(Photo) NBA: Do You Remember?? NBA Posts Crazy Picture For Throwback Thursday


Don’t you hate when you see star players either hang on to their careers too long or get traded to a team they never should of played for? As a sports fan it can make you sick to see some of your once favorite players being exiled to cities nobody cares about or just looking like they should of retired years ago. The NBA twitter account yesterday posted a dope picture to remind you how many actual stars like Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dominique Wilkins & more wound up playing for teams at the end of their careers that you may of completely forgotten about. Ewing still hurts my heart to see him in any other jersey besides the Knicks. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Teenagers Break Into Ray Allen’s Home While His Wife & Children Are There!


Ray Allen’s wife Shannon got the scare of her life when she realized someone had broken into her home while she was sleeping with the children. A party nearby that was full of teenagers was going on most of the night and some of those kids got bored with the party and decided to break into Allen’s home. Amazingly police didn’t press charges against the kids. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Lil Wayne Freestyles On SportsCenter After Releasing Carter V Cover Art


What I liked most about Wayne going on SportsCenter was you could tell his freestyle literally was off the top of his head and he didn’t go in there with some written material. After making an appearance on the show to reveal the cover art for the Carter V, he dropped some bars over the SportsCenter anthem and made it sound decent. Weezy has always been a big sports fan so him going on the network to promote the album was a no brainer.

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(Video) NBA: Basketball Wives Star Has Words For Ray J After He Ran Over Her During Softball Game


Ray J needs to man up according to basketball wives star Laura Govan. Govan, who is the fiance of retired NBA player Gilbert Arenas was playing in a celebrity softball game last week when Ray J straight ran through her during a play, sending her tumbling to the ground. Apparently she wasn’t a big fan of that and had something to say to Ray. It did earn her a new nickname from Gilbert though.

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NBA: Is Coach K Feeling Some Type Of Way Towards Kevin Durant After He Left Team USA


Don’t make Duke University coach and Team USA coach Mike Krzyewski change his game plan on the court or you might make him angry. Coach K says he was completely caught off guard by Kevin Durant leaving Team USA and you can tell he is not happy about it. He was relying on KD to be the leader of the team and now without the OKC star many things on the team need to change, especially the way Coach K expected to play. The coach is usually very bland and generic when he comments about players, but you can tell this situation upset him.

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(Video) NFL: Chiefs Fan Gets Tasered By Security After Getting Drunk!


Players might be in preseason mode, but fans and security are already in mid season form! A fan at the Chiefs game last night became drunk and allegedly was causing a problem when security intervened. Dude decided not to go quietly and wound up getting tased a few separate times during the video. You can hear the taser constantly going off but the guy seems to take the pain pretty well. Even the crowd starts chanting. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) Sports: MMA Star “War Machine” On The Run From Police After Assaulting Porn Star Girlfriend


Jon Koppenhaver, aka “War Machine” is not only on the run from police at the moment, he now also needs to find a new job. War Machine is wanted by Las Vegas police in a severe beating that may have landed his porn star girlfriend in the hospital. According to police, War Machine was involved in a 3-person altercation early Friday morning at their home in Vegas. Two of the combatants sustained severe, but non life threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital. One of the victims is described as the fighter’s “significant other”, which would be porn star Christy Mack. Shortly after the news broke, Bellator, the organization he fights for released him from his contract and wants nothing to do with him. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans Can’t Bring Themselves To Burn Kevin Love Jerseys, Do This Instead


Minnesota Timberwolves fans are too nice. Actually they are just understanding people. They realize Kevin Love leaving their team makes things even worse but they truly seem to appreciate the fact he stuck around this long and always gave them all out effort. The Wolves didn’t win many game during Love’s time with the team, but it definitely wasn’t due to his lack of passion or effort. The fans seem to get that and even though the video is somewhat sarcastic it lets you see that the fans still respect him as a player and hope he wins elsewhere.

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(Video) NBA: Raptors Star Demar DeRozan Fooled By Fake Johnny Depp At Birthday Dinner


Even famous people can be fooled just like the rest of us. Demar DeRozan, who is currently fighting for a roster spot on team USA, was out for a birthday dinner in Los Angeles last night when he thought he was meeting one of his favorite actors. It appeared Johnny Depp was standing just a few feet away and after some people took pics with him Demar himself walked over and began talking. At one point they even traded info, but the only thing is that wasn’t Depp it was an imposter. The guy who is doing it has done it before, including fooling an entire courtroom months ago. Sorry Demar, you will be ok though. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Boss! Quarterback Throws Up Before Snap Then Throws Touchdown!


Bengals quarterback Matt Scott is trying his best to impress coaches as he tries to make the team. He is in a battle for the remaining qb slot but his effort and focus last night definitely won people over. Just before the snap, Scott throws up on the field, collects himself and proceeds to throw a touchdown like nothing was bothering him. That is what coaches look for and honestly it was just cool to watch. Hit the jump.

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