(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Wants No New Friends!

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When it comes to Kobe Bean Bryant, nothing surprises me! Kobe was recently asked whether or not he is a good friend and he basically says aint no friends in basketball bih! LOL!

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Will Live Stream Game 3!

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It has definitely been a minute since we have been able to watch the Black Mamba in action on the court. With father time catching up to Kobe with injuries, the likeliness that we can watch him for years to come is slim to none. We will, however, be able to watch Kobe discuss game 3 as he live streams as an analyst. Click more to check the full story!

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(Photos) NBA: Shaq Says He Would Take Kobe Over LeBron


If you had to take a pick between Kobe in his prime or LeBron in his prime, who would it be? It definitely is not an easy choice to make but Shaq previously played with both and his pick was an easy one. Kobe! Click more to check out the full story!

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant And Hublot Continue Their Partnership


Kobe Bryant has been a brand ambassador with Hublot for some time now and they have recently continued to grow their relationship. Hublot has created their second piece that is modeled after the great Kobe Bryant. Click more to read the full story!

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(Photos) NBA: Rondo May Be In A Laker Uniform Next Season


Well, that escalated quickly. Earlier, I reported that Rick Carlisle did not believe Rondo would return to the Mavs next season and there just may be some truth to that.

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(Photos) NBA: Asking Rick Carlisle If He Thinks Rondo Will Return Next Season, “No. I Don’t.”


Rick Carlisle and Rajan Rondo have not had the best relationship since Rondo was traded to Dallas earlier this season. Back in February, Shay Marie, reported about the verbal exchange between Carlisle and Rondo because he was ignoring a play call.

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NBA: Is LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Trade In The Making?!


Between losing Julius Randle for the season and Kobe being projected at a low rating by ESPN, the Los Angeles Lakers really aren’t looking too good for the start of the 2014 NBA season. Trade rumors regarding the star player have even begun to surface, Sheesh…Hit the jump for more juice on this story!

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Black Mamba Strikes, Lakes Take the W


Black Mamba the great, Kobe Bryant, played in his first game since having 76 off for rest and recovery from his injuries last season. The game seemed to be a bit entertaining as Kobe dropped a quick 13 points in the 98-95 victory over the Denver Nuggets. This might be a turn around season for the Lakers guys!

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Black Mamba Speaks “When I leave, it’s because I choose to”


A lot of people are looking forward to Kobe Bryant’s return [ I know I am] at the age of 36 he’s is entering his 19th season after having a very rough 18th season. Missing 19 game while recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and 57 with a fractured left knee that pretty much wrapped up the season for him. But, using Derek Jeter’s exit as an example he would like to leave healthy and on his own terms.

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(Video) NBA: Check Out Footage Of A Young Kobe Dominating In A HS Basketball Game


The five time NBA Champion also known as the “black mamba” seemed to have had the killer instinct from young. Hit the jump for details.

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