(Graphic 18+ Video) Bodycam Shows Michigan Officer Taser Then Shoot Armed Man Trying To Stab K9


Bodycam and dashcam footage caught a vicious brawl between a K9 and a man wielding a knife trying to stab a police dog. The man was fatally shot after attempting murder.

(Video) Crazy Shoot-out Between Brazilian and Paraguayan Drug Traffickers!


My question is, who’s holding the camera? Lol. All jokes aside, take a look at this bloody encounter between Brazilian and Paraguayan drug traffickers. It’s a war-zone out there, smh.

(Video) Angry Woman Hits BF With Car When He Tells Her He Has HIV & Gets Charged With Attempted Murder


What would you do in this scenario? Your significant other that you’ve likely been sleeping with for some time hits you with a bombshell – they’re HIV positive! WHAT?! Basically, they’ve been putting YOUR health at risk by not giving you the option to know sooner and take the proper measures to protect yourself. So, in a fit of rage, you hit them with your car (maybe not the smartest decision, but hey…I get it…) and now you’re charged with attempted murder, leaving the scene and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because your neighbor’s security cameras caught it all on tape. Man!

(Video) David Banner Arrested After Going Ape Sh** On Bouncer


David Banner lost his mind on a bouncer after they wouldn’t let him and all his crew into a club. Than he got arrested and fined.

(Video) Adele Tells Critic to “Suck My Dick”


lmao Note to self: Don’t ever doubt Adele’s authenticity… She will come at you.

(Video) Man Shot By Police At Dallas’ Love Field Airport


Crazy! You literally can’t be safe anywhere nowadays. Check out the nerve-wracking video after the jump.

(Video) Elderly Woman Takes A Brick To The Face

IFWT_Elderly Woman Gets Hit

A female passenger in her 70s sustained a fractured skull when gang of people threw bricks at the Birmingham taxi she was in, her driver claimed. West Midlands Police is re-appealing for information on the attack, which also saw seven cars damaged during a vandalism spree.

(Video) Bodycam Footage Captures Police Shooting Man Wielding A Machete


This dude tried to go down with a fight…wrong choice of weapon for a squadron who has you in their sights.

(Video) Woman Appears To Be Possessed While Shopping China!


Welp. I guess I’m not going to China anytime soon.

(Video) 400 Pound Zoo Lion Scares Little Boy


These animals are out of control lol. Somebody musta told this lion about the Gorilla incident.

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