NBA: Damn Pacers Players Don’t Want to Trade With Hornets to Bring Lance Stephenson Back

IFWT_Lance Stephenson 2

Lance Stephenson’s time with the Charlotte Hornets, albeit short so far, is not going well.  The Hornets have reportedly put him on the trade block and his former team the Indiana Pacers are said to be one of the suitors.  With their star player Paul George out for the season, they could desperately use the help so it seems like a perfect fit for him to return except… players on the Pacers reportedly don’t want him back!

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(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Gives Another Riveting Postgame Interview With New Words After Epic Touchdown

IFWT_Marshawn Lynch touchdown

By now I’m sure EVERYONE knows that Marshawn Lynch does not like talking to the media.  Previously his go to words were “yeah” and “nope” but now it looks like he’s learned a couple more.

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NBA: Fed Up, Jeremy Lin Subs Kobe & Preaches “Unselfishness” After Lakers Lose to Kings

Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin

If his “I like game-winners too. I would love to shoot some,” comments weren’t enough maybe this will convince you that Jeremy Lin is FED UP with Kobe Bryant.  Lin is always all smiles and maintains that he loves playing with Kobe but clearly he’s unhappy with the way they play.

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(Video) Sports: Just Like His Daddy, LeBron James Jr. Is Sick on the Court!

IFWT_LeBron James Jr

LeBron James is the best player in the NBA and his son LeBron James Jr. is looking to follow right in his footsteps.

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NBA: WOW Detroit Pistons Release Josh Smith With $26 Million Still On His Contract!

Josh Smith

I know Josh Smith takes some really BAD shots but he had to be extremely terrible because the Detroit Pistons released him with two years and at least $26 million remaining on his contract after this season.

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(Video) Sports: Michael Phelps Alleged Intersex Ex-Girlfriend Getting Ready to Do Porn?!

IFWT_Phelps Taylor

Michael Phelps alleged girlfriend rocked the world when she revealed she was actually born a male named David Roy Fitch.  No she’s not a transsexual but she was born intersex with both female and male genitalia and decided to be a fully female in her teenage years.  The fascination with her condition has led many people to want to see what she looks like naked which has fielded numerous offers of the adult nature.

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NFL: Johnny Manziel in Trouble? Browns Interested in Drafting Heisman Winning QB Marcus Mariota

IFWT_Marcus Mariota

Quarterback Brian Hoyer is expected to leave in free agency which means Johnny Manziel will likely take over as the permanent starting QB.  The rookie however has not been playing well so far in his two starting games and according to reports, the Cleveland Browns may look to draft another quarterback.

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NBA: Metta World Peace Says He’s Healthy & Coming Back to the NBA!


Metta World Peace last played with the New York Knicks in the NBA.  After battling injury and issues with former Knicks coach Mike Woodson, MWP signed a lucrative deal with Sichuan of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).  He’s ready to come back however and says he’s finally 100%.

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NBA: Kendrick Perkins: Rajon Rondo Wanted Out of Boston

IFWT_Rondo Perkins

Rajon Rondo has long denied that he wanted to leave the Boston Celtics even amongst the numerous trade rumors.  Well his former teammate Kendrick Perkins says Rondo definitely wanted out.

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NBA: So This Is the Real Reason the Hornets Want to Trade Lance Stephenson?

IFWT_Lance Stephenson 2

Reports surfaced that the Charlotte Hornets want to trade Lance Stephenson after just 20 games.  Stephenson was the Hornets big free agent signing this offseason and he was supposed to help solidify them as a contender in the Eastern Conference.  They showed a lot of promise last season and many thought the addition of Stephenson would help put them up there with the best.  Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out that way.  The Hornets are currently 8-19 in the 12th spot in the Eastern Conference.  Stephenson’s production has been relatively low and many thought that’s why the Hornets are ready to trade him but it turns out there’s more to it.

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