(Video) NBA: Warriors Superfan & Viral Sensation Roni Rose Got Engaged At The Warriors/Lakers Game


Roni Rose became a viral sensation during last year’s NBA season as the Golden State Warriors superfan was caught on camera appearing to give Steph Curry a very lusty look. Since Roni is a very attractive woman, it didn’t take long before she gained a couple hundred thousand followers on Instagram as everyone wanted to know who was the woman at the Warriors game throwing those looks to the players. Most people thought she was a run of the mill groupie who found some fame but Roni is actually a very serious fan of the team. She’s such a big fan in fact that the guy she has been dating decided to propose to her this week at the Warriors game against the Lakers and she said yes!

(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith Talks Forgiveness As He Shares Story Of Car Crash That Left His Best Friend Dead


J.R. Smith has alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. His career and personal life are at all time highs as he is part of the reigning NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers and got married during the off season and his expecting a child with his wife. This is all a far cry from his time with the Knicks and before when he seemed all over the place mentally. Many people talked down on him but for this Thanksgiving he is thankful for the power of forgiveness to not only forgive those who talked about him but to also finally forgive himself for his role in a car crash that took the life of his best friend, Andre Bell.

(Video) NFL: Colts Punter Pat McAfee Fools The Steelers With A Fake Punt Then Does The McGregor Walk


Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee made one of the biggest plays of his life in the NFL last night and he wasn’t shy about letting the Pittsburgh Steelers know about it. The colts were ready to punt after the Steelers defense shut them down. McAfee took the snap and looked like he was taking a long time to punt the ball and then we found out why. He faked the punt and connected downfield with the tight end for a 21 yard play that resulted in a first down for the Colts. He then unleashed his inner Conor McGregor.

(Video) NFL: Bills Fan Who Threw Dildo On The Field Gets Banned For Life


Earlier this month the Buffalo Bills lost a game at home to the New England Patriots. One of the most entertaining parts of the day had nothing to do with the game itself. In the third quarter, with the Patriots close to scoring again, some fan randomly threw a dildo onto the field of all things. While it was funny at the time, people pointed out after the fact that someone could’ve hurt their ankle or knee if they stepped on it because it happened during a live play. Now, the fan who threw it will never get to experience the feeling of being at a game again as he has been banned for life.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Admits The Heat Weren’t Even His Second Choice In Free Agency


Much was made over the summer about how Dwyane Wade decided to sign a two year deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls rather than stay in Miami where he played his entire career to that point. There seemed (and still seems) like there were plenty of hurt feelings and egos involved between Wade and Pat Riley and while it may appear that his heart was still in Miami, Wade claims they weren’t even his second choice if he didn’t wind up signing with the Bulls.

(Video) NFL: Dez Bryant Calls Josh Norman A Liar After He Claims Dez Talked About “Unloading The Clip”


Dez Bryant and Josh Norman were battling on the field yesterday but their biggest fight may have happened after the game. The Cowboys beat the Redskins 31-26 in what became a hotly contested game late in the fourth quarter. Bryant & Norman were going at it the same way Norman usually does with Odell Beckham except this felt even more serious. Immediately after the game, Dez jumped on twitter and started going in on Norman and that was after he stopped and told reporters the “Redskins better get their money back”.

(Video) NCAA: At Age 55, Joe Thomas Sr Just Became The Oldest Major College Football Player Ever


Joe Thomas Sr made a promise to himself a few years ago. Joe was running a construction company in South Carolina that had it’s own training facility but the recession that came in 2008 completely wiped out his business. He decided to go back to college and get his degree and also follow through with reviving an athletic career.

NFL: Lions DeAndre Levy Speaks On Being “Proud” For Breaking “Dirtbag” Joe Paterno’s Leg In College


Detroit Lions linebacker, DeAndre Levy is quite the character. He is known to be outspoken and never bite his tongue but that doesn’t always mean he is stirring things up. This is the same guy who donated $30,000 recently to help fund untested rape kits, with the hopes of helping rape victims get justice. He also is the same guy who walked on the wings of a small plane while it was flying thousands of feet above the earth. He also isn’t scared to call out the NFL over their handling of head injuries and more. His newest remarks will probably make sense to some people but will likely enrage Penn State University alumni and supporters.

(Photo) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Treats 150 Kids To A Screening Of Disney’s “Moana”


DeMarcus Cousins is constantly getting a bad rap for his attitude but there is always much more to a person other than what you see on television. Cousins does plenty of things off the court that would make him appear like a teddy bear instead of the rough dude you see during the game and taking 150 kids to the movies is exactly the type of thing I’m referring too.

NBA: Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Reaches Agreement With The League Over Lawsuit


Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was famously removed from ownership after his racist rant went viral thanks to a young lady looking for her own come up, has finally come to the end of the road in his lawsuit against the NBA. He had filed the suit after he was removed as owner and saw his team get sold for $2 billion dollars to Steve Ballmer, saying the league and other people conspired to get him out. Here we are a few years later and it’s just now a closed issue.

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