(Video) NBA: Magic Johnson Reveals The One & Only Time He Trash Talked Michael Jordan


Nobody is exempt from feeling the wrath of Michael Jordan, not even close friends like Magic Johnson. If you talk trash to the GOAT, you were going to regret it sooner or later and it was usually sooner. During an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night, Magic was asked if he ever tried to get in Jordan’s head and he revealed it happened once and it never happened again after that.

NBA: Dwight Howard Holds Nothing Back As He Explains What Happened With Him & Kobe


Dwight Howard has been refreshingly honest lately and we are the ones benefiting. Recently he was on “Inside The NBA” where he confronted questions from Charles Barkley about people not liking him and also about how things were going in Houston. We all know before he was in H-town, Dwight had a not so memorable experience playing for the Lakers and with Kobe Bryant. Luckily for us, Dwight was asked about that relationship by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan and he was still in that mindset of being honest about it all, instead of giving your typical “PC” answers.

Sports: Saints & Pelicans Owner Says His Daughter & Her Kids Tried To Kill Him For Control Of Teams


Talk about a family feud! New Orleans Saints owner, Tom Benson, who also owns the Pelicans franchise of the NBA, testified under oath that his daughter and her children have tried to kill him so they could gain control of the teams. The family is currently locked in a bitter dispute as Benson has decided to leave everything to his wife, Gayle Benson, who is not his daughter’s mother.

NBA: Raptors Kyle Lowry Wanted To Hang Out With Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue During Their Series


Say what now? There is certainly something strange going on with Kyle Lowry during this series against the Cavs. I’m not sure if he is feeling overwhelmed, or maybe hiding an injury but mentally he is not in the right place and that’s bad news for a Raptors team that already had no shot to win this series. During the middle of last night’s game, Lowry straight up walked off the court and headed to the locker room to “decompress”. What the hell does that even mean?? The theory about his mind being all over the place could be accurate because it’s also being reported that Lowry wanted to hang out with Cavs coach, Tyronn Lue and watch the OKC/Warriors game together.

(Photos) NBA: Rihanna Shows Lebron Some Love In Her Own Sexy Way


Lebron’s wife, Savannah is not going to be a fan of this but the rest of us are. While I’m sure Bron gets all types of love from female fans across the country, none of those women are named Rihanna! RiRi showed the King some love last night after the Cavs blew out the Raptors again to take a 2-0 lead in their best of seven series. After his hard work, Rihanna showed her appreciation by letting the rest of us know what type of mood she was in. You’re going to want to check the gallery for this!

Boxing: Report, Floyd Mayweather Offers Conor McGregor $50 Million For Possible New Years Eve Fight


Another day, another Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor rumor, although this news seems to be more than just a rumor. TMZ is reporting that Floyd has made an offer to McGregor of $50 million to fight on New Years Eve. On the surface that sounds like a huge payday for McGregor because he has never seen that type of money for one fight but there is likely no way that Dana White would sign off on that deal.

NBA: Draymond Green Explains Why Talking Trash To Tim Duncan Just Isn’t Worth It


Draymond Green is a known trash talker among his NBA peers and he feels there are few players he can’t get to. He’s mentioned in the past that he attempted to get inside Kevin Durant’s head but all he would basically do is get buckets and make him feel like he was nothing. Turns out Tim Duncan is another player Draymond feels he could never get to but for a different reason.

(Photo) Boxing: Conor McGregor Seems To Respond To Talk About Him Not Being Able To Box With Mayweather


Ok, Ok, we get it. Nobody believes that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will ever actually fight besides myself and maybe a handful of people but as the fighters themselves talk about it, we have to as well. Just last night Floyd said he believes the fight will happen and it’s basically a matter of “if” and not “when” but based on how he was talking, it seems safe to say some legit talks have at least gone down.

NFL: Adrian Peterson On Teddy Bridgewater “He Reminds Me Of Tom Brady”


Talk about a reach! Teddy Bridgewater is definitely a solid, young quarterback, who might still develop into an elite passer but he is by no means in the same category as say a Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Cam Newton or Tom Brady. Don’t tell that to his star running back, Adrian Peterson though because he seems to see something in Bridgewater that reminds him of Brady.

(Video) NBA: LMAO! Miami Heat Fan Angers Sports Reporter After Cursing During Interview On Live Air


I don’t know this dudes name but he is probably getting alot of love from fellow Miami Heat fans today. After the Heat defeated the Raptors last night in Miami, forcing a game seven back in Toronto with the series on the line, Heat fans were excited outside of the arena. A reporter from the local 7 news, Sheldon Fox, attempted to interview fans after the big win and he perhaps picked a fan that was a little too excited.

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