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The tension between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook appeared to subside somewhat during all-star weekend. Although they never talked directly, Steve Kerr set up a nice moment for the two former teammates to break the ice with a nice alley oop play, which was followed by a funny celebration from some of their west all-star teammates. There was smiles and laughs and everything was cool but now we have some more drama regarding them and it doesn’t even involve either of them doing or saying anything. Nope, that’s because Durant’s brother, Tony, did all the talking with his twitter fingers.

Now Tony didn’t do anything that NBA fans don’t do a thousand times a day by criticizing a player and sharing his opinion but he had to know how it would look. He randomly just started talking about Westbrook and how he is chasing triple doubles and doesn’t really care about the success of a team.

Of course it didn’t take long before people took notice and it didn’t take much longer for Tony to take the punk way out and delete his account completely.

Again, he didn’t do anything wrong. He is allowed to have an opinion just like the rest of us but when the brother of Kevin Durant randomly throws shots at Russell Westbrook, especially on a night where Russ just got his 34th triple double and the Thunder won, he comes off looking like a salty hater.

What’s worse is the fact that people are going to relate his tweets to being how Kevin thinks of Russell and as a reason he left OKC over the summer.

Two things for sure are you can bet Kevin isn’t going to speak on this at all and if a reporter asks Russell about it, he is going to give the same “I don’t give a F—” type responses that we are used to hearing by now.

Written by @IamJoeSports

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