(Video) Caught On Tape: 2 Shot At T.I. & Young Jeezy Party In N.C.


Early tonight in Charlotte North Carolina, at a CIAA(the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) party, shots rang out, people scattered, and when it was said and done, 2 people were shot.

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(Video) Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids


Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids. I’m not a big fan of telling people how to raise their kids but certain things they just shouldn’t see or be exposed to.

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(Video) Cop Pulls Gun on Teens Having a Snowball Fight…or Nah?

Viral Video: Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight or Nah?

At first it was a question of was he just taking his job too* seriously or was this another case of “getting them early” as they say? But now the details of the viral video that surfaced of Cop Pulls Gun on Teens Having a Snowball Fight are being re-examined, namely with the counter-statement by police: “There was no snowball fight.” (Wait, what???)

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(Video) Ratchet Chronicles: Chicken Shack Owner Fights Customer & Tries To Stab Him W/ A BUTCHER KNIFE!


I have seen my fair share of ratchet activities throughout the years (and pretty much on a daily basis) but this one might take the cake. (Well, not quite but it’s damn sure entertaining.) A chicken shack owner named Mike Buckley in Davenport, Iowa got into an altercation with a customer which resulted in the two squaring up, throwing down and bringing out butcher knives! Let’s just say that sh*t got real– REAL fast. Check out the caught on tape footage below. & I thought Newark was bad.. shhhiiieeeeeeeeeeetttt.

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(VIDEO) Camron Tells 13 Year Old Girl Her Mom Used To Suck His D**K


Camron Tells 13 Year Old Girl Her Mom Used To Suck His D**K
Okay we all know Cam’ron is the last guy your gonna catch biting his tounge, but this is living proof the Killa Cam gives ZERO ! F**ks at all ! So There seems to be a young girl from Cam’ron’s old neighborhood that is convinced that she is his niece due to what her mother has told her.The Dipset CEO chooses to call the woman a liar for the entire world to hear on the INSTAGRAM!. Check the out the Videos of Cam’ron putting this girls mom on BLAST !

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Officers Seen Tipping Man Out of Wheelchair

Police Tip Man in Wheelchair

Caught On Tape!: An investigation is underway after video surfaced of two San Francisco police Officers Seen Tipping Man Out of Wheelchair (SMH!!!).

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Caught On Tape: Dash-Cam Footage Shows New Jersey Officer Gun Down A Man He’d Previously Arrested


Amidst all of the cop-on-citizen brutality is the dash-cam footage of officer Braheme Days, shooting and killing Jerame Reid, 36. After Days and partner Roger Worley noticed a Jaguar vehicle running a stop sign, the two decided to partake in a routine traffic stop. On the dash-cam, Days is heard yelling to his partner that a gun was in the glove box – this happened after he had realized he knew the passenger (the victim). It turns out that Reid and officer Days had history.

Check out the footage after the jump.

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(Video) August Alsina Almost Fights A Promoter For Trying To Get Him Jumped


August Alsina Almost Fights A Promoter For Trying To Get Him Jumped
We All Know according August Alsina’s background story that he provides in his interviews, that he cant be F**ked with and that he’s not exactly your typical R&B singer when it comes to defending himself . Well no matter what you say your always gonna have someone try you and today it was Loose Cannon Slim !

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(Video) Chris Brown Performance Gets Shot Up , 5 Injured


5 People Shot At A Chris Brown Performance
THEY SHOOTIN ! Chris Brown was onstage at a San Jose nightclub early Sunday morning when gunshots rang out, wounding 5 people and it was CAUGHT ON VIDEO !. Could ” These Goes ain Loyal ” Of Been The Virgina R&B Stars Last Words ? CLICK READ MORE FOR THE WHOLE STORY AND THE VIDEO !

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(Video) 9 Year Old Boy Stabbed In Staten Island By A Stalker On His Way To School


A 9-year old boy Stabbed in Staten Island is recovering after he was stabbed on his way to school in Mariners Harbor on Staten Island early Friday.Police say Jermaine Williams was stabbed in the neck, arm and head while walking on Union Avenue just before 8 O’clock in the morning on Friday.

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