Machine Gun Kelly in Beyond The Lights

This Friday, Colson ‘MGK‘ Baker will make his big-screen debut, starring as Kid Culprit in the romantic drama, Beyond The Lights. Since his 2012 Bad Boy/Interscope debut Lace Up and his breakout single “Wild Boy,” Kells has toured the world and shot not only Beyond The Lights, but two more as-of-yet unreleased films as well. He’s also been preparing his sophomore effort, which he says may have its first single out within weeks.

I got the opportunity to attend the screening in MGK’s hometown of Cleveland with him last week, just after hopping on the phone to talk about not only this role but what the Bad Boy rapper has in store for fans in the upcoming months. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below, as well as video of Kells premiering the movie to his friends and family in Cleveland. (P.S. I’ve heard the new single…and let’s just say that sophomore slump is something Kells won’t have to worry about!)

[Full interview available at LifeIsTremendez]

On why this role was challenging:

I thought it was actually harder because it was close to who I am as a person. I found that it was actually harder, especially versus acting in the other 2 movies. It was a lot harder to play a complete character, and not play someone who was loosely based off who you are as a person and the attitude that you have. It was kind of awkward to channel that into a movie role, but I liked the way it turned out a lot. I could see me in a more serious side and I like that.

On relating to the main character’s struggles with fame:

That’s a really cool question actually. I definitely relate to the way she perceived fame and the way she received success, because I think the dream is to be able to achieve all that you wanted and be heard by millions of people, but still be treated normal, and that’s just not realistic. When I saw her going through that, I thought it was really cool, but I also was really happy with how the script and the movie was written and shot, because I think that’s going to bring a lot of attention to the fact that celebrities are really just normal people, and that the way that they’re treated really fucks people up. It really can ruin somebody, you know what I mean? I think that people need to be cognizant of that. I hope that it kind of strikes a social issue, which is like putting a celebrity on a pedestal.

On bringing his friends in the movie:

That’s what I’m excited about is them seeing my friends. That’s like, forever going to be documented, because that movie will be played years from now and will be on DVD years from now. That’s something that’s never going away. I’m really grateful for Gina for letting me be able to bring my friends in, and I know the fans are definitely going to spazz when they even hear little gems like “Ratchet” playing. That’s a song with all Cleveland artists in a major motion picture. People would never imagine that happening. I just can’t wait to sit in that theater back home in Cleveland at the screening and hear peoples’ reactions when they see that movie and see all of our faces.

New single/sophomore album:

I’m just going to feel a lot more comfortable with where I’m at and how I’m viewed after the second album is out, because the second album is really everything that I wanted to say on the first album. […] It’s done, the tracklist is there, but I’m sure doing my couple weeks home, I’ll get some more inspiration and want to go back in on it. But I’m not at all worried as far as deadlines or any of that goes. If I had to turn in my album right now, I’d be totally happy with it. […] I would say a single is coming within the next month. It’s all for my city. It’s a Cleveland street anthem.

Premiering the film in his city:

Marisa Mendez