(Caught On Tape) Philadelphia Robbery In Broad Daylight!!


While a man was waiting outside with a bag of money, he was being watched by two. One man walked past the man while on the phone. Once he passed the man with the money, another followed up. The man with the phone turns back and then both pull out. Once the man with the money sees their guns, he immediately tosses the bag. See what happens next after the jump.

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(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Man Shot Point Blank In The Face


On Sunday(7/27/14) at around 8:16p in the evening the whole thing was caught on CCTV, in front of a local bodega in East New York on the corner of Stanley Ave. at Van Siclen Ave, one guy(the ‘suspect’) walks up on the other guy then suddenly pulls what looks like to be a small caliber gun(maybe a 380) runs toward him and fires in his face.

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(Caught On Tape) After Bumping Into Another SEPTA Passenger, A Woman Is Punched And Robbed!!


On July 10, while exiting a SEPTA trolley in Philly, a woman almost knocked down another passenger. Almost immediately after, the man who almost fell, threw his cup at the passenger before confronting her when he got off of the train. The woman then flipped him off. At that point the man punched the woman in the face and took off with her headphones. See it after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) LOL! NYPD Officer Seen Doing The #ShmoneyDance!!!


Like, you seen ‘em twirl then he drop. Looks like the NYPD be gettin’ money til they pass out, or at least this one particular officer caught on camera hitting that #shmoneydance. Check it out after the jump.

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(Photo + Video) Ouch!! Bartender Sets Man’s Face On Fire While Making Him A Drink!!


This took place in Lithuania. A bartender was preparing a “Flaming Lamborghini” cocktail for a patron, when she messed up and set a man’s face on fire. If you didn’t know, A Flaming Lamborghini consists of sambuca and kahlua which is then lit on fire and drank quickly through a straw while it’s still on fire, the drink is then doused with a shot each of Baileys and blue curacao which is then also drunk. See both the video and the unfortunate man’s face after the jump.

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(Photos) SMH: Did The NYPD Use The Chokehold On A Pregnant Woman?? See For Yourself!!


Remember all of the commotion the #MyNYPD hashtag had? Well, it looks like those pictures weren’t too far off — especially after the summer we’ve had. Case and point: Eric Garner. But what you’re about to see may be the icing on the bitter cake of inhumanity. According to numerous reports, police are investigating the arrest of a 27-year-old pregnant woman from East New York. Rosan Miller’s police encounter began when they saw her grilling on the sidewalk; a violation of local law. For some reason a scuffle occurred, leading to the arrest of Miller’s husband and brother while she was slapped with a summons for disorderly conduct. During the scuffle, cell phone video caught what looks like the arresting officer put Miller — seven weeks pregnant — in a chokehold. The NYPD prohibits the use of chokeholds. See the pics after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) LOL! MMA Fighter Surprises A Group Of Men Trying To Rob A Store Clerk!!


This video comes straight out of a movie. A group of men attempted to rob a Houston store clerk, but got MUCH more than they bargained for when another employee of that very same store came to the clerk’s aid. By the way, did we mention that the other employee happened to be a trained MMA fighter. See what happened next after the jump.

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(18+ Video) Caught On Tape: Couple Had Sex On A Public Beach

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

And We’re talking about a couple of drinks, but a couple that felt like it was ok to go full steam wide out in the open!

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(Video) Official Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Leaked At Comic Con 2014


Ok Ok Ok, we’ve had a good looking fan made teaser leak(unless they changed this one because of that), BUT since this one is straight out of Comic Con 2014, we know it’s real!!

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(Video) Ummmm, W T F?! Woman In Wheelchair Jumps Into Street Brawl


Just when you’ve thought you might have seen it all, things like this hit the internet. A disabled female in a wheelchair with no legs jumps into a street fight and it was all caught on tape. Can we say RATCHET?! Check it out below.

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