But Shawty Lo Couldn’t?! Man With 34 Children Gets A Series On OWN!


CAN WE SAY SNIP SNIP!? Shawty Lo, who had 11 children with 10 different women (I believe that has gone up one), was denied a reality show with with Oxygen, but for some reason this guy’s “extreme situation” is not just as wild looking to viewers.

Atlanta man, Jay Williams fathered 34 children with 17 – yes, SEVENTEEN – different women, and now, he will star in a reality show centered around the fact. Last year, Williams appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life, and we got the chance to take a gander into a small portion of his plastic babies and their mothers. OWN has now decided to do a spin-off with the hopes that this father of 34 children will “live up to all the responsibility.”

Check out the jump for the show’s description.

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(Video) “Entourage” The Movie [Extended Trailer]


Well we’ve been waiting for this for a min, the extended trailer, a look into the storyline, the cameo’s, and action, from HBO sensation to the big screen, “Entourage”.

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(Video) Lawsuits Spark After Empire Gets Sued By A Same Name Record Company

Empire Gets Sued By Same Name Record Label

Uh Oh! They say success comes with many things and obviously “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” is abound: Lawsuits Spark After Empire Gets Sued By A Same Name Record Company and now FOX Network is battling it out in court over the right to continue using the name!

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(Photos) Daaaamn: Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram


Everyone tuning in to Love And Hip Hop was expecting to catch the latest on the business/relationship/status/fall out of the Jhonni and Rich saga…and now *swerve* yet again! Going IINNN for all of social to see, Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram!

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(Video) Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow on Empire

FOX’s hit show may have broken television records, had number-one music on iTunes, scored memorable guest appearances and stacked up moment after talked about moment, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s on the bandwagon. Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People and talks why he’s not a part!

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(Photos) Snoop Dogg In Talks With HBO For 80s Inspired Family Drama

Snoop In Talks With HBO for New Show

“Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it” and the Doggfather’s on project after project these days. Now in partnership with Allen Hughes (director of the #classic Dead Presidents and Menace II Society) Snoop Dogg In Talks With HBO For 80s Inspired Family Drama!

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(Photos) 50 Cent Calls Joe Budden A “B*tch” For ‘Power’ Comment; Budden Responds

50 Cent x Joe Budden

Way back in 2004, Joe Budden found himself embroiled in beef with G-Unit (who were on the top of their game at the time,) thanks to a misconstrued bar on a mixtape track called “Cross Country Connection.” The track featured Stack Bundles (RIP), The Game (who was still a part of the Unit at the time) and Joey, and Joey’s verse included the following:

Bang and clap ya, won’t aim it at ya
He should be in a G-Unit vid wit all the gangsta actors

Taking it as a diss, sh*t got a little real, back-and-forth ensued, but the guys would go on to peace it up years later and all was well….until earlier today.

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(Video) 50 Cent Shades ‘Empire’ Season Finale & Teases Fans With Trailer From Upcoming Season Of ‘Power’

50 cent bachelor pad

I’m guessing there’s still a little bad blood between rapper 50 Cent along with Lee Daniels and the rest of the cast on Fox’s new hit show. 50 Cent shades ‘Empire ‘ season finale & teases fans with trailer from upcoming season of ‘Power’. While Fox closes one chapter in the epic first season of new record breaking show, Fif prepares to usher in the second season of ‘Power’, which Fif believes the premise of ‘Empire’ is based around. Welp, catch Fif’s subliminal along with trailer inside.

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Billboard’s Top 10 Album Sales, Week Ending 3/15/15 … Empire Soundtrack Debuts At #1!


FOX has a huge hit on their hands with the new show Empire, and its soundtrack is proving to be equally as successful! Just released last week, the Empire soundtrack tops the Billboard 200 today with 130,000 units sold. It’s the first TV soundtrack to debut at number 1 since 2010, when three different Glee albums arrived atop the list.

The Empire soundtrack features contributions from the newbies in their cast such as everyone’s fav Jussie Smollett, as well as established artists among the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Estelle, Rita Ora, Juicy J and Courtney Love (all of which have acted on the show.)

Coming in behind the Empire soundtrack is Madonna with her new album Rebel Heart at number 2, while both Drake and Big Sean remain in the top 10 this week as well. Check out the full list below!

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Paul Walker Joke From Bieber’s Roast Revealed

IFWT_Paul Walker Joke at Bieber Roast

Comedy Central known for it’s epic roasts, and Biebers Roasts has been in the works for a while, it was taped the other day and news of Luda being tight behind Paul Walker being mentioned in a joke, well Comedy Central is pulling those jokes from airing, but not before letting everyone know what is was…

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