(Video) NBA: GSW Slip Past OKC For Game 5 Win


Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors held on to their slim lead until the final seconds of game 5 of the Western Conference Finals with a score of 120-111.

MLB: Hector Olivera Suspended 82 Games For Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence rears its ugly head again in the MLB. This time, with Atlanta outfielder Hector Olivera. He was originally placed on administrative leave back in April after an alleged incident with an unidentified woman at the Braves’ hotel. Now, it’s really real, no dough.

NFL: Ray Rice Back With The Ravens?


After all the domestic violence drama surrounding former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice, his wife Janay, and the entire NFL…would the Ravens really bring Rice back so soon? Apparently…

NBA: Odom Served With Divorce Papers Again


Up until today, we thought Khloe and former NBA star Lamar were working things out (at least a little). She was by his side when he had his life-threatening bender…dropping everything (and everyone…JAMES HARDEN) to nursed him back to health. Pics everywhere with he and the Kardashian clan. Now, this…again with the divorce papers.

(Photos) NBA: Monica Shows Her & Shannon Brown Still Going Strong After Cheating Scandal

IFWT_Monica Shannon

Last month an anonymous woman sent messages between her and Shannon Brown to a gossip site, claiming they were having an affair and he was flying her out and having sex at hotels.  The woman claimed Brown told her he was unhappy in his marriage and needed love and attention (the usual lies).  Monica for the most part remained quiet about the allegations and went about her life but over the past couple days she posted pictures with Shannon showing that they’re still together and how they got through his major car accident together without anyone knowing.

NCAA: Baylor Officials Discouraged & Retaliated Against Sexual Assault Victims Who Accused Athletes

IFWT_Baylor Bears

Baylor University fired their football head coach Art Briles for mishandling sexual assault allegations made against football players.  Baylor president Ken Starr and additional members of the administration and athletics program were also removed.  It turns out that not only did they not investigate or punish the suspected athletes, officials actively discouraged possible sexual assault victims from reporting incidents and in one case retaliated against a woman who did.

NCAA: Baylor Football Head Coach Art Briles Fired After Mishandling of Rape Accusations

IFWT_Art Briles

Baylor football head coach Art Briles has been fired in the midst of allegations that several of his football players were accused of sexual assault on his watch, but basically no action was taken by the school.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Texted Draymond Green After Thunder Went Up 3-1 Over Warriors


Kobe Bryant sees a lot of himself in Draymond Green and they formed a bond.  Bryant said Green was a “rare breed in this day and age” and was the only one who could create tension within the Warriors that they needed to win another championship.  Following Golden State’s Game 4 loss, Bryant reached out to Green over text message and gave him some motivation to make history, according to Green’s Uninterrupted video series.

(Video) NBA: LOL Kyle Lowry’s Eyes Bulge While Reading Raptors Bad Stats From Cavs Blowout

IFWT_DeRozan Lowry

The Cleveland Cavaliers obliterated the Toronto Raptors 116-78 during Game 5.  The Raptors shot just 39% from the field; DeMar DeRozan had a team-high of 14 points while only hitting 2-of-8 from the field, and Kyle Lowry finished with 13 points on 5-of-12 shooting.  They were the only two players on the team with double digits in scoring.  The two did their postgame press conference together.  While DeRozan was answering a question, Lowry read over the stats.  The numbers apparently caught him by surprise.

NFL: Arian Foster Says He Probably Needs Another Month to Get Back to Where He Was

IFWT_Arian Foster

Arian Foster isn’t 30 yet but many people think he’s washed up.  Not because there’s a major decrease in his skills but because he just can’t seem to stay healthy.  Well Foster thinks that’ll change soon.

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