(Photo) NFL: T.I. Says He Would Go “The F*ck Off” On Russell Wilson If He Was Future


The internet has been going crazy the past few days with opinions about Ciara, Russell Wilson and Baby Future. Pictures at Seahawks practice showed Russell and baby being close and almost looking like a dad himself. Some people think Russ is crossing the line with another man’s son, while others believe he is doing the right thing. You can now definitely count T.I. as someone who thinks Russell is way outta line.

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NBA: Report, Adidas Offers James Harden $200 Million Dollars To Leave Nike!


It sounds like James Harden is about to have one hell of a summer. Sure his Rockets fell short in the Western Conference playoffs but it was still great what Harden even did to get them there. Recently he was named MVP by his fellow players at the “Players Awards” which I am sure made Steph Curry feel some type of way. Now he is about to top it all off with a mega $200 million dollar deal with Adidas.

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(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan & Jimmy Butler Get Into Shooting Contest At Jordan’s Summer Camp


Jimmy Butler is already very familiar with Michael Jordan and yesterday he got to see MJ’s competitive nature up close and personal. Butler, who actually signed with Jordan Brand this summer, was in California to help out at Jordan’s “First Flight Camp” at UC-Santa Barbara. As you might expect, even at age 52, Jordan and his young camp teammate won the shootout and the kid got himself a free pair of Jordan’s for doing so.

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(Photos) NFL: Damn, Even Meek Mill’s Hometown Eagles Seem To Be Siding With Drake


Philadelphia might be the city of brotherly love but it has been hard for Meek Mill to find love anywhere outside of his relationship with Nicki Minaj. After the majority of people felt severely let down with “Wanna Know”, Meek’s response record to Drake, he has just been getting roasted left and right. It’s even so bad now that the Phildelphia Eagles seem to be much more enthusiastic about Drake then Meek, according to one of the team’s reporters.

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(Video) NFL: Football Season Is Officially Here As Dez Bryant Starts Brawl At Cowboys Practice


It’s that time of year again for football fans as the anticipation of the new season fills the air. That means training camps are finally under way and there ALWAYS are fights during these hot summer practices. Hot days combined with ego’s, testosterone and physical contact pretty much guarantees a couple fights will pop off over the course of the next few weeks. At Cowboys practice, Dez Bryant must still be amped up over his new contract because he was out there throwing punches already.

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(Photos) NBA: Dennis Rodman Drunk At A Carwash?


Today, Dennis Rodman was spotted at a carwash in Orange County and cops were called because people thought he was drunk. Rodman was not arrested but the cops did not let him drive from the car wash!

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(Photos) NFL: Brandon Boykin Says Chip Kelly Is Racist?


The saga continues with former Philadelphia Eagles players claiming that Chip Kelly, head coach, is a racist. LeSean McCoy was a notable player that called out Chip Kelly for being a racist and Kelly has since argued that he isn’t; however, Brandon Boykin hints that he is! Check the gallery to see the post!

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(Video) UFC: Ronda Rousey Reps Her Family And Remains Undefeated!

IFWT_Ronda Rousey

In what may have been one of the most personal fights Ronda Rousey has taken in the octagon, she wasted no time biting the head off of her opponent, Beth Correia. In just 34 seconds, Rousey left the octagon still undefeated and champion!

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(Video) Sports: Drake Says He Hasn’t Taken A Loss All Week During Kickball Game With Lebron, KD & More


Drake is clearly not above kicking a man when he is down because he just reminded Meek Mill and the rest of us he hasn’t lost at anything all week. Drake has all the stars out in the “6” this weekend for OVO Fest, with some of those stars being Lebron James & Kevin Durant. Both of whom have made it clear on twitter that they are team Drake. The shot from Drizzy came via Bleacher Report’s “Uninterrupted”

Uninterrupted is a platform that allows personalities to connect with fans on a much deeper level, with insight and content not fit for other platforms, media outlets or channels.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron James Appears In Trailer For Season Two Of “Survivor’s Remorse”


Initially, Starz series Survivor’s Remorse was touted as being “inspired by LeBron James.” Gradually, leading up to the series’ premiere his role was redefined, and eventually he was largely treated as a silent executive producer with a big name. Well, it looks like James will be more involved for season two, including making his first guest appearance on the show.

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