(Video) NBA: Trade Didn’t Hurt Him! Check Out Andrew Wiggins First Endorsement Commercial!


Andrew Wiggins might of been traded from the suddenly hot NBA city of Cleveland, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting his spirits, or his pockets. Wiggins debuted his first endorsements commercial for a product called “Biosteel” which of course is based in Wiggins home country of Canada. He is still gonna wind up being ok. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: Really Eli?? Eli Manning Says He Was Starstruck By What C-List Celebrity?


C’mon Eli, you can do so much better than this. Being part of a famous family, it was hard to be starstruck by celebrities according to Eli Manning. The shocker is the person who he says made him all shy and act like a fan and ask for a photo, Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed! I am ashamed of Eli as of this comment lol. Who gets starstruck over a nobody like that. During a “AMA” (ask me anything) session with Reddit, Eli opened up about a bunch of things but this answer was hilarious. Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) NASCAR: Emotional Tony Stewart Speaks For First Time Since Killing Kevin Ward During Race


Tony Stewart spoke publicly today for the first time since he accidentally killed 20 year old Kevin Ward during a dirt track race in upstate New York. Stewart has remained very low key since the accident, including skipping two of his own NASCAR races. He still sounds very shaken up about it and likely will be for a while. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Report, 49ers Aldon Smith Suspended Nine Games By NFL For Reckless Behavior


When it comes to Aldon Smith, it is hard to pinpoint which exact offense he is being punished for. He has let himself get caught up in so much nonsense the past few years, eventually it was going to catch up with him. The NFL announced today that Smith will be suspended the first 9 games of the season and the 49ers will be without one of their best defensive players. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Curses At Some Kids During Spurs Camp


Gregg Popovich doesn’t just act cold, he is! The coach famous for his non-friendly press conferences and interviews and obviously his coaching skills was part of a camp for kids. At one point he shakes the kids hands and asks their names but then makes it clear how he really feels! Hit the jump.

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(Video) NCAA: Johnny Who? Texas A&M QB Breaks Manziel Record, Cost Furniture Store $1 Million Dollars


They aren’t going to forget about Johnny football that fast back at Texas A&M, but new quarterback Kenny Hill is doing his best to make that happen. The young QB threw for 511 yards and three touchdowns last night which broke Manziel’s single game passing record en route to a 52-28 blowout win over higher ranked South Carolina. Maybe more importantly is the fact Hill cost Ashley’s furniture $1 million dollars because they promised any customer who bought furniture in the month of august would get their money back if the team won by more than 10 points. They won by 24 and customers are happy , and surprisingly so is the store even though they now have to refund customers. The store was smart enough to take out insurance and actually won’t come out as bad because of it.

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(Photos) NBA: You Have To See What Tickets For Lebron’s First Home Game In Cleveland Are Going For


We knew the homecoming of Lebron back to the Cleveland area was gonna huge on the economy of the city as well but damn! Reports estimate that his return will generate an extra $500 million dollars for the city, which shows literally just how important he is to them. With that said, the Cavs home opener has been sold out for a while and fans are going crazy taking advantage of the situation on the resale market. Some of these ticket prices literally would cost you more than a mortgage. Now obviously those are for the very close seats, but even with that fact to keep in your head, the prices are still mindblowing. What is crazier is there are likely people out there who will pay whatever the price just to see Bron come back. You can forget about a family going to this game, they wouldn’t be able to eat for months. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Boxing: Hold Up! Floyd Mayweather’s DJ Calls Out 50 Cent After Fif Admits What About Floyd?!


Awww man Fif! 50 Cent did a radio interview recently where he admitted that Floyd Mayweather CAN read. Floyd’s personal DJ, Jay Bling, shared the clip of 50 making the admission. So what happens now?! The two still don’t like each other — maybe Floyd Mayweather’s dad is right and the two should just get in the ring?! I’d love to see them fight and then hug it out after. Lol.
Check out the clip…

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Sports: Manny Pacquiao Wants Metta World Peace To Come Play For Him In The Philippines


The professional basketball career of Metta World Peace be over in the NBA, but he is still making money on the court outside of the U.S. He may have to change countries, but he has an offer to play from another very famous athlete. Manny Pacquiao who is in his first year of coaching the Kia Sorentos’s of the Philippine Basketball Association, wants the former Knick to be on his roster and he really wants to make it happen. He will have to snatch him away from his current team though. Hit the jump.

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Sports: Did Paparazzi Run David Beckham Off The Road & Cause Him To Crash Hit Motorcycle?


This story is still developing but early reports indicate that soccer star and international icon, David Beckham was involved in a motorcycle crash this morning. Those same reports say Beckham is ok and walked away from the crash, but the more disturbing part could be why he wound up crashing. People close to David say paparazzi caused him to swerve out of control and go off the road! We need to get laws in place when it comes to media and paparazzi because this could of been much worse! Hit the jump.

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