Audio: Joe Budden x Marisa Mendez – I’ll Name This Podcast Later [Episode 3]

Joe Budden

Joe Budden and myself are back with episode 3 of ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later,’ produced by Peter Rosenberg. Per the description:

Joe talks about his trip to LA and complains about celebrities who have a bad selection of chicks. He also discusses his confusion over Snapchat, the definition of a threesome, and Marisa joining a sugar daddy website!

Listen to I’ll Name This Podcast Later episode 3 below and subscribe on iTunes here!

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Audio: Joe Budden x Marisa Mendez – I’ll Name This Podcast Later [Episode 2]

Joe Budden

Following last week’s introductory episode (where we discussed All-Star weekend shenanigans and Joe’s hoes,) Joe Budden and I are back with episode 2 of ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later.’ Per our producer Rosenberg’s lovely description:

On this episode, Marisa reveals some of the brushback she had after last week’s episode, and then attempts to give an entertainment report which Joe finds less than stellar.

Listen to I’ll Name This Podcast Later episode 2 below and subscribe on iTunes here!

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Audio: Joe Budden x Marisa Mendez: I’ll Name This Podcast Later [Episode 1]

Joe Budden

Via Peter Rosenberg’s network, Joe Budden debuted his new podcast today with yours truly as the co-host, ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later.’ In our first episode, we discussed All-Star Weekend, a situation we got into while at a lituation, Valentine’s Day, Joey’s crazy exes, running into SB and more. Listen below!

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(Photos) A$AP Rocky Is Stepping Back Into The Spotlight As He Preps His Sophomore Release

A$AP Rocky x Knicks game

Flacko Jodye season has officially begun. On his birthday in October, A$AP Rocky teased his “comeback” and the journey to his long-awaited sophomore album with the release of “Multiply,” but just like the rest of 2014 before it, he went ghost once again shortly after. Now with the NYE release of “Pretty Flacko 2,” however, the Harlem rapper is ready for his REAL return, and he hasn’t stopped since!

It’s been less than a week since Flacko released the song, but he’s already written on Twitter and posted on Instagram more than he did in damn near all of 2014! Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Rocky told fans he thinks “I feel like tweeting for the rest of 2015,” and has since been engaging in tons of convo – even revealing that after this album drops, he’ll be releasing the instrumental album he’s promised since 2013, Beauty and the Beast: SDSCh1. (He’s previously released 2 tracks from the project – “Riot Rave” with Baauer and “Unicorn,” which he produced solo.) Oh, and he revealed he’s producing a majority of the tracks on his new album himself too!

It’s been since January of 2013 since we’ve gotten an A$AP Rocky album (when his debut dropped,) so this is LONG overdue. And y’all already know how here for anything Rocky I am, so I’m READY! Check out a few of his tweets and

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(Video) Honey Cocaine Plays A Hilarious Game Of Taboo

Honey Cocaine x Taboo

Toronto-bred raptress Honey Cocaine made her rounds at Hot 97 a few weeks back, promoting her latest mixtape Like A Drug, and its 2 singles, “Gwola” featuring Kid Ink and Maino, and “None Of My Business” with Kirko Bangz and Constantine.

Following her dope interview with Jen From BK for Jen’s “Ladies First” segment, I wanted to switch it up from the traditional Q&A format, so what did we do? We played a round of Taboo, of course!

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Interview: Machine Gun Kelly On Debut Film: “I hope that it kind of strikes a social issue…” [PLUS Details On Sophomore Album!]

Machine Gun Kelly in Beyond The Lights

This Friday, Colson ‘MGK‘ Baker will make his big-screen debut, starring as Kid Culprit in the romantic drama, Beyond The Lights. Since his 2012 Bad Boy/Interscope debut Lace Up and his breakout single “Wild Boy,” Kells has toured the world and shot not only Beyond The Lights, but two more as-of-yet unreleased films as well. He’s also been preparing his sophomore effort, which he says may have its first single out within weeks.

I got the opportunity to attend the screening in MGK’s hometown of Cleveland with him last week, just after hopping on the phone to talk about not only this role but what the Bad Boy rapper has in store for fans in the upcoming months. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below, as well as video of Kells premiering the movie to his friends and family in Cleveland. (P.S. I’ve heard the new single…and let’s just say that sophomore slump is something Kells won’t have to worry about!)

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IFWT Exclusive: Maino Gives Us The REAL Story Of What Happened With The Porn Star!


Maino is currently being sought out by the NYPD for questioning, after an adult film star accused him of assaulting her inside of his truck after they partied at Griffin on Monday night with Drake, Ashanti, JR Smith and more. According to the police report filed by the porn star, Mellanie Monroe, “he started punching her and fled,” but I spoke directly to Maino and her story has quite a few holes in it.

Maino explains he met Mellanie about a year and a half ago on Twitter, and they exchanged phone numbers at the time. Though they’ve briefly text messaged since then, they hadn’t actually met until the party on Monday night. Prior to meeting and even that night, what was supposed to transpire between them was always quite clear – nothing more, nothing less. While in the club, both Maino and Mellanie were on the same page, made evident from what she was saying in text messages to him, and after the party, the “after-party” was supposed to be good to go. It wasn’t the same story once they got into their awaiting SUV, however.

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Mila J Reveals The Real Deal Between Her & A Rumored Beau, Plus Talks New EP, Diet/Workout, Her Mains & More!

Mila J

Gorgeous singer/songwriter/dancer Mila J finally released her debut EP M.I.L.A. (Made In L.A.) yesterday, after years of trying out girl groups, various solo ventures, random day jobs and the like. She’s finally found her niche now though, and has seen success with her latest singles, “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” and the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted, “My Main.”

Just before she dropped her EP, I hopped on the phone with Mila, and chopped it up about rumored romances, her amazing body (and how she maintains it,) what she spent her first big paycheck on and more. Check it out below!

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Ty Dolla $ign Is Working With Nicki Minaj On Both His & Her Album

Ty Dolla $ign

Who’s excited? This guy! Who loves Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj more than this guy? Nobody! LOL. In a new interview with XXL, Ty revealed that he’s not only working with Nicki on her forthcoming album The Pinkprint, but she will be contributing to his debut, Free TC, (which is expected in early 2015) as well. Nicki isn’t the only big name Ty is working with, though! Rihanna’s in the mix, as well as Kendrick Lamar, YG and more! Check out a few things we learned about his forthcoming album from the interview below.

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Adrian Marcel Gives 7 Tips For The Bedroom

Adrian Marcel

Last week, I caught up with Mr. “2 A.M.” himself, Adrian Marcel. As it’s quite clear what’s going on at such hours of the night, I decided to get a few sex tips from the Bay Area native. Check out his 7 tips for the bedroom below!

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