(Video) NBA: Fans Think Jordan Brand & Russell Westbrook Took A Shot At Kevin Durant In This New Ad


Along with the release of the coveted Retro Air Jordan I next week, Jordan Brand is also releasing the “Banned” Air Jordan 31 the same day. With the date fast approaching they released a new ad starring Russell Westbrook, who is the main ambassador of the sneaker. The issue at hand however is not the sneaker itself but more so the wording used in the ad. As Russell starts to run and take off, a voice says “Some run, some make runways”. Could the “run” be in reference to Kevin Durant leaving for the Warriors to try and win a championship? And the “runways” be in reference to Russell extending his contract to stay in OKC? It’s doubtful that the Jordan Brand being associated with Nike would actually take a shot at a player under the same umbrella but your guess is as good as ours. However plenty of fans on Instagram certainly believe it’s a shot in KD’s direction.

NBA: Thunder Coach Billy Donovan Admits He Didn’t Think Kevin Durant Would Return To OKC


While most of us generally expected Kevin Durant to return to the Thunder before shocking us all and signing with the Warriors instead, his now former coach was already thinking that’s what was going to happen. Not that he knew KD would pick the Warriors but in a recent podcast for The Vertical, Donovan did reveal that he didn’t share the same optimism that the rest of us had before Durant’s decision.

NBA: Petition Started To Change Name Of Durant, Oklahoma To Westbrook


This may sound like a joke but some residents of the state of Oklahoma are not ready to let go of the hurt and betrayal they feel Kevin Durant is responsible for. There is town in Oklahoma named “Durant” and apparently the constant reminder is too painful to bear for them. An online petition has been started to change the name of the town from “Durant” to “Westbrook” in honor of the hero they feel is loyal.

(Video) NBA: LeBron Discusses Durant Joining Warriors & If It’ll Be Harder For Cavs to Repeat


When Kevin Durant chose the Golden State Warriors in free agency, many assumed they were automatically going to win the NBA championship this upcoming season.  During an interview with Rachel Nichols, LeBron James discussed Durant joining the Warriors and what it means for the champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Olympics: Australian Swimmer Almost “Threw Up” From The Excitement Of Meeting Kevin Durant


Australian Swimmer Kyle Chalmers is in Rio with the same hopes as every Olympian, which is to win a medal. In Chalmers case however, he was also in Rio with the hopes of meeting his favorite basketball player, Kevin Durant. Not only did he get to meet KD but he also received a video message of support from Durant and all of the excitement had Chalmers ready to lose his lunch.

NBA: Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Says it’s Absurd to Call Kevin Durant a Villain for Leaving OKC

IFWT_Kerr Durant

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is speaking up for his new player, saying it’s absurd to call Kevin Durant a “villain” for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency.

(Photo) NBA: 50 Cent Does Not Approve Of Carmelo & KD’s Footwear In This Picture


50 Cent has jokes today at the expense of Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. More specifically, the jokes are on their footwear, which were some polo shoes the players were wearing for a photo shoot earlier this week with Team USA. “What the fuck is it with these shoes man Damn. We ain’t gotta go out like that, they got MELO and KD in them shits wit No socks SMH”, 50 typed on Instagram while I’m assuming laughing at the same time. Of course he made sure to throw in an Effen Vodka shoutout at the end. Fif is right to have jokes in this case as the guys will likely never be wearing the shoes again. Check the gallery!

(Photo) NBA: High School Teacher Hilariously Mocks Kevin Durant, Turns Classroom Into “No KD Zone”


Tucker Hein is a high school teacher in Indianapolis who recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma. You can count him among the people who felt a certain way after Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to the bay area. He didn’t just vent on twitter like most of us, he went ahead and turned his classroom into a “No KD Zone” in a effort to give his students a lesson and take a shot at Durant.

NBA: KD Chooses Not To Congratulate Westbrook On His New Contract, Says “That’s A Touchy Deal”


Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook went through a lot of ups & downs during their eight years together in Oklahoma City and helped each other become the players they are today. Durant admitted earlier this month after signing with the Warriors that their friendship would probably “never be the same” but for the moment at least, it appears even talking is too much to handle. As you know, Westbrook signed a big extension to stay with the Thunder yesterday but KD wanted no parts of reaching out to his former running mate to congratulate him.

NBA: Tracy McGrady Disappointed in Kevin Durant Going to Warriors & Thinks Superteams are Awful


During an interview with Complex, Tracy McGrady revealed that he was actually happy Michael Jordan killed the trade that would’ve brought him to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Scottie Pippen.  Though McGrady could’ve possibly won an NBA championship had it gone through, he says that he needed to go through certain things in his career.  He also revealed his distaste for super teams and that he’s disappointed in Kevin Durant for joining the Golden State Warriors.

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