(Video) NFL: Cam Newton Shows Up With An Ice Cream Truck To Party Of Young Boy Battling Cancer


I dare you to find a reason to dislike Cam Newton after you read this story. Ten year old Elijah Hughes loves Halloween but he is fighting a tough battle with cancer. His fight is so tough in fact, that doctors aren’t sure he would make it to this coming Halloween so his neighborhood in Concord, North Carolina decided to throw a Halloween block party in his honor where he was dressed as The Joker. Cam heard about what was going on and showed up on his own with an ice cream truck and brownies.

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(Videos) NCAA: If You’re A Fan Of College Football Then Showtime’s “Season With Notre Dame” Is A Must Watch!


If you aren’t a big fan of college football then believe me you are missing out. The atmosphere at these games is unmatched by any sporting event in the country. If you think NFL fans are rowdy and passionate, then go to a game on one of the big campuses like Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama and so on and see how much more of an experience it is. With college game in full swing now, Notre Dame has a great special on Showtime that follows them along as they prepare each week during the season.

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(Photos) NBA: Klay Thompson On Not Being Drafted By The Bucks: “I Thank God Everyday”


Klay Thompson came VERY close to being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2011 and I think it’s safe to say everyone knows his career would likely not being going so well if that had happened. The Bucks had the pick right before the Warriors and wanted a shooter. Not long before they were going to make their pick, they got involved in a three team trade and wound up passing on Klay and he couldn’t be happier they did.

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(Photos) NBA: Paul Pierce Takes Slight Jab At Kobe Bryant & Twitter Let’s Him Know He Better Chill


People are way too sensitive! Paul Pierce was feeling the wrath of Kobe stans on twitter after he took somewhat of a playful shot at the Black Mamba.

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(Videos) Sports: The Secret Tapes Of The O.J. Simpson Murder Case Are Intense And Will Shock You!


Next week, The Lifetime Movie Network will premier “The Secret Case Of The OJ Case: The Untold Story” and it already looks like one of the best things to watch this year. Last night, ABC’s “20/20” aired a segment about the documentary and it really will have you looking at the case in a way you never did before.

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(Photos) NFL: Tom Brady’s Supermodel Wife, Gisele Bundchen, Is Selling Book With Her Nudes For $700 Each!


Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian supermodel wife of Tom Brady, is releasing a book, but this isn’t just any book. This book will include her nudes, showing EVERYTHING!! You might think her hubby would take issue with it but it is actually for a good cause.

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Boxing: Woman Claims Floyd Mayweather & His Entourage Acted Crazy At Screening Of “Black Mass”


Another day, another story involving Floyd Mayweather and some controversy. A woman is claiming that Floyd and The Money Team came into her movie theater job in Los Angeles and straight acted a fool, being disrespectful and demanding the movie theater re-start the movie “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp, just because Floyd ran late.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Unveil New OKC Alternate Jerseys For This Season


The Oklahoma City Thunder’s team icon already doesn’t make much sense seeing as they are the “Thunder” but their design is just a lazy basketball with patterns around it. Not to be outdone, their new alternate jerseys for the 2015-16 season almost don’t make as much sense. The players showed them off today and they look closer to Knicks jerseys than OKC colors. The best thing about these pics might be the Jordan’s Russell is wearing. What you guys think?

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(Photos) NFL: Chris Rock Calls Out The Redskins For Racism With Their Treatment Of RG3


Everyone has an opinion of the situation between the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III. It’s sketchy to say the least and most people with a brain know the most talented quarterback on that roster is still RG3. Kirk Cousins might be the starter but he clearly isn’t bringing hope to DC. Many people would agree that the way the Redskins have treated Griffin is unprofessional and personal and one of those people is Chris Rock.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Wished Michael Jordan Just Stayed Retired After 1998 Finals


I think everyone will agree with Phil Jackson on this one. Although Michael Jordan still played at a high level and was by far the best player on the Wizards when he came back in 2001, it obviously didn’t compare to the rest of his famed career. It’s hard to even see pictures of MJ in a Wizards jersey because you always want to relate the GOAT to one team. His former coach, Phil Jackson, shared his thoughts on MJ returning for a second time after calling it quits again in 1998.

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