NFL: Broncos Von Miller Gifts Custom Wine Bottles To Every Player In The AFC West


Von Miller decided to get in the holiday spirit a little early this year. He sent every single player in the AFC West a custom bottle of wine which came complete with a thank you note. He even made sure players on injured reserve and on the practice teams got a bottle.

NFL: Johnny Manziel Reaches Agreement To Have Domestic Violence Charges Dropped


The domestic violence charges that Johnny Manziel was hit with back in January of this year will go away as long as he does what he’s supposed to over the next year. The Dallas County Criminal District Attorney’s Office says the ex-NFL star has agreed to a “Conditional Dismissal Agreement.”

(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Hilariously Uses Claymation To Troll Lebron James Over World Series Bet


You likely already know that bff’s Lebron James and Dwyane Wade made a wage over the world series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. Wade’s Cubs won in game seven and the deal was for the loser, Lebron in this case, to dress up in the uniform of the winning team from the world series when they played each other for the first time this season. Well tonight’s the night as the Cavs and Bulls play for the first time in Chicago and Lebron has to pay up. He already mentioned he will be in full Cubs gear from the hat down to the socks but Wade wanted us to get a preview of how things might go tonight, complete with a one man Claymation fashion show.

(Video) NBA: Chris Paul Has Time To Take Selfies With Fans During Blowout Win Over Cavs


The Los Angeles Clippers had a surprisingly easy time with the Cleveland Cavaliers last night en route to a 113-94 win on the road. Lebron and Kevin Love had off nights and it proved to be too much for them to stay competitive with Chris Paul and the Clips. Eventually Paul was removed from the game and found more interest in the fans trying to take selfies with him than what was happening on the court. Cavs fans likely felt the same way.

NFL: Report, The San Diego Chargers Will Move To Los Angeles For The 2017 Season


It feels like the Chargers are playing their final games ever in San Diego this month as it was reported yesterday that the team will be relocating to Los Angeles after this season. In fact, according to the report, barring a miracle change in the last minute, it’s already a done deal.

NFL: Man Who Shot & Killed Joe McKnight During Apparent Road Rage Incident Is Released With No Charges!


Police in New Orleans just released 54 year old Ronald Gasser, the man who shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight yesterday. As of now, he has not been charged with any crime, although that could still change.

NBA: Lebron James Was Reportedly Very Angry With Coach Tyronn Lue During Game 7 Of The NBA Finals


Everyone already is well aware of how huge it was for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA championship last season, as Lebron helped bring a major pro sports title to the city for the first time in more than 50 years. But for all the happiness and joy after the game, it turns out there were quite a few testy moments during the game between Lebron and coach, Tyronn Lue.

NFL: Three Year Old Daughter Of Former Eagles Player Passes Away After Tragic Accident


Three year old Elsie Mahe tragically lost her life earlier this week after she accidentally hung herself with the cord from a mini-blind. Elsie was the daughter of Reno Mahe, who spent five years with the Philadelphia Eagles and is currently a running backs coach at Brigham Young University.

(Video) NBA: Draymond Green Hit With Flagrant Foul For Kicking James Harden In The Face


Draymond Green is still flailing his body on the court in an exaggerated manner and it caught up with him last night against the Rockets. Despite all the attention Green brought himself last season for the way he throws his arms and legs around, which sometimes resulted in cheap shots on the opponent (just ask Steven Adams of the Thunder), he has still been caught doing it multiple times this season but not by the refs. Last night Draymond managed to kick James Harden in the face when he clearly didn’t need his body to react like that and the refs hit him with a flagrant foul for it. Not so shockingly, Draymond didn’t agree.

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Still Has No Love For The Warriors, Says They Play “Little Girly Basketball”


Despite the Golden State Warriors going into their game last night against the Rockets with a record of 16-2, which was the best in the league, Charles Barkley is still having a hard time respecting them. He continued his more than two year verbal onslaught of the Warriors on Inside The NBA, where he was looking for every reason to not admit the team was the best in the west. After saying the Spurs were better, Kenny Smith started calling him a hater and that’s when Barkley compared the Warriors to girls.

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