(Graphic Photos) Wow! Australian Terrorists Pose With Decapitated Heads!!


There doesn’t seem to be a shortage in chilling events happening all over the world. With the (still) missing Malaysian Airline flight, the flight shot down, and also the many troubles over Gaza. This one takes the cake. An Australian jihadist posed with decapitated heads from Syria on Twitter. See for yourself after the jump.

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Wow! Flight #MH17 Passengers’ Identities Are Being Stolen!!!


Considering the events surrounding the Malaysian flight that was shot down over Ukraine, the last thing you’d expect is for people to steal the identities of the victims. But, unfortunately, that’s exactly what began to happen. While families have to emotionally deal with the loss of their loved ones, they also have to cancel all financial accounts in the names of the deceased due to people abusing their credit cards. Hit the jump for more.

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China’s Internet Boot Camps Are Increasing At Alarming Rates


In 2008 China declared internet addiction to be a clinical disorder. Since then there are approximately 250 “internet boot camps” in China. Involuntary incarceration, behavioral modification and military style discipline are the many techniques being used to fight internet addiction. Spreading to South Korea as well as the United States these boot camps have been popping up at an alarming rate.

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Former Newspaper Editor Goes To Jail For What??


A British journalist went from editor in chief of the country’s best selling newspaper to a jail cell yesterday. Andy Coulson was told that all his accomplishments “now mean nothing” as a judge sentenced him to eighteen months in jail. The offense ? Conspiring to hack phones. Apparently Coulson had be listening to the voice-mails of celebrities, royals, politicians and crime victims.

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Pope Excommuniates Italian Mafia Members


This January in Italy a three year boy and his grandfather were walking in the streets when they were hit by stray bullets. They are the victims of a organized crime organization and sadly this story is not surprising. There has been a huge a mafia influence in Sicily for years. This Saturday Pope Francis visited the family of this three year old boy. After his visit the Pope declared that ALL mobsters are excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

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Egypt Has A Major Sexual Violence Issue


Amidst the fierce battle between military officials and Islamist going on in Egypt there is another battle being fought. This battle targets woman’s basic human rights and violates there most sacred being. A few weeks ago at the inauguration of Egypt’s new president a woman was violently gang raped in Tahrir Square. Sexual violence continues to take place at several march’s against sexual violence. Tradition and revolution have made females the subject of genital cutting to young girls , mob sexual assaults and gang rape. Many of these gross offenses are committed by government officials, including the military.

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(Graphic) Yuck! THIS Is What Happens When You Have Faulty Breast Implants!!


Just got a British Chick (Throw some D’s On That…)

Unfortunately, Kim Brockhurst of Wales couldn’t handle the double D. According to reports, after receiving a faulty set of breast implants, Brockhurst had to get reconstructive surgery when industrial-strength silicon began to leak into her body. Hit the jump for (graphic) pics of her reconstructed D’s.

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Ex President Says Some Of Nigeria’s Missing Girls May Never Return

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo told media that some of the estimated 2oo girls abducted may never return. Obasanjo criticized current president Goodluck Jonathan administration for taking too long to respond to the tragedy. This is a point that has been echoed all around the world since the abductions began.

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Finally Free: A U.S. Solider Is Released After Being Held 5 Years Captive By The Taliban


Its been 5 years since U.S Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from his army base in eastern Afghanistan. It was 4:30 a.m when he was reported missing and by 7 a.m there was a full blown search for him with no signs to be seen anywhere. The years following there were video clips showing the solider malnourished , disheveled and beat-up.

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(Video) Pharrell Addresses Controversy About “Blurred Lines” And It’s Relation To A Rape Scenario In UK Interview

Channel 4 News Interview With Pharrell

Pharrell recently had a very interesting interview with UK’s Channel Four News about Feminism, whether or not he supports Hilary Clinton and the controversy about the song Blurred lines and rape. Going from political to maybe a little philosophical see what seemed to be a very intense conversation for Pharrell. Check out the interview after the jump.

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