DOJ To Drop Case Against Apple With Possible Alternative Into Terrorist iPhone

IFWT_Govt Vs Apple

The battle that’s been in the headlines with the fate of ‘our privacy’ in the balance may have just come to an abrupt end! Although it seemed as thought the Gov’t was doubling down on trying to get Apple to create a back door into the San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone, which Apple contended that would ‘open the door’ for other Gov’t to ask for the same thing, or IF a ‘backdoor’ was created it WOULD unavoidably be leaked online and ‘they’ could use it.

(Photos) Apple’s New iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Apple Watch Price Drop & More

IFWT_New iPhone orders

Today we Watched Apple announce new devices, the iPhone SE, an iOS update with some new apps(and capabilities) and a new 9.7 iPad Pro!

(Video) It’s Going Down! Sony Has Responded To Microsoft’s Invite For CrossPlatform Play!!


It’s MuvaFuggin LITTTT!!!!! If you don’t know Microsoft announced they would put a code in the world that would let dev’s make games that could be played ‘cross-platform’. Initially Microsoft made it for Xbox to PC games but mentioned that IF PS dev’s chose to, they could develop the code so they too could be apart of the party!

Sports: Shaq & Alex Rodriguez Become Owners In Esports


The sporting world is changing and some people are ahead of the curve. Sports are no longer restricted to physical play on a field or court somewhere. They have now expanded into the living room and to be more specific, into our televisions via “Esports”. There is some serious money involved believe it or not and two superstars in the sporting world themselves wanted to make sure they were involved.

(Photos) iPhone 7 Images Starting To Pop Up On The Net

IFWT_iPhone 7 Concept

And it begins….it’s that time of the year where all tech geeks start to get ants in their pants, that time when diff types of images for the next iPhone( iPhone 7 ) start to pop up and cause a whole lot of speculation!

Because You Care: Kim Kardashian Is Now On Snapchat

ifwt_Kim K x Khaled

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…possibly. Kim Kardashian is now on Snapchat. You can now follow her on the network at KimKardashian. Are you going to hit that follow? Check out her first Snap in the gallery!

NBA: Steph Curry Launches Tech Startup With The Intent Of Ignoring Social Media Trolls


The more popular Steph Curry got the less active he became on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. The reason? Basically there was just too much crap to dig through to communicate with real fans asking relevant questions. When you get tweets from literally tens of thousands of people at one time it can be a bit much, especially when alot of them are just people talking crap. Steph decided to do something about it though and it may help many more athletes and celebrities besides himself.

(Video) Twinning! Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian ‘Face Swap’ And Look Exactly The Same!


If you’ve updated your SnapChat recently, you know they have added a brand new feature – ‘face swap.’ I’ve played around with it a little, swapping faces with my sisters, best friend and even my boyfriend and the results have been hilarious. Kylie Jenner, who is a Snapchat Queen, right up there with DJ Khaled, recently posted a video of herself swapping faces with her big sister Kim Kardashian. The results were too crazy! Despite being almost 20 years apart in age, Kylie and Kim looked exactly the same after using the feature, looking only as if they changed their hairstyle. Check it out below.

NBA: Wish You Had Court Vision Like Chris Paul? Check Out His New App!

IFWT_Chris Paul app

Chris Paul has long been regarded as the best point guard in the league.  I’m sure many have wished they can have the court vision he does; well now he has an app to help you do just that.

(Photo) Yikes: Kanye West Called Out For Using The Pirate Bay


Although he wasn’t going off on a rant this time, Kanye West’s Twitter has gotten him in some trouble again. After posting a screenshot showing fans what he was listening to on YouTube – Sufjan Steves’ “Death With Dignity” – Kanye was called out by fans as well as fellow artist, deadmau5, for some open browser tabs that included, popular piracy website The Pirate Bay.

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