(Video) Guy Loses His Shit After Lightning Strikes Right Next To His Girlfriend


Lmao…okay I don’t mean to laugh, but the way this video ends just has me dying laughing. This man goes to the beach with his girlfriend as she runs towards the water he stays in the back and is filming for some reason…next thing you know lightning strikes out of nowhere and the girl starts running back as he is screaming jibberish it sounds like lol. Maybe it was a foreign language who knows…it was filmed in Sydney, Australia, but you gotta check this out! Hit the jump.

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Beyonce Spotted Rehearsing For The Superbowl At USC!


Gotcha. The Queen Bey was spotted Monday rehearsing for her upcoming suprise (not anymore) halftime show for this year’s Superbowl! Hit the jump for exclusive college student footage.

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(Video) Crazy Fight Inside Rikers Island Caught On Tape!

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Held New York City Rikers Island Prison

Prison is never a place where people WANT to go but unfortunately, it is something that is here to stay forever.

A violent fight was caught on tape between a jail probe team and an inmate, who goes by the name Terrance Warden. The inmate refused to go to Queens criminal court numerous times, causing a brawl to ensue between the inmate and the employees over at Rikers Island in New York.

Check out the crazy action caught on tape below.

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(Video) NO CHILL: Two Students Throw Hands (And Chairs) In Classroom Brawl


People have officially lost their minds in 2015.

A video is circulating around the internet of a white student taking a chair and bashing her black classmate’s head. The two began fighting in the classroom and sh*t just got super real, real fast. There is a lot of controversey surrounding the video because many think that the black student will get suspended before the white girl, even though she is the one who initiated the fight.

Watch the video below and feel free to drop your comments.

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(Video) Woah…Two Men Set On Fire During Fight In Baltimore


An angry co-worker set two of his fellow co-workers on fire after an argument that sparked violence…this is graphic video so watch with your own discretion. Hit the jump for the full story and video.

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(Video) Ratchet 101: Walmart Employees In Pennsylvania Throw Hands

Woman Charged for Trying to Give Away Child at Walmart

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, leave it to Walmart employees to change that.

Two workers at a Walmart in Whitehall, Pennsylvania were caught on tape arguing and shortly after, they started to throw down right in the dressing room section of the store.

Despite the fact there were children and numerous customers present, the two still proceeded to bang it out. Of course, camera phones were taken out ASAP and the whole ordeal was captured on tape.

Check it out below!

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(Photos) Ariana Grande Doughnutgate Loses Sweetness


Girls just wanna have flan. . .

Sweetie pie Ariana Grande seemingly FINALLY ended her 2015 Doughnutgate on Good Morning America- before she even answered any questions. Back in July, heads rolled when she licked a doughnut and told the camera she hates America. TMZ published the CCTV footage. She admitted,

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(Video) SMH: Mike Epps’ Comedy Show Ends In A Blood Bath

Mike Epps Lands Role as Comedy Legend

Mike Epps’ comedy show in Phoenix, Arizona went from 0-100 real quick after sh*t got real at StandUpLive.

While Epps was delivering his jokes to the crowd, he started to crack on a dude in a flannel shirt who was sitting in the front – making jokes that he looks like the lead singer from Hootie & The Blowfish.

The guy got so mad that he was being hiked on that he stood up and started yelling back at Epps while he was on stage. Security closed in on him as he began to make his exit when he allegedly sucker punched someone in the crowd, according to a witness. Shortly after, a group of men went into attack mode and beat up the man who was getting in his feelings over Epps’ jokes.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Video Goes Viral Of A Girl Using Her DOG As A Weapon In A Street Fight!


First of all, let me just say that this is absolutely ridiculous.

A video is going viral on the internet of a street fight between a group of girls. This would be just a regular ol’ cat fight (no pun intended) if there wasn’t an animal being used as a weapon!

The females were engaging in an old-fashioned brawl when one of the chicks took a dog from the street and swung it at the other girl, hitting her in the face with her Lil’ Bow Wow. As NOT funny as this is (you know, for animal activists and all that), it will make you chuckle in the sickest way possible.

Check out the video we have up on our Instagram page below!

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(Video) FIX IT LORDT: NY Girl Gets Into A Fight & Her Father Jumps In– Beating Up The Kids!


I’m all about parents running to their children’s aid when they are in need but this man has taken it TOO far. A Brooklyn man witnessed his daughter getting jumped in the Williamsburg section of BK. He ran to save his daughter and somehow ended up jumping in the brawl and fighting the little girls himself.

However according to 16-year-old Alexandra Pineiro, the 14-year-old actually showed up to the fight with her father who was encouraging the girls to fight. As soon as the fight popped off, the dad hopped in, swinging on the young girls. The NYPD is now currently investigating the video that was captured by a cell phone. This could mean serious jail time for the father of the 14-year-old if he is found guilty.

Check out the visual of the incident below.

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