(Photos) Xbox One x Publik Trust Bring Real Fashion To Your Avatar!!


Now you don’t just have the lame attire that comes with an Xbox Avatar(No offense to Microsoft), Yesterday Xbox launched a venture that gives your Avi a great upgrade!

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(Warning*18+*Video/Pics) Anchorman Uses Twitpic Live On Air And Accidentally Shows Penis


Although the report was about a tragic news helicopter accident, a morning anchor man scrolled through a Twitter gallery, 1st showing the accident, then Edward ScissorHands, then some food, and then….

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(Watch) NBA: So Dope!!! Video of Cavs 3-D Floor Goes Viral!

IFWT_Cavs floor  2

This is sooooooooo dope!!  The Cavaliers debuted a 3-D projection system for their floor that blew away fans during Zydrunas Ilgasukas’ jersey retirement ceremony.  Well the video has finally surfaced and it’s pretty amazing!!  Check it out…

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(Video) Is Google Taking Charge Of The ‘Wearable’ Market?!

wearable tech

If you don’t really know, ‘Wearable Tech’ is the Wave coming that will be the ‘it’ devices, so think the popularity of iPhone across many devices that you wear somewhere on your body…ie Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, the alleged Apple iWatch, etc etc.

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WOW!! Shots Fired Rambo Style! Man Brings His Uzi To A Bar Fight?!

Daniel Noble as Rambo

A Florida resident was having a drink at Europa Lounge in Flager County and came back hours later ready to kill. How did a trip to the bar turn into this?

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(Video/Photos) SMH! Man Murders Boss Over Photo Being Uploaded Without Permission

Tilus Lebrun Mug Shot

There has to be something in the water in Florida, they are stone cold Crazy down there…Maybe the heat is just frying brains. 42 Year old Fla. man, Tilus Lebrun, wasn’t happy about some picture being uploaded to the internet, and went off in a rage slicing up his boss in front of 20 or so witnesses….

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(Video) Complex Takes Over Facebook’s Music Page During SXSW!


Complex has taken over Facebook’s music page for an entire day, and they are given you the hottest performances, interviews, updates and more from the great South By Southwest Festival! Check out the teaser and link below!

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(Video/Photos) Could A Cell Tower Find Missing Flight 370?!


At this point there are pretty much nothing but theories, but a possible one is that the plane some how doubled back over Malaysia, and IF they did, and IF passengers had their phones on(which some do, 30% according to TMZ’s report), then the data could be on a tower in the city of Kota Bharu.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Whoops! LeBron Tweet Causes Trouble With One of His Sponsors!

IFWT_Bron Samsung

LeBron James was so upset that his phone deleted everything he had in it that he took to Twitter to vent.  No problem there right?!  Wrong.  He’s a spokesperson for Samsung.  Whoops –  not exactly a good message for Samsung business!  The tweet came down shortly after it went up.  Samsung ended up getting a team together to help LeBron & the problem was solved — he got all of his info back.  Of course LeBron made sure to tell his followers that everything worked out.  I bet LBJ won’t be making that kind of mistake again!  Check out the tweets…

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Alert: Xbox One Drops Price With Great Bundle!!


PS4 has been kicking Microsoft’s butt, and most people feel like it’s because of the price, but Microsoft has a fix…at least for now, but you might want to hurry up!!

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