Playstation VR system

Sony is installing demo kiosks at Best Buy and Gamestop retail sites across the US and Canada beginning today!

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This weekend, Sony made available 30 Playstation VR demo kiosks, setup inside Best Buys and Gamestops located across the US and Canada. Sony expects to expand to 300 locations by June 24th. You can find out which stores will be showcasing Sony’s new Playstation VR at their site.

Five titles will be available for Sony’s new demo of their Playstation VR: Playstation VR Worlds, Eve: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone, and Superhypercube. More demos will be released in the months to come as Sony prepares for the official launch of their new Playstation VR system. The price for Sony’s new VR will be set at $399 at launch.

Source: The Verge