(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Doesn’t Like $20 Bills With His $100’s So He Rips Them To Shreds


Adrien Broner loves the strip club and earlier this week he found himself at another one, this time in Ohio. By the time he got there he wound up throwing out nothing but $100’s and that’s because earlier in the night he was busy ripping his $20 bills apart.

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NFL: Man Convicted Of Murdering Adrian Peterson’s Son Sentenced To Life In Prison


Joseph Patterson, the man convicted of murdering the two year old son of Adrian Peterson, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. Even during the proceedings, Patterson still maintained his innocence.

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NBA: Steph Curry Takes Slight Jab At Lebron James And The Cavs!


Earlier this week, Lebron called out his teammates after a loss to the Pistons where he questioned the hunger his teammates had. He said the Cavs are “too nice” and compared them to the team who beat them in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors. When Bron mentioned them he was basically giving the praise but Steph still managed to throw a jab at the King and his mates.

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NBA: Fan Accuses JR Smith Of Choking Him At Pizzeria In New York


A basketball fan in New York City is claiming JR Smith shoved and choked him at a pizzeria in the city after the fan reminded JR that the Knicks traded him away. The incident allegedly happened last week when the Cavs were in town to play the Knicks.

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NBA: Dennis Rodman Reveals Despite Winning Titles Together, He Never Spoke With MJ Or Pippen Off The Court!


Dennis Rodman was a vital piece of the Bulls second “Three Peat” where they won titles from the 95-96 season until the 97-98 season when Jordan decided to walk away from the game for a second time. According to Rodman, the Bulls had all that chemistry on the court without being friends off of it. In a recent interview that is scheduled to air this weekend, the Worm claims he never once had a conversation with either Jordan or Pippen off the basketball court.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Gets Inducted Into The Oklahoma Hall Of Fame


Kevin Durant was never supposed to play in the state of Oklahoma. His career was supposed to blossom in Seattle as a member of the Sonics but after KD’s rookie year, the franchise relocated to OKC and fans in that city and state couldn’t be happier. Last night Durant was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall Of Fame as his entire team looked on.

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NFL: Cam Newton Responds To Angry Woman Who Wrote Letter About His Celebrations


I don’t have to be “PC” the same way Cam Newton feels he has to be because he is in the spotlight. This woman is a freaking moron with a clear agenda! In case you missed it, earlier this week, a woman claiming to be a Titans fan, penned a letter to Cam, basically blasting him for his celebrations after he scores and calling him out for his lack of sportsmanship. She even went on to say her nine year old daughter was upset with his actions as she tried everything she could to make her letter go viral and make Cam look bad. Well her letter caught some attention but the only person who looks bad is her. Cam decided to take the high road in his response to what she said.

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(Video) NBA: Bucks Michael Carter-Williams Gets His Ankles Cracked At Mid-Court By Cavs Jared Cunningham


Not much description needed for this play. Bucks point guard, Michael Carter-Williams was trying to play defense on Jared Cunningham of the Cavs. I say trying because he wound up looking at the ceiling of the arena after Cunningham cracked him with a crossover at mid-court.

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(Photo) NBA: Fail! NBA On TNT Thinks For A Second That Rihanna Was In The Crowd, They Were Very Wrong


Not sure who was in charge of the social media accounts for the “NBA On TNT” last night but they might need to get their eyes checked. The account tweeted out a picture of a woman in the crowd at the Cavs/Bucks game with the caption “Rihanna, is that you?!” Now besides the fact she is one of the most famous women in the world and it should be very easy to pick her out, the woman they showed bared no resemblance to RiRi at all! I thought it was a joke at first but it didn’t appear that they were trying to be funny. I also doubt Rihanna would sit anywhere besides courtside at a basketball game. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Mchale’s Wife Goes Off On Kardashian’s, James Harden & Rockets GM After He Was Fired


Clearly Lynn McHale is a ride of die chick, as she had her husbands back after the Houston Rockets fired him as head coach. She took to twitter and blasted just about everyone affiliated with the team, including the Kardashian’s! Unfortunately Lynn’s tweets didn’t stay up for long before she deleted her account all together but of course the screenshots live on forever.

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