(Video) Watch Dogs Might Be The Most Tech Advanced Game EVER!!!!


This new gameplay trailer shows just how innovative this title is!! It’s like a mix of Saints Row, GTA, Assasin’s Creed, a little COD, even some Titan Fall in there, but all with the use of technology in today’s real life world, INCREDIBLE!!

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(Photos/Video) Here’s How iPhone 6 Stacks Up To Other Big Screens!!!


Using the leaked cases, photoshopping a screen in, there are images of the 6 next to most of the popular Androids like the Moto X, HTC One, Nexus 5, G2, and S5. You know you want to check it out!!

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(Video) Dope!! Google Has Accomplished Time Travel With Street View!!!

IFWT_Google Maps Logo

You can’t necessarily put yourself back in time, but Street View now let’s you see what was going on some months back, like a building in the process of being built.

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(Video) This Would Be The Best Possible Outcome For iPhone 6!!!


This is a concept, and as we know concepts don’t naturally make there way to Apple’s eyeline, but damn it, we would LOVE it!!

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Uh Oh! AT&T And News Corp Looking To Hurt Netflix?!?


I mean I’m not against competition, but I do feel like this so not clean. If it weren’t Netflix, people would still be shackled to watching ‘content’ when it was good for someone else’s schedule. AT&T partnering with News Corp with $500M behind themare getting ready to ‘invest and launch’ a VOD(Video On Demand) service like Netflix.

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Emmis x Funk Flex Ink New Deal For Digital Partnership!!!

IFWT_Funk Flex New deal

This is SO Fresh And SO Clean!! News broke that Emmis, the parent company of WQHT Hot97, is now invested with Flex in ‘Flexco’, taking things to a whole new level!!

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(Video) Real Life Marvel Superhero Dangerous Gadgets On The Rise?!

Marvel Heroes

Well right now it’s limited to one guy, AnselmoFanZero, but he’s got a couple really cool gadgets you’ll want to see…IF you’re a big Marvel fan like me 0_0

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(Photos) Move Over Christina Aguilera! New A-List Superstar Set To Join Season 7 Of the ‘The Voice’

The Voice

Hmmm well now that Christina Aguilera and hubby to be are expecting a new little bundle of joy, it looks the ‘The Voice’ has already made provisions to replace the star while on maternity leave. While season 7 has yet to begin, show production starts in June and TMZ reports new ‘Voice’ judge to be none other than A- List superstar…

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(Photo) Kicks; Twenty Thousand Dollars In Nike Sample Sneakers Were Stolen From Nikes Portland Headquarters!


Jason Keating & Tung Ho Admit To Stealing Twenty Thousand Dollars In Sample Sneakers! Read More After The Jump…

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Will iOS 8 Have Shazam Integration?!


News is breaking that Apple and Shazam are teaming up to put ‘Music Identification’ in iOS natively, kinda like how they did twitter in iOS 6 (iPhone 5), and FB in iOS 7(5S), so with the iPhone 6 comes iOS 8 with Shazam integration!!

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