(Video) Drug Kingpin El Chapo Escapes Mexican Prison Through Mile Long Tunnel


Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera has escaped from the country’s most secure prison. Chapo disappeared on Saturday night while taking a shower in his cell. His method of escape? An elaborately built tunnel. For more details on El Chapo’s escape hit the jump!

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(Video) Ireland Votes “Yes” To Same-Sex Marriage


Today Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage with approval from 60% of voters saying “yes”! Tune in after the jump for more on the story.

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(Video) SMH: Indian Teenager Dies During Street Boxing Match


Street-boxing matches have become more and more popular since the commercialization of the UFC, and success of fighters like Kimbo Slice. However, this is a very dangerous sport and it’s not for everyone! Sadly, an Indian teenager lost his life as a result of a one too many punches, and we have the video.

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(Video) Angelina Jolie Blasts World Powers Actions On Syria Crisis

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie sat with world powers on Friday as special envoy for the U.N on refugee issues. Frustrated, Jolie criticized the council on their current paralysis to tackle the issues at hand that has kept Syria in critical condition. Want to see how Jolie put the world powers on blast? Find out more after the jump!

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(Photos) Unemployed ? Man Who Handed Out His Resume At Train Station Now Hiring At Very Same Stop

ifwt_ Unemployed1ft

Unemployed ? Man Who Handed Out His Resume At Train Station Now Hiring At Very Same Stop. Unemployment sucks no matter who you are. College grad, actress, single mother/father. College Grads are sometimes plagued with the worries of the “Real World”; especially if you don’t have a job before you graduate. Sending out hundreds of mails a day and updating your cover letter every other second can be frustrating and annoying. Not to mention the long application process some of these jobs require.” The CVMAN decided to take a unique approach to his job search. Find out what he did to land a Marketing/Public Relations position after the jump.

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Sony Cancels The Release Of ‘The Interview'; U.S. Officials Have Linked North Korea To Sony Hackings


It’s over for “The Interview.” After the nation’s five biggest theater chains (Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Cineplex Entertainment and Carmike Cinemas) cancelled their plans to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day, Sony has decided to pull the controversial film due to terroristic threats.

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(Photos) Proposal Gone Wrong: Man Crashes Crane Through Roof During Marriage Proposal


The perfect marriage proposal. This is the moment that most woman dream of, while men wrack their brains over it, trying to provide the most unforgettable moment. Well this proposal was certainly unforgettable, as this Dutchman’s proposal turned into an epic fail when the crane that he rented smashed through the neighbors roof.

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(Video) President Obama Talks Race, Modern Civil Rights Plus More In BET Exclusive Interview


President Obama sat down with BET’s, Jeff Johnson, for an exclusive interview called “BET News Presents: A Conversation with President Barack Obama.” During the 30-minute interview, The President addresses race, calling racism “deeply routed,” disparities in the nation’s criminal justice system, plus modern civil rights amongst the “young” generation in wake of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

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(Caught On Tape) Fellow Passengers Join To Help A Man Free His Leg From A Train!!


With all of the ills of the world being pushed on the news, it’s nice to know that good people still exist. This video took place in Perth (Australia) where one man managed to get his leg caught in the gap between the train and platform. As fellow passengers notice, they — instead of pulling out cameras to post online — all joined together to help tilt the train enough for the man to free himself. Check it out after the jump.

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(Photo) Wow! Woman Finds WHAT In Ikea Bags???


This is just crazy. If you’ve ever been to Ikea and received one of their infamous blue bags, you know that they are extremely versatile. So much so, that on a visit to the Kläckeberga church in southern Sweden in late July, erotic author Kicki Karlén found a very surprising gift: human bones. See for yourself after the jump.

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