NBA Report: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Could Return to Thunder Lineup Next Week


When Kevin Durant suffered a foot fracture during the preseason, the timeline for his recovery was initially reported as being six to eight weeks.  When Russell Westbrook suffered a hand fracture in the second game of the season, the timetable for him to return was projected as being four to six weeks.  That time is finally up, both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook could return to the lineup next week.

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(Video) NBA: Reggie Jackson With the Crossover & Dunk on Brook Lopez & Kevin Garnett!

IFWT_Jackson dunk 1

With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook injured, Reggie Jackson is doing everything he can to get the Oklahoma City Thunder out of their slump.  Jackson made a great move to the basket against the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, finishing the dribble drive with a dunk over Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett.

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NBA: Kyrie Irving Signs Multiyear Deal For More Uncle Drew Spots

IFWT_Kyrie Uncle Drew

If you loved the commercial series with Kyrie Irving as “Uncle Drew” well great news, it’s coming back!  Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving signs multiyear deal for more Uncle Drew spots.  Irving, who transformed himself into old basketball playing legend “Uncle Drew” for three webisodes sponsored by Pepsi Max, has signed on to make more.

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Sports: Bruce Jenner’s Begging Khloe Kardashian to Take Lamar Odom Back


Well it looks like Lamar Odom has at least one person from the Kardashian clan on his side, Bruce Jenner (I know he’s his own entity but once you’re closely connected with them you’re a Kardashian.  Anyways, apparently Bruce Jenner’s begging Khloe Kardashian to take Lamar Odom back and has been giving her advice.

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(Video) NBA: Nerlens Noel and Eric Bledsoe Nearly Fight After Noel’s Hard Foul

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Philadelphia 76ers

Recently it’s been a topic of basketball discussion and Eric Bledsoe agreed that the Kentucky Wildcats could beat the winless Philadelphia 76ers in a seven-game series.  Well Bledsoe and the Suns faced off against the Sixers last night and Noel took the first opportunity available to send Bledsoe a message.

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(Video) UFC: Jon Jones Says He Doesn’t Believe Rape Allegations Against Bill Cosby, He’s Too Classy


UFC champ Jon “Bones” Jones says he doesn’t believe the allegations against Bill Cosby, saying the legendary actor always seemed way too classy to be a rapist.

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(Photos) NFL: DeSean Jackson Drops $75K On Iced Out Cuban Link Chain!

IFWT_DeSean Jackson

If you make less than $75,000 a year, this story may sting a little bit.  Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson decided to treat himself and picked up a monster chain from one of L.A.’s top jewelers.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Shoots a 34-Foot Airball as Mavericks Destroy Lakers

IFWT_Kobe Bryant

Whether he’s trying to pass Michael Jordan or just trying to help the Lakers win, Kobe Bryant is letting off shots like he has a machine gun.  Unfortunately a lot of the shots aren’t falling.  Though the Mavericks beat the Lakers 140-106, during the second quarter the game was a lot closer.  The Mavericks were up by less than 10, Kobe had possession and the opportunity to further close in on the lead when he attempted a 34-foot three attempt that ended up being an airball.  What made things worse is that there was five seconds left on the shot clock so he could’ve gotten closer instead of attempting a long three.

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(Photos) Sports: Neymar’s Sexy Girlfriend Goes Topless on the Beach!


Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar is winning at everything, well except the World Cup.  But his reported girlfriend, Serbian model Soraja Vucelic is super hot and went topless on Puro Beach in Tivat, Montenegro.

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(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley on Feud With DeMarcus Cousins: He Can’t Whoop My Ass

IFWT_Charles Barkley DeMarcus Cousins

Charles Barkley says whatever he’s thinking and DeMarcus Cousins has a volatile temper, put the two together and clearly there will be problems.  On Inside the NBA Barkley was asked about his criticism of DeMarcus Cousins which hasn’t sat well with the King’s center who recently said he has “no respect” for Barkley. Barkley explained his feelings towards Cousins that he was just doing his job and ended it with a “he can’t whoop my ass” and “there will be some furniture moving if he ever puts his hands on me.”  Shaq, who is a part owner of the Kings and a big supporter of Cousins, didn’t find Barkley’s comments amusing.

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