NBA: Russell Westbrook Is Ready To Make A Stand On Social Issues


The Oklahoma City Thunder held their media day yesterday and as you might expect, Russell Westbrook was faced with questions about Kevin Durant more than anyone. While he didn’t seem to enthused answering questions about that topic, one thing you could see he was happy to talk about was the social issues plaguing our country. With the shooting deaths by police this week of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Ok and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC, communities nationwide are on edge and that is something Russ wants to deal with head on.

(Video) NBA: Players React To Kevin Garnett’s Retirement And League Releases Video Of His Top 50 Plays


With the news of Kevin Garnett’s retirement last night, you knew there would be tons of former and current players who wanted to show their love and admiration for him. Everyone from Lebron, Scottie Pippen to former teammates like Paul Pierce, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns all wanted to let the big ticket know what he meant to them. The NBA took it upon themselves to release a KG mixtape, showing off the 50 top plays of his hall of fame career. Check the gallery for some of the messages to Garnett. Watching these top plays will have you realizing just how legendary he was.

NBA: Report, Kevin Garnett To Retire After Reaching Buyout Agreement With The Wolves


What was already somewhat expected before the NBA season started became reality today as reports state Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves have reached a buyout for the final year of his contract which signals his retirement announcement will be coming at any moment. The contract settlement was first reported by The Star Tribune.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Responds To Durant’s Comment That They’re Still Cool


The NBA season still feels like it just ended but the 2016-17 season will be tipping off only about a month from now. Teams such as the Thunder already held their media day and for the first time in many years, the franchise faces uncertain questions heading into the season.

(Audio) NFL: Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Ditka Says He Has No Respect For Colin Kaepernick


In today’s not so surprising news, Hall of Fame NFL coach and old white guy, Mike Ditka, claims he has no respect for Colin Kaepernick and people like him can leave the country if they don’t respect our flag. Ditka made the comments during a radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas this morning. Ditka takes it up another notch, saying he doesn’t even see any of the so called atrocities that people like Kap are claiming is going on in our country. None of his comments are surprising seeing as Ditka in the past has shown himself to be a close minded fool but to claim he doesn’t see anything wrong going on is just baffling. Check out the audio below.

NFL: Incident Involving Broncos Brandon Marshall & Miami Police Now Under Investigation


Brandon Marshall caused and uproar and in the process lost two different endorsement deals after he followed Colin Kaepernick and took a knee during the national anthem of the Broncos first game of the season against the Panthers. He mentioned part of his decision to take the knee was a run-in he had with police in Miami back in July. That incident is now under investigation and judging from how that went, it definitely should be.

(Photos) NBA: Tweet & Delete, Brandon Jennings On Iman Shumpert “He Got $40 Mil To Do Nothing”


Brandon Jennings can’t wait for his first season with the Knicks to start, especially since it might help him stay away from twitter a little more. Jennings sent some ether in the direction of Iman Shumpert on twitter, before deleting the tweets and admitting to himself he needs to stop responding to headlines. After a story on Bet.Com made it seem as if Shumpert threw a shot at Jennings direction after his comments about Teyana Taylor earlier this week, Jennings let his feelings on Shump and his contract be known.

NBA: Report, Chris Bosh Fails Physical, Will Likely Not Play For Heat This Season, Career May Be Over


Chris Bosh received some bad news this morning as he looks to return to game action after multiple issues with blood clots last season. The Miami Heat reportedly announced this morning that Bosh failed his team physical, which means they will not clear him to play this season. There is a chance that Bosh will seek another opinion outside of the team but that still won’t likely mean much in regards to getting on the court.

(Video) NFL: Ray Lewis Says Colin Kaepernick Is Not The Face Of Police Brutality, Shouldn’t Be On Cover Of Time


Time magazine decided to put Colin Kaepernick on the cover after the conversation he started with his protest over the national anthem. Whether you hate him or love him, he has everyone talking about things that aren’t necessarily comfortable for most people to speak on and that alone is a good thing. The way he has handled himself in spite of all the racist messages directed at him, not too mention the death threats, should be applauded. Leave it to Ray Lewis to demean what Kaepernick has done and say he shouldn’t be on the cover because he “isn’t the face of police brutality”. That’s exactly what he did yesterday on the Fox sports show “Speak For Yourself”.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Talks Rivalry With Lebron, Damian Lillard Raps & Steph Curry’s Ugly Kicks


Kevin Durant, along with Nas, made an appearance this week on the HBO show “Any Given Wednesday” hosted by Bill Simmons. During the 30 minute show, they covered a wide range of topics from Colin Kaepernick’s protest and how it will carry over to the NBA, rap beefs, KD’s move to Golden State and much more. During the speed round, where Simmons asked both Nas & KD questions for quick answers, we found out how KD feels about Lebron and the way he pushes him. We also found out he is jealous of how good Damian Lillard can rap and Durant was surprisingly honest about the hideous “Chef Curry 2” lows that came out earlier this year that were the subject of countless jokes.

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