Facebook Officially Announced The Dislike Button



Mark Zuckerberg revealed the Facebook dislike button. CNBC reported the news from Facebook’s recent company town hall Q&A session. Everyone has a friend who “Likes” every single post. When posts are less than happy it can feel weird when people Like them, especially for topics like natural disasters or death of family members.

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(Video) Finally! The Full Length “Why You Always Lying” Video And It’s Awesome


The viral sensation Nicholas Fraser a.k.a @DownGoes.Fraser created a remix to Next’s single “Too Close” just about two weeks and the people of social media just can’t get enough of it. The short “Why You Always Lying” clip has transformed over and over again into memes and has been translated into several different languages. Monday (Sept 14th) the originator of the video has given the people what they demanded and released a four minute full length video.

Check it out below.

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King Kylie: Kylie Jenner’s Brand New App Is Number One In The App Store


Kim Kardashian watch out, your little sister Kylie Jenner is coming for your crown! Kim Kardashian is a social media queen but it looks like her youngest sister Kylie who just turned 18, will be taking over her spot very soon. Monday (Sept 14th) , the sisters Kim, Khloe and Kylie launched their very own personalized apps. As expected each of the apps did huge numbers but Kylie’s app soared to the top of the Free Apps chart.

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(Video) Gaming: NBA Live 16; Russell Westbrook, Jim Jones, Maino, Jadakiss, Jack Thriller Get A Preview!

IFWT_Westbrook NBA Live 16

So this past Saturday night, it went down in NYC, the preview to “NBA LIVE ’16”, it was an event that the Hip Hop community came out to support!

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(Video) @HipHopGamer Breaks Down Gaming’s Positive Effect On Youth In Afro Samurai 2 Interview


Hot97’s resident gaming journalist @HipHopGamer interviewed Afro Samurai’s producer David Robinson and chopped it up about the positive effect that gaming has on the youth and the making of Afro Samurai.

Check out the full interview below.

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(Photo) Jay-Z Joined Instagram For 14 Hours Over The Weekend Check Out His First Ever Post


Jay-Z teased fans over the weekend after he joined Instagram and then mysteriously disappeared. Hov joined the popular social media app on Saturday (August 29th) and proceeded to delete his account 14 hours later. His Instagram handle @HovSince96 was followed by over 100,000 followers in a short amount of time.

His first and only post was a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, who’s 57th birthday wOULD have been August 29th. The photo featured Jay-Z and Jackson at Hot97’s Summer Jam in 2001. Hit the jump to see the post.

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(Video) Man Gets Beat Up By Group Of Women For Allegedly Hitting A Woman


In a video thats been circulating around the internet, a man who is driving a car gets beat up by a group of woman because he allegedly assaulted one of the women. A passer by records the woman grabbing everything they could get their hands on from some sort of bat/stick to a car seat, and start going HAM on the man and his innocent car. Watch the video after the jump!

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Move Over Queen B: Beyonce Loses Her Spot As Most Followed Person On Instagram


Step aside Beyonce! Queen B has lost her spot as ‘The Most Followed Person on Instagram’ to the selfie queen Kim Kardashian. The numbers have been pretty close for quite sometime however the most recent numbers show that Kim has surpassed Beyonce by less than 70,000.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Photo) Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Haters On IG By Posting Their Photo And Calling Them Out


Nicki Minaj is fed up with fans giving their two cents about her life. Friday she posted a couple photos of her and her mother at her brother’s wedding and fans immediately began talking ish. From her hair to her outfit, fans picked apart the rap queen, so she decided to clap back in a way that left some fans calling her a bully.

Hit the jump for more.

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Fat Jew Says Says He Will “Never Again” Post Something Without Attribution Following Plagiarism Controversy


It’s been an ongoing debate this week revolving around Instagram sensation ‘The Fat Jew’ and his lack of attribution on the hilarious memes he posts. Things heated up further after, Josh Ostrovsky b.k.a ‘The Fat Jew’ was signed to one of the most prestigious talent agencies in Hollywood, Creative Artists Agency.

After being publicly shamed by comedians in the industry Ostrovsky is now speaking out and apologizing for his mistakes. Read more below.

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