(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Stars In New Sprint Commercial

IFWT_KD sprint  2

KD is everywhere!!  Kevin Durant stars in the latest Sprint commercial.
Check it out…

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NBA: Woman Says She Booked Secret Flights & Hotel For ‘Numerous Women’ After Kevin Durant Sues Her

IFWT_KD flights

IF this story is true, Kevin Durant should have known better.  It’s probably not a good idea to sue someone that knows things that you don’t want the public to know.  KD filed a lawsuit against his travel agent, Lynn Swanson, saying she overcharged him by at least $500,000 for work she did from 2007 to 2012.  Well she sang like a canary about Durant & his team because of it.  Hit the jump for details…

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(VIDEO) NBA: Really?! Kevin Durant Names The Best Rapper Out (Hint: It’s Not Jay Z)


We all know Kevin Durant is a big Jay Z fan and has always been one of his favorites, but last night KD took to Instagram & surprised some fans.  He shared a video with the caption naming the best best rapper out. Some fans agreed and some did not. So who did KD name?!  Check it out & let us know if you agree….

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NBA: Here’s What Kevin Durant Wants To Do Once He Retires…


Kevin Durant still has a lot of time left playing in the league, but that’s not stopping him from thinking about his future.  He already has an idea of what he wants to do once he retires.  Seems like a perfect fit to me — hit the jump to see what it is….

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NBA: Kevin Durant Admits to Studying & Stealing Dirk Nowitzki’s Moves to Get Better


Kevin Durant recently confessed that he’s been swiping all season from the Dirk Nowitzki playbook.

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NBA: LeBron James Talks Top MVP Candidate


Can you believe the regular season is almost over?!  Playoffs are right around the corner which mean the MVP talk is heating up.  It’s pretty much been a battle between LeBron James & Kevin Durant all season, so what does LeBron think now?!
Hit the jump to see what he had to say….

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NBA: Kevin Durant: Rockets ‘Can’t Check Me One-On-One, They Know That’


Though the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Houston Rockets 111-107 on Friday night, that didn’t stop Kevin Durant from talking big.

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Historic NBA Night: Durant Ties Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki Passes Dominique Wilkins & Lebron Youngest to 23K

IFWT NBA I love this game

While most of the focus in the NBA is on the teams’ final playoff push, last night was also historical for a number of reasons.

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(Video) NBA: OKC & Kevin Durant Stop Spurs From Winning 20 Straight Games


The San Antonio Spurs were in the middle of the longest winning streak in the NBA this season at 19 games, trying to make it 20, but ran into Kevin Durant & OKC and wound up catching a loss for the 4th time this season against the Thunder. Thanks to KD’s 28 points and a couple monster dunks by himself and Russell Westbrook, the Spurs were reminded that the path to the NBA finals will go through OKC. Hit the jump.

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Sports: 2 NBA Players Helped Recruit DeSean Jackson To The Redskins

IFWT_Desean to Eagles

We all know Wale and a couple Redskins players helped recruit DeSean Jackson to the Redskins, but 2 major NBA stars were also involved.  One won’t surprise you because he’s a big known Redskins fan, but the other might surprise you — because he’s a big known Cowboys fan!  Check out how it all went down…

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