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Shaq has been bullying JaVale McGee for a very long time now, constantly making fun of his game and the things he does. There have been times where McGee doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and even laughs it off from time to time but it appears last night he had enough.

On Inside The NBA last night, after the Warriors/Clippers game, Shaq spoke about McGee and said he wouldn’t put him on “Shaqtin A Fool” for the rest of the season if he can go two weeks without doing anything stupid.

Shaq & Barkley are sitting there questioning why can’t McGee just have a sense of humor but I highly doubt if someone made fun of them on national television every chance they had that they would be such good sports. Despite Shaq saying he wouldn’t joke on McGee anymore, he then showed this parody.

Despite it being late at night, it didn’t take long for McGee to clap back on twitter.

Shaq, never one to let someone else get the last word, seemed to be extremely bothered by McGee’s response and essentially threatened him and then tweeted out this image showing McGee as a bum.

Even in the middle of the night, McGee was still responding to the threats.

After telling Shaq “Get my nuts out of your mouth”, I can only assume we can expect to see more of Mcgee on Inside The NBA instead of less.

Written by @IamJoeSports