(Video) What If This Is The iWatch?!


I mean this is a concept, but aside from the elongated box on t=your wrist, it looks pretty dope!!

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(Video/Photo) It Doesn’t Stop! More iPhone 6 Renders, And The Real Front Panel In Hand!!!


I’m starting to wonder is this becoming overhype?! I mean I really want this(or these) damn iPhones too, but this year the renders and mockups are at at an all time high, and Apple hasn’t ‘officially’ said sh**! I guess that’s why we’re eating this stuff up, ok let the hype continue…

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(Video) Driverless Cars Ready For Mass Production?!


Sh*t just got real!! Looking at this video of a test of the new system that may possibly implemented across all cars, Driving is about to be on some real iRobot business!!!

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(Photos) Whoa!! Script To New “Xmen: Apocalypse” Leaks?!?

IFWT_Apocalypse and the 4 horsemen

Well it’s really just a tease, but IF you’re as big of a Marvel head as I am, then this is some of the most exciting news you could hear!! Director Bryan Singer(Unusual Suspects, Xmen) hasn’t even officially signed on, but he’s so hype to knock this project out, he shot out a piece of the script, and the internets is going wild over it!!!

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(Video) Congrats To @DjKhaled On His New Venture And Partnership With Heads audio And Bang & Olufsen!!!

IFWT_We The Best HPs 2-F

H6 with DJ Khaled by B&O PLAY, The homie Dj Khaled never stops working, and now he has his own headphone line, partnered with sound-ist Bang & Olufsen, drop down check out the commercial, you know Khaled makes a movie with whatever he does!!!

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Man Buys Hundreds Of Tickets To ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ To Win His Ex Back 0_0

Transformers 4

A poor man in Beijing wants to win his ex girlfriend back by buying hundreds of transformers 4 movie tickets. But WHY?

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(Video) Awkward! Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Outed As ‘Openly Gay’ CEO During CNBC Broadcast


Ok some of you are not going to agree with this, but as a techie, I could give 2 sh*ts if Tim Cook is gay or not, just cause it’s NOT my cup of tea doesn’t mean I or you have any right to worry about where Tim is doing with his personal time. With that being said, although Tim has the right to keep his sexuality to himself, was it so bad that this MSNBC ‘newscaster’ spoke on his preference??

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Youtube Is About To Make Drastic Change’s… What Are They?!


Yesterday Youtube introduced a new way for its video creators to make money on the site at Vidcon. Read on to find out how you can make money on youtube.

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A New App That Shows How ‘Addicted’ You Are To Your iPhone


Do we really even want to know the amount of hours we waste on our phones? A newly released app called ‘Moment’ will show us how much time we actually spend on our phones. The details of the app are as follows ………

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(Video) Did A Father Leave His Son In A Hot Car On Purpose?! Computer Evidence Suggests So!!!


This is really cray, as a Dad, I couldn’t even fathom thinking about this, like why?!?!? This past week another child died from being in a locked hot but it’s really starting to look like the ‘father’ did it on purpose, SCUM!!!

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