Soundcloud is currently the streaming service of choice for most artists, as it allows their music to get out to the masses without anyone having to pay a subscription fee. Though they recently launched a paid service earlier this year, it remains separate from the free streaming, and the two have co-existed rather peacefully. That may change with talks of a new deal, however.

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Rumors are circulating that Spotify is in talks to buy SoundCloud, which would certainly prove interesting in the streaming war that is happening right now. Apple Music is Spotify’s biggest competitor, and while Spotify has a pretty decent edge over them for now, this would put them over the top! What would this mean for Soundcloud, though? Well, we’re not too sure.

SoundCloud currently has over 130 million users – which is more than Spotify and Apple Music combined – though it’s unknown how many of those people are using the paid service. We will keep you updated as more info becomes available!

Source: FT