NBA: Phil Jackson Reveals The One Player He Regrets Not Trading For As Knicks President


Phil Jackson has made quite a few deals in his role as president of the New York Knicks. His tenure started off slowly as far as trades and moves were concerned but he more than made up for that with a very busy summer sixteen. Although some of his moves have resulted in landing players like Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, drafting Kristaps Porzingis and more, there is one move he didn’t make that still bothers him.

NBA: Thunder Coach Billy Donovan Admits He Didn’t Think Kevin Durant Would Return To OKC


While most of us generally expected Kevin Durant to return to the Thunder before shocking us all and signing with the Warriors instead, his now former coach was already thinking that’s what was going to happen. Not that he knew KD would pick the Warriors but in a recent podcast for The Vertical, Donovan did reveal that he didn’t share the same optimism that the rest of us had before Durant’s decision.

(Video) NBA: Riley Curry’s Playhouse Might Be Better Than Your Actual House


Kids love to play house and love the idea of having their own little “playhouse” but when you’re the daughter of Steph Curry and access to the money that comes with it, having a “little playhouse” just won’t do. Nope, you get to pull out all the stops and make adults wish they could hang out there as well. The Curry family was on “Playhouse Masters” a new show on the TLC network, where the crew got some ideas from Riley herself before going to work and having the big unveiling.

(Video) Sports: Lingerie Football League Game Ends In Bench Clearing Fight


Sure the Lingerie Football League changed their name to the Legends Football League a while ago but everyone still refers to the original name for obvious reasons. The women are still out there playing is basically lingerie and in this game one of the players in particular was not happy about the beat down her team was receiving. The Dallas Desire was losing their playoff game in blowout fashion to the Seattle Mist and Victoria Thomas wanted to go out on her own terms.

(Video) NFL: Josh Norman Was “Humbled” By Jay Z Shout Out On “I Got The Keys”


Josh Norman has his name mentioned in one of the hottest songs of the summer and he has Jay Z to thank for the humble feeling. Jay shouted Norman out on “I Got The Keys” and when he was asked about it he said he was blessed to have met Jay and has the utmost respect for him. Norman seemed to be playing it real cool for the camera as he signed autographs for fans at Redskins practice but I’m sure the first time he heard the record was quite a thrill.

(Video) NFL: Cowboys Upset With Ezekiel Elliott For His Trip To Weed Dispensary Before Game In Seattle


Ezekiel Elliot was in Seattle yesterday for a preseason game against the Seahawks. Prior to the game he decided to do some tourist related activities and eventually wound up at a marijuana dispensary called “Herban Legends”. He checked out some of the goods but numerous sources confirm he never bought or even attempted to buy any weed. Regardless of that, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not happy with his rookie running back at all.

Sports: Brazilian Police Finally Charge Ryan Lochte For Incident In Rio But It Won’t Mean Much


Ryan Lochte made an ass out of himself and his fellow U.S. swimming teammates after concocting a bizarre story about being robbed by men dressed as police in Rio to basically cover up their own drunken, stupid behavior. He made sure to get out of Brazil fast but his teammates weren’t so lucky, as three of them were forced to stay an extra few days, and one of them had to pay almost $11,000 to leave the country. Lochte had not been charged with a crime until yesterday but unfortunately for the authorities in Rio, they will likely never get the chance to punish him.

NBA: Petition Started To Change Name Of Durant, Oklahoma To Westbrook


This may sound like a joke but some residents of the state of Oklahoma are not ready to let go of the hurt and betrayal they feel Kevin Durant is responsible for. There is town in Oklahoma named “Durant” and apparently the constant reminder is too painful to bear for them. An online petition has been started to change the name of the town from “Durant” to “Westbrook” in honor of the hero they feel is loyal.

(Video) NBA: Carmelo Decides He Doesn’t Need Clothes, Hits The Bodega In Personalized Robe Instead


When you win three Gold medals you can do whatever you want, just ask Carmelo Anthony. He’s back home in New York after putting in that work in Rio, helping lead Team USA to another Gold on the court. He absolutely earned the right to relax for a bit and that chill swag was on full display last night at a bodega near his home. Lala had him on her Snapchat last night showing he didn’t even bother to get dressed to go outside to the store, instead opting for his “Melo” robe. Lala starts to have jokes on him until he got a little aggressive with his responses and she had to check him. All in good fun. Everything about these videos is great.

(Video) Sports: Brock Lesnar Warns Conor McGregor He Needs To Stop Talking About Him & WWE


Brock Lesnar is one big man and Conor McGregor seems to have really pissed him off. Over the past weeks and months, McGregor has verbally assaulted the WWE and some of its biggest stars and none of it seems staged. With his fight tonight against Nate Diaz, Conor has been more focused on that but that didn’t stop Lesnar from making it clear how he feels about him when asked by Sam Roberts.

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