(Video) Hilarious! Manager Curses Out Customers At a Drive Thru


Nothing says great customer service than flipping off your customers at a fast food drive thru, while Desiigner is playing in the background… God Bless America.

(Video) School Administrators Threaten Kindergartener With a Wooden Paddle

IFWT_Jasper County Primary Schools

A Georgia mother now holds regrets for granting permission to school administrators to inflict corporal punishment on her 5-year-old son.

(Video) Middle School Teacher Caught Watching Porn And Berates Student

IFWT_East Bank Middle School

A recent video has surfaced of an East Bank Middle School teacher caught watching porn and raising his voice at a student in a video secretly recorded by another student!

(Video) Complete Fail! Dude Tries To Drive His Car Off Tow Truck & Makes It Worse!


Seriously, just take the L. He took two after he pulled this little stunt and screwed everything up lol. Hit the jump.

(Video) Crazy: Tennessee Police Officer Gets Attacked At A Housing Project & Is Forced To Run Away!


Not good. A policeman in a Nashville, TN housing project was in a fight on the ground with a civilian when some people from the crowd started jumping in. Once recognized, the policeman got up and ran for his life before things escalated even worse. We have the video after the jump.

(Video) Tiger Rages On Her Friend For Waking Her Up From A Nap!


Scary stuff. This tiger was sound asleep til her fellow tiger comrade woke her up, not too her liking. She handled the situation best she could…

(Video) Savage: Monkey Dropkicks Old Man Before Fleeing The Scene


Lil savage monkey ruins this guy’s day by dropkicking him in the back than speeding off lol. Hit the jump.

(Video) Another L: Dude Gets Beat Up By Homeless Man Again


What is he doing? You might ask…taking another L against a man living on the streets. I told you the first time….the homeless got survival tactics!!! Hit the jump for round 2.

(Video) Sleep: Dude Gets Choked Out For Messing With Homeless Man


Come on you should know not to mess with the homeless…they have survival tactics. Hit the jump to see this fool get put to sleep.

(Video) Dam: Man Gets Shot On Camera While Recording Himself


This is terrible….dude just came home and reopened his business, only to get gunned down mid video of his reopening. Hit the jump to see what was caught on his own camera.

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