(Photo) Alleged Lawyer Calls Karen Civil The N-Word Then Claims It Was A Hack, Do We Believe That?

IFWT_Lawyer Calls Karen Civil The N-Word - original post F

Lawyer Calls Karen Civil The N-Word, Last night Our friend Karen was doing her part to be apart of the solution, and let voices be heard, At Western Michigan University, Karen did one of her #LiveCivilTour’s, and dedicated it to the value of our lives. When Karen posted a message to her IG, she got an unwanted commenter that proved to be racist.

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(Photos) Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone?


I’ve always heard of ‘Power of the poom poom’, but I don’t think it was ever to actually mean power as in electricity…until now, Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone, kinda.

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(Photos/Video) Azealia Banks Spazzes After Iggy Makes Slave-Master Reference

IFWT_Azalea-banks Vs Iggy Azalea-1.

Azealia Banks Spazzes After Iggy Makes Slave-Master Reference, Every once and a while Azealia Banks goes rants on twitter, but normally, who GAF, but this time she might very well be on to something. After the Garner grand jury decision, Banks took to twitter about those that ‘want to be black but don’t want to be black’, along a few other things, and even though she didn’t @ iggy, Iggy responded…

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(Photos) Dope!! Check The 50 Cent-Marvel Partnership!!!

Marvel Heroes

This 50 Cent-Marvel Partnership is a really good move for Fif, 1st 50 got with Lucas film’s for his SMS Audio line, with Star Wars characters and logos on his headphones, now he’s got Marvel heroes on his SK, Street King energy drink!

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(Photo) Funk Flex Speaks On NYC Grand Jury Decision

IFWT_Flexs IG about Grand Jury Decision

Funk Flex Speaks On NYC Grand Jury Decision, What troubling times, 1st Ferguson, now NYC. The difference in the 2 cases, the NYC Eric Garner death was actually caught on tape, we saw exactly how this ‘officer’ killed Eric Garner. The city’s citizens are outraged, including our own Funk Flex!!

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(Video) Vine Comp: Current Events, The Holidays And Twerks Sum Up Life?

IFWT_vine funny video

Is the Vine Comp the sum of our culture at the present moment? Of course, as low as it may seem, Twerking is exciting for men and women to check out, rather they admit it not. Now as much as we’d like it, tweaking is not the only thing in the Vine Comp, there are current events, like what’s going on in Ferguson, like the businesses being destroyed, and police officers being hit with objects, that was funny as hell!

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(Video) Watch Ariana Grande’s New Gloves Change Her Voice!


Looking for the perfect Christmas give a musician or music producer? How about these “musical gloves.” Ariana Grande gets fitted her very own Mi.Mu gloves. Watch her demonstrate how they work, and listen to them changer her voice after the jump!

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(Photos) Check Em Out! Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre, The #FlexDreBeats Pros, #SoloSelfies!! FUEGO (@TatWza Voice)

IFWT_Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre FelxDreBeatsPros F

Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre headphones, the #FlexDreBeatsPros, FUEGO aka FIRE!! These custom leather all black with infrared Beats logo Pro’s will def be the center piece of any outfit! At least For about 30 of y’all, because that’s all that will be produced, so if you don’t act fast when they drop, you’re finished!!

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WORLD PREMIERE!!! Funk Flex x Beats by Dre Brand New #SoloSelfie Film — Another Banger!!

ifwt_apple  5

Love this!! Beats by Dre just released a new spot called #SoloSelfie and the big boss Funk Flex is a part of the dope campaign!  There are a ton of stars in new joint including Victor Cruz, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, Fab & more.
Check it out…

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(Video) Aww Snap! Will Trina Appear On Love & Hip Hop MIA?


Cues Trina’s classic 2000 hit, “Da Baddest B*tch. , because looks like Dade County femcee is talking about Love and Hip Hop! Yes indeed. Will Mona Scott Young be expanding her ever growing rachet TV following, and looking to enlist MIA’s finest? Will Trina appear on Love & Hip Hop MIA? Get the scoop inside.

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