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Ok, I almost wasn’t going to post on this, but this is an overwhelming response, so it’s necessary to do this!! First Off let me say, the IFWT IG has live, and I will do some Q&A with Flex and other crew members. This update has been rolling for a few weeks now, I saw Hyepbest use it 3 and a half weeks ago.

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First off let me say, this is WAR!!! IG launching a roll out to live has the internet going nuts, and EVERYBODY is going to use it today, this week, this Month, a while into the future, and causing a lot of pressure on Snapchat, but is it a death nail?? Ummmm, yeah I don’t know about that. Does it Hurt Snap, kinda, it pulls back those using Snap that were originally from IG that recently went over to snap, but it’s not chopping at snap’s young base, pre-teens and teens.


-Can’t watch after you record on IG

-Can’t save to camera Roll

-Every doesn’t have(but that’s only noticeable because a lot of people got it today, but it’s been rolling out slow last few weeks)

It’s still early AF for this, so there will be updates that IF enough people complain, they’ll get to that!

Now keep in mind, Snapchat has NOT directly answered IG and their onslaught, at least not by update, and my tech mind is telling me it’s because of the ‘Spectacles‘, what do you think??

Who are you Today:

What type of person are you today??? #LiveOrNah #IGLive

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Mine, I’m NOT live ?

I feel like Rudolf being left out of the reindeer games ?….. #IGLive #OrNotLive

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And just so you know it’s real:

Who's going #IGLive ⁉️

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