(Video) Curren$y Releasing “Pilot Talk 3″ as 100 Dollar USB Drive Bundle

Curren$y Releasing 'Pilot Talk 3' on $100 USB

Some play checkers, others play chess: the latest news on the independent artist circuit is Curren$y Releasing “Pilot Talk 3″ as 100 Dollar USB Drive Bundle!!! So what exactly’s the deal and what comes in the bundle???

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(Photos) Here’s What We Found Out About The Apple Watch($10K); Plus HBO Now, New Macbook, & More!!!

IFWT_Apple Watch

Apple: We have waited a few months since Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch in Sept to find out the details of Apple’s ‘Next Big Thing’. Little details like 22 variants of the Watch(five Watch Sport, 12 Watch, five Watch Edition), and Big rumors like the price of the Gold edition have been circulating, but all of that is over, the Read Deal is Here!!

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Power To The People!!! Net Neutrality Wins!!! #OpenInternetLives

IFWT_internet-open-net neutrality

Net Neutrality Wins, For now we the people still get the Internet as we know it will stay as we know it!! A lot of you were not aware that there was a vote to change the internet’s service providers(the cable companies that pipe the net into your home) ability to throttle companies like Netflix and Google’s Youtube unless they pay more, which would mean prices hikes, or prices to FREE services.

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(Video) Chamillionaire Is Entrepreneur in Residence at a Venture Capital Firm

Chamillionaire is Entrepreneur in Residence

A (tech) bubble on the humble: What may have seemed like a missing-in-action rap star has actually been a gradually successful climb into the tech and financial industry, as Chamillionaire Is Entrepreneur in Residence at a Venture Capital Firm!

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(Photos) Jump The Line In VirginMega App For #FunkFlexAllStars [Secrets] vme.ga/funkflex


You think you ready for VirginMega, Ok, I’m not supposed to be telling everyone this info, but I felt like it was only right for all of this supporters that have asking for that #FunkFlexAllStars Gear that funk has been posting throughout the week!! Of course everything isn’t for everybody, but you’re about getting that new new, and technology, then this is for you!!!

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(Photos) Snoop Dogg Looks to Invest Up to $25 Million in Marijuana Start-Ups

Snoop Dogg To Invest in Marijuana Start-Ups

If you didn’t already know, the legal marijuana market is BOOMING. Ever since states started approving sales, manufacturing and marketing of the once forbidden substance, sparks in the amount of business ventures as well as serious increases in tax revenues have sky rocketed. As a result…true hustlers have been on the hunt, and now the latest from the Hip Hop community as Snoop Dogg Looks to Invest Up to $25 Million in Marijuana Start-Ups.

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(Photos) Jay Z Is Buying Spotify Rival Tidal For $56 Million?

ifwt jay-z1

Jay Z is buying Spotify Rival Tidal For $56 Million? Well there has been a lot of talk about Jay Z and what company he’s going to purchase next. There was even talk that he was going to purchase Hot 97. This rumor began after the Big Blow Out between Funk Master Flex and Jay-Z. So now that #Hov97 is out the picture it looks like the “Beach is Better ” rapper has his eyes on streaming. According to reports Jay Z is buying Spotify Rival Tidal For $56 Million. Find out more after the jump.

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(Video) Microsoft Announces HoloLens, The Real Future Of Computing?!

IFWT_Microsoft HoloLens

WooooW, I must say, HoloLens, should it be launched like for real for real, is that Minority Report future we’ve been hoping for!!

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(Video) Just Tap or Click for Thin Mints: Girl Scouts Go Digital

Girl Scouts Go Digital

The Girl Scouts Go Digital with their newest “Digital Cookie” program to the delight (and dismay) of many. Everyone knows the age old hustles of community bake sales, selling candy in mass transit, and of course the king (or shall we say queen or princess of them all)–the annual Girl Scout Cookie Drive. But with 21st century life comes the demand for technology and convenience, so change is upon us!

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(Video) Bill Gates New Venture Puts The #2 In H2O, Turns Poop Into Drinking Water


Yes, kinda being funny, but dead ass serious, Bill Gates has a contributed greatly into the ‘Janicki Omniprocessor’, which is a machine that turns waste aka doo doo(like what Troy Ave is talking about), into drinking water and electricity…nuts!!

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