Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Confirms Rumors About The Jumanji Remake


Oh lord, we got another remake. Hollywood can’t seem to stay out of the past because every day I wake up, I find out theres yet another remake of a classic movie. Unfortunately, not only do they fall short of the original but they’re just plain awful. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson however wants to turn that around as he confirms that he is indeed working on a remake to the cult classic, Jumanji.

(Video) Bryan Cranston Goes Undercover After Pablo Escobar In ‘The Infiltrator’ [Trailer]


“Last night I had a dream – Pablo Escobar gave me 10 bricks/ And then I showed up on the scene – looking like I hit about 10 licks!” – Jeezy Walter White has transformed into a DEA agent taking down one of the biggest drug kingpins in American history, Pablo Escobar. Bryan Cranston is officially undercover in his newest film The Infiltrator. The movie is based on a true story, and features John Leguizamo, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt and more. Check out the trailer below – it looks like it’s going to be LIT! It hits theaters on July 15. You in there with me or nah?

Birdman & Slim Reveal Plans For Potential Cash Money Biopic


Cash Money Records may be getting the Straight Outta Compton treatment soon. While talking to students at Brooklyn Law School yesterday, Cash Money founders Birdman and Slim revealed that a script already exists, and they’re looking forward to bringing it to life. “[Slim] said everything we’ve ever did – and I got 20 plus years selling records – nothing we ever did is worth more than that script, I’m excited about the script,” Birdman told the panel’s moderator. “That’s something I really want to do. For [Dr. Dre and Ice Cube] to do that [movie] and to make it trend-setting, they opened doors for us, and I think that what we have is way more special because we’re in modern times.” Slim noted that he “wasn’t sure” if there was a possibility of it becoming a book first and then a screenplay, but either way, he says, it’s “gonna be great.” I’m here for this! Check out the audio below to hear more details.

(Video) Marvel’s New Movie “Doctor Strange” Called Out For Whitewashing


Remember the #Oscarssowhite twitter movement? Doctor Strange is the latest film to be called out. In the past the offenses have been about white actors portraying ancient Egyptians in movies like Exodus but this time the backlash goes to an Asian comic character.

(Video) Birth Of A Nation Trailer Teaser – The Nat Turner Story

IFWT_Birth of a Nation-_h_2016

Birth of A Nation stars Nate Parker portraying a born slave turned preacher, Nat Turner, who led this rebellion and free slaves. It was also called the Southampton Insurrection which took the lives of 55-65 White Americans. Take a look at the trailer after the jump.

Tech: Netflix Introduces HDR To Their TV and Film Streaming Service

IFWT_Netflix Logo

Netflix introduces HDR (High Dynamic Range) content to their streaming service. However, to access this feature, members may need to upgrade their television or monitor to one that can support HDR output; as well as pay for a premium-priced subscription.

(Photos) Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi Blunder?


One of the biggest movie franchises ever with one of the most cult like followings you’ll ever see, Star Wars, is now revealing something that should’ve never happened in the movie.

A Rihanna Documentary Has Been Announced


A Rihanna documentary was rumored to be in the works and it looks like a RiRi doc is going to be coming to frutition! Hit the jump.

(Video) The 3rd “Suicide Squad” Movie Trailer Is Here & It Is SICK!!


Hitting theatres this August, Warner Bros. Suicide Squad drops their #3 trailer for the upcoming film. It just adds to the badassery. Hit the jump.

(Video) Straight Out of..Questions?? Ice Cube Answers Web’s Most Searched Questions.


Ice Cube may be Straight out of Compton, but he’s far from straight out of success! Not too long ago the movie Straight out of Compton took the world by storm, now Ice Cube is back at it again with another movie. Barber Shop 3: The Next Cut, set to hit the theatres April 15th.

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