(Video) NBA: Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant: “You Don’t Want to Make An Enemy Out Of Me”

IFWT_Durant Smith

The Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith saga has taken a dramatic turn.  It all began when Smith said sources told him Durant preferred to go to the Lakers if he decided to leave the Thunder.  Durant fired back, calling Smith a “liar” and saying none of his family members or friends speak to the ESPN anchor.  Smith responded to Durant on Twitter saying he never claimed to speak to Durant or his family members and that he is not a liar.  As you know it’s Stephen A. and a simple tweet response would not be enough, after all, his show “First Take” is built on drama.  So today during the show, Smith delivered a WWE style rant to come at KD.

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(Photos) NBA: Stephen A Smith Rips Kevin Durant For Calling Him A Liar, Goes Off On Him


Now, you didn’t expect Stephen A Smith to stay quiet about this did you? I know most of us hoped he wouldn’t respond but he couldn’t help himself. Stephen A heard KD called him a liar and went off on Durant for his remarks.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Stephen A Smith A “Liar” Over Lakers Rumors, Claims He Never Speaks To Him


Kevin Durant is already on edge when it comes to dealing with the media and he should be. He has had to listen to constant nonsense rumors over the years about himself & Russell Westbrook not getting along, the constant negativity large portions of the media like to revel in, mistreatment and more. After today you can add Stephen A Smith to the list of people KD probably wants nothing to do with ever.

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NBA Report: Kevin Durant Prefers to Join Lakers if He Leaves OKC


It was only a matter of time… Practically every upcoming free agent is always linked to the Lakers at some point and now we have Kevin Durant.  It’s been reported that Durant is heavily leaning towards remaining with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the “homecoming” to the Washington Wizards is a close second.  Now it’s being reported that LA is his preferred landing spot.

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(Video) NBA: John Wall Says He Will Try to Persuade Kevin Durant to Join the Wizards When the Time is Right

IFWT_Durant Wall

This is a big year for Kevin Durant as he will become a free agent at the end of the season.  While he seems committed to the Oklahoma City Thunder, there’s a big KD2DC movement trying to bring the star “back home” to play with the Washington Wizards.  Right now John Wall is the star on that team and as the big man in charge, he’s expected to help lead the welcome wagon.  Here’s what he had to say.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook Unveil New OKC Alternate Jerseys For This Season


The Oklahoma City Thunder’s team icon already doesn’t make much sense seeing as they are the “Thunder” but their design is just a lazy basketball with patterns around it. Not to be outdone, their new alternate jerseys for the 2015-16 season almost don’t make as much sense. The players showed them off today and they look closer to Knicks jerseys than OKC colors. The best thing about these pics might be the Jordan’s Russell is wearing. What you guys think?

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Rocks His Own Custom Redskins Jersey While On Sidelines For Game With The Giants


Doesn’t Kevin Durant realize every little thing he does this year will be looked at as a possible tip to what he might do in free agency this summer? Last night he showed up to the Redskins vs Giants game, rocking his own custom jersey, complete with the #35. You already know people are thinking that could be a sign he is willing to leave OKC for the Washington Wizards next summer. It’s not the first time he has worn the jersey so keep that in mind as well. Ironic thing is, he was warming up before the game and didn’t look too bad throwing the ball. With the Redskins having all types of quarterback issues, maybe they should be the DC area team trying to sign him.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Announces He Is Now Deputy Editor Of Derek Jeter’s Site “The Players Tribune”


Kevin Durant has become distrustful of the majority of members of the media. He isn’t at Marshawn Lynch “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” levels yet, but you could see that coming. He always has to deal with rumors about nonsense, or fake rifts between him & Russell Westbrook and more. So he is doing something about it by becoming part of the media itself somewhat. KD announced he is becoming deputy editor of “The Players Tribune”, the website owned by Derek Jeter and he is promising content from himself very soon.

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(Audio) NBA: Anthony Davis Says He’s Not at LeBron James & Kevin Durant Level Yet

IFWT_Kevin Durant LeBron James Anthony Davis

At just 22-years old and three seasons in the league, Anthony Davis is making quite a name for himself.  The stat stuffer was selected to the All-NBA First Team last season, is a two-time All-Star, and is beginning to enter MVP conversations.  In fact he’s being mentioned among guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant but he says he’s not quite there yet.

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NBA: Draymond Green on Kevin Durant’s Trash Talk: “KD makes you feel bad about yourself”

IFWT_Durant Green 1

Draymond Green has made a name for himself as a big trash talker who doesn’t take anything from anybody but even he admitted that someone has him beat, and it’s someone we wouldn’t expect it from, Kevin Durant.

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