Here we go, getting closer to the launch date, the leaks becoming more aggressive, so we’ve gone from footage of them just existing to actually working!

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Now I notice 2 things off the back, 1- The screen looks pretty clear, you can see what’s on the display(keyboard) even though it’s video of a video being taken, which means the display/camera is strong with this one. 2- I’m not sure what OS that is, NOT iOS, maybe sometime of Chinese OS, which would propose that although a functioning iPhone, not loaded by Apple as yet, which means if not a clone, def stolen from Foxconn.

Ok, with that being said, watch the footage, tell me what you think?!?

The #iPhone7 allegedly caught in the wild in action!

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Just incase you missed it, here’s the alleged adapter for 3.5mm jack to lightning port for headphones that should be shipping with the 7;

Video of the alleged lightning port headphone adapter leaks….what do you think? #iPhone7

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