(Photos) May The Fourth Be With You On ‘Star Wars Day’


Happy Star Wars Day!!! That’s right fellow geeks and nerds(if you’re a true geek/nerd), it’s that time of year that you get to celebrate one of the greatest movie series of all time, “Star Wars”, and with the new “Force Awakens” coming up in December, excitement is in the air!

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(Video) Freddie Gray’s Death Ruled A Homicide; 6 Baltimore Officer’s Charged, Arrest Warrant Issued

IFWT_Freddie Gray Justice

All 6 officers involved with the arrest of Freddie Gray will be charged with several counts including second-degree depraved-heart murder, which the driver of the van to get the most charges.

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(Video) Instagram Is Like Crack…Especially In Social Media Spoof “New Gram City”!!

IFWT_IG is drugs F

Lmao, an accurate portrayal of the state of social media in 2015, a reminder that the affects of drugs, wether narcotics or something else addictive, like Instagram, cause similar behavior! S/O to @KingKeraun with @SimoneShepherd and @KiyaRoberts for bringing this together flawlessly in “New Gram City!!

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(Video) Man Attempts To Stop #BaltimoreRiots With Michael Jackson Dancing

IFWT_Beat it

In the middle of the worse riots since LA’s Rodney King verdict riots, and as Baltimore was burning down, shocking the world, one man figured he could stop the violence by turning up Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and busting some moves!

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(Video) Video Chat From iPhone To Android Thanks To Facebook


Ok cool story here bro(s), when I interview interns I ask if potentials they use Skype and I normally hear ‘I have it but don’t use it, I use FaceTime/Hangouts’, which shows people use what they are comfortable with, and although Hangouts is on iPhone so technically you could already use cross-platform video chat but since there are so many Facebook users that this may very well become successful.

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(Video) Sex Takes Over IG With #Ebony Hashtag….Filthy!!

IFWT_Jesus Take The Wheel

So apparently it’s all over IG that if you put the hashtag #Ebony in your search, you see exactly how dirty you IG’ers are!!

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(Audio) Jamie Foxx Talks Issues With ‘Dating’ Younger Women, Promotes ‘Fish Net Condoms’ & Impersonates Flex!!!!

IFWT_Funk and Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx stopped by the Funk Flex Show on Hot97 to promote the new album, but his energy was on level 100, Funny AF!!! He starts off by talking health with Flex, #40DayReset, and having to dye his hair, including his gray nut hairs….Nuts….

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(Video) Rich Homie Quan Doing His Strange Dance Again!


He must feel like he gotta new dance move, and don’t know what to call it….and neither do we! What we do know is he might be the only dude to do it….

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(Video) Willow Smith Shows Off Her Singing Skills With Some Personal Lyrics?

Willow Smith

Looks like Willow Smith is stretching her vocal cords with a classic acoustic/piano melody, and she def can sing!! The thing is her lyrics,

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(Video) Star Wars: The Force Awakens New Trailer!!!


Excitement is in the air, or should I say the force is in the air? A new trailer for the new Star Wars is out, ad packed with storyline tid-bits, so exciting for a Star Wars fan like me(and prob you too), one of the dopest parts is when it cuts to an older Han Solo and Chewy and Han says “Chewy, we’re home”…..Exciting!!!

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