NBA: Raptors Amir Johnson Compares Paul Pierce’s Trash Talk To Viagra


Paul Pierce has been talking ALOT lately about NBA players and teams. In a recent interview with ESPN, Pierce went in on former Nets teammates Deron Williams & Joe Johnson. He also questioned how bad his fellow Wizards teammates want to be great and he took some shots at the Toronto Raptors, who just so happen to be the Wizards first round playoff opponent. Word got back to the Raptors about what Pierce was saying and Amir Johnson had an unlikely comparison with Pierce & Viagra.

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(Video) Sports: Drake Shows Off His Strange Looking But Effective Jump Shot


We all know Drake loves basketball and he is more hyped than usual thanks to the Raptors playoff series getting underway today. Last time we saw Drizzy taking a jumper he shot a horrific airball while warming up with Kentucky that promptly made all of us tell him to sit down! Apparently he either had a bad day that night or he has been working on it cause he was dropping buckets like he was born to do it while out in Cali. Complete with a Raptors Vince Carter jersey, Drake has definitely caught the playoff spirit. His jumper looks odd as hell but hey if it goes in it’s all good.

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Sports: Hockey Star Jarrett Stoll, Boyfriend Of ESPN’s Erin Andrews Arrested For Cocaine & Ecstasy


ESPN is already getting a lot of negative publicity this week after reporter Britt McHenry was caught on video being so disrespectful and disgusting towards a tow truck employee after her car was towed. They surely do not want another one of their reporters having their name come up in the same conversation with drugs, but it’s happening, although it has nothing to do with her. Erin Andrews boyfriend, hockey star Jarrett Stoll was arrested in Vegas after being in possession of cocaine and ecstasy at a party.

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(Photo) NBA: China Honors Stephon Marbury’s Greatness By Putting Him On A Stamp!


I hate to use the word “swag”. I always have and always will. But if I was ever going to use it this would be a good reason to because how many people do you know with their own stamp? The answer is nobody, but Brooklyn’s own, Stephon Marbury will now have his face on packages and letters shipped around the world. Marbury has become a bigger than life star in China and they are doing this as an honor to him.

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(Video) Sports: Nicki Minaj Performs At Jordan Brand Classic At Barclays Center, Shows Off Custom Jordans


Last night in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, the best high school basketball players were on display playing in the Jordan Brand Classic. The game which pitted East vs West was full of future college and possible pro stars but there were just as many people there who came to see Nicki Minaj put on her own show. The possible future Mrs. Meek rocked the crowd like it was her own concert, all white sporting some customized Jordan’s that nobody else has! She made sure to show the kicks the proper love they deserved and it was a good night for all. Check out some footage and the kicks.

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NBA: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Underwent Emergency Heart Surgery At UCLA Medical Center


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had an emergency quadruple coronary bypass performed at UCLA medical center, but the good news is he is doing just fine after. The hospital says the hoops Hall of Famer was admitted earlier this week, and had the lifesaving surgery on Thursday to clear major blockage of his heart. Fittingly, for the UCLA legend the surgery was performed by the hospital’s chief of cardiac surgery, Dr. Richard Shemin. Doctors say Kareem is expected to make a full recovery and he’s already looking forward to getting back to normal life activities soon.

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(Photos) NFL: Something We Don’t Know? Why Are The Cowboys Tweeting About Adrian Peterson?


Given the way the NFL likes to pick & choose when they feel like handing out discipline, I doubt this will fall under tampering, but it is pretty odd that the Dallas Cowboys twitter would talk about how Adrian Peterson being reinstated would make the Cowboys a contender. Peterson was officially reinstated earlier today. He is still a member of the Vikings so not sure how that makes Dallas a contender unless there are things in the works behind the scenes. But if so would Jerry Jones and the Cowboys be dumb enough to allow a tweet possibly signaling that to go out? Sports are full or rumors and this is just another one but it is intriguing. Check the gallery!

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Sports: UFC Star Conor McGregor Says He Would Kill Floyd Mayweather In 30 Seconds, Floyd Responds!


Why do UFC stars loving throwing shade at Floyd Mayweather? Is it jealousy? Envy? Do they wish they had the influence and power he has and do they resent him for it? I’m not really sure what it is but it seems some of the biggest stars in the sport love to talk negatively about Floyd. Conor McGregor is the latest one to pop off at the mouth towards Floyd, saying he “would kill him in 30 seconds”. Let’s see what Floyd has to say about that.

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(Photos) NBA: Are The Clippers About To Change Their Uniform To These Hideous Samples?


The Los Angeles Clippers have had the same uniform setup for a long time now. Most NBA fans like their jerseys with the red, white and blue combos and when Jersey’s were in style as far as fashion, the Clippers was easily one of the more popular ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things up a bit, but the new rumored Clippers jerseys are downright hideous and NOBODY has said anything positive yet.

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Tells Jail Guards Jury Got It Wrong & He Will Miss Them


You have to wonder how mentally stable Aaron Hernandez really is. The word “sociopath” has been getting thrown around quite a bit and that may very well be true, especially considering the stories and evidence we are going to hear in his double murder trial that is set to start next month. In case you have been under a rock, Hernandez is accused of killing two men by shooting into their car after a dispute at a club in the Boston area in 2012. Before leaving the Bristol County jail where he had been held during his trial, he actually told the guards he will miss them and reminded them again the jury got it wrong.

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