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Forget all the bad blood, all the back and forth trash talking and subliminal messages and all the years wasted being bitter towards each other. It was all love on Friday between Shaq & Kobe Bryant as the mamba was on hand for the unveiling of Shaq’s status outside the Staples Center. Many of Shaq’s former Lakers teammates and people affiliated with the franchise in general came out to support the diesel but of course, most eyes were on Kobe & Shaq.

It was a great day all around and we have to start with the moment the statue was officially revealed.

That had to be such an epic moment for Shaq to be up there and see himself in the bronze status, forever remembered as one of the greatest Lakers and greatest players in history.

As the presentation went on, Kobe gave a speech where he called Shaq “The most dominant player I’ve ever seen”, which is high praise coming from Kobe. He then went on to tell this great story of the time Shaq wanted to really beat the Spurs and David Robinson in the playoffs because of how he claimed Robinson had treated him when he was younger.

The Lakers triangle was even together on stage for a few minutes.

Of course if wouldn’t be Shaq if he didn’t address the crowd in typical fashion.

#Shaq's statue ceremony ???

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Once again, congrats to Shaq on the statue and the legendary career.

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