NBA: Finally Michael Jordan Reveals How He Feels About the Crying Face Meme!


The Michael Jordan crying face meme is just about everywhere.  Whoever loses or does something stupid, can expect a photoshop coming their way.  The two burning questions everybody wonders is, does Michael Jordan know about this? And if he does, how does he feel?  Well now we have the answer.

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(18+ Video) NFL: La Toya Jackson Asks Why Janet Jackson Was Left Out of Super Bowl Montage; Here’s Why!


To commemorate Super Bowl 50, the NFL put together a montage of their best halftime show performances.  One infamous performance was left out, Janet Jackson’s.  Janet’s sister La Toya took to her Twitter account and asked why it was left out.  Well we all know the answer to that question.

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(Video) Sports: UCLA Gymnast Sophina DeJesus Whips, Dabs, Nae Nae & Hit the Quan in AMAZING Routine!

IFWT_Sophina DeJesus

As someone who used to watch HOURS of gymnastics on TV, I was delighted to see this viral video come across my Twitter feed.  Floor routines are usually done to classical music with precise moves.  UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus changed all that by incorporating popular hip hop moves like Hit the Quan, the Nae Nae and the whip all while landing incredible tumbling.  She finished with a salute into the dab, perfect!

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NFL: Tom Brady Doesn’t Consider Himself 1 of the Best QB’s; Says Joe Montana Was ‘Michael Jordan of football’

IFWT_Tom Brady Joe Montana

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest if not THE greatest QB in the history of the NFL (by some).  Brady however doesn’t rank himself that high.

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(Videos) NFL: LOL Jay Z Doesn’t Know What Snapchat is; Chills With Usher, Kendrick & Swizz at Super Bowl

IFWT_Kendrick Lamar Usher Swizz Beatz Jay Z Egypt Lewis Hamilton

Super Bowl 50 was a star-studded event.  With Beyonce joining Coldplay on the grand stage, her supportive husband Jay Z was also in the building. They had a grand time sharing a suite with Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Swizz Beatz and Lewis Hamilton.

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(Photos/Video) NFL: Eli Manning’s Blank Face While Family Celebrates For Peyton Sparks Jokes

IFWT_Eli Manning face

Sibling rivalry or just another “Eli face”?

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(Video) NFL: Super Bowl MVP Von Miller Has Victory Party With Lil Wayne

IFWT_Lil Wayne Von Miller

Von Miller was an absolute BEAST on the field, earning himself MVP honors for Super Bowl 50.  Hours after the final whistle, the Miller hit up the Grand Nightclub for the victory party, where the superstar partied with several of his Denver Broncos teammates including Aqib Talib.

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NBA: New York Knicks Fire Head Coach Derek Fisher!


Knicks fans rejoice! The New York Knicks have fired head coach Derek Fisher.

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NFL Report: Two Off-Duty Officers Assaulted By LeSean McCoy

IFWT_LeSean McCoy

Details are still being gathered about the incident but two off-duty Philadelphia police officers were allegedly assaulted by former Eagles player LeSean McCoy.

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(Video) NFL: Milly Rocking & Almost Dropping, Check the Viral Clips From Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance


Coldplay was the headline performer for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show and although his set was absolutely amazinggg, the focus was still on Queen Bey.  Beyonce released her new song “Formation” on Saturday and performed it on Sunday on the biggest stage in the country, that’s total boss status.  Bey paid homage to Michael Jackson with her outfit while her backup dancers paid homage to the Black Panthers with their afros and berets.  She ignited excitement when she did the “Milly Rock” and even more when she almost fell but flawlessly caught herself and got right back into the count of her dance routine.

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