(Video) Dope! Apple’s Tim Cook Challenges Dr. Dre To ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’!!!


The Big dog at Apple has completed the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ with the most style and grace, as he hit the stage and asked which he should do, get the Ice or give the money, Tim announces he’s doing both!!! How could you be mad at that, you can’t!!

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NFL: NY Jets Players Are Using Which Dating App to Find Love?

By Scott Pollack

Dating isn’t easy, especially for professional athletes.  It’s hard to sift through the women that actually care about them and the women that just care about the money and fame.  Social media and dating sites have made things easier, not only making women more accessible, but this new app is helping them conceal who they really are.

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(Video) Check Out This Incredible Multiplayer Footage From Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare!!!


I’m not even gonna lie, as much as I say it looks a little like Titan Fall, It does, but it Really doesn’t! It’s like the part in Titan Fall where they running around before ‘Your Titan Is Ready’, just WAAAAAAY More ‘Advanced’!!!!

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(Photos) Here We Go! Shazam Gets Beats Music ‘Listen Now’ Integration!!!


This is mos def a ‘The Power Of Apple’ move, Spotify and Rdio move over, there’s a new power stream in town!!

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(Photo) NBA 2K15 Soundtrack Revealed!


NBA 2K15 announced that Kevin Durant would be their cover boy and Pharrell Williams would curate the soundtrack.  Well now we have the official track listing as well as a 2K Spotify playlist letting fans experience the music today.

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(Photos) Man Takes Selfie As Great White Shark Opens His Mouth Is Fake?!

IFWT_great white shark

Actually, he would have caught the moment just before his death, which is kinda nuts, Some how took an underwater selfie with a Great White opening his ‘Jaws’ behind him.

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Listening To 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ Before An Interview Will Help You Land A Job?!

50 cent bachelor pad

A new study recommends listening to 50 Cent’s infamous song ‘In Da Club’ before a job interview. The study shows that the song makes people feel more confident and empowered. Read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) Here’s The Date In Sept To Officially Find Out About The New iPhone!


The word around town is it’s going down september 9th, as Apple has scheduled an event for that day!

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(Photos) Muy Caliente! Actress Sofia Vergara Flaunts Sexy Curves In Pumps & Bikini In New Shoot

sophia vergara talks new man

Owww this Colombian beauty who just celebrated her 38th Birthday last month is looking super hot. Not that the former model turned actress Sofia Vergara hasn’t always been hot(because she has been), but I’m pretty sure her new love interest Joe Manganiello helps the spicy senorita keep it sexy. See photos of the exotically gorgeous star inside.

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(Photos) Cold World: Former Hollywood “It Girl” Going Through Financial Crisis; Prepares To Lose Mansion


Looks like its bad news for former “it” girl of hit teen drama The O.C. It appears that this actress has fallen on some hard times, and owes $100K of back rent on her eight bedroom mansion she bought back into 2005 for $6.4M. Find out who the star is inside…

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