Score One For The People!! Supreme Court Shuts Down Cops From Just Grabbing Your Phone!!!

IFWT_Court Decision Gavel

The US Supreme Court has sided with the people vs. law enforcement! Now should you get stopped or pulled over, a cop can NOT just ask or grab your phone, they have to have a warrant. They used 2 cases, Riley v. California and U.S. v. Wurie to make there decision, and these are BS cases, gangs and drugs.

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Official Madden 15 Cover Revealed


I know some of the fellas can’t wait for August 26th when Madden 15 drops!  At the beginning of this month it was announced that Seahawks CB Richard Sherman won the cover vote and now we get to see what the cover looks like!  Check it out…

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(18+ Photos) Warning: Popeyes Employees Caught Having Sex On FB!!!


IS A SCAM!!! I swear I come across these(Chris Brown x Rihanna Sextape) because I’m freaking thirsty!! Regardless, I dive into the dirt to expose just what’s good and what’s not!!

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(Video) Logging Into FB While Burglarizing Makes You The ‘World’s Dumbest Thief’!!

IFWT_in jail thanks facebook

This guy is like a super genius, IF he was really looking to get locked up with an NO defense!! A 26 year old Minnesota man, Nicholas Wig, broke into a home on June 19th, and while there decided he had the run of the house, logged into his Facebook page, and forgot to log out when he left!!

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(Photos) Here’s How The iPhone 6 Sales Are Projecting!!


This very well may be the best selling iPhone yet?! In todays environment of competition, with the popular Samsung Galaxy series, and even Microsoft’s Windows 8 phone(I’ve tried one, it’s a good phone), iPhone looks like it’s still the leader of the pack!

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(Video) Now That Wi-Fi Is Cheaper, Are You Ready For Sat-Fi Pricing?!


If you’re really out here on some Boss-ish, got $ to burn, flush down the toilet? Then yes, you are mod def ready for Sat-Fi pricing!

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(VIDEO) Sports: Carmelo Anthony & 50 Cent Launch SMS Sports Collection

IFWT_Melo 50  4

50 Cent & Carmelo Anthony just launched their SMS Sports Collection In NYC.
Hey Fif, can you please put in a good word for us Knicks fans?! ;)
Check out the video…

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(Video) Cops Using This Device Means You Just Lost Your Stash Spot!!


The Mini Z Portable Scanner, I’m saying, they previously banned it at airports because it showed too dan much…now they’ve figured out how to mush it down to a handheld deice!

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Your Social Media Accounts Might Be Scanned Next Time You Have Jury Duty?!


Your personal social media accounts just become less personal by the day. But the Bar Association says this was a long time coming. Some lawyers insist on social media searches and have been following the practice for quite a while now. Check out what happened when a jury decided to tell his Facebook what was going on in the courtroom during a murder trial after the jump

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Why Apple Went From Yahoo to Weather Channel For Weather data in iOS 8


Earlier this month when apple released iOS 8, we couldn’t help but notice that yahoo was no longer in charge of the weather. According to a source in order to convince apple to drop yahoo, the weather channel had to add a lot more technology and information. That would include more weather specificity related to the location of a user. Also a 9 day forecast instead of the regular 5, which is great! You can always plan ahead right.

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