(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard Tries To Steal Lebron’s Shine, Matches His One Hand Full Court Shot


The copy cats have already started after a video was shared earlier today of Lebron throwing a basketball like a quarterback from one end of the court directly into the other basket…swish! Dwight Howard took the challenge and posted a video of him doing the same thing with a backpack on at the Mavericks arena as the Rockets were finishing up practice. For the record Lebron did it better because of the way he threw it. Both of these guys are in good spirits because they are both up 3-0 in their respective playoff series so having a little fun at practice isn’t a big deal.

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(Video) NFL: Former Jets Running Back Recovers After Drive By Shooting

Chris Johnson

Back in early March, TMZ reported that Chris Johnson, formerly with the New York Jets, was shot in the shoulder in a drive by in Florida that left one man dead. He has since recovered and has hopes of getting picked up by a team.

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NBA: Report, Spurs Are Playing No Games With Kawhi Leonard, Will Offer Max Deal This Summer


Kawhi Leonard’s stock is going UP and everyone is taking notice. He was named the defensive player of the year for this season and is poised to become a perennial all star and one of the best overall players in the league period. The Spurs organization is one of the smarter ones in sports and according to reports they have no plans to low ball Kawhi this summer and in fact will offer him the max deal on the very first day of free agency.

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(Photos) NBA: Lamarcus Aldridge’s Free Agency Options


With the summer apporaching and the Portland’s Trail Blazers hopes of a championship getting smaller by the day, Lamarcus Aldridge has some serious contemplating to do.

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(Video) MLB: Six Players Suspended After Wild Brawl Between Royals & White Sox


Following the bench-clearing brawl between the Kansas City Royals & Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Royals right-hander Yordano Ventura was dealt the harshest punishment, as the 23-year-old received a seven-game suspension from the league Saturday. Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez was suspended five games, while outfielder Lorenzo Cain and reliever Kelvin Herrera got two-game suspensions. White Sox starters Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija were each given five-game suspensions.

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(Video) NBA: Damn! Lebron Throws In One Handed Shot From Opposite Side Of The Court With Ease


We gotta wonder sometimes if Lebron is even human. Some of the things he does athletically at his size aren’t even fair and this is another prime example. The Cavs are in Boston and looking to sweep the Celtics, but during some down time, Bron is throwing shots up that resemble his old Powerade commercials, except this was real! Lebron took the ball and threw it quarterback style from one end of the court to the other basket and the result was nothing but net! Sounds like someone owes him some money too for betting he couldn’t do it. I can’t think of anyone else in the league who could make this shot look so easy.

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NBA: People Close to Tom Thibodeau Expect Him To Be Fired By The End Of This Season


Amid a rough season where the Chicago Bulls seemed to lose a cog in their rotation every other week, they found a way to make the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Yet, according to people close to Tom Thibodeau, he expects to be fired at the end of the season. Being a coach in the NBA seems to be a tough job considering Scott Brooks was also fired after a string of long playoff runs.

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NFL: Mark Sanchez Throws A Smooth, Low Key Shot At Eagles Teammate Tim Tebow


Mark Sanchez might not say it publicly but he isn’t likely too thrilled to be on the same team as Tim Tebow again. The pair were teammates with the Jets and even then Sanchez didn’t like the fact of Tebow being inserted into a game for a play or two and throwing off the offensive rhythm. With them once again being paired on the Eagles depth chart along with Sam Bradford there are obviously too many names for one job. Experts say obviously the job belongs to Bradford, but that Sanchez could push him to start as well. Nobody thinks Tebow was brought in to go after the starting job, but the way Sanchez tells it, he doesn’t expect Tebow to be around period.

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(Photos) NBA Update: Is Rick Carlisle Blaming Officials For Being Down 0-3??


(Update) Carlisle just can’t stay out of the spot light this week. As stated earlier, I knew I could smell a fine coming his way. We all know once you criticize the league or the officiating, you’re definitely going to have to pay. Carlisle’s comments about his team getting beat on in Game 3 has cost him $25,000 as the league has just issued his fine. I guess those 26 rebounds Dwight got were really getting to him?

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Kris Humphries Apologizes For His Earlier Tweets


Earlier it was reported that Kris Humphries was tweeting during Bruce Jenner’s interview, well now he’s taking back his comments. Read the tweets after the jump!

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