NBA: Klay Thompson Supports Medical Marijuana Not Recreational; Draymond Says It’s Better Than a Pill


Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitted to using marijuana while dealing with chronic back pain.  Kerr got surgery on his back and missed 43 games during the Warriors historic 73-9 season.  Since Kerr’s admission, reporters of course asked his players about their stance on the drug.

NBA: James Harden Says He’s the League MVP


When asked who’s the best, most athletes will almost always say themselves; it’s the attitude you’re supposed to have.  So it was no shock when James Harden chose himself as the NBA MVP.  He no doubt still carries a chip on his shoulder after losing out on the award to Stephen Curry during a season in which they were neck and neck.  But Harden didn’t name himself just cause, he gave reasons why.

(Photo) Boxing: Tiny Says Facebook Page is FAKE! She Didn’t Talk About Male Friends & T.I. Cheating


Earlier today I posted about a message Tiny wrote on what appeared to be her Facebook page.  In the post, Tiny said she should be allowed to have a male friend (Floyd Mayweather) and insinuated that her husband, T.I. has been cheating on her for years.  Tiny, however, posted a tweet from her Twitter page, saying the Facebook page is fake and she doesn’t know how it got verified.  The page has since been deleted.

(Video) NBA: LOL Cold… Knicks Fans at MSG Chant ‘Derek Fisher’ at Matt Barnes


Derek Fisher isn’t the head coach of the New York Knicks anymore, but they still used his name to torment Matt Barnes.

NBA: Matt Barnes Explains Brawl at NYC Club; DeMarcus Cousins Jumped in to Defend Him


Matt Barnes says he did not start the brawl in an NYC club Monday morning.  He is adamant that all he did was defend himself after he was attacked by a violent group in the VIP section.

(Photo) Boxing: Tiny on Dancing with Floyd Mayweather: ‘For years i’ve been the one getting hurt’


The drama between Tiny, T.I., and Floyd Mayweather started up again when Tiny was photographed with Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party.  Tiny said Mariah told her to come take the photo, and she didn’t have any other interaction with Mayweather at the party.  T.I. later posted a video on his Instagram page of a dinner party where Kevin Hart was making jokes on Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s face and TMT.  Very soon after that posting, a video of Tiny dancing with Mayweather leaked on the internet, showing that Tiny’s initial statement was a lie.  Well, last night Tiny went on her Facebook page, saying she can have a male friend and insinuated that T.I. has been cheating on her for years.

(Video) Boxing: “Sugar” Shane Mosley Says He’d ‘Whoop’ Conor McGregor, He Can’t Hang With Real Boxers


Conor McGregor is pretty confident in his abilities to go up against Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, but real boxers are saying he couldn’t hang with any of them.

(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Accused of Choking Woman Inside NYC Nightclub

IFWT_Matt Barnes

Sacramento Kings star Matt Barnes is wanted by NYPD for questioning after he allegedly choked a woman inside a nightclub early Monday morning.

(Video) Sports: Soccer Game Abandoned After Firecracker Explodes Next To Goalkeeper’s Head


Soccer fans in France who were excited to see who would win between Metz & Lyon will have to wait a while longer as the game was abandoned less than thirty minutes into it. The game was called after someone in the crowd threw a firecracker onto the field as Lyon’s goalkeeper was laying on the field being attended to by medical personnel for an injury he had.

(Photo) NFL: Reggie Bush To Honor Joe McKnight With These Amazing Custom Cleats


Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight had a pretty close friendship. When McKnight signed his letter of intent to go to USC, it was because he wanted to be like Bush and he became somewhat of a big brother to him. In the years since, the former Trojan players have stayed close, which is why it hurt Bush extra hard to hear of McKnight’s murder on Thursday during a road rage incident in New Orleans. After venting his emotions on twitter, Bush decided to honor his friend with this amazingly detailed pair of cleats that he will wear this Sunday.

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