NBA: Mark Cuban Still Doesn’t Believe Russell Westbrook Is A Superstar


photo credit Mark Cuban definitely didn’t become a billionaire by being a dummy yet he seems to be one of the only people who isn’t smart enough to realize how much of a superstar player that Russell Westbrook is. You may remember back in April when the Thunder were facing the Mavs in the first round of the playoffs, Cuban said a true superstar can carry a mediocre roster to 50 wins and a postseason series win. He noted that the Thunder failed to make the playoffs in 2014-15, when Kevin Durant missed most of the season because of a foot injury. Cuban was wrong then and is still wrong now for trying to stand behind his original comments.

NFL: Colin Kaepernick’s Parents Break Their Silence, Say They Fully Support Their Son


photo credit Many different people have shared their opinion on Colin Kaepernick and him taking a knee during the national anthem before 49ers games this season. Whether you were in agreement with him, disliked him for it, or understood his cause but didn’t agree with how he went about it, everyone wanted to share their thoughts. That is everyone except his own parents, who have remained silent during all of this attention this season. There were reports that they didn’t support his stance, which they claim is not true since they just now are breaking their silence. They want it to be clear they stand behind their son.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Fined More Than $12,000 For Verbally Abusing Referee


photo credit The NFL announced yesterday that they will be fining Odell Beckham Jr $12,154 for verbally abusing a referee on the field. He made headlines last week after his post game comments about how officials are targeting him. He claimed he even had asked one of the officials what did he do wrong so he wouldn’t do it again and was told “get out of my face”. This fine however is not for any of those comments and instead was for remarks he made during the game itself.

(Video) NBA: Lebron James Jr Shows Off His Range From Half Court


photo credit Lebron James Jr has been making noise on the basketball court for a few years now but this was a little different. We are used to see Bronny dominate the competition among his peers but hitting deep shots on an NBA court is something new. After the Cavs took care of the Heat at home with ease last night, Bronny and his brother Bryce, as well as papa Lebron and others, were on the court when Bronny decided to let it fly from half court.

Boxing: Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $175,000 For Leaked Sex Tape


A leaked sex tape from Adrien Broner’s phone just cost the boxer $175,000 in court. Broner had made the video with two willing women but neither of them ever consented to Broner showing it to the public. The sex tape somehow made it’s way to World Star but Broner denied he was the one who uploaded it because he had lost that phone. The jury actually sided with him but still found him negligent.

(Photos) NFL: Brandon Marshall Reveals Racist Hate Mail He Received After Taking Knee During National Anthem


Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos took a ton of heat for deciding to take a knee during the national anthem of their first game this season, saying he supported what Colin Kaepernick was trying to do. He has since backed off that stance and doesn’t take a knee anymore but that doesn’t mean his beliefs have changed. It’s kind of hard for someone like Marshall to take everyone’s opinion into consideration when he gets hate filled letters like this. Marshall shared a few letters on his Instagram account that are full of sickening, racist messages, even telling him to go back to Africa, that he received after he took that knee. It’s letters like this from idiots out there that further show the reason Marshall was taking the knee in the first place.

(Photos) NBA: Ben Simmons Sister Goes Off On Twitter, Says Ben Has Turned His Back On Those Who Helped Him


photo credit How many times have we heard the same story about someone becoming a famous athlete, singer, actor or whatever, only to have claims from their family and friends that they changed and forgot who they really were. Unfortunately its a tale that happens quite often and you never really know what the truth is or not. Did the person really change after they got some fame? Or do family members just feel scorned and left behind even if that’s not really the case? Ben Simmons is currently dealing with that type of issue after his sister went off on a twitter rant about how he turned his back on everyone who helped get him to where he is today.

(Video) NBA: Adult Tries To Steal Steph Curry Autographed Sneaker Meant For Young Fan


photo credit After Warriors home games, many fans hang around well after the game is over in hopes of snagging something from the players as they walk by, like a headband, wristband, towel and so on. Last night, Steph Curry stepped it up a notch and took off his game worn kicks and autographed each one and attempted to hand them out to young fans in the crowd. He was able to accomplish his mission and no doubt a couple kids went home with a memory they will never forget but it was almost ruined by an adult who was too thirsty for their own souvenir.

NBA: David Stern Claims He Never Vetoed Trade That Would’ve Sent Chris Paul To The Lakers


photo credit It was five years ago that the landscape of the NBA was almost changed in a huge way. It was this week back in December of 2011 that we thought Chris Paul was traded to the Lakers and he and Kobe Bryant were going to combine to be the best backcourt in the league. There were many players involved in the deal but the obvious focal point of it all was Paul but the trade never was completed after NBA commissioner David Stern allegedly vetoed it. The conspiracy theories ran wild at the time, with most accusing Stern of caving into pressure from other owners to not let the trade happen because of what it would do for the Lakers and how it would make the Hornets irrelevant. Stern remained very quiet in the aftermath of the trade not happening but he spoke about it this week and claimed the narrative we were all led to believe was completely false.

(Video) NFL: While The Raiders & Chiefs Were Playing On The Field, Their Fans Were Brawling In The Stands


photo credit It was an ugly game last night it you were a Raiders fan, as they fell to the Chiefs 21-13 in a game where the offense was basically non-existent. It was even uglier in the stands however, as fans from both teams were throwing blows and pushing people over rows of seats during a serious brawl.

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