In case you missed it (like many did considering the Oscars’ low ratings), Samsung premiered a new commercial for their new waterproof Galaxy S7 phone during the show, starring none other than Lil Wayne. There’s many notable celebrities, but Weezy stole the show. Hit the jump to watch the full commercial.

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Also in the commercial is Doc Rivers, Wesley Snipes, James Harden, Willaim H Macy, plus more. The commercial finds everybody asking “Why?”. Well, Weezy made it his own when he poured champagne all over the phone and said:

“Why doesn’t my phone work when I pour this expensive champagne all over it? How am I supposed to show people how rich and care free I am?”

Lol, all these years of that signature confident yet nonchalant persona have definitely worked out in more ways than one for Tune.

Watch below: