Oral History Of The Movie Friday


Friday has become a cult film over the years since its release in 1995, with a look of South Central LA from different kind of perspective. Most films that documented of how growing up in a South Central neighborhood was mainly full of bloodshed, gang violence and tragedy and it was something of the norm for those who kept up on what was going on in that part of the U.S or for those who actually lived there but Friday’s insight took a slightly different approach.

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(Video) Watch The First Trailer For “Area 51″


In the era where low-budget, Blair Witch Project type horror films are succeeding, a story like this was bound to happen. Everyone is aware of the government’s most mysterious location in existence, but no one has ever seen what’s inside. The top-secret base in New Mexico is the size of Connecticut and is heavily guarded by the military. But what are they hiding? Area 51 is meant to expose the extra-terrestrial life that thousands of people believe exist. Watch the trailer for the film after the jump!

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(Photos) First Look Of The Joker From Suicide Squad


Everyone remembers the late Heath Ledger’s iconic performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight in which he won an Oscar award for but, just like every new Batman installment there is usually a new actor to play batman and the Joker. Well in this case there will be a new Joker played by Oscar award winner Jared Leto in the new DC Comics movie called “Suicide Squad”

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(Photos) The Fast And Furious Legacy Continues


The Fast and Furious Franchise recently just broke box office records with taking in a billion dollars world wide, with the death of it’s mega star Paul Walker it wasn’t certain whether the series would continue or end with Fast 7. As most people know they did not kill off Paul so some people had assumptions that this legacy that started back in 2001 would resume and make room for another Fast and Furious installment.

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(Photo + Video) Johnny Depp Starring In Action Drama Movie Titled Black Mass


So there is a new movie on the rise starring Johnny Depp called “Black Mass” which is based on a true story. The movie is about Irish Mob Boss Whitey Bulgar who was dubbed the most violent criminal in south Bostons neighborhood who later becomes an FBI informant for 30 years so that he could take out any rival crime families trying to move in on his turf.

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(Video) Actors Walk Off Set for Netflix and Adam Sandler Movie Racism

Adam Sandler Netflix Movie Racism?

Not a good look: A four film deal has gotten off to a bad start as 12 Native American Actors Walk Off Set for Netflix and Adam Sandler Movie Racism (yikes). While the racism is “alleged” and being painted as accusations, the details and experiences of the actors seem pretty deep…but is Netflix pulling the plug, changing its ways or will the show go on as is???

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Netflix, Whats Getting Tossed, Whats New For May 2015


Your favorite streaming service Netflix is definitely making some room for its new series. 60, thats right 60 movies and television shows will be axed from Netflix. No fear, there are 60+ new shows and movies that you will be able to stream.

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Could “The Interview” Be The Start To The North Korean Revolution??


Seth Rogen and James Franco did an excellent job displaying the other side of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un in the movie ‘The Interview.” Although it may had been an exaggerated attempt to show that he’s just a human, people of North Korea do not know anything outside of his governmental persona. It’s said to believe that if ‘The Interview’ is smuggled into North Korea, it might be the igniter to fire North Koreans to revolt. Find out who is giving this knowledge out after the jump.

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(Video) ‘Entourage’ Movie Release Date Pushed Up


Today, it has been confirmed that a new date for the release of the Entourage movie has been changed from June 5th to June 3rd. Plenty of celebrities will be in the cast of the movie, making it something worth watching.

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(Photos) Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark

Tyrese on Furious 7 Making A Billion

Looks like we’ve been watching history in the making! Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark and absolutely shattering box office records…you won’t believe the epic list of films the franchise is ranked next to now!!!

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