Will iOS 8 Have Shazam Integration?!


News is breaking that Apple and Shazam are teaming up to put ‘Music Identification’ in iOS natively, kinda like how they did twitter in iOS 6 (iPhone 5), and FB in iOS 7(5S), so with the iPhone 6 comes iOS 8 with Shazam integration!!

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(Photo) This Is How iPhone 6 And iOS 8 Could Really Look?!?!


Here’s the thing, there are so many rumors, and the hype is building up so crazy right now, it’s hard to comb through everything. Like are there 2 iPhones dropping, both larger screens(One could be a phablet)?? Right now that is the lead, but what we do know is a blue print, or schematic seemed to have leaked, as well as an alleged pic of the top tier phone at the factory. Well someone decided to make a rendering based off of these leaks!!

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(Photo) Just In Case You Don’t Want it, Here’s How To Stop Photo Tagging In Twitter

On Twitter

I say just in case because photo tagging is not too much of an issue on FB or IG, so why would it be on twitter…other than those annoying ‘check out this music I think you’ll like although you won’t’ :-(

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Klout Solidifies Social Scoring Platform With $200M Deal!!!

Klout Logo

CONGRATS to the Klout team!!! They are selling to Lithium Technologies, a StartUp getting ready for an IPO, specializing in ‘social customer experience solutions for the enterprise’.

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(Video) Dope!! Is XTouch The Future Of iOS Apps?!

iOS app_icons

I believe the mass public would enjoy this to every extent, and would def get even more iOS devices in the world!!

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Sports: Tough!! Planning On Going To NFL Game?! You NEED This App!

IFWT_NFL app 1

This is kinda tough!!  I will definitely use this app if I make it to an NFL game this upcoming season.  Check out what has been created, gotta love technology…

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(Photos) New Twitter Feature Might Be The Most Important One Yet?!


Twitter ever updating and giving you the tools for important analytics that make you aware of your actual reach out there…ie Ellen’s recent record for most RT’s. Well this new feature that some user’s are already experiencing could be….well I said it, the most important yet!!

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(Video) Is Google Taking Charge Of The ‘Wearable’ Market?!

wearable tech

If you don’t really know, ‘Wearable Tech’ is the Wave coming that will be the ‘it’ devices, so think the popularity of iPhone across many devices that you wear somewhere on your body…ie Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, the alleged Apple iWatch, etc etc.

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(Video) Are You Ready For The Next ‘Epic’ Level Of Angry Birds??

IFWT_New Epic Angry Birds

I mean Angry Birds has many versions, and levels(‘to this sh*t’), and they are back with something new, but apparently they are going a whole new route, no more just slinging the very unhappy fowl into swine!

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