A Man Dies After Being Punched Outside A Bar


Staten Island bar “Drunken Monkey” made popular by reality show “Mob Wives” is now under investigation after a 62 year old man was fately injured around 4 am. While a group started fighting and the bouncer was struggling to escort them out the bar a punch was thrown in the crowd causing him to strike his head on the pavement.The victim fell backwards and was pronounced dead at the scence a short time later.

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(Photos) REAL iPhone 6 Frame And More Leaks, See How Thin It Is!!!!


This shows us a couple things, like yes how thin it is, and it’s going to be metal, Not plastic!

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(Video) iOS 8 Will Bring Tons Of Creativity With “Time Lapse” Mode!!!

IFWT_iOS 8 time-lapse

I have been able to see 1st hand just how crazy iOS is going to be but someone put together a really Dope video using the NEW ‘Time Lapse Mode’, showing how you vine like action, but without having to over tap the screen, and way longer periods!!

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(Video) NASA Can Now Send Video Through Laser, But 1st They Did It For The Vine!!!


The space agency NASA has managed to beam a HD video from the International Space Station to Earth using a new laser communications device. The ‘Hello World’ video was the first ever to “travel” via this technology. But while they are up there at the ISS, they went ahead and did their 1st Vine, Dope!!

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Apple iWatch Reportedly Launches In October?!?


Apple will be launching its much-rumored iWatch this October, according to multiple reports out. The company is reportedly looking to produce three to five million units per month. The iWatch will come in two sizes 1.3 inches and 1.5-1.7 inches and will run on iOS 8 and will bring new fitness and tracking apps. This is huge for wearable techs.

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NetFlix Updates Feature In Android Phones Let’s You Go Binge Watch Now!


Netflix automatically plays the next episode for you but it’s mobile version did not have this feature.

Netflix announced that it have released an update for Android phones that brings Post-Play to these devices. Finally being able to automatically playback episodes and movies at the end of the current content like it does on the website. Go check it out!

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Yeah, The CIA Gets A Twitter Account 0_0


That’s right, the CIA’s first tweet was “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet”.

24 hours later it has 448,000 and counting followers. Followers actually found this tweet amusing and funny. As a matter of fact Americans are more likely than the average global citizen to share “funny” content than “important” content.

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NYC Man Walks His Mother Into The Hospital After Shooting Her


An off-duty NYPD school cop was shot this morning by her SON. The victim said to be 62 years of age was in her apartment when her son allegedly pulled a .380 Caliber gun into his mother’s back. He then casually walked her to the emergency room and promptly left the scene.

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Apple Stores Will Start Selling T-mobile Plans With An Unlocked iPhone


Apple’s new plan to drive more iPhone purchases through their stores is by offering prepaid plans to customers who buy unlocked iPhones. Starting this month Apple will sell T-mobile and AT&T prepaid plans in its stores. You can get the iPhone and T-mobile SIM at the apple store but you have to sign up for the service separately with T-mobile.

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(Photos) Umm…Raven Symone Debuts A New Look; Do We Like Or Nah?

Raven Symone

So Actress and business woman Raven Symone took to social media to debut her new look for her fresh new start at a San Francisco Art School, and there’s one thing apparent…. She sure has eclectic style. Take a look at her..ahem, interesting new hair style inside.

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