NBA: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Dwyane Wade Brought By Ex-Wife


Dwyane Wade’s ex wife, Siovaughn Funches just won’t stop with the drama. Everytime she tries to make D-Wade look bad she actually winds up being the one looking crazy. You expect people who were married to go through emotional things after the divorce but she just won’t stop. Not too mention most of the things she says are outright lies and I am sure the courts are annoyed with her as well now.

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Boxing: Report, It’s Official!! Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao Sign Contract, The Mega Fight Is ON!


It’s official, it’s official, it’s official!!! The Mega Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is going down May 2nd after BOTH fighters signed the contract according to reports. The formal announcement is expected in the next couple days but the fight is happening!! More details to come!!

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(Photo) NBA: Damian Lillard Shares Emotional Message After Not Being Picked For All Star Game


By now you know Damian Lillard was not selected to be part of the NBA All Star game in NYC on Valentine’s weekend. He was also passed up by Commissioner Silver for the injury replacement for Kobe Bryant. That spot went to DeMarcus Cousins. Lillard as you might expect is very upset and his emotions seems to be between anger and sadness. There is no shame being left off the Western All Star squad because it is a loaded team. Everyone who knows the NBA knows Lillard is easily an All Star talent, it just came down to roster spots. He is basically putting the league on notice that he is going to be on beast mode for the second half.

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(Photo) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Trolls Reporter Who Said He Would Be Arrested Within 5 Years


The old cliche of never judging a book by its cover comes to mind with this story. So a jerk sports writer back in 2010 said he was 100% sure that DeMarcus Cousins would be arrested for something within five years. Well in the age of social media your words can haunt you when you are wrong and today this guy is kicking himself. He sent that message on twitter back on January 30th 2010, which means today is exactly five years and guess what? No arrest for Boobie. Twitter reacted with a well deserved backlash towards the guy, included some not so deserved death threats, but honestly it had a tone of racism and he should be called out for it. Cousins had the last laugh and got the guy to reply to him today and see what he said.

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NFL: Report, DNA Of Aaron Hernandez Found At Odin Lloyd Murder Scene, Prints On Shell Casing


The prosecution in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial is playing no games and going to the jury with some serious evidence from the start. Yesterday the played a video that showed Hernandez with a gun in his hand inside his own home just a few hours after Lloyd was killed. Today it got deeper as they shower evidence of Hernandez being at the crime scene itself, as well as shell casings linked to him.

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(Photo) NBA: Portland Police Dept Sends Epic Tweet After Damian Lillard Is Left Off All Star Team


To the surprise of many basketball fans, Damian Lillard was left off the Western conference all star team when the reserves were announced last night. With guys like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Steph Curry in the same conference you know each year someone deserving is going to be left off. Lillard may still get in since Kobe will not be playing but that will be up to the commissioner. In the mean time, the Portland Police dept got Lillard’s back, as they were so upset their boy got snubbed, they may open an investigation into the robbery of his spot! This is what happens in smaller markets where the people feel a closer bond to the players.

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(Photos) NBA: Is Lebron Throwing Shade At Chris Bosh With This Tweet?


When the NBA All Star reserves were announced last night, Lebron took to twitter to congratulate his personal friends for making the game along with himself. He made sure to mention Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, but strangely no mention of Chris Bosh who was also selected. Now it could of been a mental slip, but it seems more than that as Bron & Bosh have not seemed nearly as close as Bron & Wade still are and I find it hard to believe Bron would forget to mention Bosh. These guys put in work for 4 years and resulted in two championships, so he isn’t going to forget. Maybe there is something behind the scenes we don’t know about with them.

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Boxing: Report, Contract Between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao Will Be Signed This Weekend!


I know we have all gotten our hopes up for this fight numerous times, but this feels really different now. After the two fighters met face to face at the Miami Heat game, they then also had a private meeting in Pacquiao’s hotel room where the fighters discussed details of the fight without so many people being in between. Now we get word from Pacquiao’s boss that the contract should be finalized this weekend!

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(Video) NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Sets World Record For One Handed Catches With Drew Brees


New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees set a Guinness World Record for most one-handed catches in a minute, completing 33 on the ESPN Super Bowl set. Beckham didn’t drop a single pass and could have caught more if they didn’t run out of balls. The mark to set a record was 10 and OBJ destroyed that with ease. He is going to make Giants fans happy for years to come.

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(Video) Sports: T.I. Tells Iggy She Needs To Be Quiet & Be More Like Tom Brady


Apparently even T.I. is getting sick of his artist Iggy Azalea being caught up in constant twitter beefs. She is not realizing part of the reason some people can’t stand her is because she doesn’t know when to shutup and ignore people. She seems eager to carry on with these beefs as if it is a good look for her or something. The latest beef includes designer Steve Madden after she got mad at modeling pics he released. TIP would love for her to remind herself what got her to this point and even better yet, he wants her to be more like Tom Brady. You’ll see what he means in the video.

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