(Video) Caught On Tape: Video Goes Viral Of A Girl Using Her DOG As A Weapon In A Street Fight!


First of all, let me just say that this is absolutely ridiculous.

A video is going viral on the internet of a street fight between a group of girls. This would be just a regular ol’ cat fight (no pun intended) if there wasn’t an animal being used as a weapon!

The females were engaging in an old-fashioned brawl when one of the chicks took a dog from the street and swung it at the other girl, hitting her in the face with her Lil’ Bow Wow. As NOT funny as this is (you know, for animal activists and all that), it will make you chuckle in the sickest way possible.

Check out the video we have up on our Instagram page below!

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(Video) FIX IT LORDT: NY Girl Gets Into A Fight & Her Father Jumps In– Beating Up The Kids!


I’m all about parents running to their children’s aid when they are in need but this man has taken it TOO far. A Brooklyn man witnessed his daughter getting jumped in the Williamsburg section of BK. He ran to save his daughter and somehow ended up jumping in the brawl and fighting the little girls himself.

However according to 16-year-old Alexandra Pineiro, the 14-year-old actually showed up to the fight with her father who was encouraging the girls to fight. As soon as the fight popped off, the dad hopped in, swinging on the young girls. The NYPD is now currently investigating the video that was captured by a cell phone. This could mean serious jail time for the father of the 14-year-old if he is found guilty.

Check out the visual of the incident below.

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(Video) Nooooo, She Wasn’t Ready! Demi Lovato Falls FLAT On Her Face At A Pool Party

Demi Lovato

Looks like someone was a tad bit clumsy during this Fourth of July weekend. Singer Demi Lovato was hosting a #CoolForTheSummer pool party over the holiday weekend when she experience quite the fall. Demi was in the middle of the pool standing on a slippery ramp [IN HEELS] when she slipped intensely, falling straight on her face. In the video, all you hear is a loud THUMP, which just confirmed that it must have REALLY hurt. To play it off, Demi got up and said she was fine and proceeded to jump into the pool. Nicely played, Demi, nicely played.

Check out the PAINFUL video below.

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(Graphic*18+ Video) Guys ‘Bag’ Chick Off Backpage.com #MinajNoNicki


These things used to happen off Craigslist, but there’s a new creep site in town, Backpage.com. Classified as a ‘Classifieds’ website, much like Craigslist, sexcapades and all…actually the sex(hooker) trade is blowing up on there!!

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(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Death Of A Soldier In Jail Serving A 2 Day Sentence

IFWT_Sgt Brown cant Breathe

This is quite disgusting, in El Paso Texas an active duty soldier that turned himself in for a DWI to serve a 2 day sentence back in 2012 was recorded by a guard(the video JUST leaked) showing the treatment by the police caused his death. Sgt. James Brown turned Himself in for a 2 day sentence, doing the ‘right thing’, but at the time of turning himself in he put in writing that he suffered from PTSD. He then called his mother to tell her they were trying to keep him for 7 days instead of 2 and he asked her to come pay the fine so he could get out of there, but by the time she came down the next day, he was dead.

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(Video) Don’t Do Drugs! Addict Walks Around LA Bottomless Says She Needs Her Vag*na Waxed

say no to drugs kids

Like Rick James said, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug!” We’re not sure exactly what this woman was on, but it was strong enough to have her walking around downtown LA with no pants or panties!

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(Video) Body Cam At Work: Fleeing Suspect Drags Officer Clinging To Car


Ok, so now we get to see what these “Body Cams” can do. In this video, you can clearly see everything the suspect is doing in the vehicle. So we pretty much see what the officer sees before 23 year old, Brandon Adams, took off and dragged the cop with him! Check it out!

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(Video) Got Em! Serial Hammer Attacker Shot By Police In Manhattan

IFWT_Hammer Crime Scene

You may have heard of the “Hammer Attacker” who hit four people with a hammer Monday in Union Square. Well, today as he attempted to make a female NYPD OFficer his fifth victim, her partner happened to be crossing the street behind her. The officer quickly pulled out his weapon, and fired, hitting the attacker in the middle of the street. The whole thing was caught by a surveillance camera. Check it out!

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(Video) SMH: Autistic Man Killed By Police At The Station!


This is newly released video footage of an incident causing the death of David Levi Dehmann, which took place on April 21st, 2015. The video shows, 33 year old, David Dehmann using his hand to point at an officer. The officer viciously slaps his hand away; causing the drunken Dehmann to put his hands up defensively. At that point, the officer slams the man on the ground and he never gets up.

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(Video) SMH: Indian Teenager Dies During Street Boxing Match


Street-boxing matches have become more and more popular since the commercialization of the UFC, and success of fighters like Kimbo Slice. However, this is a very dangerous sport and it’s not for everyone! Sadly, an Indian teenager lost his life as a result of a one too many punches, and we have the video.

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