NBA: Michael Jordan Speaks on LeBron James Returning to No. 23

IFWT_LeBron x Jordan 23

LeBron James couldn’t decide whether to continue to wear the No. 6 he acquired with the Miami Heat or to return to the No.23 he originally wore with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He ultimately decided to go back to 23 and gave his reasons why.  Some say he shouldn’t wear the number because it’s synonymous with Michael Jordan and the two are already compared enough.  Well what does MJ have to say?

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(18+ Photos) Sports: U.S Olympic Sprinter Reveals Which Super Sexy Porn Star He Wants to Date

IFWT_Josh Mance

Team USA sprinter Josh Mance won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics but there’s one other prize he has his eyes on, the star of “Weapons of A** Destruction 7″.

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Sports: Stephen A. Smith is Leaving ESPN, Sort’ve…


Stephen A. Smith is known for speaking his mind and often saying things that probably don’t bode well for a company with a heavy filter.  Well now he will have plenty of freedom.

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(Video) NBA: Timberwolves Draft Pick Zach LaVine Throws Down Some Insane Dunks at Seattle Pro Am!

IFWT_Zach LaVine

If there’s one thing we know about Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick Zach LaVine, is that the boy has hops!  He showed off some of his skills at Jamal Crawford‘s Pro-Am in Seattle this weekend.

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(Video) Boxing: Awww Check Out Floyd Mayweather’s Sweet & Revealing Birthday Wish to Bad Medina


Floyd Mayweather appears to have happily moved on from his turbulent relationship with Miss Jackson and is in love with his current girlfriend Bad Medina.  Though many weren’t familiar with her, Medina has actually been with The Money Team for quite some time and has long been a close friend of Mayweather.  Today is her birthday and Floyd took to his Instagram account to upload a sweet picture collage along with an even sweeter message.

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NFL: NY Jets’ Dee Milliner Says He’s The Best Cornerback in the League

IFWT_Dee Milliner

Come on now guys, this is getting super old!  I get having confidence in yourself but just about every cornerback in the league is publicly claiming to be the best.  Initially the argument was between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis, then it spread to Antonio Cromartie, Patrick Peterson, and now Dee Milliner of the New York Jets.

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NBA Report: Kevin Love Won’t Opt-In & Wants to Be Free Agent in 2015, Cavs Still Willing to Trade For Him


The Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls have all made substantial offers to trade for Kevin Love.  It appears that he’s likely heading to the Cavs but there’s one problem.  Love reportedly isn’t willing to opt-in on the final year of his contract, he wants to be a free agent in 2015 and listen to offers.  Now it’s likely if he’s traded to the Cavaliers, he will re-sign with the team so he can continue playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving but it’s a big risk to take especially since they would have to give up their No. 1 draft pick, Andrew Wiggins.  It could work out like Chris Paul and the Clippers or they could get a Dwight Howard and Lakers situation.

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(Video) Sports: Dwyane Wade Makes One-Handed Football Catch Off a Pass From Bears’ WR Brandon Marshall

IFWT_Wade x Marshall

Wade’s youth camp he puts on in his native Chicago was this past week and Bears’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall was there, too.  Apparently LeBron isn’t the only one with some football skills as Wade made a one-handed catch off a pass from Marshall.

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NFL: Green Bay Packers & Jordy Nelson Agree to Big Contract Extension

IFWT_Jordy Nelson 12

The Green Bay Packers locked up one of their key offensive players by coming to an agreement with wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

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(Video) NFL: Police Capture Browns Fan That Urinated on the Grave of Late Ravens Owner, Art Modell


Some fans take things way too far and this is one of those instances.  A Cleveland Browns fan urinated on the grave of deceased Baltimore Ravens owner, Art Modell.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he videotaped himself doing the dirty deed and it went viral on the Internet.  The man has now been identified and captured.

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