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Jersey rapper Albee Al had a great day yesterday as he inked a deal with Priority Records. Priority records is a branch off of the parent company Capitol Records.

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If you remember a few years back Albee Al was facing basically life in jail for a murder case. Now he’s inking a deal with a major label. Amazing how this man turned his life around for the better and hopefully he can stay on the right track and continue to produce quality music!

Went From Facing Life in Jail, to signing a Major Deal??‍♂️ The Good Always Out weigh the bad! Should of seen my mother face when I told her the great news? I wanna think everybody that believed in me and that fell in love wit my music because y'all the ones who spread the word about my talent, my story and my journey! Word of mouth is a mother fucka I swear?? For my Real Niggaz in my camp who stayed down wit me, I promise not to let this Money change Me!! I'm now in a position to make sure all of us can win! And My Family sheesh the only motivation I needed up against the hate? And For Whoever tuned in Just kno you watching the Realest nigga in this Shit? Yesterday was pain Tomorrow pray for joy #EverydayJune30th #SplashLyfe???? Who would of new talking about all the pain in my life would make me rich?

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