NBA: Steph Curry Wasn’t A Fan Of ESPN Sharing A Snapchat Video Of Daughter Riley

image via: youtube When you’re a high profile athlete in the social media age, basically everything you do is in the public eye whether you like it or not. Most players learn to deal with it and enjoy the limelight that comes with the attention, while others handle it by living a more low-key life away from the game.

(Video) NBA: Orlando Magic Induct Penny Hardaway Into Their Hall Of Fame

image via: twitter Anfernee Hardaway will forever be one of the biggest “what if” questions in NBA history. Penny was a game changing point guard at 6’7, with the same abilities as the shorter guards of the era but the explosiveness to throw a dunk down over any big man in the league. He was on his way to super stardom before injuries began to tear him down and completely change the trajectory of his career.

(Video) NFL: Former Running Back, Ricky Williams, Was Stopped & Handcuffed After Walking Near His Hotel

image via: youtube Ricky Williams became a victim of some morons in a Texas neighborhood, who reported him as a suspicious person, which eventually led to police placing him in handcuffs.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Tweets Apology To Bulls Fans After “Awful” Performance Against The Hawks

image via: youtube Dwyane Wade was embarrassed at the effort from himself and his Bulls teammates in a loss to the Hawks on Friday night. The final score was 102-93, which on the surface isn’t terrible but it’s misleading. The Bulls were completely outplayed and at one point found themselves down by 29 points at halftime, which led to Wade taking to twitter after the game to apologize to Bulls fans for the game.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens Zachary Orr Announces His Retirement From The NFL At Age 24

image via: youtube More and more players in their early and mid 20’s have been retiring from football in the past few years than all the previous years of the league being in existence combined. Some players have called it quits over fear of head injuries and wanting to protect themselves for the rest of their lives and some other players have had to retire from the result of an injury. In the case of Zachary Orr of the Baltimore Ravens, his reasoning for retiring at age 24 somewhat has to do with both reasons.

NBA: Russell Westbrook Responds To Not Being Voted A Starter For All Star Game

image via: youtube By now, you already know the travesty that occurred with the voting for the starting five from each conference for the all-star game . Despite averaging a triple double, carrying his entire franchise on his back and still giving out that pain to opponents each night, Russell Westbrook was not selected to start. Instead, the starting guard spots went to James Harden and Steph Curry.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Went Off On Teammates After Knicks Lost To The Sixers

image via: youtube You could see it written all over Carmelo Anthony’s face when the Knicks lost to the Sixers at the buzzer this past Wednesday. He was sick, disgusted, annoyed and whatever other word you want to use to explain the misery he was feeling at the moment. According to reports, those feelings spilled over into the locker room where nobody had to guess how he was feeling because he let everyone know.

(Video) Sports: How Eric Kelly Overcame His Past To Become One Of The Most Sought After Trainers For Boxers

image via: youtube Eric Kelly is a name you would likely be much more familiar with had things gone differently in his life. The boxing trainer was once a great fighter in his own right and fought some of the more famous guys you have cheered for over the past 10-15 years.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Willing To Work With Ronda Rousey

image via: tmz If Ronda Rousey decides she isn’t going to retire from UFC and gives it one more shot, then she has no choice but to become a better fighter with her hands. Both of her losses were brutal in part because both Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes exposed her lack of hand skills as they pummeled her mercilessly. Luckily for Rousey, if she does want to fight again, the best to ever do it, Floyd Mayweather, is willing to help her out.

Sports: WWE Legend, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Has Passed Away At Age 73

image via: youtube Sad news today from the wrestling world. Former WWE superstar, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, lost his battle with stomach cancer today. He was 73 years old.

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