Oops! Looks Like It Was A Misunderstanding That Led To Rob Blasting Kylie’s Number


Earlier today, we reported that Rovb Kardashian had leajed Kylie Jenner’s number on Twitter, outgraged after he’d found out that she’d planned a baby shower for him and Blac Chyna wasn’t invited. That certainly would be grounds for concern…if that were the whole story. Unfortunately for Rob, it’s not. Turns out, he and Chy have reportedly been on the rocks for a while, so Rob’s sisters planned separate his and hers showers to keep the tension away. Chyna even agreed to this, thinking it was a good idea, but clearly Rob didn’t get the memo.

Ciara Demands Injunction Against Future To NEVER Speak Her Name In The Press Again


Ciara and Future have been going back in fourth in the courts since the winter, after Ciara got fed up when Future called her a bitch on Twitter. She quickly sued him for slander, to which he then counter-sued, though he’s since dropped his suit. Ciara’s is full steam ahead, however. Now, CiCi is demanding the judge grant a permanent injunction against Future, preventing him from ever speaking negatively about her in the press or on social media ever again.

(Video) NYPD Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man In Road Rage Incident Has Been Charged With Second Degree Murder


Finally, a little bit of justice in this crazy imbalance with cops killing innocent civilians! An NYPD officer has now been charged with second degree murder, after shooting an unarmed black man during a road rage incident while he was NOT on duty on the 4th of July.

(Video) Man Allegedly Involved In Beanie Sigel Knockout Speaks Out


There was recently a video going around of Beanie Sigel getting knocked out by one of Meek Mill’s people. The man goes by the name of Teefy Bey. Bey had a chance to speak with HipHopSince1987 about his brand, his affiliation with Meek, and also the encounter with Beanie Sigel.

(Photo) Former Congressman Steve Stockman Tweets “Release Your Emails Bit*h” During Debate


Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman got pretty fired up during last night’s debates as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed Hillary Clinton’s emails.

(Photo + Video) Donald Trump Blames Sniffles On Defective Mic


Donald Trump is now speaking out on the sniffles he acquired during last night’s debate. Trump claims that he was given a defective mic.

(Photo + Video) Stephen Colbert Speaks On Why Donald Trump Sniff’s So Much


Stephen Colbert is now weighing in on last night’s presidential debate. The world has been speaking on Trump’s sniffing problem the whole time. Former Governor Howard Dean took to Twitter to say the reason behind the sniffing is all the coke Trump has been smoking. Looks like Colbert had the same thought in mind.

(Video) Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Says His Father Would Have Challenged Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump


Martin Luther King Jr.’s son is now speaking out on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He says if his father was still alive, he would not be happy with the way things are today as far as presidential candidates go.

(Video) Highlights From The First Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton


Last night was the first Presidential Debate of 2016 with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which jumped off from the start. If you missed out or just want a recap, hit the jump as we have the highlights below.

(Photo + Video) Houston Police Beat Up Homeless Man


Two Houston police officers have now been suspended after footage shows them beating a homeless man. The other officer is seen in the video watching.

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