(Video) What YouTube Stars Are Headed to the White House ???


Get your views up!!!…Reaching out to more young people with an innovative and un-rehearsed interview series, YouTube Stars Are Headed to the White House for #YouTubeAsksObama that will be happening two days after his State of the Union address next Tuesday. So who made the cut? For starters…the “Cinnamon Challenge” chick got in!!!

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(Video) Just Tap or Click for Thin Mints: Girl Scouts Go Digital

Girl Scouts Go Digital

The Girl Scouts Go Digital with their newest “Digital Cookie” program to the delight (and dismay) of many. Everyone knows the age old hustles of community bake sales, selling candy in mass transit, and of course the king (or shall we say queen or princess of them all)–the annual Girl Scout Cookie Drive. But with 21st century life comes the demand for technology and convenience, so change is upon us!

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(Photos) Wiz Khalifa and Chief Keef Portraits Made Out of Emojis

Emoji Art Cray

Wiz Khalifa and Chief Keef Portraits Made Out of Emojis is the latest of online apps allowing users to make emoticon masterpieces. The rappers took to Instagram once the creations surfaced and have been streaming over the social web since. People been really building their ‘skills’ with emoji art, from everything from Kim K to Dragonball Z!

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(Photos) ISIS Hacks US Central Commands Twitter & Youtube?!

IFWT_CENTCOM Twitter hacked front page

ISIS Hacks US, Well the war with ISIS has gone digital, today @CentCom, which is the US Military’s Central Command, but really just a leg of their public relations, was hacked by a group claiming to be ISIS ands threatening US soldiers, telling them to “AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS.”, which to me feels like complete propaganda, and trying to psych them out so they make enough mistakes so these ISIS fools can actually get to them, cause the US Military is WAYYYYY too Strong(weaponry wise).

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(Video) Bill Gates New Venture Puts The #2 In H2O, Turns Poop Into Drinking Water


Yes, kinda being funny, but dead ass serious, Bill Gates has a contributed greatly into the ‘Janicki Omniprocessor’, which is a machine that turns waste aka doo doo(like what Troy Ave is talking about), into drinking water and electricity…nuts!!

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New Website Tells You Where Models Are Partying in YOUR City !


New Website Tells You Where Models Are Partying in YOUR City
Want To Find Out Where All The Super Hot Models are Partying In YOUR City ? This New Website will Help You Out ! CLICK READ MORE FOR THE INFO ! DETAILS ! PICS ! AND LINK TO THE SITE THAT CAN GET YOU STARTED ;)

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(Video) BeatsByDre’s Official NFL Commercial “Hear What You Want 2015; The Next Chapter” #HearWhatYouWant #HWYW

IFWT_Beats By Dre NFL Commercial

Hear What You Want!!! That’s Right, there were some problems, fines levied, but the people and the Players like what they like, and Beats By Dre reign supreme on those ears, and at the very least around those necks ready to be rocked!!! Now it seems like Beats and the NFL has come to a consensus, because the OFFICIAL BeatsByDre-NFL Commercial Is Here!!

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(Video) 50 Cent Reveals New ‘Star Wars’ Headphones At CES 2015!!


“It’s the G-unit, but it’s the geek unit,” Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent says.

50 has been very successful lately with his new product of SMS headphones. He unveiled his newest collection of headphone at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. 50’s new collection is actually ‘Star Wars’ themed headphones! The star wars themes headphones sold out in two days. 50 cent says he was impressed with the power of Star Wars fans and admits to being a fan himself. There is a second line of ‘Star Wars’ headphones on its way. Along with new headphones 50 cent also unveiled a new line of easy-to-wear Biosport headphones that are perfect for working out. He says he uses a pair when he works out and they definitely encourage him to keep his work out going strong. The SMS headphones are available now to buy and range from $150 to $300. Read on to get all the details from his new smart ear-buds and catch a video of him explaining his new product…

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(Photo) Foxy Brown Blasts Ashanti! Nelly Getting Involved?


Foxy Brown Blasts Ashanti
Foxy Brown recently responded to an Instagram post of her ex-boyfriend next to Ashanti. We Can Add Ashanti to the long-list of artists Foxy Brown dislikes. Foxy’s battles with rappers almost sounds like a lineup for an early 2000 concert, having sparred with Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Eve, Remy Ma, Ja Rule and Ma$e, among others. The Legendary Female MC recently responded to an Instagram Post of her ex boyfriend Spragga Benz smiling for the camera next to Ashanti. READ MORE TO SEE THE INSTAGRAM POSTS !

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(Photo) Rich Homie Quans Girl Blacks Out On Fan Dissing There Son


Rich Homie Quans Girl Blacks Out On Fan Dissing There Son
Slander on Celebrities and there Family is without a question at an all time high these days, as several public figures have constantly had to defend themselves against the negativity of Internet trolls and haters on social networking sites on Instagram and Twitter. Someone Had something to say about Rich Homie Quans 8 Month old Son , and The Mother had something to say back ! Read More to see what happened !

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