(Video/Screenshots) MMA: Revealed!! Bruce Lee is a Playable Fighter in EA Sports UFC 2014

IFWT_UFC Bruce  4

I’m not a big gamer, but I think this is soooo dope (I love Bruce Lee)!! It’s been revealed that Bruce Lee will step into the octagon for the first time with EA SPORTS UFC 2014. It launches June 17th. Hit the jump to watch a video and for more screenshots…

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(Video) Alert: 5 Year Old Exposes Xbox Security Flaw!!


Well this just gives everyone a minute to think, is microsoft security smarter than a 5 year old?? Apparently not, as this little guy inadvertently exposed a security flaw that was just too simple.

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(Video) Here’s How You Can Earn $10K With Your Xbox One!!!

Xbox Kinect New Generation

It’s all about the next gen for Kinect on Xbox one! The game coming out 4/8/14, “Kinect Sports Rivals”, is going to have a competition this June and if you got your moves down pat, you could get $10K!!

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(Photos) Rare White Xbox One Hits Ebay; Can You Afford It?!

Microsoft Xbox One

Super rare as it will not hit store, at least for now, as it was produced strictly for the team that helped create ‘The One’, but ‘one’ of those crew members has put it up on eBay for a hefty price!

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(Photos) Xbox One x Publik Trust Bring Real Fashion To Your Avatar!!


Now you don’t just have the lame attire that comes with an Xbox Avatar(No offense to Microsoft), Yesterday Xbox launched a venture that gives your Avi a great upgrade!

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Alert: Xbox One Drops Price With Great Bundle!!


PS4 has been kicking Microsoft’s butt, and most people feel like it’s because of the price, but Microsoft has a fix…at least for now, but you might want to hurry up!!

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(Video) Are You Ready For The Next ‘Epic’ Level Of Angry Birds??

IFWT_New Epic Angry Birds

I mean Angry Birds has many versions, and levels(‘to this sh*t’), and they are back with something new, but apparently they are going a whole new route, no more just slinging the very unhappy fowl into swine!

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(Video) Samsung’s NEW Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gear 2, & Galaxy Fit!!!

IFWT_Samsung unpacked 2014

Samsung hit Spain with what they consider their most innovative products yet, the NEW GS5, Gear 2, and Galaxy Fit!!

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(Video) Meet The Real Life Flappy Bird?!

IFWT_flappy-bird in a Box

Ummm, in a sense yes..A NY tech Meet up is happening this Mon(the 24th) where you can play ‘Flappy Bird In A Box’, which is a ‘real life version’ of the now defunct popular mobile game.

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Nas Reveals That He Will Be Dropping A 2014 Album On Xbox?!

Nasir Jones

Nasir Jones sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss his upcoming album, “Illmatic’s” anniversary, and his upcoming drama series, “Street Dreams.”the rapper’s upcoming autobiographical drama series on Xbox, is set to be a genuine portrayal of his life.

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