(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Robbed And Shot In The Face


The real nasty part about this CCTV is as she parked her truck, her ‘male friend’ stood there and waited for her to park, and as soon as the robbers should up, he ran the other way, then came back to be too late, and not really chase them down the block….coward!

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(Caught On Tape) Don’t Do Drugs: Turnt Up Dude Goes Buck Wild In The Middle Of The Street!


A man was caught on camera yelling at the top of his lungs in the middle of the street at absolutely nothing, clearly either high off the d-rugs or twisted off the LQ. A perfect example of why people should stay SOBER! LOL! Peep the madness below.

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(Video) LMFAO! What Is He Doing? Leonardo DiCaprio Busts Out Some Wild Dance Moves During Coachella

leonardo dicaprio reveals he is horrible at singing

Legit real tears after watching this video clip. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted getting his groove on during 2014 Coachella that went down this weekend in Indio, California. I’m not quite sure what type of dance he was aiming for, but it sure is funny as hell. Check out Leo getting DOOOOWWWWNNNNN at the music festival below!

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(Caught On Tape) Surveillance Cameras Capture A Shootout In A Philly Motel!!


Nas probably said it best, “Shootouts is similar to Wild West, broad daylight, face to face, without a vest.” That time it was written, this time it’s caught on tape. It went down in a Philly motel where after a dispute, shots rang out. The scene was right out of a cartoon… See it after the jump!

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(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Chick Streaking Naked In Brazil

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

I just Love love love how they get down in Brazil…and that’s all I have to say about that.

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(Caught On Tape) Don’t Do Drugs: Topless Woman Goes BUCK WILD In McDonald’s & Causes A Scene

mcdonalds worker arrested

Kids, this is what happens when you do wild drugs. A woman who seemed to be on some type of hard drug walked into a McDonalds in St. Petersburg, Florida wearing nothing but a thong came through and whyled out, ripping the whole store apart. WOAH. Check out the nonsense below.

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(Caught On Tape) Blacked Out Birthday Boy Wakes Up Sky-Diving While IN THE AIR!


Talk about a birthday for the books. Josh Paler Lin’s friends wanted him to have such a memorable birthday that they made him sign a waiver a few days prior. After getting completely obliterated, Lin woke up from a drunken night after getting thrown out of a plane while in the air. What a way to wake up! Prior to pushing him out of a flying aircraft, Josh’s friends put ear plugs in his ears, dressed his unconscious body in the proper gear and attached him to a professional sky-diver. The best part? The whole thing was caught on tape! Check it out below.

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(Video) Sports: Yikes! Player Goes After Fan In Stands After Fan Allegedly Threatened To Rape His Daughter

IFWT_bad fan 4

There are some fans that are just d*cks, it’s just the way it is.  I’ve always believed that players have to ignore the ignorance — but this — this I would make an exception for & understand why a player would go after a fan.  Last night a player in an Israeli basketball game charged into the stands after a fan threatened to rape his daughter.  SMH, some fans really need to chilllllllllll.
Hit the jump for details and video…

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(Caught On Tape) When The Turn Up Is TOO Real: Wasted Man On Train Sings Lil Jon’s ‘Get Low’


First off, this is freaking HILARIOUS and has me in hysterics. A drunk dude was riding the subway in DC and was apparently WAYYYYY too turnt because he was belting out the lyrics to Lil Jon’s 2003 hit “Get Low.” The best part though is that passengers on the train started helping ol’ boy out and started singing along with him. TOOOOO FUNNY! Check out the ridiculousness below for a few good morning laughs.

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(Video) Girl In Bikini Is Tased Because Of WHAT!?!?


Charity brings the best out of people. To raise money for fallen police officers the unnamed woman offered to be tased while wearing nothing but a bikini. Check out her priceless reaction after the jump.

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