(Video) Boxing: Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Make $250,000 Bet On Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight


A lot of you might think you are talking placing real money on the biggest fight in history May 2nd, but most people can’t even understand this level of money talk. Diddy and Mark Wahlberg made a wager of $250,000 on the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Diddy is going for Floyd, and Mark for Manny. When you are rich like these guys it’s easy to make bets like this because there is really nothing to worry about. $250K is a lot of money, but it’s small change to them. Who you think will win this bet?? Diddy probably is not used to someone calling him out for small wager like Mark does at first.

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NFL: Desean Jackson Scores His Own Reality Show For BET Called “Home Team”


Washington Redskins receiver Desean Jackson has scored a major win off the field, getting his own reality show for the BET network. The show will be called “Home Team” and will center on his life as a player and also off the field. If you remember many reports had said the Eagles got rid of Jackson last year due in part to the company he keeps off the field so if this show covers any of his friends in the street this show will definitely be interesting.

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(Video) NBA: Grant Hill Gets His Headset Knocked Off By Fan During Bucks/Bulls Game


Grant Hill was just trying to enjoy a snack while calling the Bulls/Bucks playoff game and along came a fan and knocked him upside the head! It was all an accident but it was pretty entertaining when it happened. It damn near knocked Grant’s entire headset off. He didn’t even turn around to see who did it because he probably wanted to punch whoever just knocked into him that hard. Not everything is bad for Grant though as yesterday a group he is part of purchased the Atlanta Hawks for about $850 million. That will help him cool off.

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NFL: Start Your Angry Rants Now, Tony Romo Just Guaranteed A Super Bowl Win Next Season


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was this year’s recipient of the Nancy Lieberman Lifetime Achievement Award given by the basketball Hall of Famer’s foundation and accepted the award at an event in Dallas last week. Romo’s speech was mostly about giving the same kind of help he’s received over the years to the kids supported by the foundation’s work, but he closed with a prediction that he’d be winning another prize early in 2016.

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(Audio) NBA: Iman Shumpert Drops New Song Called “Offs” Just In Time For Cavs Potential Title Run


Iman Shumpert’s new record “Offs”, yes short for playoffs, is all about getting his teammates hyped and ready to go after a title. All the lyrics refer to coaches, teammates, and the goal at hand for the Cavs. Check it out and let us know what you think. Shump seems to be in such a better place right now, I wonder why, lol.

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(Video) NBA: Too Close! Iman Shumpert & Anderson Varejao Almost Kiss During Timeout


Call it bad timing, but it was almost worse for Cavs teammates Iman Shumpert & Anderson Varejao. The two players came within inches of being on a kiss cam for years to come. During a timeout Varejao appeared excited to tell Shump something and as Varejao got close Shump turned his head and almost turned right into a lip lock. I am sure thankfully for them the missed because players would have never let them live it down.

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Boxing: Tickets Finally Go On Sale For Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight, Sell Out In 60 Seconds


All you hear is the blame game between Mayweather and Pacquiao’s camps as to why tickets for the biggest fight in history still hadn’t gone on sale. They eventually cut the b.s. and tickets went on sale to the public yesterday but there was a HUGE catch. It was initially reported that only 1,000 tickets would be available for purchase but by the time yesterday came around that number had been cut in half to only 500! Tickets went on sale at 3pm yesterday and obviously you had to be quick because they were gone fast, even the expensive seats!

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Boxing: Legend George Foreman Agrees With Mayweather…Floyd IS Better Than Muhammad Ali!


Floyd Mayweather has a serious boxing legend backing him up that he IS in fact, better than Muhammad Ali! That support comes in the form of George Foreman, who admitted that Floyd is better than both himself and Ali. You know Floyd has been catching a lot of heat lately for believing in himself and saying he is the best fighter of all time, even better than Ali. Well I wonder what people will say now with such a big name in boxing basically agreeing.

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NFL: Change Of Heart? Russell Wilson Decides To Not Bring Ciara As His Date To White House Dinner


Recently we reported that Russell Wilson and Ciara were spotted together at a baseball game and immediately the rumors began to fly. The rumor mill went to another level when it was reported that Russ was taking CiCi as his “date” to the White House Correspondence Dinner. The RSVP list clearly defined Ciara as his date and not just a guest and everyone thought a new power couple was being formed. Turns out that might not be true because Russell has decided to change his date for the dinner.

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(Photos) NBA: Steve Kerr Caught Checking Out Warriors Reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude’s Assets


Steve Kerr was the latest person to get caught staring at the backside of beautiful Warriors reporter, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. It was hard for the coach to focus late in the game because the very complimenting pink dress that Rosalyn was wearing was catching his eye. He is far from the first though as even a referee and Andre Iguodala have been caught with the creepin’ look as well.

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