(Video) Jay Z To Make Special Announcement Of New Music Service

ifwt jay-z1

Jay Z To Make Special Announcement Of New Music .
So Jay Z just purchased a music streaming service by the name ‘Tidal ‘ curated by artists . According to the new work post Hova has a special announcement to make ! #IFWT

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(Video) #DjFunkFlexApp New Music: Rihanna – “Bit** Better Have My Money” Plus Dubsmash App VO Option (Update)


Kudos to you Rihanna, great way to get people not only talking about new music, but actually interacting with it, I would expect the RiRi navy to flood Vine and IG with VO’s of “Bi**h Better Have My Money” off that upcoming R8 album. #BBHMM

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(Video) Kids Seeing a VCR for The 1st Time Will Make You Feel Like a Caveman!


Kids Seeing a VCR for The 1st Time….Best thing I’ve seen on the net in a minute, to truly know the progress made in technology because a person only on the earth for a few years, only knowing technology as it is now, seeing a VCR for the 1st time acting as if it were the sticks used to originally start fire!

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(Update)Eric Garner, Sean Bell Wikipedia Pages Altered By NYPD?


Eric Garner, Sean Bell Wikipedia Pages Altered By NYPD? Wow The NYPD can’t seem to catch a break they are in the news more then the actual criminals it seems. A report has surfaced and the finding are really disturbing.It apears that the Wikipedia pages of several police killing victims like Eric Garner, Sean Bell and many more, were edited by computers traced to the New York Police Department. SMDH make sure you watch the video after the jump.

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(Video) Are These Some Of The Dirty Thoughts You Have While Getting Clean?

IFWT_Dirty Thoughts In The Shower

Well damn, this is kinda true, some of the thoughts you have while in the shower, when you’re getting clean, are dirty as hell!!

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(Video) “Community” Is Back With Season 6!!! On Yahoo???

IFWT_Community Season 6

Community..Season 6….Yes on Yahoo! Yahoo has decided for one it’s 1st pieces of original content to be the cult classic “Community”, originally on NBC, but if you’re a fan of the show, you don’t care how you get it!!

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Power To The People!!! Net Neutrality Wins!!! #OpenInternetLives

IFWT_internet-open-net neutrality

Net Neutrality Wins, For now we the people still get the Internet as we know it will stay as we know it!! A lot of you were not aware that there was a vote to change the internet’s service providers(the cable companies that pipe the net into your home) ability to throttle companies like Netflix and Google’s Youtube unless they pay more, which would mean prices hikes, or prices to FREE services.

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(Photos) Jump The Line In VirginMega App For #FunkFlexAllStars [Secrets] vme.ga/funkflex


You think you ready for VirginMega, Ok, I’m not supposed to be telling everyone this info, but I felt like it was only right for all of this supporters that have asking for that #FunkFlexAllStars Gear that funk has been posting throughout the week!! Of course everything isn’t for everybody, but you’re about getting that new new, and technology, then this is for you!!!

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(Video) Recreate Kanye, 9th Wonder, Dilla Beats with Original Samples


Old dogs and new tricks: For all the music heads, salivating producers and tech hypebeasts–YES, you read that right! A new web project is breaking ground on some classics and now you can Recreate Kanye, 9th Wonder, Dilla Beats with Original Samples!

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(Video) Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Video To Facebook


Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Videos To Facebook. Stop me if you’ve heard this before (my boss actually did stop me before writing this article to make sure we haven’t posted this one before) but a couple teens rob someone and then post it online to flaunt, only to get arrested and jailed days later.

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