protestors Blast Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN), the face and organizers of the DC march, after they reportedly cut off the mics while Ferguson youth who’ve been leading the protests “from the beginning” were speaking. Twitter immediately blew up, going on to cite more DC march incidents including a questionable “VIP” section at the march, as well as the problem of “leaders” in what’s now a new generation of resistance.

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Birdman Finally Speaks On Lil Wayne ‘Deeply Offended By Weezy’s Comments’

4. Birdman - $160 mil

Birdman Finally Speaks On Lil Wayne, Well through ‘sources’ but still we’re getting word that Baby is talking about what’s going on with Wayne, and that he’s NOT happy with the way Weezy’s handling the situation.

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(Video) Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs That Did Ice Bucket To Get Involved!!

IFWT_Samuel L Jackson3

Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs, Somebody had to say it, this past summer we all couldn’t enough of seeing people pour ice water on themselves, while in the name of ALS, many celebs participated in the Ice Bucket challenge, but with the country protesting about police brutality, where are the celebs now?? Well Sam has challenged them to sing this song…

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(18+ Video) Is a ‘Jiggly Boob Pillow’ The Ultimate Mens Gift For Xmas?!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Question Ladies, Would You Get Your Man a ‘Jiggly Boob Pillow’ For Xmas?!? Well now, a Jiggly Boob Pillow might just be the best present a man could ever get, at least from a man’s perspective, but would his wifey let him rest his head on it knowing he’s not resting on her mammaries??

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(18+ Video) Whoa! Dude’s Job Is To Rub Deelishis’s Booty Down With Oil


Rub Deelishis’s Booty Down…I mean damn homie, that’s a good Job!! You get paid to make that ginormas butt up with oil, incredible!!

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(Photos) Did Birdman Make His Position Clear On Lil Wayne Situation??

4. Birdman - $160 mil

Did Birdman Make His Position Clear On Lil Wayne, Hmmm, a lot of people are wondering what’s going on between Lil Wayne and Birdman, Wayne keeps saying he wants off his label, even recently stating “YM! That’s it. Nothing else.”, notably cutting out Cash Money. Birdman has yet to make an actual statement, but last night he posted something that could be an undertone of how he’s feeling about it….

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