(Video) Dude Goes Beast-Mode On Guy Who Stole From Him


Dude Goes Beast-Mode On Guy Who Stole From Him. Sometimes when you’re at another person’s house, you really should keep your hands to yourself and enjoy your time there. Check out the video below of what happens when you steal something from someone.

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Caught On Tape: Huge Brawl Breaks Out & Bouncer Stomps Dude’s Head Out At SXSW Festival


This past week– Austin, Texas has been taken over by concert goers and musicians for the annual 2015 SXSW music festival series. However, if you have ever been to a huge out-door music festival event, you know that fights tend to break out regardless of how peaceful the crowd might appear or how many security guards are present. After a day full of music-filled fun, a group of SXSW attendees hit up Chupacabras on 6th Street for a night out. Unfortunately, a huge fight broke out right outside of the venue, causing the bouncer to get involved. I know they have to defend themselves but dude straight stomped out ol’ boy’s head like it was nothing. OUCH!

Sidebar: the quality of the fight video is better than most HD movies. Not sure why it is so clear but it looks AMAZING. I feel like I got punched a few times, too, after watching this. Check out the crazy SXSW brawl below. Do you think the bouncer should get fired for this? Or was he just doing his job?

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(Video) Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated


Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated. Ah man, so here we go again. Chris Brown already told you people that these hoes ain’t loyal but yet ya’ll still wife them. Check out the video below of this dude going nuts when he finds out his girl cheated.

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The thing I don’t understand about this is that the girl was crying and begging him for forgiveness. YOU CHEATED ON YOUR BOYFRIEND, WHY WOULD HE FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT? You weren’t thinking about begging for forgiveness when you had another man’s penis inside of you then huh, but now you got caught is when you want to cry and beg to be taken back. Life doesn’t work that way. If you know something is precious to you, take care of it and don’t let temptation get to you because after that temptation is regret. It’s almost like masturbating to porn, it feels good when you’re doing it but after comes that disgusted and regret feeling. Anyways, I hope he doesn’t take her back so she can learn a lesson and let this be a lesson to you reading this right now. If you’re cheating on your significant other right now, you will get caught and you will regret it.


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(Update)Caught On Tape: [Cops] Beat Black College Student For Showing A Fake ID


I use the word cop[s] loosely, because these guys were not the real deal, however, they were members of the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control. University of Virginia honor student as well as fraternity member, Martese Johnson attempted to gain entry into a nightclub with fake identification – we’ve all been there. The events following is what bothered witnesses who saw the cops beat the boy to a bloody mess.Check out more down bottom

Update New Video below Martese Johnson Speaks out!

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Caught On Tape: WOAH! Lil Wayne Throws Microphone At DJ For Playing The Wrong Song!

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been having some heck of a month and it’s only the beginning. During a concert that took place at Nova South Eastern University in Miami, Weezy came out to perform a track when the DJ played the wrong instrumental of “Coco.” Once he realized it wasn’t the proper version, Wayne took his microphone and chucked it right at the DJ and stormed off stage in an angry fury. Since we live in a time where everyone records EVERYTHING via their SmartPhones, the entire ordeal was captured on tape. Check out the full video below. SHEESSSSHHHHHH! I guess ol’ boy won’t be getting booked again for a Weezy show, eh?

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(Video) Footage Released of Police Pepper Spraying Ohio State Football Fans

Police Pepper Spray Ohio State Fans

You can’t deny that being a police officer is not an easy job–especially when trying to peacefully deal with a mob of hype, drunk, ‘can’t tell me nothing’ young people–but did they go too far??? Today Footage Released of Police Pepper Spraying Ohio State Football Fans has hit the waves as a police-point-of-view camera roll following the Ohio State college football championship win has been released to the public for the first time!

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(Video) Man Saves Girl From Committing Suicide On Train Tracks


New Yorker Saves Girl From Committing Suicide On Train Tracks. Suicide is never an option but that doesn’t resonate well with some people who are actually going through something very deep that they feel like there’s no hope but death. I’m sure this was what the woman in the video below was feeling and going through, until a stranger went on the tracks and managed to get her out.

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(Caught On Tape) Travi$ Scott Gets Into Fight With Concert Goer Over Alleged Chain Snatching


During a recent show in Scottsdale, Arizona with Young Thug, rapper Travi$ Scott got into a physical altercation with a random concert goer after they tried to allegedly snatch his chain. Video footage has been captured showing Travi$ and Thugger walking throughout the crowd when a man tried to take Scott’s chain, causing the two to begin banging out right during the show. The fight only lasted a few seconds before security came and took the alleged thief away. Absolute mayhem! Check out the caught on tape footage below.

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(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Murder Of A Cab Driver


Very Sad, while doing his job and minding his biz, Boom point blank to the back of the head, and he’s gone, slumped.

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Video) Oops, She Did It Again: Britney Spears Loses Half Her Weave While Performing On Stage!

Britney Spears

Oops, she did it again! Former teenage pop sensation Britney Spears recently performed at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas when she suffered from not a wardrobe malfunction, but a hair extension crisis! The “Toxic” singer was performing live on stage when some of her weave fell off during her set. How embarrassing! And of course since we live in the age of the cell-phone cameras, everything was captured on tape so we can see her epic hair weave struggle. (I mean, I rather her weave fall out than her shaving her head again, right?)

Check out the caught on tape footage below.

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