Sports: Tough!! Planning On Going To NFL Game?! You NEED This App!

IFWT_NFL app 1

This is kinda tough!!  I will definitely use this app if I make it to an NFL game this upcoming season.  Check out what has been created, gotta love technology…

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(Photo) Uh Oh! A Leaked Case Could Be For The iPhone 6?!


This def continues the excitement for the newest iDevice, we are all waiting to find out if the iPhone 6 will be the dream machine we dream it to be.

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(Photos) Rare White Xbox One Hits Ebay; Can You Afford It?!

Microsoft Xbox One

Super rare as it will not hit store, at least for now, as it was produced strictly for the team that helped create ‘The One’, but ‘one’ of those crew members has put it up on eBay for a hefty price!

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(Photos) Oh Sh*t! The Real Beef Between Apple And Google Started With These Emails?!

Battle Of the Techies Apple vs Google

So many believe the beef between Apple and Google started when Google dropped Android 3 years after the iPhone…but No, apparently the beef started 2 years before the iPhone dropped, and over hiring practices!

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(Photos) New Twitter Feature Might Be The Most Important One Yet?!


Twitter ever updating and giving you the tools for important analytics that make you aware of your actual reach out there…ie Ellen’s recent record for most RT’s. Well this new feature that some user’s are already experiencing could be….well I said it, the most important yet!!

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US Government To Drop Blackberry; Blackberry Responds!!

Obama Drops blackberry

Well, this might be the last of the blackberry user’s, the US Government, But it’s almost over for the once king and 1st of the smartphones! The White house is Finally giving up the keys for that good touch interface!

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Dallas Penn Talks About Why He Leaked Discount Ralph Lauren Code


If you was on Twitter and Instagram a few nights ago, you probably came across the leaked discount code for Ralph Lauren. Hopefully, you was able to take advantage of the code that was leaked. The Code was leaked by Dallas Penn after somebody sent him the code and he felt he should pay it forward by sharing the code with his 10,000 followers. Read more about the leaked code after the jump.

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(Photos) You’ll Never Guess Which Artist Is The Most Liked On Facebook?!

Question mark

You still don’t have a clue? Find out after the jump…

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NBA: Golden State Warriors Get Tech Savvy To Sell Better Tickets To Fans With Ibeacons


Pro sports teams are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and at the same time offer fans a better experience. By taking advantage of Apple’s ibeacon bluetooth technology, the Golden State Warriors appear to be doing just that. It is a technology that most teams in major league baseball already use, but the Warriors would be the first team in the NBA to use it. What is it you may ask? Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Find Your 1st Tweet Ever Here!!! #HappyBirthdayTwitter

Funk Flex 1st Tweet Ever

Twitter is celebrating it’s 8th Bday, Today, by hashing up it’s discover tool and letting you put any name in and seeing their(or yours) 1st Tweet ever!!

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