(Photo) Songstress Keyshia Cole Blasts Her Hubby Out AGAIN For Trying To Cheat With Video “Love Interest”?

IFWT_Keyshia Cole Blasts Hubby 6

C’moon breh, really though?? These two just can’t seem to get right. Songstress Keyshia Cole blasts her hubby out AGAIN for trying to cheat with video “love interest”? Yes, Keyshia Cole’s baller husband Booby Gibson is in the hot seat once again. After months of heading down the path to divorce, fans recently got a glimmer of hope that Keyshia and Booby were going to be able to try to work through some of their issues…but alas it looks like things are officially dunzo btween the couple. See photo evidence of why inside.

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(Photo) NBA: Why Is Matt Barnes Calling Out The NBA After James Harden Kicked Lebron?


Matt Barnes is no stranger to controversy, especially within the NBA itself. Barnes has found himself on the receiving end of fines on more than a few occasions during his playing career and it seems he thinks things are not fair. After James Harden appeared to kick Lebron James earlier today during the Rockets vs Cavs game, Barnes jumped on twitter and called B.S. on the $25,000 fine he got when he kicked a Gatorade cup a couple weeks ago. Nothing much came out of the Harden/James incident, but Barnes says the NBA would do much worse if he was the one who kicked Bron.
Check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Michael Beasley Announces He Is Back With The Miami Heat With This Poster Dunk


Some NBA fans may not have even realized the Michael Beasley was back in the NBA after his stint in China, where he reportedly was dominating the competition. He recently quietly joined back up with the Miami Heat, but he made his presence loud last night after dunking over Atlanta’s Mike Muscala. Funny thing was Muscala would never have been in the game if the Hawks weren’t resting a majority of their players. He wound up on the wrong end of a poster! His teammates owe him one now.

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(Video) Boxing: Report, Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Gets Jumped In School, Appears To Hold Her Own


So there is a video going around the internet, claiming to be Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of Floyd, and she is getting jumped by a couple of girls in school. She seems like she inherited some of daddy’s skills because she is able to handle herself given the circumstances. The video is blurry, but Iyanna is allegedly the girl in the army green color shirt looking like she is fighting off two girls. Shortly after the video started going viral, Iyanna went on her Facebook page to confirm it was her and lay out some warnings to the girls she was fighting. Hopefully this is the end of it.

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NBA: Kevin Garnett Buys 1,000 Tickets For Wolves Fans To Show His Appreciation


The state of Minnesota as a whole loves Kevin Garnett as if he was one of their own. He basically is after spending the majority of his playing career with the Wolves from when he was drafted in 1995 until leaving for Boston in the summer of 2007. Now that he is back in town the love fest is back on like it never ended and despite the Wolves ugly record of 13-45, fans have been packing the arena to get a glimpse of KG just to root him on.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Has To Be Restrained After Harden Kicks Him, Tells Corey Brewer He Will “F*** Him Up”


The Rockets and Cavs only see each other twice a season, but the way they are going at each other today you would think they are bitter rivals. We already had some scraping going on early in the game with Lebron and Patrick Beverley, then Bron got into it with James Harden after the bearded one appeared to hit him with a cheap kick in the man region. Lebron obviously took issue with that and had to be restrained. For some reason Corey Brewer then thought he would be a tough guy and say something to Lebron only to have Bron repeatedly tell him that he “will f*** him up”! You gotta love the NBA when it gets like this.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron & Patrick Beverley Almost Fight After Hard Foul


Patrick Beverley is quite an annoying player and he just got under the skin of King James. After Beverley failed in his attempt to draw a charge on Bron, the two players started tussling on the floor, where it looked like Lebron was manhandling him with just one arm. Double technical fouls were called and play resumed, but it’s apparent right now this game is heated.

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(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks About Final Play Of Super Bowl 49, Admits He Expected The Ball


Marshawn Lynch has been his usual quiet self with the media since the Seahawks lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl 49 but alot of us had the same legit question for beast mode. How did he feel about the Hawks calling a pass play instead of handing him the rock to get one yard and win the game?

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(Video) NBA: ICYMI, You Can Watch The Entire Kobe Bryant #Muse Documentary Right Here


For months we have seen trailers for the Kobe Bryant #Muse documentary, which finally aired last night on Showtime. By the time I was done watching I realized I just watched one of the best sports related films or documentaries ever! It was done incredibly well and Kobe truly exposed his soul to viewers, in a way that he has never done his entire career. He gets emotional when speaking about tough times with his wife Vanessa and what being a father means to him. He speaks in such depth about everything from high school till now that it will definitely give you a renewed appreciation of Kobe while we still have the chance to watch him hopefully play one more season. Not everyone has the Showtime network that Muse aired on, so we got the entire film for you right here. Enjoy!

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NFL: Ray Rice Admits He Contemplated Suicide After Domestic Violence Incident Last Year


Ray Rice opened up a little more about the domestic violence situation he put himself in last year after hitting his then fiance, Janay Rice, admitting he had thoughts of taking his own life. Naturally those thoughts probably came from the embarrassment and the shame of what he had done but nonetheless, it still points to how serious the situation was behind closed doors, while the media was thirsty to invade the family’s privacy. Things seem to slowly be getting better for Ray and Janay, but there were some very dark times.

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