(Photo)NBA: Celtics Rookie Marcus Smart Buys Parents A Mini-Mansion


It has to be one of the best feelings to be able to financially provide for the same people who took care of you and that is what Marcus Smart is doing. Before he spends any of his new found wealth on unnecessary things Smart took care of home, buying a mini mansion for his parents just outside of Dallas. Marcus said ‘She picked out an awesome place. It’s incredible. I love it, so she did a good job. It was crazy. I looked at my mom and she was smiling from ear to ear. And my dad. And I just felt proud. It’s probably one of the biggest accomplishments as a young man, is to give your mom what she always wanted. And to take care of her, especially after she takes care of you all those years. And to make her happy. It’s a blessing. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be able to do something like that”. Hit the jump to see the pics.

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(Video) NBA: Andrew Wiggins Adidas Commercial Clowns Trade From Cavs


Andrew Wiggins is off to a decent start in his NBA career and his off the court success is getting going as well. Adidas dropped their first commercial with Wiggins for the NBA swingman jerseys and they take a little jab at the how the trade from Cleveland worked out. It’s good to see he can have fun with it. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) NBA: Former NBA All-Star Thinks Lebron Should Ditch Kyrie For Which Point Guard?


It is still early in the NBA season, but as you might expect people are already jumping to conclusions that they are going to feel totally different about in another month. The Cavs specifically have been the target of harsh criticism due to the big 3 of Lebron, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love getting off to a slow start with a record of 1-3. Not to mention the locker room drama of a disagreement between Bron & Kyrie and it is easy to see why fans could exaggerate the demise of the team so soon. Former all-star Tracy McGrady has apparently already seen enough and tweeted he thinks Lebron needs to work the Cavs for a trade to ditch Kyrie for another current all star point guard. Hit the jump to see.

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(Photos) NBA: LOL, Denver Nuggets Troll Lebron, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love Before Tonight’s Game


Whoever is running the Denver Nuggets twitted account needs a pat on the back after this troll job they did on Lebron and the rest of the big 3 from Cleveland. The Nuggets host the Cavs tonight and it is no secret Lebron is good for business even for opposing teams. Fans come out to watch Lebron but the Nuggets account wanted to make sure fans knew who the real important players for the Cavs are. It is actually pretty funny. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Problems In OKC? Serge Ibaka & Kendrick Perkins Admit To Doing What?


Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins strike me as two dudes who you don’t want to upset. With Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook both out with injury there is already enough stress around the team. A report is saying there is some negative things happening beneath the surface as well and it is affecting the locker room. Ibaka & Perkins decided to “freeze” point guard Reggie Jackson out of the game by not passing him the ball after both big men became upset with his play.

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(Live Stream) Boxing: Watch The #HopkinsKovalev Weigh-In At 3PM Ahead Of Their Fight Saturday On HBO


Watch the Bernard Hopkins/Sergey Kovalev weigh in live here on #IFWT at 3pm. The unification title bout will take place Saturday, November 8th at 8pm only on HBO.

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(Photos) Sports: Serena Williams Has A Good Reason For Not Running NYC Marathon, It Has To Do With Her A**


Serena Williams is definitely dragging a whole lot of wagon behind her and according to her that is why she choose not to run the NYC marathon with her friend. Serena took to twitter this morning to do an “Ask me anything” type thing and someone asked her about not running. Her answers was simple, “my ass is too big”. I am sure it would get tiring having to drag that big booty 26 miles through the streets of New York. She also said she is desperate to have children and is currently single, “but not by choice”. Interesting, but in the mean time check out the pics of her and you will understand why she didn’t run.

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(Video) NFL: Sports Fans Go In On Big Sean For His “IDFWU” Video


Sports fans borderline on being fanatics sometimes and this is one of those cases. Fans like that are very anal about things and they are calling out Big Sean for being a fake a** football fan. Why you may ask? They are ripping him for his video for “IDFWU” which football plays a major role in the video. They are attacking him for such irrelevant things like what jersey number he and others are wearing and in real life players who play that position wouldn’t wear those numbers. I guess they forgot it is just a video but they go hard.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Charles Barkley Says He Isn’t Eating Until Lakers Win, Then Immediately Regrets It


This was actually pretty funny. Last night Chuck said he will begin fasting until the Lakers win their first game of the season. The Lakers face the Hornets, Grizzlies, Pelicans, Spurs, Warriors, Hawks, Rockets, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Grizzlies between now and Thanksgiving. Charles may not eat again until his family sits down for that turkey. The Lakers are 0-5 and just look absolutely “turrible” in the words of Charles. He has stuck with things in the past that seemed funny so let’s see how long he tries to do this. Soon as he said it he immediately wished he didn’t.

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MLB: Say What? Alex Rodriguez’s Cousin Says He Urinated On His House, Calls Him The Devil!


File this under “WTF”! Alex Rodriguez urinated on a wall of his cousin Yuri Sucart’s home to send a message and mark his territory, the cousin’s wife Carmen told the Daily News in an explosive interview at the couple’s Miami home. Yuri in case you forgot is the man accused of being the middle man for A-Rod and biogenesis lab founder, Anthony Bosch. According to her Rodriguez is a terrible man who treated her husband like dirt and made threats to make him continue being part of the scam.

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