(18+ Video) Confessions Of A THOT: Girl Throws Tantrum For The D While On Probation

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

L-M-A-O, this Girl Throws Tantrum literally for some of that good ol ‘eggplant’ while on probation, I mean she looses it! Here’s the irony, she confesses she got on probation for indecent exposure, and continues to cry over the D, but if she wouldn’t have been stressing the D in public in the first place, she could be getting it right now.

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(Caught On Tape) NYC Bus Driver Fights Teen For Not Paying His Fare!


Being that we live in an era where camera phones capture everything, it’s almost impossible for anything to be missed. The latest fight drama to be caught on tape is a NYC MTA bus driver lashing out at a 16-year-old teenager for refusing to pay his bus fare. Check out the heated confrontation below!

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(Video) Tyga Arrested During A Video Shoot In L.A.

ifwt_tyga MAINj

Not sure why, we don’t have all the facts yet, all we know is Tyga was at or on his way to his video shoot in LA when he was pulled over. There were allegedly other people in the car when the stop happened, and Tyga is still on scene in cuffs!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Argument On NYC Subway Train Gets Out Of Control


This seems to be pure ignorance, I understand protecting your lady, especially if she’s pregnant, but what someone says won’t physically harm her, so there’s no need to give yourself a case for anything someone says.

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(Video) Migos And GBE Have Altercation In ChiRaq; Death Threats Ensue

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.58.05 PM

Looks like things got crazy in Chicago last night, although things are always crazy in #Chiraq, when ATL natives Migos hit the town for a show, they ran into local crew member of GBE(Chief Keef Crew) and some issues happened.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Girl Gets Uber Smacked On NYC Subway


It’s kinda hard to say who was truly a fault here, yes of course ultimately a guy should NEVER put his hands on a female, but she was mos def out of pocket feeling herself and legally put her hands on him 1st, and actually on other passengers as well, she might get arrested too.

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(Video) More Police Brutality! @SaratogaSheriff Deputy Violently Smacks During Illegal Search; Cop Suspended

IFWT_Illegal cop

These Cops, not just NYPD or big cities, but the rural townships across the country, although the mandate is to serve and protect, they seem to be more about fulfilling some type of ego.

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Caught On Camera: LMFAO! Reporter Calls Anchor “Fat” Without Realizing Her Mic Is On!


#ThatAwkwardMoment when you’re on national TV and call the anchorman “fat” not realizing your mic is still on. Yep, that happened to a reporter who had no idea she was still mic’d up. How embarrassing (yet absolutely hilarious.) Check it out below.

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(Video) NASA Rocket Explodes On Launch; Completely Destroyed

IFWT_Rocket explosion from NASA

Thank god this was unmanned, so no one was killed, but this definitely reminds us of when the challenger exploded be in the 80’s. Although no apparent loss of life, they do say ‘Damage is significant’.

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(Video) Foul: Erica Dixon Tries To Fight A Man For Throwing Dollar Bills At Her In The Club!

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon was partying it up in Club Element in Virginia Beach when a man started tossing dollar bills at her. The reality TV personality went buck wild and tried to throw hands after some words were exchanged. See the whole ordeal caught on tape below!

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