(Photos) NBA: LOL Fans Go In on Al Harrington After He Tweets Phil Jackson Begging to Play For Knicks

IFWT_Al Harrington Knicks

At one point Al Harrington was the main piece on the New York Knicks playing some of the best basketball in his career, averaging 19.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.0 steals in 32.7 minutes per game in those two seasons.  Unfortunately those were still dark times for the Knicks and they didn’t make the playoffs in either season.  Dark times have struck the Knicks again.  Many fans were looking forward to this offseason as the Knicks had the No. 4 draft pick and plenty of money to spend during free agency.  They chose Kristaps Porzingis in the draft and struck out on coveted free agent Greg Monroe who chose the Milwaukee Bucks instead, despite the Knicks offering the same amount of money.  Since the Knicks still haven’t picked up anyone significant, Harrington hit Twitter to show his interest and confusion about players not wanting to play in the “Mecca”.

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(Photos) Tennis: Back At It? Drake Spotted Watching Then Leaving With Serena Williams at Wimbledon

IFWT_Drake Serena

There were reports a while back about Drake and Serena Williams hooking up.  Well it looks like the two may be relighting the flame as Drake was spotted at Wimbledon to watch his old boo light up the court before leaving with the tennis champion.

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Sports: Floyd Mayweather Made More in 36 Minutes Than LeBron James in His NBA Career!


The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao netted about $600 million, making it the most lucrative fight in boxing history.  The bout made the two boxers record breaking amounts of money but Pacquiao’s net take will be significantly reduced after paying off his promoter, Bob Arum and Top Rank, a fee that Mayweather doesn’t have since he owns his own company.  So how much did Mayweather make?  Enough to eclipse the careers of NBA legends in the making.

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NBA: Greg Monroe Turned Down Max Contracts From Knicks & Lakers to Play With the Bucks!


NBA free agency kicked off yesterday and it’s already been pretty crazy.  Greg Monroe was a coveted free agent by the Knicks but after meeting with them and the Lakers, he ultimately decided to roll with the Milwaukee Bucks!  Yup times are changing.

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Boxing: Bob Arum Suing Al Haymon For $100 Million, Claiming He’s Rigging Boxing!


Manny Pacquiao’s manager Bob Arum is declaring war on Floyd Mayweather’s promoter, claiming the guy is “rigging the boxing industry” and taking aim at everyone, including Jay Z, this according to a lawsuit.

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NFL: Prosecutors in Hooker Case Looking to Lock Warren Sapp Up After Domestic Violence Charges


Warren Sapp has blown one of the greatest plea deals ever.  Arizona prosecutors are gunning to put him in jail for breaking their deal in his hooker case by getting charged with domestic violence in Vegas.

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NBA: David West Explains Why He Left Pacers & Why Going to Knicks is Ridiculous

IFWT_David West 5

The New York Knicks had a few different free agents on their board but agents have been working quickly with other teams to secure big money deals for their clients.  One of the players who seemed like a sure bet to the Knicks came out and basically ethered them while killing the reports.

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(Video) Boxing: Watch the Incredible Trailer For Rocky Spinoff Creed Starring Michael B. Jordan!

IFWT_Rocky Creed

In Creed, Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Creed, the son of Rocky’s one-time nemesis Apollo Creed. And Adonis looks poised to carry his father’s legacy — and the franchise — on his shoulders.

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MLB: Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th Hit Catcher Says He’s Getting “Scary” Threats For Not Returning the Ball


Zack Hample, the guy who caught A-Rod’s 3,000th hit says that since snagging the lucky ball he’s been dogged by people making “scary” threats for him to return the ball to the Yankees stud.

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(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Throws Down One-Handed, 180, Off the Bounce Dunk!

IFWT_Steph Curry dunk

Stephen Curry is known as a shooter, maybe the greatest ever but he also has a couple dunks in his arsenal.  Curry was at the Under Armour’s SC30 Select Camp — he is by far Under Armour’s biggest NBA star — and he decided to show off his hops.

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