(Video) Super Dope: Mistah Fab Holds 9th Annual Backpack Giveaway In Oakland, California!


West Coast rapper Mistah Fab is one of the few rappers who is constantly giving back to the people in his community. For the kids in North Oakland, Mistah Fab just held his 9th annual backpack drive. He and his team gave out backpacks and stuffed them with school supplies. Over 1,000 backpacks were filled for the children. Around Thanksgiving, he also holds a turkey drive for the folks in Oakland. His actions are truly remarkable! Check out the video footage from the event below. Super dope, Fab!

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(Video) Lawd! Draya & Her ‘Fine A*s Girls’ Shmoney Dance In Their Bikinis!

Draya Michelle

Draya Michele and her fellow “fine ass girls” packed their bags and hit up Punta Cana to catch some sun rays. While the beauties were enjoying the beach, they all showed off their “Shmoney Dance” skills while rockin’ their sexy bikinis from Draya’s Mint Swim Collection. YEP, by far the best vid I’ve seen yet of anyone dancing to Bobby Shmurda. Peep game below.

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(Video) HILARIOUS! Little Boy Goes OFFFFF On His Mom For Getting Pregnant Again

_A Company Called Fake A Baby Offers Fake Pregnancy Tests And More

Little kids often get jealous when their mother’s decide to have more children because the attention gets shifted from them to the newborn. A mom caught her son’s reaction on tape after telling him she was pregnant. His reaction is absolutely PRICELESS! Check it out below for a good laugh.

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(Video) Ferguson Protestors Challenge Jesse Jackson Face To Face

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson is a man of many words, but it looks like he was left almost speechless in recent events. A video surfaced of a few protestors approach Jesse Jackson while he was completely minding his own.

The confrontation began smoothly with a few questions from the alleged protestors about Jackson’s support in Ferguson that day. Jackson pleasantly replied that he was marching all day. All of sudden, the conversation to a turn for the worst!

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(Video) Dave Chappelle Returns to Hartford Despite Last Year’s Heckling?

Dave Chappelle

Despite the tons of “F*!% Hartford” T-shirts sold, Dave Chappelle surprised many fans with his appearance at the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. Saturday night, he was welcomed with an amazing standing ovations, as opposed to boos and jeering.

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(Video) Dame Dash Rambling In Response To Jim Jones!


You’ve probably heard about Jim Jones going on Instagram and calling Dame Dash a “culture vulture” and a thief. Dame Responded on his own Instagram saying he didn’t understand why Jim would do that and stating they can talk out their problems. They have both known each other for a long time, so Dame must’ve done something or made a move that did not sit well with Jim. Dame has responded to the situation with Jim via this video below.

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(Video) Donald Glover Set To Play Spiderman For ‘Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors’


After rallying alongside is fans, campaigning for Marvel to cast a black actor for a superhero, Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino has been revealed as Miles Morales—a half-Hispanic, half-black Spider-Man counterpart—in the upcoming Disney XD animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. More info after the jump!

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(Video) Hilarious 18+! Ellen DeGeneres And Chelsea Handler Have A ‘NUDE’ Shower Fight!


Last night, the final episode of the Chelsea Lately show debuted a hilarious video of Ellen DeGeneres confronting Chelsea Handler about never inviting her as a guest on her show. Keep in mind that the two women are known for their keen sense of humor. Watch the video below as they have a ‘nude’ shower disagreement!

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(Video) LMAO: Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Fart Remix)

nicki minaj talks vmas 2014

It still amazes me to find the content that I find online. The fact that someone thought of this and actually placed the fart sounds accordingly is crazy. It’s all in fun though, just scroll down and check out the vid.

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(Video) The Game Takes Shots At G-Unit In Concert

The Game

As the G-Unit continue on with their reunion, releasing new music and touring the country, The Game still isn’t really f*cking with it. During his show last Sunday in California, Game switched up the lyrics to “How We Do,” and added a “f*ck” in there so as to say “F*ck G-Unit,” instead of the original lyrics that bigged them up. Check out the quick clip below.

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