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Lil Wayne rang off a series of tweets this morning that might be foreshadowing the day we’ve all been fearing; his retirement.

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As you may know, the past year has been rough for Lil Wayne. From some of his health scares to his public feud with Birdman and the Cash Money Label. As we’ve been made privy to, Wayne has been frustrated about not being able to put out his ‘Carter V’ album as well as the money he’s owed by Birdman. At one point it looked like they were on good terms back in January but it was quickly dispelled when he yelled “Fuck Cash Money” at a number of concerts.

Wayne took to Twitter early this morning to let his fans know that the end may be near. He said he was feeling defeated with the whole situation. Even Ross chimed in and tweeted “Get Birdman on the phone”.

Wayne then later took to twitter to calm his fans saying “I’m good y’all, don’t trip”.

Hopefully Wayne doesn’t do the unthinkable and retire!