NFL: SMH, Cops Arrest Group Who Made Thousands Of Dollars From Selling Fake Patriots Playoff Tickets


Damn, funny thing is if they weren’t greedy they may of gotten away with it. A trio of young men from New York are sitting in jail tonight in the Boston area after getting caught selling fake playoff tickets to this weekends AFC championship game between the Patriots and Colts. A fan called police after he bought a few tickets and just felt something was off.

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NFL: Did Golden Tate Really Bang Russell Wilson’s Ex-Wife, Causing Divorce? He Addresses The Rumors


During last season’s Super Bowl run, the Seattle Seahawks seemed like such a unified family, and that was part of the reason they came together and got a championship. Wasn’t long after however that we started hearing things in the locker room weren’t all too friendly. A rumor started around April that Russell Wilson divorced his wife in part because she may of slept with a teammate, Golden Tate, whom when he decided to leave Seattle and sign with Detroit, made the situation even more suspicious. He claims though the rumors are false.

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(Photos) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Is Gonna Rock These Sick $1,000 All Gold Cleats For NFC Championship


Money means nothing to Marshawn Lynch if it means it will keep him looking clean on the field, as he dropped over a thousand dollars for these custom, all gold cleats. The cleats were hand made by shoe-customizing guru Solesbysir and feature 24K gold flake paint with a RIDICULOUS gold chrome plate at the bottom with a final value $1,100 bucks. Lynch wanted them for the Super Bowl but they said once he saw them he just had to wear them this Sunday against the Packers.

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(Video) NBA: Hakeem Olajuwon Says It’s Not Even Close When Comparing Jordan & Lebron


When a hall of famer like Hakeem Olajuwon weighs in on a basketball related topic, his opinion counts more than most. He did everything you could ever wanna do in an NBA career and he did it at a time where the league was tougher and reaching new heights. He played against Jordan in his prime so he gets asked alot about his game and in this instance the reporter asked about the familiar comparison of MJ to Lebron and the Dream was very matter of fact with his answer, while still showing respect to Lebron. Remember, he has spent one on one time training Lebron on some moves and he has a good idea of what Bron brings to the table.

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(18+Video&Photo) NCAA: Porn Star Wants Braxton Miller To See Why He Should Transfer To Florida State


Well, well! Braxton Miller could literally have his choice of schools if he decides to leave Ohio State, but a certain porn star REALLY wants him to come to Florida State. Braxton watched his Buckeyes win the championship without him as he missed the season with injury and it doesn’t appear as if the starting job will be his again. Since he has Heisman caliber talent it only makes sense to look to transfer and star somewhere else. I don’t know about Braxton, but Mia Khalifa could convince me pretty easily!

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(Video) NBA: Six Months After Brutal Injury, Paul George Is Dunking With Ease


It still feels like yesterday watching Paul George break his leg in a very gruesome way during team USA’s exhibition game in Las Vegas. When it happened everyone wondered would he even play again and if he did, would he be the same after the physical and mental pain that comes with a career threatening injury. Here we are however only six months later and I am happy to see Paul looking healthy and getting ready to return. He seems to have his bounce back as he is throwing down dunks with no problem. The Pacers for sure can’t wait to get him back.

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(Video) NBA: Doc Rivers Says No Special Treatment For His Son Austin After Being Traded To Clippers


This might be the toughest coaching job of Doc Rivers career. Not because his team is bad, but now his son Austin Rivers will be playing for him after a trade, making him the first player in NBA history to play for his own father as coach. Rivers will likely not play much but there is a pressure here that most of us can’t feel because at the end of the day it seems Doc is trying to save his son’s young career after not adjusting well to the NBA and it could be tough to separate coaching feelings from father feelings. Doc is the ultimate professional but still, family is life.

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NFL: Report, Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Might Take Deal & Fully Testify Against Him!


This could be the game changer prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial were looking for. Although it at least seems there is alot of evidence against Hernandez in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, many legal “experts” say most of it is circumstantial, giving Hernandez a slight dream that he might beat the charges. There are reports now however that all of those dreams may crash down on him as his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins seems to be working on a private deal with prosecutors that would allow her to skip jail time on her perjury charge, which means should would flip and testify against her man!

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(Video) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Won’t Stop! Keeps The Pressure On Floyd To Make The Fight Happen


Will someone PLEASE shut these two guys up until they actually fight! Manny was out in NYC today and of course the question of Floyd came up with the only words he had for Floyd being “Sign the contract”. I just pray all this back and forth leads to an unforgettable fight because if the war of words turns out to be more riveting than the actual fight (if it ever happens) fans are gonna be upset!! Floyd listen to Manny, sign the contract!

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(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Has To Sleep On The Couch After Rumors Of Him Cheating On Iggy With Mystery Woman


The media has swaggy all messed up right now! After some sneaky photographer snagged some pics of Nick Young with a sexy mystery woman, the rumors started immediately about him trying to creep behind Iggy’s back, especially with the way he was very close with the woman in the pics. It could of been anything, nobody really knows, but apparently Nick is sleeping on the couch now cause Iggy isn’t happy with him! Hopefully there is some sarcasm there and this isn’t a big deal. Hopefully for Nick I should say!

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