(Photos) Universal Music Group Coughs Up 11.5M to Artists for Digital Royalties

Universal Music Group Settles on Digital Royalties

The era of the online purchase, digital download, and streaming service definitely threw the music business for a loop and looks like there’s still hiccups in the system. Now Universal Music Group Coughs Up 11.5M to Artists for Digital Royalties Dispute and will forever change the royalty structure for artists from now on. How the money’s getting split and who else was behind the lawsuit besides Hip Hop’s own Chuck D is one thing, but exactly what changes???

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(Photo) Drake Search Engine Created “Its Like Google On Fleek”


A Drake Search Engine has been Created and its described to be “Like Google On Fleek”. Hop into the post for all the details on this new Drake Search Engine. #IFWT

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(Photos) Something You Should Know About Apple Care IF You Get The Apple Watch Edition

IFWT_Reaction To Apple Care On The Apple Watch Edition

Today the Apple Watch is in the Apple store for people to try out, See if you want to pony up for Apple’s very expensive, newest, smallest device yet, but if you get it, you’ll prob want to get Apple Care with it since you won’t have a clue on how to fix…

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(Video) Gaming Rewind: Dipset Plays #GTAOnline At Rockstargames, #IFWT Was There!!


It went down yesterday live at RockstarGames for some #GTAOnline for next-gen GTAV on the PS4 system, and let me tell you a GREAT time was had, S/O to L’s(Juelz Santana for the most MDK’s and great strategy thought the game, Zeekey most def held his own, Jmi got there a little late but did him, and Killa didn’t make it, but ‘Killa Crunch‘ was there!!!

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(Video) Beyonce Drops Exclusive Content In Tidal, Will You Sign Up Now??

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 5.31.56 PM

Will Exclusive Content In Tidal bring Subscriptions?? There was a backlash over the Tidal price plan, and how people would NOT sign up for $20’s a month, but maybe minds will change now that some exclusive content has dropped from none other than Queen Bey herself, as she also shouts #TheCarters 7 year anniversary.

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(Video) Dude That Slammed Plies Off Stage Responds After His Beat Down


So we saw the video of Plies getting suplexed off the stage, and we saw that right after security went to town on the guy in the crowd, well now we can see what injuries the guy received and his explanation of the whole event, see below.

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Netflix Set To Renew WHICH Popular TV Show?!


If you’re a TV junkie, Netflix is literally the best app ever created to find just about any type of show possible. With that being said, it has just been confirmed that Netflix renewed the popular drama House of Cards and will have season 4 available sometime in 2016. The popular movie/TV show app broke the news via their official Twitter page by sending out a tweet that reads, “I will leave a legacy. #Underwood2016.”

For those obsessed with House of Cards like I am with Orange Is The New Black, I could only imagine the extreme excitement you all felt when hearing this news. Keep an eye on your Netflix account to see when season 4 will be appearing!

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(Photos) Are You Playing “Runnin Through The 6″ Drake Mobile Game?

IFWT_Drake game-F

Drake Mobile Game, Kind of an interesting twist to one of those tap games(like flappy bird) but not as difficult to get points. “Running Through the 6″ doesn’t feel like it’s officially through Drizzy’s company, but does use his likeness and snippets of the song, like when you hit something in the air you get a ‘Woe’ from the song.

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(Video) The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes?

Michael Jackson Lean: Secret Shoes?

The original King of Pop is known for his signature moves on stage and leaving “Blood On The Dancefloor,” but also for being an innovator in all things performance tech. For years people wondered about the iconic move first seen in the “Smooth Criminal” video, but the science has been exposed. The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes???

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(Photos) Could Jay Z’s New Streaming Service “Tidal” Change The Music Industry??

IFWT_Tidal Blue

We will find out more later today when HOV announces his plans for “Tidal”, but the promotions have started already with J, Ye, Bey, and RiRi changing their social media to turquoise blue. There’s actually a lot of musical star power behind it, in a video circulating the web, most of the top music acts seem to be a meeting to hear what needs to be heard?

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