(Photo) You Can Now ‘Undo Sent messages’ In Gmail Permanently!!


Ever made a mistake when sending an email and been like ‘Damn, I wish this was like social media and delete that message before anyone see’s it’?? Well a feature that’s been in Google labs is finally becoming apart of the gmail system permanently that will allow you to erase that email after it’s sent…as long as you realize it FAST!!!!

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Apple Executive Says Apple Music Will Change Their Views On Royalty Policies


Apple is dead set on launching their new streaming service. Apple Music, which will compete with Spotify and Tidal, wants to feature every artist that can be found in the iTunes store. However, once they revealed their plans to not pay royalties during their free trial program, artists like Taylor Swift wanted out of the deal. Find out why Apple has changed its mind after the jump.

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(Video) Leaked Document Allegedly Says Spider-Man Character Has To Be Heterosexual And White

The Amazing Spiderman

According to an agreement between Marvel Comics and Sony Pictures, which was revealed in an email released from the result of a cyberattack on the film studio, the Spider-Man character allegedly can only be portrayed as heterosexual and white.

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Find Out How To Get Tested For STDs Right From Your Phone!


Although everyone hate taking that awkward trip to the doctors to get checked for all types of STDs, it is just something that is mandatory. Unfortunately, so many fail to get checked for diseases due to the inconvenience or lack of insurance. However thanks to Planned Parenthood, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing is now made available right from your Smart phone since they are the two most common sexually-transmitted diseases in the world. The services will cost $149 and will include an at-home STD testing kit that gets sent straight to your house.

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(Photos) Kelly Osbourne Mocks Rachel Dolezal on Instagram


Kelly Osbourne took a shot at Rachel Dolezal and the controversy involving the ex NAACP chapter president, in a photo she posted on her Instagram account on Thursday. To see the picture and fan reactions hit the jump!

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(Photo) Tech Rumor: Apple To Stop Producing The iPod?


As the iPhone becomes more and more progressive, it seems that the iPod is becoming more and more obsolete. The iPod has not been revamped in over three years and after a recent update on the Apple website, it looks like it could be saying goodbye for good.

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Hulu Is Recreating ‘Seinfeld’ Apartment In New York


Ever wanted to visit Jerry’s apartment? Well, now you can! Thanks to Hulu, they are recreating the famous apartment that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer spent most of their time at. For all the details hit the jump.

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Netflix Releases Orange Is The New Black Early!


Let the binge watching commence! Netflix has released season 3 of their popular show Orange Is The New Black 6 hours early! To find out why hit the jump.

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(Photos) Syrian Electronic Army Admits To Hacking U.S. Army’s Website


No one is safe … Monday, the U.S. Army’s website was down. Come to find out, it the government run site was hacked into. The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group that has claimed in the past to disrupt major news websites, according to Fox News, admits to being the culprits behind the issue.

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(Photos/Video) NFL: Beast Mode Activated; Marshawn Lynch is a Character in the New Call of Duty

IFWT_Marshawn Lynch Call of Duty

Welcome to the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the highly anticipated first-person shooter game set for release in early November. What follows is the exclusive behind-the-scenes story of how Lynch put his stamp on the blockbuster franchise. The game has long captured his imagination. Now it will carry his likeness, giving him the distinction of being the first athlete to appear as a character in a Call of Duty game.

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