NBA: Our Own @IamJoeSports Talked With @CP3 & @KarlTowns At The State Farm/NBA Cares Event In NYC


Chris Paul loves the kids and has constantly gone out of his way to give back to the younger generation and have an impact on them the best way he can. Yesterday, Chris, along with his Chris Paul Family Foundation, State Farm and NBA Cares, held an event at the Educational Alliance Boys & Girls Club’s Edgies Clubhouse in New York City where they unveiled a state of the art mobile teen learning center. This was all part of the State Farm Assists Tracker, which provided $5 for every assist made league wide during the 2015-16 season to help renovate select Boys & Girls clubs across the country. We were invited to the event and had a chance to sit down with both Chris Paul & Minnesota Timberwolves rookie of the year, Karl Anthony Towns.

(Video) NBA: Steph Curry On Ayesha’s Tweets “I Might Have To Cut The Wi-Fi Off At The House”


During the last pregame press conference of the year before the Finals conclude tomorrow, Steph Curry was asked about if anything distracts him. You knew someone would ask that type of question in light of the social media drama his wife, Ayesha stirred up over the past 48 hours. Steph was clear that nothing gets to him and he did mention that he and Ayesha had a talk and handled the situation but he might have to find ways to prevent her from doing it again.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Pride Night Raised More Than $300,000 For Victims Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting


The Tampa Bay Rays play their home games about an hour northwest of Orlando but they stepped up in a big way for victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. The team hosted a “pride night” last night and sold tickets for $5 with 100% of the proceeds to go to the victims fund. By the end of the night they had raised well over $300,000 to help as much as they could.

(Photos) NBA: Here Is The Con Artist That Cavs Security Confused Ayesha Curry’s Father For


Ayesha Curry’s father really did almost have a major problem outside of the Cleveland Cavaliers arena, it just wasn’t for the reason she made it seem. Ayesha, who was still trying to find a way to maybe get sympathy for herself after she put her foot in her mouth with her tweet about the NBA being rigged, apologized for that message but then blamed it on being emotional over the fact her father was racially profiled by security and almost arrested. The whole racial profiling was a lie as it has become clear race had nothing to do with anything. Security was not sure if Ayesha’s father really who he said he was since they thought he was a man named David Aminzadeh, who has been sneaking into high profile sporting events for years with fake media credentials.

(Photos) NBA: Move Over Steph Curry, The Internet Is Now Roasting Andrew Wiggins’ Sneakers


Adidas has been having a great run lately with their Yeezy collection as well as the NMD’s that are currently selling and reselling like crazy. However, someone in their design department fell asleep at the wheel because the sneakers they made for Andrew Wiggins to wear next season look like they are made for a day of hiking trails and rock climbing rather than playing basketball. They are pretty hideous to look at, which would explain all the jokes just killing them. Steph Curry and Under Armour are probably the most excited to see these since it will get the heat off them for releasing those “Chef Curry 2” lows. Check the gallery!

NBA: Someone Paid Almost $100,000 To Sit Courtside For Game Seven Of The NBA Finals


Anyone who is a big fan of basketball wishes they could be in attendance for game seven of an NBA Finals series. The drama and the atmosphere would be worth the price of the ticket alone and there is at least one fan out there who thinks that price is worth the same as a small home. Someone dropped $99,000 on two tickets for the finale between the Cavs and Warriors.

(Photos) NBA: People Apparently Believe Three Year Old Riley Curry Has A Twitter Account


The world knows Riley Curry as the adorable daughter of Steph & Ayesha Curry, who likes to take over press conferences and charm her way into our hearts. But what if I told you Riley Curry on twitter is not the loveable little princess but is in fact a 29 year old man from Nashville, Tennessee.

NBA: Report, Knicks Having Discussions About Trading For Derrick Rose


New Knicks coach, Jeff Hornacek, said he wanted to upgrade the point guard position this summer and the team sounds like they’re trying to swing for the fences and make a blockbuster deal. According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, the Knicks have been having discussions about making a deal to trade for Derrick Rose.

NBA: Poem That Michael Jordan Wrote To His Elementary Crush Is Now Up For Auction


Michael Jordan loved to talk when he was a player but he was practicing his way with words many years before he ever became the GOAT. Jordan wrote a poem to his elementary school crush back in the day and now in 2016 you can own it via auction.

(Photo) NBA: Stephen A Smith Addresses Ayesha Curry’s Tweets & She Responds To Him


Apparently Ayesha Curry didn’t learn much from last night and her twitter fingers are still going. She must’ve been watching “First Take” on ESPN this morning because she was quick to respond to comments that Stephen A Smith made in regards to her actions compared to those of Lebron’s wife, Savannah. Mrs. Curry did not appreciate what Smith was saying and she let him know about it.

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