(Photos) NBA: Apparently The Wife Of Celtics Jae Crowder Hacked His Instagram & Aired Out His Sidechick


Early this morning when Jae Crowder woke up, he had his own Instagram account. After some strange activity the account is now totally deleted and it appears his wife is the reason why. She either hacked into his Instagram or already knew the password and decided to air out his apparent sidechick.

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(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Confirms September 12th Fight But Doesn’t Name Opponent Yet


Today Floyd Mayweather made official what we all knew was happening. He will be fighting his 49th and possibly last fight on September 12th at the MGM in Vegas. One important detail he did leave out however is the opponent. It was pretty much close to a done deal that he would fight Andre Berto but maybe there is a chance it will be someone else.

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NBA: Could Kobe Bryant Play Overseas Next Year? He Talks About That & Much More During Q&A


This season is expected to be Kobe Bryant’s final season in his long and hall of fame NBA career. Then again with the competitive fire that burns inside the black mamba, next season might NOT be his last. In a Q&A With Yahoo Sports, Kobe talks about everything from retirement, young Lakers players, his finances and yes, the possibility of still playing basketball but not in the NBA.

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(Video) NBA: Kid At Michael Jordan’s Summer Camp Hits MJ With “What Are Those”??


Some punk kid just tried to clown the GOAT at his own summer camp but in typical MJ fashion, he had a response. The kid stood up and asked MJ “What Are Those”? and in case you have no idea what that means, its a saying that started on social media when you want to clown someone about the kicks they are wearing. Now we all know Jordan is the king of the sneaker world so the kid should have never tried.

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NFL: Father Of Texans Star Jadeveon Clowney Arrested For Attempted Murder After Strip Club Shootout


This story is pretty crazy as is, more so when you consider the circumstances. I’m not sure how the relationship is between Jadeveon Clowney and his father is but if you have a son who is a millionaire then you need to make better life decisions. As it stands now, his father, David Morgan, will probably spend the majority of his remaining years in prison.

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(Photos) NFL: Chad Johnson Challenges Twitter Followers To Game Of FIFA, Shows Up To Random Home To Play


Through an airline mishap, Chad Johnson ended up in Richmond, and as soon as the wheels hit the runway, he was trying to beat somebody in FIFA 15. He tweeted out the challenge and accepted the offer from a random fan who tweeted back with his address to come play.

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(Video) NBA: LaMarcus Aldridge Says He Is Building A House Just For His Sneakers


LaMarcus Aldridge left some money on the table to leave Portland and sign with the San Antonio Spurs. The way he tells it though, it doesn’t seem the extra millions he walked away from will be a problem because he clearly has money to burn. Aldridge, in an interview with Slam Magazine that will release later this month, he says his new home in Dallas was built with a spot for sneaker storage but it’s full already. So he now plans on doing something crazy and building another house JUST for his kicks. Rich people problems.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Is A God In China So He Decided To launch A Social Media Platform There


Kobe Bryant has made a push to be big in China over the past decade, realizing the huge marketing potential there, in tandem with Nike. He’s expanding his brand in social media and his own design there, and this weekend he made his annual trip there. Turns out he’s still, yup, a God there.

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Sports: Ronda Rousey Will Star In Blockbuster Movie About Her Life


On the heels of a 34-second triumph over Bethe Correia at UFC 190, Ronda Rousey’s real-life conquests are once again generating headlines. Now, the background story of Rousey’s journey to greatness will reportedly make its way to the silver screen, with the UFC women’s bantamweight champion in the starring role.

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(Photo) Sports: Jeweler Dave Bling Shares The Story Behind Drake’s Championship Ring


Drake is rocking a nice, new, huge piece of jewelry on his finger in the form of his very own OVO championship ring. While twitter had jokes yesterday saying the ring was for crushing Meek Mill, the jeweler behind the ring is saying it has nothing to do with Meek. He does admit though the timing of the ring being delivered is a big plus for Drizzy.

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