(Video) Damon Dash Speaks On Owing Beanie Siegal Millions !

Dame Dash has been catching quite a bit of flack lately. Rappers calling him out etc. In a recent interview he addressed rumors about him owing Beanie Siegal money. Siegal said back in 2010, that Dame stole 11 million from him! Watch the clip below and see just exactly what Mr. Dash had to say!

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Egyptian Sherry Caught My Eyes With These Pics! WOW!


Check out these sexy pics of Egyptian Sherry you dont want to miss!

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) @Laoliviamarie Looking Super Sexy In These Pics! OMG!


Check out These Pics of Olivia Marie Looking Super Sexy! OMG!

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(Video) Exactly How The iPhone 6 Will Look In Your Hand, Plus Proof Of Better Resolution!!


I’ve been seeing so many people popping off on IG that they ‘already have the new iPhone’, ‘oh where is YOUR connect’….Problem is I’m like 99.999999% SURE they have a ‘Mock-Up’ that’s going around and just FRONTING, but this reputable site has put together leaked parts to assembled it themselves, which we have to repeat more than a 3D printed prop.

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(Warning: 18+ Video) Old Video Leaks Of Joseline Hernandez Stripping, Eating Box & More!!

Joseline at the club

Remember on the show when Joseline threatened to leave Steebie, and he said ‘yeah, leave me to go back to that life.’, or When Joseline said she built her current life, and Steebie said ‘I took you out of the club, and gave you all this’, Well this video shows exactly what he saved her from, and he’s right, she will NOT leave him to go back to this.

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) @bite_mypinkcake Showing Us What She’s Working WIth! WOW!


Check out these sexy pics of Becca Banks you dont want to miss!

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) @OneFrenchArab Looking Super Sexy In These Pics! WOW!


Check out these sexy pics of French Arab you dont want to miss!

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(Video) Little Boy Gets Frustrated After Finding His Mom Is Pregnant Again

Little Boy Exasperated With Mother For Being Pregnant

This little boy is not pleased with his mom’s news about having another child. He questions her motives and tries to understand why him and his sister are just not enough for her. The little boy exclaims, “You just had two! This is exasperating!” LOL he’s hilarious.

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(Video) Black Man Being Tased In Front Of Kids For WHAT?!

Minnesota Man Tasered by Police

The world keeps getting more ridiculous by the minute! But, this video really takes the cake. An unidentified man in St. Paul Minnesota was questioned, tasered, and arrested by two unidentified officers for sitting in a public area and not providing his name. We’d like to also note that he wasn’t armed.

Police issued a statement saying that they were called by a private security company due to a man repeatedly entering a bank area that was for ‘employees only’. The man, identified as Lollie, wouldn’t leave or cooperate with officers. Officers then called for back up assistance, because they felt that the man would fight or run. At that point, police took steps to take him into custody.

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) The Sexy @VIXtoriaSecret Caught My Eyes With These Pics! WOW!


Check out these sexy pics of VIXtoria Secret you dont want to miss!

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