NBA: Dwyane Wade Fined $15,000 For Middle Finger Gesture Towards Hornets Fans


Dwyane Wade has been fined $15,000 for making an obscene gesture during the third quarter of the Heat’s 78-76 loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, January 21. Wade was noticeably frustrated throughout the game. It was Miami’s third loss in the last four games, and this was by far the ugliest played game with the team shooting 34.5 percent and getting out-rebounded 56 to 41. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Wade had been heckled about his age throughout the game by a fan seated near the Heat bench.” At some point, Wade turned and gave the middle finger to the group of fans and the league announced today he would be coughing up cash for that.

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(Video) NBA: DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Alley Oop On Brooke Lopez As Clippers Bench Explodes!


Another day, another Clippers highlight! The endless top plays the Clippers produce with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan seem like they are on ESPN daily. Here is another example of why if you think about jumping with DeAndre you better have some serious hops or be strong about it. Brooke Lopez was neither!

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(Video) NFL: Mark Brunell Gets Emotional & Almost Cries While Calling Tom Brady A Liar!


Mark Brunell got very emotional yesterday on ESPN after Tom Brady held his press conference addressing the deflated balls issue. Brunell was hoping to feel like he got a truthful answer from Brady, especially being a former quarterback himself, but he clearly did not like what Brady said and did not hold back. I must admit Brady appeared to be lying about everything, but it is so tough to know for sure. Jerome Bettis was also part of the show and called Brady a liar as well.

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NFL: Seahawks Fans Go Hard! Man Accused Of Trying To Stab Fellow Seattle Fan For Leaving Early


Seattle Seahawks fans apparently do not take kindly to their own trying to ditch the team before the actual game is over. As I am sure some of you recall, last weekend the Packers had the NFC Championship game all wrapped up and as a result some Hawks’ fans decided to leave early. Well Seattle didn’t give up and wound up making one of the biggest comebacks in NFL playoff history. One fan was so upset that others left he decided to pull out a knife and do something about it.

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NBA: Get Ready NYC! All-Star Starters Annouced, Steph Curry The Top Overall Vote Getter


This year seems a little different in the NBA. Teams that are just usually average or worse are suddenly the best in the league. The usual super stars haven’t been producing this year for various reasons and it has shown in their teams records. The MVP race doesn’t include names like Bron, KD, Kobe, but instead Steph, Unibrow and the Beard. With that said, Steph Curry has won the overall vote for the NBA All-Star game in NYC next month and he couldn’t be happier. Check out what he said along with the rest of the starting lineups.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Has To Chill! Grabs Male Training Staff In A Questionable Way


The Clippers were in the process of totally embarrassing the Brooklyn Nets last night and apparently Blake Griffin got bored watching from the sidelines. He wound up trending on social media for a reason having nothing to do with basketball. He grabbed up one of the members of the training staff and mad the motion of putting his head between his legs in a sketchy way! I would of had to poison his Gatorade after that move.

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(Video) NCAA: Women’s College Basketball Game Turns Into All Out Brawl


These girls were getting it in! Multiple players were ejected after a brawl ensued during the Alabama vs Auburn women’s college basketball game. With 1:14 left in the first half and Alabama leading 28-15, Auburn’s Hasina Muhammad and the Crimson Tide’s Breanna Hayden got tangled up after a free throw. Video replay showed Hayden throwing a punch that connected with Muhammad’s face. It was on from there!

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(Photos) NBA: Drama! Woman Claims She Is Banging Nick Young Behind Iggy’s Back & Isn’t Going To Stop


Nick Young is not having much luck with the ladies right now. Well technically if all these stories recently are true, then he is having a great time with the ladies, but not so great at covering his tracks. Last week pictures were snapped of Nick chilling with a mystery woman who seemed to be very comfortable with Swaggy. Iggy was nowhere to be found, but the pics might of rubbed her the wrong way because a couple days later Nick copped her a brand new Ferrari, possibly as an “I’m sorry” gift. Now another “mystery” woman is claiming she is sleeping with Nick and has proof but more so doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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(Video) Sports: Former UFC Star Says “If I Was Black I’d Be Dead” After Altercation With Police


Former UFC star Dave Herman was tased by police officers earlier this week as his wife and child looked on from their car. After police pulled them over he was tased after getting out of his car. Police said he drove about three miles before pulling over and then got out of the car in a hostile way, but his wife says they wanted to pull over in a more lit area compared to the dark road they were on and he only got out after stopping so cops with guns didn’t come near the car with his child in it. After being released from jail he is saying he is lucky to be alive and believes if he was black he wouldn’t even be here.

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(Video) NFL: This Is Hilarious!! 2015 Edition Of NFL Bad Lip Reading


Ahhh man, this is too funny. Check out some of your favorite NFL stars having their lips read during games this past season. You are definitely gonna watch certain parts more than once.

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