(Video) British Entrepreneur Sells Fresh Air To Chinese Buyers For $115 Per Bottle


With an idea that may seem crazy to some, it’s making one British entrepreneur thousands of dollars. 27 year-old, Leo De Watts is making some serious cash selling fresh air to customers living in polluted cities around the world.

De Watts launched his air farming company Aethaer, just last year and has sold hundreds of 20 oz glass jars, filled with air harvested from places like Dorset, Somerset, and Wales and shipped them off to cities like Beijing and Shanghai. However, fresh air doesn’t come cheap, one jar of British country air costs around $115 USD.

De Watts spoke about his company and how he harvests the air. He explained, “Quite often a lot of our orders are bespoke — we have clients who request very particular circumstances for their air,” adding, “Sometimes we’ll be at the top of a mountain, other times the bottom of a valley.”

The businessman shares his technique below. Check it out.

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(Video) Leopard Sneaks Into A School Causing Extreme Chaos


Over the weekend, six people at the Vibgyor International School in southern India were injured after a leopard wandered into the school, causing panic and chaos. According to BBC News reports, the leopard made it’s way into the school and attacked six people including a scientist and a regional forestry official.

The leopard, which is one of 12,000 estimated to be in country has been relocated to a nearby national park. According to a police spokesperson “It was a long struggle to capture the leopard,” he explained to local reporters, “Although it was injected with [tranquilizers] it could be captured only around 20:15 local time when the medication took full effect.”

Check out the footage below.

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Blue Balls: Man Jumps To Frozen Car Roof In His Underwear To Stop Thief


They are calling it a Bruce Willis like stunt…actually they’re saying it’s something he wouldn’t be able to handle! Anyway, these winter days are getting pretty cold-hearted, those for the weak, wake, and weary. Good thing this guy was awake to stop somebody from stealing his car in the middle of the night in 0 degree weather. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Massive Fire Sweeps Through Dubai Hotel Near World’s Tallest Building


Dubai officials are currently working tirelessly to evacuate the premises of the Address hotel in downtown Dubai which has been engulfed by a massive fire, just before a New Year’s Eve fireworks display was set to begin.

According to reports, the hotel is located near the Burj Khalifa, which is better know as the world’s tallest building and was set to host the NYE celebration. Authorities report they believe the fire started on the 20th floor of the building but the cause is still unknown. So far 14 injuries and one death has been reported, however the evening’s festivities are expected to go on as planned.

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you posted.

Click down below for footage.

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Chris Brown Releases “Royalty International” EP For Fans Overseas


Chris Brown has a special treat for his fans overseas.

December 18th, Chris Brown released his seventh studio album Royalty, but has now released a special EP exclusively for his fans overseas. In a tweet on Christmas Day, Brown wrote, “Haven’t seen my fans in the UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland and Canada in a while. This is for you #RoyaltyInternational.”

The EP features five new tracks and a guest feature from rapper Future. The project is available for $7.99.

Click below for more.

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Missing Hollywood Producer From ‘The Avengers’ Found In Mexico


Missing Hollywood producer, Eric Kohler, was discovered in Mexico after he had been reported missing without a trace since November. Usually it’s the other way around as far as fleeing countries go involving Mexico and America, so one could only ask…why? Read the full story on his discovery here.

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Another ISIS Suspicion: 10 Injured In Bangladesh Temple Bombing


It’s unclear yet as to whether or not this attack was led by the infamous Islamic State, but fingers are starting to point that way as another without reason bombing occured – this time in Bangladesh. Friday it was Egypt and we all know about the unfortunate Paris incident, the havoc just seems to keep piling on and on. Read the full story after the jump.

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(Video) Omg Not Again…16 Killed In Firebomb Attack In Egypt Nightclub


Another day, another attack. This time 16 people were killed and 3 others were injured in a fire bomb attack on a nightclub in Cairo, Egypt. Full story after the jump.

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Update: San Bernardino Gunman’s Wife Pledged Allegiance To ISIS Right Before Massacre


The wife in the shooting duo with her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, has been identified and also has been discovered to have pledged her allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook, right before the massacre that left 14 innocent people dead at a holiday party. Full story after the jump.

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Anonymous Announces Gruesome Troll Tactic For 12/11 #DayOfRage


As promised, Anonymous is focusing their efforts on fighting ISIS. But you’ll never guess what these hacktivists have planned for their declared “Day of Rage.” Hit the jump to find out what Anonymous has planned- and what they want you to do.

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