NFL: Ex-Fiance Of Laveranues Coles Fires Back, Calls Him A**hole & Liar About $240K Ring


Well it didn’t take long for the ex-fiance of former Jets player Laveranues Coles to clap back at his allegations over her keeping a $240K engagement ring after he called it off because she was interested in someone else. Earlier it was reported Coles took his fight to the courtroom to sue Kenda Fairchild to get the ring back because they weren’t with each other for that long when he discovered she was interested in another guy. She claims that is total crap.

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Loses His Appeal For Indefinite Suspension, Must Wait Till Next year


Adrian Peterson had his appeal for his indefinite suspension and to get back on the field this season denied just a short time ago by the independent arbitrator that was listening to both sides. In upholding the NFL’s initial ruling that Peterson violated the league’s personal conduct policy with his child abuse charges, Harold Henderson concluded that Peterson “has not demonstrated that the process and procedures surrounding his discipline were not fair and consistent.” Wrote Henderson: “He was afforded all the protections and rights to which he is entitled, and I find no basis to vacate or reduce the discipline.” Peterson is now expected to appeal one more time at the federal level. With today’s ruling, he would have to wait until at least April 15th, 2015 to be reinstated.

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NFL: Former Jets Receiver Suing Ex-Fiance To Get Back $240K Engagement Ring


Former NFL receiver Laveranues Coles, who played for the Jets, Redskins & Bengals and was pretty decent at one point, is now playing a different type of game off the field. He has been going back and forth with his ex-fiance about getting the engagement ring back that costs more than the average American will make in 5-6 years. Now the game is being played out in the courts.

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(Video) NBA: James Harden Drops Ben McLemore On His A** After Killer Crossover


I hate giving James Harden credit sometimes because he is such a HORRIBLE defensive player and I feel if you wanna be talked about as one of the best, then your overall game needs to match that. But there is no denying Harden is a scoring monster and his handle is one of the best in the NBA. His latest victim was Kings Ben McLemore last night and he hit Ben with a crossover and step back that sent the young McLemore crashing to the floor. If Harden would just put the same pride in his defense now!

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Denies Any Talk Of Waiving No-Trade Clause


I don’t know Knicks fans, what you guys think? You think Melo is being sincere about never discussing his no-trade clause? Or is he trying to save face with New Yorkers because the news leaked out. A report from earlier today said sources close to Melo were adamant he was open to waiving his no-trade clause if Phil Jackson could find a trade he would like to be apart of. Now Carmelo is saying not so fast, denying he has ever talked about it, but at least personally that is hard for me to believe.

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(Photos) NBA: Charmin Hilariously Responds To Kobe Calling Lakers Team “Charmin Soft”


Charmin toilet paper is taking full advantage of a little free extra advertising, courtesy of Kobe Bryant. By now everyone has seen the clips of Kobe going off on his teammates in practice, cursing them out. Prior to that he had said “You m—–f—— are soft like Charmin in this m—–f—–. God damn, is this the type of s— that’s going on in these practices? Now I see why we’ve lost 20 f—ing games. We’re soft like Charmin. We’re soft like s—.” So with that said Charmin responded via twitter to remind everyone when is a good time to be Charmin soft, and when is a bad time. Hit the jump.

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NFL: President Obama Rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Over Domestic Violence


I am personally so happy that Roger Goodell is facing such a negative backlash of his handling of the Ray Rice incident and how it has become public. Goodell has always been very suspect when it comes to handing down discipline for players and even fans alike have complained very loudly about the conflict of interest because Goodell not only hands out the punishments, he was responsible for appeals as well. Due to his big mess up in this situation, the most powerful person in the country is now getting on his a** and he deserves it!

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NFL: Former Saints Player Darren Sharper Indicted For Rape In New Orleans!


Former NFL safety Darren Sharper was officially indicted for rape in New Orleans, which stems from an alleged incident involving two women in 2013. He was indicted on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of simple rape. Police believe two other men were involved in the rape as well. Sharper’s alleged accomplice, Erik Nunez, was indicted on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of obstruction of justice. A Sheriff’s deputy has also been tied to the incident, Brandon Licciardi who was indicted on three counts of human trafficking and obstruction of justice. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Sharper who is currently locked up in Los Angeles on rape allegations there and he also is facing rape accusations in Arizona! If all of these are true this guy needs to never see the light of day as a free man again.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Yells At Jeremy Lamb, “Give Me The F***ing Ball”


Kevin Durant is still trying to work his way into basketball shape and get the feel of the game again after missing the first month of the season with a foot injury. So it is only right that he wants to get the ball alot and get involved more heavily in the offense, which would be for the benefit of everyone on OKC. Even when not at 100%, if you see an inferior defender on KD you better make sure you pass him the ball and when you don’t KD might not be so nice. Jeremy Lamb found out last night as Durant cursed at him when Lamb looked away from him and passed the ball to someone else.

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NBA: Seriously? Disgraced Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Wants To Be Santa In The “Hood”


At first glance, this story seems so phony, but in the end there is a silver lining. Donald Sterling, the former Clippers owner who was banned from the NBA for being a racist fool after his rant was recorded and went viral, contacted Youth Mentoring Kids, an organization putting together a Christmas for underprivileged kids in Watts, CA. The charity event is called “Party in the Projects” and will take place this Saturday. Now is it an obvious attempt by Sterling to shake that racist title by offering to be Santa in a mostly black neighborhood? Most likely yes, but in the end many kids who would likely get very little for Christmas will benefit the most from Sterling’s attendance so at least we can look at the bright side of that.

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