(Video) LMAO! Is This What Really Happened With Flappy Bird?


There are a lot of rumors and talk going around about WHY the Flappy Bird dev took the popular game out of stores, well someone took time to put a video together on the possibility and it’s funny AF!

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(Photos) Wait What?!? Flappy Bird Phones Going For How Much On eBay?!??


Ummm, feels like you should have taken my heed on DL’ing Flappy Bird before it was gone, cause now it seems like the only way to get it is buying a used phone on eBay with the game pre-installed, BUT Now, you may have to pay a pretty penny for those, as opposed to when it was FREE.

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(Video) With Flappy Bird Dead In Stores, Is “Ironpants” A Good Replacement?!?

IFWT_ironpants App

Flappy Bird is indeed gone from The App Store, but I do still see it in Google play, I’m sure that’s because Google Play is always just a step behind The App Store. So what do we do now, how can we fill up those hours we have learned to waist playing Flappy Bird?? Well don’t fret, I’ve found a similar game to take up that train ride time, “Ironpant”!!

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(Photos) Bittorrent Has Success In Music & Merchandising With Curren$cy!!!


Curren$y put a project out on Bittorrent back in Oct. 2013, after Hov’s MCHG App album(Def After The #DjFunkFlex App), but before Beyonce’s Visual album and The Lox’s EP,where both dropped on iTunes with no prior announcement, and Bittorrent says that project has done 4 Million downloads through the digital platform, which technically is bigger than all of this projects individually.

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Happy Birthday! G.I. Joe Turns 50!

gi-joe-turns-50 (1)

What has been called the world’s first action figure by collectors and toy makers alike, the G.I. Joe celebrates its 50th birthday this month.

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WTF!! Flappy Bird Coming Out Of App Stores?! Better Get It Now!!!


A peculiar twist on the maddening game ‘Flappy Bird‘, as the dev announced just 4 hours ago he ‘couldn’t take it anymore’, and would be removing the #1 game in both major app stores(iOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play) by tomorrow.

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(18+*Video) Have You Ever Heard Of An Online Game That’s Made Millions Called RUST?!

IFWT_Rust online game

So I ran across this game by chance, then looked it up, it’s an indie online game that came out last year, and as of Jan. 2014, has made $7.5 Million!! Rust is based in survival, gamers, trapped on an island, have to go through a gambit of problems, from starving, attacks from wildlife, drowning, even exposure to radiation. The ultimate goal is Staying alive!!

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(Photos) This Would Definitely Be Worse Than NSA Spying!!

Customs and Border Protection announced the latest addition to i

We all hear about unmanned drone strikes in war torn countries, safe because troops don’t have to go in, and US lives aren’t lost(although lives, and a lot of the time innocent lives, ARE lost), but what if Drones were in the US, patrolling us, would we still be ‘safe’?!

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(Video) Check Out Amazon’s New Pilot’s They Want You To Vote On!!

Amazon Instant Video

As Netflix has proven, original content is the way to get absolute validity as a Content provider(especially if it’s award winning), and Amazon is back 5 pilots it wants it’s Prime people to take a look at and see which one should go into full production!

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(Photos) No Makeup? No Problem! Scarlett Johansson And Kate Winslet Are Au Naturel for Vanity Fair’s 20th Annual Hollywood Issue

scarlett red

It’s so nice to see these two beauties pose with no make-up on. I applaud them.

Vanity Fair took a different approach for this year’s “Hollywood Issue”, photographing their biggest stars with no make-up at all! No airbrushing and photoshopped pictures.

Amongst them were A-Listers, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, Oprah, and many others.

Even without makeup, these two ladies still look beautiful. And a bit younger, don’t you think?

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