(Video) NBA: LOL, Russell Westbrook leaves KD Hanging After Getting Frustrated


Russell Westbrook had a hell of a game last night in a losing effort against the Suns, but there were times during the game where Russ was struggling. At one point when coach took Russ out of the game, you could see he was frustrated and just wanted to walk to the bench. Kevin Durant extended his hand to give Russ some love, but got totally ignored! Now some fans will make more out of this because of who the two players are, but this was really nothing more than a funny moment. KD even leaves his hand there after realizing Russ left him hanging.

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NBA: Trouble In OKC? Kevin Durant Has Another Surgery On His Foot, Will Miss More Time


Kevin Durant is going to miss at least a week of game action, and then will be re-evaluated at that point to see how to move forward. This announcement was made after he had to have minor surgery on the same foot he had surgery on in the off season, which caused him to miss a huge chunk of games this year.

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NBA: Reggie Jackson Actually Refused To Play Some Games For OKC Prior To Trade


Sounds like there was more bad blood and frustration between Reggie Jackson and the OKC Thunder than we realized. By now you know he was traded to the Detroit Piston just before the trade deadline Thursday, and on his way out, both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook kinda threw subtle shots at Jackson and it made you wonder why? They seemed like a close unit, but looks can be deceiving. Now we have reports Jackson actually told coach Scott Brooks he wasn’t going to play sometimes because he was upset he wasn’t traded sooner.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Is Upset Social Media Turned His MVP Speech Into A Joke


Kevin Durant has a message for fans on social media. Stop thinking his MVP speech was the appropriate thing to make a joke out of. KD is dead serious about this by the way and you can tell it really bothered him. I am so glad he is saying this because yes, I understand it’s fine to make light hearted jokes out of things, but making a joke out of an emotional thing just for the sake of being funny is what is wrong with social media., amongst many other things.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Seem To Be Happy Reggie Jackson Was Traded


As fans we never quite know sometimes just how friendly or non-friendly teammates in sports are with each other. Sure it seems like everything is fine from the outside, but you never know. According to reports, everything in OKC wasn’t too cool regarding Reggie Jackson and some of his now former teammates. There is no doubt trading Jackson was better for everyone involved, but KD & Russell Westbrook kinda threw some shots towards him which leads you to believe there were other reasons behind the trade besides just basketball.

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NBA: Kevin Durant on Breakup With Fiancée Monica Wright: “I didn’t love her the right way”


We found out that Kevin Durant was taken by WNBA player Monica Wright, soon after the two were engaged and soon after that, the two were broken up.  They seemed like a really good match and gave us a real life “Love and Basketball” moment even down to her name, but things soured.  Both were pretty private and didn’t really want to open up about why the break up happened but Monica soon revealed that Durant wasn’t willing to sacrifice his lifestyle for her’s as a Christian.  As far as I know, Durant is a Christian as well but it was reported that he wasn’t ready to settle down quite yet.  Now Durant is giving his side of the story.

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NBA: Kevin Durant on Thunder’s Roster: Obviously our players aren’t as good as they were before

Derek Fisher, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden

Many people say the Oklahoma City Thunder haven’t been the same since they traded James Harden instead of paying him.  Since then Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have to work harder trying to get the team back into championship contention but with injuries and not enough pieces to the puzzle, it’s been a difficult task.  Durant did an in depth interview with GQ and discussed the Thunder’s roster.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Rips Media: “You Really Don’t Know S***”


Kevin Durant Rips Media: “You Really Don’t Know S***”
So in Recent Years A lot of Athletes have been brutally honest with the press about there current situations. Hop into the post see how Kevin Durant Rips Media #IFWT

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NBA: Challenge? Russell Westbrook Says Nobody Could Beat Him & Durant 2-on-2


I have to agree with Russell Westbrook on this one. There is always alot of talk about which team has the best duo, or the best big 3 or blah blah blah. Fact is at the end of the day, you are going home early in the playoffs if you don’t have a good overall TEAM. But if we are going to talk about this topic, then yeah I really don’t see anyone in the league being able to partner up with any other player and beat the OKC duo.

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(Photos/Video) NBA: Wait Huh? Kevin Durant Got a Law Degree?

IFWT_Durant 2

Wait, Kevin Durant can school you on the basketball court and now in a courtroom?  Durant announced that he was thinking about going back to get his law degree during All-Star break then boom a couple days later there it was.

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