Tyler, The Creator Created A Beat For Kim Kardashian’s App

Kanye West x Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator POSSIBLY shot Kanye West’s cover for Rolling Stone, but we now know that he definitely created a beat for Kanye’s wife’s app.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Yeezy first congratulated Kim Kardashian on her KIMOJI app shooting to number one in the app store, then thanked his bro Tyler for contributing a beat from his Cherry Bomb album to the app, “The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12.”

Check out Ye’s tweets below. Congrats to Kim on the number one!

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Dj Khaled Announces New #AppleMusic Show & NEW Future Album!!

IFWT_Khaled on Apple Music

So Dope!!! Can’t tell you the level of Happiness to see ALL the success Khaled is getting from being the King of Snapchat, which IS THE new ‘IT’ platform of social media!! Khaled took to his Snapchat and IG to announce he will have a new radio show on Apple’s Beats1 radio Friday’s, 8p east coast/5pWest coast, and that he will be premiering the NEW Future Album This Friday‼️‼️‼️

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Who Got Next: The Game Releases His Own Set Of “emOGis”


Every reality star (Kim Kardashian) and rapper (Fetty Wap, Fabolous, A$AP Ferg, etc.) wants to have their own set of emojis. The Game is no different.

“They don’t want me to have my own emOGi’s,” Game writes on Instagram, therefore, he released his own pack anyway. The Documentary 2 rapper linked up with Moji Keyboard to release the emoji pack that shows him in selfie form as well as fellow rapper Stitches getting the smack down. How can one not use these.

Check it out down bottom.

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New App Sends Out A Notification Every Time Someone Is Killed By Police


Within the last year, 984 people have been killed by cops. This is double the number that the FBI annually reports. SMH really sad. Majority of those killings were of young black men. To make things worst, most of the policemen who were responsible for killing them were never charged. Many cities are looking into ways to develop techniques that will keep the ratings down and keep a closer eye on police while doing their job. software developer and Intercept editor Josh Begley​, took a stand to create his own form of keeping tabs on whats going on.

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(Video) This iPhone 7 Concept Would Be The Best Phone Ever!

IFWT_iPhone 7 Concept

In reality, all concept phones are the best ever at that time because ‘they'(🔑) usually take the best of overall current technology and pack it into a phone. Here’s the thing, it’s practically improbable to be able to scale down technology that was just developed not too long ago…BUT this iPhone 7 Concept kinda takes all the current mobile technology and packs it into a phone, which kinda is probable 🤓.

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SMH: TIDAL Screws Up & Accidentally Charges Customers Who Cancelled Their Accounts Already


Another day, another L for Jay Z’s streaming service, TIDAL. We want to see these guys win, but it’s just not looking good for them, no matter how many “exclusive” things they try to push through the app!

Last week, an error on TIDAL’s behalf ended up charging the credit cards on CLOSED accounts – and one such account happened to be that of a writer for popular publication, The Verge. Of course, they shared their tale:

“TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming music service, has been hitting some consumers with false charges over the last 24 hours. I know because I’m one of them — and I cancelled TIDAL several months ago,” they wrote. “This morning I noticed a $19.99 charge on my credit card, which is how much the company’s lossless / hi-fi subscription costs per month. A few hours later, TIDAL sent along an apologetic email and let me know that the money would be refunded within a few business days.”

“Rest assured, we’ve already refunded any charges,” TIDAL said in a statement to Billboard, confirming the mishap. “Accounts haven’t been renewed, but we have offered a 3 month complimentary trial of the premium service on top of the refund as an apology that will not be auto renewed upon completion.”

No word on how many were affected. Were you one of them?

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(Video) New Social Media ‘Sweeble’ Sweeping The West Coast Focuses On New Metric ‘Time On Likes’

IFWT_Sweeble logo

While I was at CES a couple weeks ago I saw some really cool gadgets, but for the 1st time I ran into a Co-Founder pushing a new social media that was trending in Apple’s App Store(at least in Vegas), ‘Sweeble’, and it’s pretty cool! 😎

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(Photo) Fetty Wap Releases His Own Emoji Pack


It’s becoming more and more popular for celebrities to release their own pack of emojis. The latest celeb to join the club, is New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap, who teamed up with Moji Keyboard to release 60 signature emojis.

In an Instagram post Fetty Wap announced his latest venture saying, “Just in time for the holidays. Get my official emoji pack exclusively on Moji Keyboard on iOS. Go to www.fettywapemoji.com to download”

The pack features images of Fetty Wap, and several of his signature phrases like “Trap Queen,” and “Hey What’s Up Hello.”

Click the gallery for more.

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(Photo) Another One: DJ Khaled Gets His Own Snapchat Filter For Christmas

DJ Khaled

It’s Lit!

Just in time for Christmas Snapchat has added the ultimate DJ Khaled inspired filter. Khaled has been motivating us all through out 2015 with his inspirational snapchats and the folks over Snapchat have recognized that. The filer features two dabbing reindeers, a “Hotline Bling” reindeer, and a reindeer reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover, BUT in the middle of all that is a cartoon DJ Khaled pointing a finger to the heavens with “Another One” plastered over his head.

DJ Khaled was surprised and humbled to find the filter on Christmas. In an Instagram post he wrote, “Wow thank you snapchat for the world wide filter”

Click the gallery for more.

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Kim Kardashian’s Kimojis App Was Making $1 Million A MINUTE On Its First Day


I’ve yet to see a million dollars in my lifetime yet. Kim Kardashian made that at least 3 times over just as I wrote this post.

The reality star-turned-mogul released her own line of emojis to the Apple app store this week, Kimojis (clever), and not only did they crash the store upon release, but they’re moving at a rapid pace of $1 million a minute. According to reports, the $1.99 app was getting downloaded at a rate of 9,000 times per millisecond on its first day. Insane! This makes for Kim‘s third successful app, following her highly addictive mobile game, and her behind-the-scenes subscription app that she launched alongside her sisters.

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