(Photos) Two People Left Dead After A Shooting In A NYC Home Depot

IFWT_2 Dead At NYC Home Depot

Two people left dead after a shooting in a NYC Home Depot. This afternoon in NYC, police were called to a Home Depot in NYC after receiving reports that there were shots fired in the crowded store. See full report inside.

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(Photos) Hol Up Hol Up! Bow Wow Talks Mya’s Miami Striptease When HE’S Engaged To Erica Mena


Hol Up Hol Up! Bow Wow Talks Mya’s Miami striptease when HE’S engaged to Erica Mena. Now I’m not sure if Bow Wow was the most equipped person to give singer Mya his two cents after her nasty little two step,where she pop locked and dropped into a full split for all the patrons at G5ive Strip club in Miami. Being that Bow IS engaged to Erica Mena and all, this almost seems like a pot meet kettle moment. Hell, Tony Rock was just talking slick about his lady! Peep what Bow Wow had to say about Mya’s Miami striptease, and should HE be talking?

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(Video) What Is This World Coming To? Day Care Worker Arrested For Kicking 15 Month Year Old Baby In The Head?

SMH. What is this world coming to? Day care worker arrested for kicking 15 month year old baby in the head? Yes, and we’ve got the shocking visuals. In Pasco County Florida, a mother unsuspectingly dropped off her 15 month year of daughter at Kids Stop and Play Daycare in Pasco County, only to notice the tiny tot had a small abrasion under her eye that she did not have before leaving her mother’s care. This definitely peeked the mother’s suspicions as well her intuition, which is what led her back to the day care to uncover disturbing footage of her helpless child being abused by day care worker Linda Klem , who was charged to look after her. See day care worker caught in the act inside.

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(Photo) Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000


Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000
For once , Chris Brown is in the center of a crime investigation and actually is the victim . Stange…. Chris Brown is a Victim of Identity theft and his ID is being Sold online $10,000 . Its getting very real , very quick . CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS and PHOTO of Chris Browns ID !!!

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Airpnp: Rent A Toilet To Pee!


We already have airbnb, so naturally we would need Airpnp. Yes folks this is very real! A quote straight from the airpnp website: “Find a clean, comfortable bathroom no matter where you are.”

Crying emooji face and a LOL. The new app was created by a group of New Orleans software developers. They have gave us the dream app we’ve been waiting for and are connecting people who have to PEE to a bathroom. Instead of going into Starbucks or McDonalds you can pull your app up and find someone’s home to pee in. Some of these bathrooms are free and some are going to cost you $10.00. But I am pretty sure under the right circumstances people will pay any price. So nothing weird about going into someone’s bathroom and giving them a dollar. Modern world, new technology folks. Also get this, some people will offer you a refreshment! A bathroom and some lemonade. To our surprise people in NYC have already signed up and are currently renting their bathrooms!!! Read on to find out where airpnp is in New York City..

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(Photos) Men Take Selfies on Stolen iPad, Leads to Their Arrest

Selfies Lead to Felony Arrest

The Lox said a mouthful in their single last year with the statement, “stop taking selfies you bi**h ass ni**a.” Now selfies have officially caused imprisonment and felony charges as it’s reported two Houston Men Take Selfies on Stolen iPad, Leads to Their Arrest (SMH!!!).

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(Video) Microsoft Announces HoloLens, The Real Future Of Computing?!

IFWT_Microsoft HoloLens

WooooW, I must say, HoloLens, should it be launched like for real for real, is that Minority Report future we’ve been hoping for!!

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(Photos) Here’s Whats Up With WhatsApp And The Web!


That’s right WhatsApp is usable from the web, but there are ‘conditions’ for this mobile first popular App, if you want to desktop this pony, read this!

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(Photo) Battle Of The Fatties…. Kim K Refuses To Be Out Done By Amber Rose & Strips Down In The Snow?


Over the weekend, newly single MILF Amber Rose had the internet on fire, as she posted thirst trap after thirst trap via the ‘Gram’ for lusty followers. Amber along with her scantily clad crew, which included Blac Chyna and Nikki Muraddis, wreaked havoc during their all girls takeover weekend in Miami. Well Amb and Chyna cut ALL the way loose over the weekend, and it seems as though the whole world was cued into their timelines….including several eligible and ineligible ballers who were clocking Amber’s page, HARD BODY. Well, Mrs. West AKA Kimmy Cakes must have got the memo that someone other than herself was trying to break the internet, because she posted a set of her own lusty shots. Compare the two inside.

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(Video) Updates & Summary of State of The Union Address

2015 State of the Union by President Obama

Tuned-Up and Tuned-In: The nation was live for the Head of State’s big top of the year speech. The Live Stream, Updates & Summary of State of The Union Address went down with the POTUS looking relaxed, confident and energizing his words more than we’ve seen. With a lot of disappointment over only brief mentions of #BlackLivesMatter issues (Twitter-verse ready in waiting for the ‘State of the Black Union’ #SOBU), MUCH was said over what was not said. Is it Obama ‘for the win’ or nah???

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