(Video) NBA: Latvian Rappers Make Song About Knicks Rookie, Kristaps Porzingis


Although I have no clue what they are saying, Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis can still say he has a rap song made just about him. Some Latvian rappers named “Transleiteris”, made the song, which actually has a very catchy hook. It’s also the only part I can understand so maybe that’s why I’m saying that.

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NBA: Report, Rajon Rondo Signs One Year Deal With The Kings For $10 Million!


Reports indicated that Rajon Rondo just agreed to leave the Mavericks and sign a one year deal for $10 million dollars with the Sacramento Kings.

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(Video) NFL: Russell Wilson Says One Thing Needs To Happen For Him To Play Baseball


Russell Wilson isn’t ready yet to give up on a childhood dream of playing major league baseball. Although he has gained incredible fame from playing in the NFL with the Seahawks, he still wants to at least consider playing both sports. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night he revealed what would need to happen for him to get serious about it.

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Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Refers To Floyd Mayweather As The “Ex-Convict”


Manny Pacquiao is getting personal after Floyd Mayweather made a video, slapping a mannequin that he pretended was Manny. Pac man was quick to throw low blows in his response, making sure to refer to Floyd as the convict.

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NBA: Report, DeAndre Jordan Agrees To Four Year/$80 Million Dollar Deal With The Mavericks!


DeAndre Jordan is leaving Hollywood for the great state of Texas, after agreeing to a free agent deal with the Mavs which will pay him $80 million over four years. This move is really a shock to most, especially the Clippers!

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NBA: Cavs Coach David Blatt Compares Lebron To Moses & Guarantees Championship Next Season


David Blatt is feeling pretty bold these days. While giving a speech in Israel, Blatt made some head turning comments, like comparing his star player to Moses. Blatt went in deeper when he guaranteed the Cavs will win the title next year, because you know that nobody is going to let him forget it.

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MLB: Fan Agrees To Give A-Rod The Ball From His 3,000th Hit In Exchange For $150K Donation & More!


Alex Rodriguez is finally getting back his coveted 3,000th hit ball but it will cost the Yankees quite a bit. Not that it will be a problem because the Yanks are swimming in money, but Zack Hample agreed to return the ball in exchange for a $150,000 donation of his choice plus many more perks.

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NBA: Report, Knicks Agree On Four Year/$54 Million Dollar Deal With Robin Lopez


Free-agent center Robin Lopez has agreed in principle to a four-year, $54 million contract with the New York Knicks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

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NFL: Report, Cowboys Think Dez Bryant Is Bluffing About Missing Games, Believe He Has Money Problems


Dez Bryant continues to take the stand that he will sit out of Cowboys training camp over contract talks. Not only that, but he is also claiming to be willing to miss the week one matchup against the Giants, but the Cowboys reportedly think he is bluffing because he needs his game check due to money troubles.

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(Video) Sports: Lil Wayne Looks Like He Is Starting To Get Nice With The Skateboard


People use to crack jokes about Lil Wayne learning to skateboard but he wasn’t trying to hear it. Years have passed and he is still just as serious about is as ever and it’s looking like the practice has been paying off.

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