Limited Edition Alert!! Tomorrow 7pm @Hot97!!!! Get Ready!!! @panasonicusa x @planetkixx x @djfunkflex !!!! Mean!!!!!!!!! #technics!!!!!

IFWT_Technics 2

Stay Tuned!!!

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(Live) Global Spin Awards Press Conference

IGWTGlobal Spin Awards copy

This goes down every year, acknowledgement to the DJ the way they should be acknowledged!!

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(Video/Photo) Here’s How iPhone 6 Pictures Will Look On Instagram!

IFWT_iPhone-6-6-Camera Look

Friday can’t come come fast enough!!! TC were lucky enough to get their hands on the 6, so they were able to take some pics and video…this camera man!

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(Video) Is The Apple Watch OS Headed For The iPhone?!

Apple Watch OS on iPhone

Well not really, at least not for now, but someone took the time to put it on the iPhone, and like I said, it’s TOUGH!

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Get The Dj Funk Flex App Here…..All The Hip Hop You NEED!!!!

FMFIcon copy

This IS Absolutely the BEST Way to Hear CDQ of The #FunkFlexMixtape!!! We Really really want to know what you guys think!!! Hit the Gallery, see some screen shots of how the App looks and some of the things you can do(Besides get the Mixtape), and After the Jump for the links to the perspective App stores!!!

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(18+ Video) Miss Nebraska Has ‘Accidental’ Upskirt Moment During Pageant

IFWT_Miss Nebraska 2014

Miss USA happen this weekend, Miss New York won(Again Thank You very much), but during the pageant Miss Nebraska had a moment where she didn’t care who saw what 0_o.

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(Video) 15 Inventions You Really Might Want!

IFWT_Door Handle Lets You See

At 1st I saw this and was like ‘yeah right’, then I really looked at it and was like ‘wait, I could use that’. Like the pic above, a door handle that let’s you see a fisheye view of what’s waiting for you in the next room, simple but really dope!

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(18+ Video) Ewww! The Last Ice Bucket Challenge You’d Want To See


I mean thank god the ALS organization reached a high number for research already because this is NOT encouraging anyone to recreate or contribute, unless you count someone paying to get this lady OFF your screen!

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Tyler The Creator’s Hilarious Reaction To Finding A ‘U2′ Album On His iPhone!


At the Apple Keynote this past tuesday ended with Apple not only introduced possible game changing product, they finished up with breaking a record by giving away U2′s newest album for fee and instantly in iTunes(Well a roll out), but not evey iPhone users are up on their tech, or U2, so there was surprise amongst some of the iOS ranks.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Live Rat Found In Taco Bell Soda Fountain


Man, this is disgusting, a live rat crawling around inside a soda fountain, Ewwww! We don’t even know how many people drank out of there with this creature rolling around.

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