(Video): Fan Catches Beyonce’s Booty During Formation Tour


Beyonce has been breaking news the past few weeks from all her major projects and rumors surfacing, but while this has been happening so has her tour. Check out her video clip a fan captured from the Formation Tour.

(Video): Rihanna Caught Milly Rockin’ At The Club


Between her new music, sneaker line, being on tour and her new ventures…she still manages to find time to go out and enjoy herself. A fan caught her in action, take a look.

(Video) President Barack Obama’s Last Correspondents Dinner Speech


Watching the Obama’s leave the white house will be a tough day for those who adore the first family. President Obama delivered his last Correspondents dinner speech tonight and he went out like a bad ass if you ask me. Hit the jump to see the video.

(Video) Tune IN To Hot97 Monday Morning To Hear Birdman On Ebro In The Morning!!!

IFWT_Baby with EbrointheAM

Shhhh….it’s a bit of a secret but there will be an interview happening Monday morning that you’re going to want to hear, especially if you’ve recently used the terms ‘Put some Respek on it’, or ‘No Mo’ or my favorite, ‘Are you finished or you done?’😂

(Video) Father Is Facing Charges After Posting A Video To Facebook Of Him Boxing His Son As A Form Of Discipline

IFWT_Boxng dad

A Virgina father recorded himself boxing his 17-year-old son and posting it to Facebook is now facing charges. The 17-year-old has been removed from his fathers home during the investigation. The father is claiming that he was only trying to discipline his child for misbehaving in school but many are questioning whether what he did was discipline or abuse. The father turned himself into police Friday morning and is facing domestic assault and battery charges. He was later released from jail Friday on $5,000 unsecured bond. How parents decide to raise and discipline their children is their business but this father might have taken it to far and he didn’t need to post it to social media. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Tech: Man Makes a Homemade Hoverbike!!

IFWT_Homemade Hoverbike

The future of personal transportation is looking interesting as plumber, stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and Youtuber, Colin Furze just created his own hoverbike. The amazing part is that the entire thing is homemade!

(Video) Man Loses His Marijuana And Asks Cop To Help Him Find It

IFWT_Lost weed

Police officers are here to protect and serve. They help solve crimes, we ask them to help find missing people but you’re not supposed to ask them to help find missing marijuana. One intoxicated man from Ohio did just that. Lol! Check out the video after the jump.

(18+ Video) Girl Tops Guy Off In The Middle Of Traffic [NSFW]


Ever been stuck in traffic and see a girl giving a guy a blow job? Yea…..neither have I but apparently it happens. One girl went down on a guy in the middle of the street causing people passing by to stop and pull out their cell phones and record the sexual act. By the way…..real classy girl. Smh. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) WTF?: Naked Woman Confronts Police Officers At Train Station

IFWT_Naked Woman

You don’t see this everyday and I don’t think you would want to. A naked woman confronts police officers for God knows what reason. And lets just say it’s not a pretty sight. Hit the jump to watch the video.

(Video) Tech: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Teaser!!

IFWT_CoDIW Teaser trailer

Its normally around this time of year where Activision and their developers begin releasing news and trailers for their new title in the Call of Duty franchise. Today they released their teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

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