NFL: Report, Cowboys Think Dez Bryant Is Bluffing About Missing Games, Believe He Has Money Problems


Dez Bryant continues to take the stand that he will sit out of Cowboys training camp over contract talks. Not only that, but he is also claiming to be willing to miss the week one matchup against the Giants, but the Cowboys reportedly think he is bluffing because he needs his game check due to money troubles.

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(Video) Sports: Lil Wayne Looks Like He Is Starting To Get Nice With The Skateboard


People use to crack jokes about Lil Wayne learning to skateboard but he wasn’t trying to hear it. Years have passed and he is still just as serious about is as ever and it’s looking like the practice has been paying off.

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(Video) NFL: Russell Wilson Admits His First Fight With Ciara Was About Tom Brady


Russell Wilson is just everywhere this off season and last night he was on the Jimmy Kimmel show. While talking about his contract and other things, he mentioned that he and Ciara had their first fight. Ironically, the fight was over another NFL quarterback, Tom Brady.

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(Photos) NBA: Ray Allen Is Hiding Free Jordans All Over The Hartford Connecticut Area


Thanks to a cool move by an NBA legend, some lucky fans got the chance to get their hands on a pair of Ray Allen’s sneakers the past few days. If you live in the Hartford, CT area, you just might find something exclusive.

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(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Shares Video With Heat Fans After Agreeing To One Year Contract


Dwyane Wade is back with the Miami Heat like he never left. That’s because he technically never left to begin with but you get where I’m going with this. Wade got a $20 million dollar deal to stay in South Beach and he couldn’t be happier. He wanted to share some of the love with the Heat fans who have stayed loyal. Next year however, could be a different story all over again.

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(Photos) NBA: Beef That Supposedly Didn’t Exist With DeAndre Jordan & CP3 Is Holding Up Free Agency


Doc Rivers wanted to convince us that rumors of an alleged beef between DeAndre Jordan & Chris Paul was completely false. As we expected though, it turns out to be true and it seems that is part of the reason DeAndre can’t make up his mind yet as far as what team to sign with.

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(Photos) NBA: Lebron & D Wade Have Been Staying On Massive $29 Million Dollar Yacht In The Bahamas


Lebron James & Dwyane Wade are together again. Nope, not to join teams, but to take a break from it all and party and enjoy life aboard a sick, 150 foot yacht in the Bahamas.

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Sports: Good News For Diddy! He Will NOT Be Charged With Felonies For UCLA Incident


Diddy is almost in the clear from his assault on UCLA assistant coach, Sal Alosi. The district attorney for L.A. county declined to bring any felony charges against him, despite him initially being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and making terroristic threats.

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NBA: Duke’s Coach K Ethers Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense: “The Triangle Didn’t Win Crap”!


Let us know how you really feel Coach K! I’m not sure how close of friends Coach K and Phil Jackson are, but it’s safe to say Phil is not going to be a fan of Mike Krzyzewski’s criticism of the triangle offense that Mr. Eleven rings continues to shove down the throats of Knicks fans and players.

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Almost Falls While Trying To Hit Golf Ball, Winds Up Hitting Spectators


When Shaq is around you know you can expect to have a good time and laugh. But when Shaq is on a golf course, you still will laugh, but you need to prepare to get hurt as well.

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