NBA: Well Damn! V. Stiviano Got $3.6 Million For Being Donald Sterling’s Mistress


V. Stiviano could be having a very nice life right now if she just knew how to shut the hell up. She was living the high life until she tried to get greedy and secretly recorded former Clippers owner Donald Sterling going on a racist tirade. She thought the recording was going to give her fame and fortune, but instead she lost that high life and may even lose more if Shelly Sterling gets her way.

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NFL: Michael Sam Says There Are Currently Many Gay Players In The NFL, Including Some Famous Stars


Michael Sam became the first gay player associated with the NFL to come out publicly and declare who he is before the media could. According to Sam however, he quickly found out he was far from the first gay player in the league. Although he isn’t naming names, Michael Sam is saying there are currently many gay players in the league who have decided to remain in the closet.

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(Photos) NCAA: Kentucky Destroys West Virginia To Remain Undefeated, Then Attack West VA Player On Twitter


Leading up to their Sweet 16 game Thursday night, some West Virginia Mountaineers were vocally confident about their chances against the unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats. The key quote from freshman guard Daxter Miles Jr.: “Salute them to getting to 36-0. But tomorrow they’re gonna be 36-1.” Well, the Wildcats did not let that happen, as they spoke with their play (a dominant 78-39 win) and their tweets. Check the gallery!

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NCAAB: Here’s Your Annual Story About John Calipari Returning the NBA, He ‘Desperately’ Wants To

IFWT_John Calipari Nets

It’s March Madness, the Kentucky Wildcats are the number 1 team in the country, so here’s your annual story about John Calipari coming back to be an NBA coach.  This time it isn’t just teams hunting him down, a “source” claims Calipari desperately wants to give it another shot at coaching the Nets.

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(Video) NBA: Coach Randy Wittman Starts Walking Off the Court During Wizards Final Possession in 2-Point Game

IFWT_Randy Wittman 1

Sometimes players get upset and walk off the court before the game is over but for a coach to do it, is even worse, especially when it’s a two-point game and your team has one last possession.

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NFL: Top Defensive Prospect Randy Gregory Tests Positive For Marijuana at NFL Combine

IFWT_Randy Gregory Combine

Randy Gregory is a standout defensive end from Nebraska and easily one of the top defensive prospects in this year’s draft class.  In fact, Gregory even believes he’s worthy of the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.  Well he seriously hurt those chances by failing a drug test at the NFL Combine.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Makes His MVP Pick; It’s Not LeBron James


The NBA MVP race is more tight this year than it has been in quite a while.  There are at least five names being mentioned including Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James and Anthony Davis.  LeBron’s current teammate Kevin Love chose Russell Westbrook as his MVP pick, LeBron’s former teammate Dwyane Wade didn’t pick him either.  Check out Wade’s choice.

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Boxing: Evander Holyfield Has Conspiracy Theory on Why Manny Pacquiao Will Beat Floyd Mayweather

US Evander Holyfield prepares for a publ

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is convinced Manny Pacquiao will defeat Floyd Mayweather during their mega fight on May 2nd.  Holyfield’s reasoning isn’t because of Pacquiao’s fighting style, but rather a conspiracy theory he has about the professional boxing business.

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(Video) NFL: Snoop Dogg Makes it Clear, Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Smoke Weed!


Almost everyone knows the ongoing “the mid (strain of marijuana) still selling” joke in reference to Marshawn Lynch.  A weed dispensary even named a weed strain after Lynch, calling it “beastmode”.  But Marshawn Lynch doesn’t smoke weed according to his friend and legendary stoner Snoop Dogg.

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(Photos) NFL: Courthouse Evacuated During Aaron Hernandez Trial Due to Bomb Threat!

IFWT_Aaron Hernandez court

Scary moment at the Aaron Hernandez murder trial — when the courtroom was evacuated after officials says someone called in a bomb threat.

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