(Video) NBA: Shelly Sterling Praises Clippers New Owner, Right In Front Of Donald Sterling


I am still upset that Shelly Sterling got a pass last year when her husband and now former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, went on his racist tirade. She tried to play innocent and claims she didn’t think the same way but they have been married more than 30 years, I am sure she thinks somewhat along the same lines as Donald does. It was only about money for her. She now gets looked upon as some great Clippers fan and it is just a joke. She should of been expelled from the league the same way her hubby was just by association alone. Now she is out on the street praising new Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, while Donald just stands and listens. I’m sorry but she is so phony to me. I wonder how Donald felt after her comments when the camera turned off.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Puts His Money On Full Display


Is it even news anymore when Floyd shows off his money? It is such a common thing now that I wonder if it barely raises any eyebrow to see him counting out money. One thing is for sure though, anything that revolves around him is and will continue to be news for a long time. People love him, people hate him, but either way they are paying attention. Hit the jump.

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(Photo)NFL: Colin Kaepernick Addresses Cryptic Picture He Posted With Another Cryptic Post


What is going on with Colin Kaepernick? He seems to be a little more sensitive and emotional than most quarterback’s in the NFL. Alot of comments, even sometimes ones that are positive rub him the wrong way and have him in his feelings. After the 49ers beat the Saints last Sunday he was quick to post a picture with the caption “silence the haters”. That is fine but if he is referring to people hating because his team has completely underachieved this season then he needs to get a grip. If a team is terrible that is supposed to be much better, people are gonna speak on it. Today he addressed that same post with another post that doesn’t really answer what he was talking about, but gives you insight into how he thinks of the media and fans. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Joakim Noah Tells Media “Chill The F*** Out” While Defending Derrick Rose


Joakim Noah has had it with people in the media and some fans bashing Derrick Rose seemingly every chance they get. Joakim is doing what you are supposed to do by holding your boy down, but if he is being real he has to admit the injury bug Rose seems to attract brings the doubters. Earlier this week Rose caught some heat from the media when he made comments that sounded as if he really didn’t love the game, but Noah has a very specific message for everyone.

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(Photo) NBA: LMAO!! Shaq Wants To “Break The Internet” Kim K Style By Trolling Charles Barkley


Shaq and Charles Barkley have to be two of the most entertaining and funny guys in the sports world. They are way too funny together on the “NBA on TNT” and it seems the jokes between them never stop. At the moment though Shaq is winning big over the Chuckster after posting this hilarious meme of Charles with Kim Kardashian’s body. The pic may not break the internet how Shaq wanted but as far as funny it definitely holds up. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Jalen Rose Tells Rick Ross He Will Take His $100K Bet Between The Heat & Cavs!


Rick Ross needs to put his money where his mouth is, so says ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose. Earlier this week, Ross said he would bet $100,000 that the Miami Heat would finish better this season than the Cleveland Cavs. It is cool to support your team but this is a $100,000 that Ross may of just thrown out the window, but at least he got it to do it. Jalen Rose stepped up and called him out on the bet and said he will take it. No word back from the Boss yet, but if it goes through, you can expect Jalen to be $100K richer around late April!

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(Photos) NFL: It’s A Party! Jay Z Throwing Dez Bryant Huge Welcome To Roc Nation Party


If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan and live in the greater NY area, you might want to be at this party. Matter fact, forget just Cowboys fans, if you are just looking for an excuse to party this would be a good one. Jay-Z announced he is throwing a big party for Dez Bryant after signing to Roc Nation sports recently. The party will take place, you guessed it, at the 40/40 in New York City. It is this Saturday and the D’usse will be flowing heavy. I am sure that Cowboys officials aren’t thrilled with the idea of their big star partying in the biggest city but you don’t really fuzz with Jay about things like this. Check the Gallery

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(Video) NBA: Raptors Kyle Lowry Makes Andre Miller Crumble To The Floor With This Crossover


I respect Andre Miller for still being out there on the court hooping at the age of 38, but he looks all of his age on this play. Kyle Lowry hits him with a behind the back crossover that Miller can’t handle and hits the floor. Lowry using the pick from his big man definitely didn’t hurt but Miller would of went flying even without that.

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(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard’s Sidechick Puts His Mouth “Skills” On Blast!


One day athletes and celebs alike will learn to stop sending videos or pictures to irrelevant chicks that can come back to haunt you. Dwight Howard appears to have a sidechick who routinely gets suite seats to Rockets games and gifts from Howard. Something must of went wrong though because she posted a video that he sent her where he was trying to show her his tongue game, SMH! She probably still loses in the end though because I’m sure she is cut off after this stunt.

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(Video) NBA: Celtics Marcus Smart Leaves Court On Stretcher After Ugly Ankle Injury


Celtics rookie Marcus Smart was carted off the court a little while ago after a very painful looking ankle injury. As Smart went towards the basket during the Celtics game with the Pacers, his ankle took a ugly roll and was hard to watch. The fact that he couldn’t put any pressure on it and was serious enough to be carted off is not a good sign. Hopefully the outcome is not as bad as it looked.

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