NBA: Kevin Durant Undergoes Successful Surgery & Will Be Out 4-6 Months


Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant underwent successful bone graft surgery today for the fifth metatarsal of his right foot.  Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti announced.

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(Sports) NBA: Lil B Blames Kevin Durant’s Injury On His Curse


We all know Thunder fans aren’t the happiest right now , Kevin Durant will likely be forced to sit out the rest of the NBA season due to a nagging foot injury, Rapper Lil B has taken the credit for Kevin Durant’s Injury due to a “Curse” he put on him some time ago. Hop into the post for all the details and a video of Lil B Dissing Kevin Durant. #IFWT !!

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NBA: Oklahoma City Shuts Down Kevin Durant For The Season, Removed From All Basketball Activities


I knew this was coming, it was obvious the way people affiliated with the front office in OKC would always manage to side step the question about when would Kevin Durant return from his foot problem. Today they finally decided to be honest and admit they are shutting him down for the season. According to them, KD has not responded the way they anticipated to treatment on his foot and the soreness is proving to be too much of an issue.

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(Video/Photos) NCAA: SMU Player Gives Emotional Apology After Costing His Team, Fires Shot At Kevin Durant?


Yanick Moreira is sick with himself today and your heart has to go out to him. Moreira accidentally cost his SMU team a win in the NCAA Tournament yesterday against UCLA after a very suspect goaltending call. It seems like many people couldn’t even agree if it was really a goaltend or not because the shot appeared to be an airball. Still, Moreira touched it maybe a little too early and it gave the basket to UCLA, which wound up being the winning shot.

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(Photos) NBA: LOL Kevin Durant Shuts Down Twitter Baller Who Says He Cooked KD on the Court!

IFWT_Durant Goodman League

Kevin Durant is one of the few NBA players who continues to play street ball and other minor leagues during the NBA offseason.  One of the league’s he often participates in is the famed Goodman League based in Washington D.C., not too far from his hometown in Maryland.  Many amateur and semi pro players play in the league as well and get their chance to face off against some of the NBA’s stars like Kevin Durant.  One of those guys is Nate Flowers from Maryland and apparently he feels he’s good enough to play in the NBA because ‘he held his own’ against several NBA guys including Durant.  Well Durant didn’t seem to think so.

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NBA Report: OKC May Consider Trading Kevin Durant Next Season

IFWT_Durant Westbrook

By now I’m sure you’ve taken notice that Russell Westbrook is playing on another level.  The Oklahoma City Thunder guard had five triple-doubles in six games and has recorded a total six triple-doubles in his last 15 games.  AND on top of that, in the 9 games where he did NOT post a triple-double, he averaged 32.5 ppg, 9.3 apg and 8.5 rpg; absolutely outstanding numbers.  Westbrook has been able to go on this rampage since Thunder star and reigning MVP Kevin Durant is injured.  With Westbrook carrying the team now, some people think it may lead to a permanent position.

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(Photo) NBA: Is Kevin Durant Taking A Shot At Russell Westbrook With This Deleted Tweet?


I hate writing anything that remotely has to do with making it seem like there is a problem between Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook because the media has tried to do that for years. We all know these guys are good friends & support each other, but KD has to realize when he tweets, things can be taken a totally different way. Earlier this week, a fan on KD’s timeline was trashing Russell because he was a huge Durant fan and didn’t like the sudden hype Russ was getting.

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(Photos) NBA: Allen Iverson, KD, Carmelo & Steph Curry Show Love To Anthony Mason & His Family


The outpouring of love and support for Anthony Mason and his family continues with more and more former and current NBA stars paying their respect to “Big Mase”. After the Knicks announced Mason had passed away yesterday, people from around the league such as Lebron, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller & more passed their condolences along to Mason’s family and many people on social media in general were talking about their favorite memories of one of the truly good guys in Knicks history. The support continued into the night and today with guys like Melo, KD & Iverson sending their love. Regardless of age, if you enjoy basketball, you could relate to Anthony Mason. RIP! Check the gallery.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Troll On Instagram “D**khead” After Fan Says Westbrook Is Better


I really wish some athletes would make more examples of out idiotic fans on social media to hopefully make them think twice next time they wanna troll someone. Yesterday, Kevin Durant posted a picture which he wound up quickly deleting because he wound up calling a fan a “dickhead” after he commented that Russ was better than him. KD wasn’t mad at the comment, he was annoyed it was just another person trying to drive a wedge between them and it’s not not gonna happen. Durant called him that and said who cares because they are teammates, which is 100% correct. Regardless who you think is better, they form the most lethal duo in the entire league and playoff time there are gonna be some teams in big trouble having to face OKC! Check the gallery.

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(Video) NBA: LOL, Russell Westbrook leaves KD Hanging After Getting Frustrated


Russell Westbrook had a hell of a game last night in a losing effort against the Suns, but there were times during the game where Russ was struggling. At one point when coach took Russ out of the game, you could see he was frustrated and just wanted to walk to the bench. Kevin Durant extended his hand to give Russ some love, but got totally ignored! Now some fans will make more out of this because of who the two players are, but this was really nothing more than a funny moment. KD even leaves his hand there after realizing Russ left him hanging.

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