NBA: Michael Jordan Issues Statement About North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law


The NBA and people affiliated with it have been some of the strongest critics of the newly passed Anti-LGBT aka HB2 law in the state of North Carolina. The law, which most people feel is strongly discriminatory against the LGBT community, was approved by the governor last month, despite the knowledge that the NBA could remove the all-star game from Charlotte next year because of the law. Now Michael Jordan has issued a statement against the law, making it clear the Hornets will keep doing things as usual, regardless of what the governor says.

(Photos) NBA: Iggy Azalea Saved Nick Young From Getting A Misspelled Tattoo


Everything seems to be pretty cool within Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s relationship despite the cheating allegations that popped up courtesy of D’Angelo Russell’s video. They appear to be moving past the drama and just enjoying life which is nice to see. Young is lucky that Iggy isn’t holding grudges because if she was, he would currently be walking around looking like an idiot with a huge, misspelled tattoo on his back.

(Photos) NBA: Gabrielle Union Goes Off On Twitter About Refs After Heat Lose To Hornets


Dwyane Wade made a move to the basket with only a couple seconds left as his team was down 90-88. In his mind he was either going to get to the rim or draw a foul and give him a chance to tie the game but that opportunity never came. Instead Wade was denied at the rim by Cody Zeller and Courtney Lee and the clock eventually ran out, giving the Hornets a tough road victory. Many Heat fans thought Wade was fouled on the play and voiced their opinions and the loudest of them all was Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union. She went off on the refs on twitter after the play.

Boxing: Philippines President Claims Terrorist Group Was Plotting To Kidnap Manny Pacquiao


Philippines President Benigno Aquino III says he is aware of a plot that was aimed at possibly killing him and kidnapping Manny Pacquiao. The terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf militants, are the same group that beheaded a Canadian journalist earlier this week.

(Photo) NBA: Pieces Of Staples Center Hardwood From Kobe’s Final Game Are Being Auctioned Off


The Lakers have cashed in on Kobe’s retirement tour, selling all the merchandise related to the Mamba saying farewell that they can. During the night of his final game, the Staples Center was selling hats for more than $38,000 and $24,000 respectively, among other rare, expensive items. Even after his retirement they are still cashing out, as now pieces of the floor from his final game are hitting the auction block and they aren’t cheap.

(Video) NFL: Richard Sherman Surprises Passengers As Undercover Lyft Driver


Richard Sherman gave some people the ride of their life as he went undercover as a Lyft driver in Seattle. The riders had no idea it was him until he revealed himself each time , which came after he cracked some pretty funny subtle jokes about commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as comments about himself. For all the people they showed, I’m curious about how many of the other interactions with riders went.

Sports: High School Basketball Player Who Was Discovered To Be 29 Year Old Claims He Doesn’t Know His Age


Jonathan Nicola, the reportedly 29 year old high school basketball player in Canada who was posing as a 17 year old, claims he doesn’t know his real age, date of birth or anything of the such. He is currently still being held by Canadian authorities.

NBA: Report, Phil Jackson Met With David Blatt This Week To Discuss Knicks Coaching Job


It was starting to seem like the only person Phil Jackson was going to offer the head coaching job to was interim (and lousy) coach, Kurt Rambis. According to reports however, Jackson may still be keeping his options open as he met with former Cavs coach, David Blatt, earlier this week.

(Video) NBA: Reporter Who Harassed Draymond Green With Questions About Houston Flood Gets Fired


Well it looks like a reporter who wanted to create some type of controversy or buzz for himself got his wish. Earlier this week, during the post game press conference after game four, Draymond Green went off on a reporter for asking him questions about the floods in Houston. Green revealed the the same reporter had asked him the same questions in private previously and when he tried to do it again, Green felt he was trying to be dragged into something controversial and he wasn’t having it. Now, according to reports, the same reporter was fired about an hour after the press conference.

(Photo) NBA: Post & Delete! Drake Calls Paul George Scared After Pacers Loss To Raptors


The Indiana Pacers had a game five victory in their sights last night. They were in command late in the game and then they imploded, leading to a Raptors 102-99 comeback win and the Pacers now find themselves one game away from elimination. Raptors ambassador, Drake, was sitting court side and was letting Pacers players hear it all night and after the way his team came back, he had to throw a jab at Paul George for the way the Pacers disappeared down the stretch.

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