(Video) Protest Shuts Down Mall of America

Black Lives Matter

Protest Shuts Down Mall of America ?
During one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, inside the biggest shopping mall in America, shoppers just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota heard peaceful, but not exactly the most merry chants around the Christmas tree

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(Video) U.S Asks China To Cut Off North Koreas Internet


U.S Asks China To Cut Off North Koreas Internet ?
So Yesterday President Obama had said at a press conference that the U.S. would be taking steps to “instigate a proportional response” to North Korea for their confirmed cyber attack on Sony. American proportions are wider than most countries, so they are currently trying to react by putting a block on all the Internet access to North Korea.

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(Video) The Game Gets Upset At London Show Which Resulted In A Shoving Match!!

The Game

Things got a little carried away at a show The Game was performing at in Brixton, London. Everything started off ok until he invited some of his fans to join him on stage. All of a sudden, the venue cut the rapper’s mic off and that’s where the situation took a sharp left. Witnesses stated that Game jumped off the stage and approached the manager. He was told that because he was over an hour late they couldn’t allow anymore people on stage except the artists. That must have set The Game off because push came to shove….literally!
Watch the clip below!

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(Video) Cops Shoot Suspect 15 Times


Cops Shoot Suspect 15 Times. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. A man is surrounded by a bunch of cops, has his hands up and still gets shot by the cops. Oh you’ve heard this story before? No, not that one this is a new one. Read more after the jump!

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(Video) Minute Man?! Plies Admits To Being ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ In The Bedroom!!


I guess you can kind of call Plies the love and sex guru on Instagram because he’s been giving advice to his followers based on his own personal experiences. In one of his latest videos, he explains if a person has sex for hours on end, something is wrong with that man or woman. Plies insists that sex should NEVER last that long, in fact it doesn’t with him since he refers to himself as “Quick Draw McGraw”! LOL!
Watch the hilarious clip below!

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(Video) Mother Whoops Daughter For Being a Thot

IFWT_Belt Whipping

Mother Whoops Daughter for Being A Thot. In a society where parents can no longer physically discipline their own children without it being looked at as abuse, one parent says f**k that! In the video below, the mother is clearly seen whooping her daughter with what appears to be a wire for engaging in thot activities.

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(18+ Video) LMAOOOO! Dude Drops Bars As An Ode To BBW’s!!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Lmmao, and you don’t stop! Ok let me tell you what’s going on, I ran across this video while web surfing, and found this to be very funny, so I thought I’d share. A rather chubby dude felt like serenading his favorite type of woman, BBW’s, but he didn’t sing, he rhymed, and for what it was, it wasn’t too bad, he got ‘Bars for Big Bit**es’.

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(VIDEO) Phaedra Parks Brings Kids To Jail To See Apollo On Christmas?

ifwt_phaedrachristmas ft1)

Phaedra Parks Brings Kids To Jail To See Apollo On Christmas? If your a fan of Bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know all about the southern bell with the Southern Charm Mrs.Phaedra Parks.

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(Video) Fabolous Drops A Freestyle During “Sway In The Morning!”



As Fabolous’ Christmas album release nears the Brooklyn rapper is taking over the city with his press run to prepare for the the digital album. During his press stop at “Sway In The Morning” Loso spoke on wanting to collaborate with Nas, and Eminem in the near future, named the top lyricist in the game right now, and broke down the lyrics in his newest record – “lituation” with Sway. Fab also went on to elaborate more on “The Young OG Project” which is his first project under Roc Nation, and dropped a freestyle of course. Watch it after the jump!

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(Video) NYPD Cop Striking Handcuffed Kid !


NYPD Cop Striking Handcuffed Kid ?

Internal Affairs are looking deeper into the back story of an arrest, caught on video, that shows a NYPD Officer punching a teenage suspect over and over rapidity in his the body while there were three uniformed cops that were trying to hold him down and handcuff him.

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