(Photos) NBA: What The Hell Is This? Russell Westbrook Selling $500 Moon Suit


I love everything about Russell Westbrook on the court. In fact he is one of my favorite two players in the league, largely in part due to the passion he plays with. Off the court he has a huge passion for fashion, but this new item is doing a little too much.

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NFL: Report, Aaron Hernandez Involved In Prison Brawl Already, Acted As Lookout


Aaron Hernandez knows he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and he reportedly is already getting into conflicts early on in his sentence. According to reports, he was involved in an ugly brawl earlier this week which resulted in more punishment for himself.

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(Photos) Sports: Tiger Woods Looks Like He Is Doing Fine After Breakup From Lindsey Von With Two Hot Girls


Tiger Woods may have just gotten the ax from now former girlfriend, Lindsey Von, but at least on this night it didn’t seem to be keeping him down. Tiger had a charity event in Vegas and partied alongside some beautiful woman, gambled with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and just overall looked like he had a good time. Von allegedly broke up with Tiger because he cheated on her and he has had very public issues with that in the past, but regardless of all that he seemed to have a good night. Check the gallery!

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NBA: Allen Iverson On Kyrie & Steph: “Those Guys Are Next Level, I Didn’t Have The Handle They Do”


A lot of former players love to preach about how good their era was in comparison to current players, but Allen Iverson has been showing a lot of love to the younger guys. He has said repeatedly that Russell Westbrook is his favorite player and now he is showing Steph Curry & Kyrie Irving some love too.

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(Video) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Pretends To Not Know Former Teammate Javaris Crittenton Who Pulled A Gun On Him


Gilbert Arenas is still firing shots at an old foe, this time pretending to completely forget who Javaris Crittenton is. It is pretty hard to forget the only teammate in your professional career to ever pull a gun on you in the locker room, but obviously Gilbert is trolling.

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NBA: Agree Or Nah? Steph Curry Passes Lebron James As America’s Most Popular Player


I don’t think I’m ready to agree with this just yet, but according to a new poll, Steph Curry has surpassed Lebron James as the most popular player in America. I have to assume it’s only because this season Steph took home MVP honors and the vote was conducted right around the time the award was announced.

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(Video) Sports: Crazy!! Soccer Player Gets Attacked During Live Interview By A Fan


This isn’t right, but the first thing I did when I saw this video was bust out laughing. This soccer player in Venezuela got hit with a crazy jump kick by a fan that sent him flying, and left the reporter scared to death. No clue who won the game or anything like that, this is all about a flying jump kick!

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(Photos) Sports: ESPN Dedicates Huge New Plaque In Memory Of Stuart Scott


Stuart Scott may physically be gone after fighting cancer until the end. but his memory, especially with sports fans, will live on forever. Yesterday ESPN made sure you won’t be able to walk through the halls without thinking of him as they unveiled a huge plaque in Scott’s honor and his daughters were on hand for the event. Stu’s catch phrase of “Boo-Yah” was given eternal life when they revealed the plaque and I must say they did a great job. Respect to ESPN for the classy move and as always, RIP Stuart Scott. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Shows Blake Griffin Some Love But Makes It Clear He Has No Love For The Clippers


Kobe Bryant doesn’t usually show much love to other players publicly, but during game 6 of the series between the Clippers and Rockets, he couldn’t help but admire Blake Griffin. Blake really has improved and the Black Mamba took note of that. Someone from ESPN noticed and attempted to say maybe Lakers and Clippers really can co-exist and Kobe was quick to fire back and clear that up! Check the gallery!

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NBA: Jalen Rose Goes Off On Chris Webber Over His Comments Regarding The Fab Five Documentary


Earlier this week, Chris Webber made waves during his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. While discussing the 30 for 30 documentary on The Fab Five, which he was not involved in after reportedly being contacted about participating about a week before they were finished with the film. Webber was willing to be a part of the doc, even though admitting he’s been working on a book for five years that will tell his side of the story.

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