Boxing: More Fights? Floyd Mayweather Already Thinking Of Extending Contract With Showtime


There have been alot of rumors surrounding the possible end of Floyd Mayweather’s career when his current deal with Showtime expires. He has two fights left out of a six fight deal that has seen him continue to dominate while stacking some serious money. Is he going to retire after this deal? Is he going to pursue other interests? For the first time it seems like Floyd may be thinking he still wants to fight, and in turn make a ton of more money. Hit the jump.

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NBA: ESPN Fires Back At Kobe After He Calls Them “Idiots”, But Did They Go Too Far?


It is funny that a story centered around the word “respect” could come off as so disrespectful and condescending.
I know by now all you guys heard about ESPN ranking Kobe 40th in this years edition of the NBA player rankings. Whether you love or hate Kobe, the rank caused a huge uproar across all of social media. Kobe replied by calling them “idiots” when asked about his spot on the list, and that should of been the end of that. But someone at ESPN felt the need to keep it going and write a story about respect, while seemingly disrespecting one of the greatest players ever.

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(Video&Photos) NCAA: Drake Pulls Out His Lint Roller, Shoots Airballs At Kentucky’s Midnight Madness!


Drake likes to root for winning teams and programs, well besides the Raptors, although to be fair they are a pretty decent franchise now. He has been a supporter of coach John Calipari and the University of Kentucky basketball team for some time now and showed them some love at the Midnight Madness opening to the season. Drake was the master of ceremonies and pulled out his old lint brush to start the night and then proceeded to entertain the crowd, but his air-balls he was shooting from three point land may of entertained them just the same. Hopefully he can pick up some skills from the kids on the team. Hit the jump.

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NBA: This Hall Of Famer Says Dwight Howard Can Win MVP This Season!


I don’t know if I agree with this, but then again I am not a former NBA great who is currently in the Hall of Fame.
Dwight Howard has always had that great potential, but never seems to fully live up to it. He hasn’t shown the ability to carry a team and his personality at times leads you to wonder how mature he is, or what his focus is. Well those times may be a thing of the past according to a former Rockets great.

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(Photo) NFL: He Doesn’t Sound Happy! Marshawn Lynch Reacts To Percy Harvin Trade To Jets


Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin were good friends as well as teammates on the Seattle Seahawks. The news earlier of the trade the team pulled off with the New York Jets caught everyone by surprise, and it appears that includes Seahawks players themselves. The Seahawks traded Harvin to the Jets for a conditional draft pick and the deal left many people scratching their heads, but in reality the Seahawks never really seemed to know how to maximize Harvin’s talents, which makes the deal less of a shocker. You can best believe the Jets will put Harvin to work immediately. Lynch reacted via twitter and probably went into beast mode right after. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Seahawks Trade Percy Harvin To The New York Jets!!


The New York Jets just pulled off a major trade that can really help their mediocre offense! They traded for speedy wideout and returner Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seawhawks and in return the Jets sent Seattle a conditional draft pick. Harvin has the ability to be a big game changer as you have seen before and everyone knows the Jets really need that! The Jets already played this week so Harvin gets an unexpected bye week.

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(Video) NFL: Ellen DeGeneres Hooks Up Bengals Devon Still With $10K Donation, Plus More For His Daughter


Devon Still and his daughter Leah have become America’s sweethearts and they deserve every bit of it. Still, has been receiving alot of love for the way he has handled his daughter’s battle with cancer and has received alot of money to help with her treatments. People think automatically since Still is an NFL player that money is not a problem and that just isn’t true for most players. Ellen was so struck by his story that she wanted to donate $10,000 on his behalf to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where his daughter Leah is. She did not stop there though, check it out.

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NCAA: WOW, This Former Big Time College Quarterback Says He Was Paid $160,000 For Autographs In One Season


With all the recent talk of college players either being suspended or under investigation for selling autographs this story comes at a great time. Usually I get very annoyed with former college players waiting until their campus life is long behind them to then wanna blow the whistle on something because it usually never affects them, but will affect future players at the school and the program itself. This is different however because it’s more about a situation and double standard, rather than a school itself. Former South Carolina standout Stephen Garcia said he literally pocketed about $160,000 for selling his autographs in college, meanwhile we are suspending kids currently for trying to make a few dollars?

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(Video) NBA: Mark Wahlberg Appears Drunk While Congratulating Bulls Jimmy Butler On Game Winning Shot


In case you missed it, Jimmy Butler hit a clutch game wining three pointer at the buzzer last night to give the Bulls a victory over the Atlanta Hawks. It is a preseason game so most people can care less, but one of Butler’s biggest fans and friends, Mark Wahlberg was watching and was doing some drinking at the same time. The video is funny cause it is obvious Mark has probably had the bottle for a while and he sounds funny but still it is great to have famous, somewhat drunk friends if you are Butler.

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(Video) NFL: LMAO, He Was Twisted!! Footage Of Colts Owner Jim Irsay’s Arrest For DUI


Jim Irsay was F****d up!! Footage of the night the Colts owner was arrested for DUI was made public and there is no doubt he was in another world. It might look funny but he seriously could of did some damage that night if he was never pulled over. Besides being well over the legal limit, cops say Irsay had multiple painkillers in his his system, including oxycodone and hydrocodone. He was fined $500,000 by the NFL and suspended six weeks to start this season besides being sentenced to one year probation from the judge. It is clear from the video though he was feeling real nice that night.

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