(Photo) NBA: Oklahoma Store Selling Kevin Durant Thunder Jerseys For .48 Cents


Some people in Oklahoma are not in the mood to put any type of RESPECK on Kevin Durant’s name, or jersey for that matter. KD left Oklahoma City behind for the Bay Area but stores still have plenty of Thunder merchandise with Durant’s name on it that they need to get rid of. One store is taking extreme measures to do so by selling a normally $69.99 jersey with a heavy discount of 99% off, making them .48 cents!

NFL: Report, Ezekiel Elliott Has Proof His Ex-Girlfriend Planned To Ruin Him If He Left Her


Ezekiel Elliott turned 21 years old today but it certainly is no happy birthday thus far. Elliott started his day being accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend, saying he struck her in a car this morning. She then posted pictures on Instagram of bruises she claimed she got from Elliott. He denies doing anything wrong and witnesses also reported not seeing anything like what Tiffany Thompson was saying. As more details continue to emerge there are now reports that Ezekiel has proof in the form of text messages that his ex was going to try and ruin him.

NBA: Dwight Howard Reveals He Used To Sing Beyonce Songs At The Free Throw Line To Help Him Focus


Dwight Howard is one of the more terrible free throw shooters in the NBA. Year in and year out, teams prepare to foul him numerous times per game, the same way they do to DeAndre Jordan and other big men who simply can’t shoot from the foul line. The adjustment to the “hack-a-Shaq” rule for next year will help cut down on that somewhat but not completely. So what are these big guys supposed to do when all the practice in the world doesn’t help? Well in Howard’s case he would sing Beyonce songs but clearly that didn’t work out well either.

(Photos) NFL: (Update With 911 Call) Ex-GF Of Ezekiel Elliott Claims He Assaulted Her, He Denies Any Wrongdoing


Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, hasn’t even played a single down in the NFL yet but he is dealing with some drama that is unfortunately too familiar to the league. Elliott was accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend this morning as they sat in a car together. Elliott denies touching her in any way and a witness who was in the car at the time states they never saw anything like that happen.

NFL: Steelers Le’Veon Bell Facing 4 Game Suspension For Missing Drug Test


Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell is facing a suspension of four games for missing a drug test. I guess that’s better than being suspended for actually failing a test but nonetheless, Bell has a serious problem on his hands at the moment.

NFL: Former Coach Denny Green Suffers Heart Attack, Passes Away At Age 67


Sad news out of the NFL this morning. Former Vikings & Cardinals head coach, Dennis “Denny” Green has passed away as a result of a heart attack. His friend confirmed the news to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

NBA: NC Governor Lashes Out At All-Star Game Being Moved, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry And More Respond


The NBA All-Star game that was scheduled for Charlotte next season has officially been moved. The league released a full statement last night addressing the issue and it appears, at least for now that New Orleans will be the likely candidate to replace Charlotte, although a few other cities are trying to get the game as well. As you might expect, such a decision is not made lightly as years of planning go into something like this but the NBA showed the government of North Carolina they will not support a state that allows possible discrimination of any kind. Many people in the basketball world such as Michael Jordan, who probably stands to lose the most, as well as Steph Curry who is native to Charlotte, spoke on the decision.

(Video) Sports: Flavor Flav Is Apparently Managing The Boxing Career Of Muhammad Ali’s Grandson


Nico Ali Walsh is a 15 year old boxer on the rise. The odds of him being successful are pretty good considering he is the grandson of Muhammad Ali and has the champs genes already built in. Athletes run in the family because Nico’s older brother, Biaggio, is a phenom on the football field and has any major college programs recruiting him after being named Nevada Gatorade player of the year. It turns out the person in charge of young Nico’s boxing career at the moment is none other than Flavor Flav.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Speaks Out On The WNBA Fining Players & Teams For Supporting Black Lives Matter


Earlier this week, three WNBA teams, The New York Liberty, Indiana Fever and Phoenix Mercury were fined $5,000 each by the league for their “protest” in support of black lives matter. All the players did was wear black warm up shirts in the wake of recent shootings by and against police officers. The shirts, which also led to some players also being fined individually, were not only in support of black lives matter. They also paid respect to the police officers in Dallas who lost their lives when they were ambushed by a gunman. The players don’t understand why they were punished and neither does Carmelo Anthony, who spoke out about it yesterday.

(Photo) NBA: Kevin Durant’s Favorite Rapper Is Notorious B.I.G. But He Decided On A Tupac/Wu-Tang Tattoo


Kevin Durant is just full of surprises this summer. He shocked the world by deciding to take his talents to the Bay Area and join the Warriors after leaving the Thunder via free agency. He had another surprise for folks yesterday when he arrived to practice for Team USA in Vegas, sporting a brand new tattoo, paying homage to both Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan.

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