(Video) NBA: Someone Stop Him! Charles Barkley Uses Racial Stereotype To Explain Why Analytics Isn’t Real

IFWT_Barkley (2)

I’m starting to believe people are setting Charles Barkley up to keep talking about analytics just to hear him do it. It’s obvious Chuck doesn’t get it, and that is totally fine, everyone can have their own opinion on it, but when he talks about it he makes himself sound like a fool and I don’t think he realizes it. Watch what he uses as a comparison when Ernie Johnson asks him. You can even tell Shaq and Kenny are laughing more at him than with him. Can we please stop asking him what he thinks about analytics?

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Boxing: Winner Of Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight To Get New Belt Worth Millions Of Dollars


It makes sense that there would be a new belt created for the winner of such a highly anticipated fight. The money alone that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are going to draw with the fight is going to be astronomical so why not spend some on a new belt. Not too mention the winner would be unifying three different belts as is so it should be turned into one mega belt.

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NFL: Report, Dez Bryant Was Questioned By Police In Wal-Mart Incident In 2011, But Was Not Arrested


Well yesterday came and went without the alleged video involving Dez Bryant doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice” being released to the public. However, things got serious this week when ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a very respected and credible sports reporter, said that there is in fact a tape, although he said he had not seen the contents with his own eyes. He said he had been working on the story quietly since September, and for a guy like Schefter to admit the tape does exist, well that carries alot of weight.

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(Video) NASCAR: Driver Travis Kvapil Has His Race Car & Trailer Stolen From Hotel


Team Xtreme Racing on Friday was forced to withdraw the No. 44 Chevrolet from Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway after its only available vehicle was stolen from a Drury Inn parking lot in Murrow early in the morning. Driver Travis Kvapil was going to be behind the wheel for qualifying this morning. Team Xtreme is a small independent team and unfortunately they don’t have a back up car at this point. A small glimmer of hope for the team was that the theft was caught by hotel security cameras.

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(Video) NFL: Rick Ross Wants The Dolphins To Know He Is Serious About Being An Owner


Rick Ross is still saying he is hopeful to be apart of the Miami Dolphins in an ownership role if they will have him. Ross had previously said he had a meeting with the Dolphins last year just to speak on his interest, but so far nothing. This week while in NYC, he restated his desire to get involved, saying he just needs 5%. The Dolphins obviously have the final say in all of this, but funny thing is they denied ever meeting with Ross last year, so what is it? Regardless the Boss wants in.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Wouldn’t Want This Fight! Mike Tyson Says He Wished He Could Fight Mayweather


I know Floyd Mayweather is one of the best of all time and has an undefeated record, but I don’t think he would have ever wanted to jeopardize that by getting into the ring with Mike Tyson. This week Iron Mike said he wishes he and Floyd could have been in the same weight class at the same time during his career and there is no doubt he wanted to know him out. Floyd is confident, but he isn’t crazy. Tyson also goes on to say who he thinks is the best ever period and why he doesn’t think he could beat him.

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NCAA: Former Louisville Star Chris Jones Arrested, Charged With Rape & Sodomy


Former Louisville Cardinals guard Chris Jones has been charged with raping one woman and sodomizing another and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported Thursday morning. According to the Courier-Journal, one of Jones’ alleged victims was a 19-year-old woman and the other was 20.

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(Photos) Sports: Gold & White Or Black & Blue? Color Of Dress Sends Sports World Into A Frenzy


These are the times we live in. Arguing about the color of a dress on social media and EVERYONE getting sucked into it. Rather you thought the dress was gold & white, or blue & black, you likely were voicing your opinion via twitter, Instagram or some other platform. People were literally going crazy and wondering why it was even changing colors in front of their eyes. The sports world was no different as numerous players and teams jumped in the fun to debate what color it was. For the record ladies and gentlemen, the dress was White & Gold! Check the gallery.

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(Video) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Records New Song For His Entrance Music For Fight With Floyd


Manny Pacquiao is too funny sometimes, even when he isn’t trying. Manny can’t sing for shit, and recently said he was giving it up. It appears though he has new inspiration now that his fight with Floyd Mayweather is official. Pacman has gone ahead and jumped back in a studio, this time to create his own song for his entrance music for the May 2nd fight. This is so conceited that it’s hilarious. I guess he figures he if is going to walk out to music anyway it might as well be his own. Pacquaio laid down the vocals for “Lalaban Ako Para sa Pilipino” … which we’re told translates to “I Fight for Filipinos.”

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NBA: Report, Derrick Rose Could Return Much Sooner Than Expected?


When it was reported earlier this week that Derrick Rose was going to need another procedure on his right knee we all likely had the same reaction…it’s over for him! Not only just him, but over for the Bulls as far as this season is concerned as well. Rose has shown in the past he at times is not mentally tough, which is even more important when it comes to injuries. The good news in this case is now that a few days have passed, more info has become available and Rose’s injury may not be so bad after all and could lead to him returning during the regular season.

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