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The social media age has made some things that were pretty much once impossible into very manageable tasks. Case in point would be how many different high school kids around the country each year use twitter to reach out to celebrities or athletes in hopes of having a famous prom date. Sometimes the celebrity won’t respond but sometimes they will and add some type of stipulation like “get a 1,000 retweets of this and I will go.” Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell, was recently asked to prom by a girl at a high school in Wisconsin. Bell told the girl if she got 600 retweets, then he would attend. She made it happen and he held up his end of the deal and accepted. The excitement of the young lady was short lived however, as her high school shut down the entire idea.

That was the tweet Bell sent on March 11th, when the young girl, Ava Tarantino, reached the amount of retweets that Bell said she needed.

Once the administration at Waukesha West learned of what was going on, they said Bell can not attend.

They had two reasons for why he is not allowed to be in attendance. Number one, he is too old. The school refuses to let anyone over the age of 19 into the prom, regardless of celebrity status or innocent social media date.

Secondly, Bell won’t be allowed because of his arrest record. He has a DUI and marijuana possession arrest on his record and the school doesn’t let in who has been involved in drug or alcohol related incidents.

“You can Google Mr. Bell,” district spokeswoman Terry Schuster said.

Bell is still being a cool guy about all of this and will show up anyway, he just won’t go inside.

“He said he’s coming for sure,” Tarantino said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m so excited.”

Bell said he plans on bringing his mother and girlfriend.

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