Sex For Sandwiches? Greece’s Economy Has Gotten So Bad Women Resort To This…


A new study is showing the young women of Greece are now selling themselves for as cheap as a sandwich, due to the severe condition of Greece’s economy. Hit the jump for the full story.

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ISIS Back? Unknown Mortar Strike Kills Peacekeepers In Mali


A mortar strike was executed on a United Nations’ base in Northern Mali’s Kidal on Saturday, which killed three people and injured twenty others. Hit the jump for the full story.

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Justin Bieber Ties John Lennon On The U.K Charts


Justin Bieber has accomplished a new feat by tieing with the iconic John Lennon on the U.K.’s singles charts. More after the jump.

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Russia Kills 11 ISIS Members In Gunfight Raid

Russian military at Ukrainian base in Crimea

Russian counter-terrorism agency has reportedly killed 11 militants allied with ISIS in a North Caucasus raid. Hit the jump.

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Jackpot!! Swiss Farmer Finds 4,000 Ancient Roman Coins In His Yard


A farmer from Switzerland has discovered a whole trove of over 4,000 ancient Roman coins dug under his garden. How do these farmers keep getting so lucky?? Read the full story after the jump.

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ISIS Paper Trail


ISIS paper task comes in and as follows by Islamic State militant group. Group ISIS has been on rise of terror with the sad tragedy in Paris, prayers goes out the people of Paris. In this paper task appearance and details are as it comes in slips of paper.

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(Video) ISIS Vows To Blow Up White House, Behead Obama


Right after the video threatening NYC, ISIS released a video threatening the White House. “The White House will turn black with our fire, Allah willing,” ISIS terrorists said in the video. Hit the jump to find out when they plan to blow it up.

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(Photos) Largest Diamond In 100 Years Found, 1,000-Carat In Bostwana


A Canadian diamond producer found the first diamond in 100 years. The diamond weighs in at exactly 1,111-carats. This makes it the second ever largest diamond discovered. Miners found it in Botswana, Africa. Hit the jump to see photos of this and the largest diamond ever found.

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Protests Begin Against McDonald’s In Historic Chinese Home


McDonald’s opened up shop in a historic Chinese home. Activists protest the new McCafe because it infringes on the historic site’s integrity. Hit the jump to see who set up shop in the same house with no problem.

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(Video) ISIS Threatens NYC, Mayor Responds


A new ISIS web video threatens Times Square among other places. The mayor of New York City responded to the video. Hit the jump to find out where else is threatened and what the NYC mayor had to say.

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