(Video) Sports: Terrell Owens Races Two Former NFL Players — Guess Who Won?!


Earlier today in Calabasas, CA, Terrell Owens took on  two former NFL players — Justin Tryon (29) & Paul Pratt (28) in a 40-yard sprint.  Does TO still have it?!
Check it out…

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(18+ PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Heated Over Story About Shantel Jackson & Porn!


Floyd Mayweather & Shantel Jackson may not be together anymore, but it looks like things are on friendly terms for the two because he just took to Twitter to put a website on blast for a story they posted this morning. The story was on MTO saying that Shantel has hit rock bottom and she’s making porno movies at her home to make ends meet.  Well as you could guess it’s NOT true.  The story is still up, but I’m sure it will come down soon.  Check out what Floyd had to say about it…

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NFL Draft Attendees List Revealed (Yes, Manziel Will Be There)

IFWT_draft  3

30 top prospects including Johnny Manziel & Jadeveon Clowney will attend the NFL draft next month in New York.
Hit the jump for details and the full list…

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(Video) NBA: Teyana Taylor Asks Michael Jordan For Custom Kicks – Here’s His Reaction…

IFWT_MJ Teyana

I would have asked too — even though I’m no where near Teyana Taylor’s status and MJ probably would have laughed in my face and walked away. Lol. Teyana Taylor met one of her idols last weekend — Michael Jordan. Well she took that opportunity to ask him for a custom pair of “all red” Air Jordan 3s and the moment was caught on tape. Wondering what he said to her request?! Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) Yes, This NBA Player Has Emoji Tattoos

IFWT_Mike Scott

During last night’s playoff game fans on Twitter lost it when they noticed Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott has “emoji” tattoos.  I think he’s had them for a little while now, but not sure for how long — either way, fans went nuts over it.  Listen people, whoooo carrresssssss — there’s  A LOT of stupid tattoos out there — this shouldn’t be huge news. Lol.  BUT I would like to know why he made that choice.  I’m sure a reporter will now ask him about it.
Check it out…

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NBA: Hmmm, Phil Jackson Is Hoping Melo’s “True To His Word”

IFWT_Melo Phil 1 2

Well all this did was fire Bulls fans up on Twitter.  SMH.  I’d love for Melo to stay with my Knicks and Phil Jackson made a statement today that has some fans happy & others concerned.
Check it out…

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NBA: Paul Pierce Calls Nets ‘Soft’ & Kevin Garnett Sends Warning To Raptors


The Nets/Raptors series is tied 1-1 (Raptors beat the Nets 100-95 last night), but I have a feeling things are going to get crazy once they head into Brooklyn!!  Toronto’s GM Masai Ujiri isn’t going to get away with what he said — watch what happens when he comes to NY — Brooklyn fans don’t play!!  Hit the jump to see what Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett had to say about game 2 and moving forward…

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*Reminder* NFL Releasing 2014 Schedule Tonight!


Oh this makes me so happy!!!  My favorite season — Football isn’t that far away!!  The NFL schedule is going to be officially announced & released tonight at 8p on ESPN2.  Hit the jump for some details…

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NBA: Joakim Noah Sues Former Shoe Sponsor

IFWT_Noah sue

Good thing Joakim Noah is now with Adidas, because he sued his former shoe sponsor, Le Coq Sportif. He thinks they make terrible sneakers that may have damaged his feet.  Hit the jump for details…

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NFL: What Did DeSean Jackson Say When He Was Tryin To Holla at Rihanna?! The Game Gives Some Insight!

IFWT_game desean 1

What Did DeSean Say When He was Tryin To Holla at Rihanna?!

The fellas love them some RiRi!!  Soooo yea, apparently DeSean Jackson was tryin to holla at Rihanna last week when the paparazzi caught him running up to her SUV. The Game was by his side and now he’s sharing what he thinks DeSean said to her. Hilarious.
Check it out…

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