A New *NSync Album Was Just Released and Nobody Knew It Was Happening—Not Even *NSync!


Could this be the reunion album we’ve all been waiting for? Not quite. But Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone are back! Sort of.

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OK, So THIS Is What Happened To The Malaysian Flight Shot Down!!


According to sources after the investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17′s black boxes, the downed flight suffered a “massive explosive decompression.” It occurred when shrapnel tore through the plane — a Boeing 777. The results of the infamous surface to air missle. More info after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) After Bumping Into Another SEPTA Passenger, A Woman Is Punched And Robbed!!


On July 10, while exiting a SEPTA trolley in Philly, a woman almost knocked down another passenger. Almost immediately after, the man who almost fell, threw his cup at the passenger before confronting her when he got off of the train. The woman then flipped him off. At that point the man punched the woman in the face and took off with her headphones. See it after the jump.

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SMH: Woman Abandons Her Two Young Children In Her Car To Show Her BF What That Mouth Do!!


Sad news in parenting. 25-year-old Princess Marks of Lake Charles, Louisiana is in hot water with the law. She left her two children, ages 5 and 7, in her car while she went to show her boyfriend what that mouth do. And no, it wasn’t an argument, but things got heated. More info after the jump.

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X-Men Director Bryan Singer Settles Out Of Court With Accuser Of Molestation!!


During the promotion of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, director Bryan Singer opted out of media runs due to accusations of sexual abuse. Well now, he has finally settled out of court in what some call a “nuisance settlement.” But, was he guilty? More info after the jump.

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(Photo + Video) Ouch!! Bartender Sets Man’s Face On Fire While Making Him A Drink!!


This took place in Lithuania. A bartender was preparing a “Flaming Lamborghini” cocktail for a patron, when she messed up and set a man’s face on fire. If you didn’t know, A Flaming Lamborghini consists of sambuca and kahlua which is then lit on fire and drank quickly through a straw while it’s still on fire, the drink is then doused with a shot each of Baileys and blue curacao which is then also drunk. See both the video and the unfortunate man’s face after the jump.

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Lil Reese Arrested For Felony Possession Of WHAT?!?!


According to a report from XXL, Chiraq rapper Lil Reese was allegedly arrested for felony possession of a firearm. So far, it looks like his bail is set for $50,000. More on Lil Reese’s legal troubles after the jump.

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(Video) ALERT: Let’s Stop Kids From Doing This Dangerous Game ‘Pass Out Challenge’


This Non-sense seems to be all the rage on FB, kids are doing this at serious risk to their health! By bending over taking shallow breath’s to slow the heart down, then quickly leaning up, holding there breath, proceeding to let someone push in on their chest up against the heart to try and make it stop so they pass out….seizures, potential for a heart attack, even stroke with the loss of oxygen to the brain….ridiculous!

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Chris Brown’s New Neighbor: “If He Comes Onto My Property, I’ll SHOOT HIM!”


Chris Brown’s gained quite a questionable rep over the past few years and apparently his new neighbors are NOT amused by Breezy’s behavior. The entertainer recently moved into a new mansion in San Fernando Valley on the boarder of Malibu into a town called Agoura. The 6-bedroom home he’s renting is fully equipped with an ice cream bar, dance studio (for the bangers he’ll be throwing,) billiard room, and a tennis court. Oh, let’s not forget that there’s enough space on his property for 75 CARS! However, TMZ caught up with one of CB’s new neighbors and he’s pretty angry at the new addition to the neighborhood. “It can be the devil. I can care less. I don’t care if they’re having orgies. It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn’t trespass onto my property. If he does, I shoot him,” his new neighbor said. WELP…. let’s hope Breezy keeps himself and his house guests on his own property.

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Say WHAT?! You’ll Never Guess What Kandi Burruss’ Backstage Demands Are!

Kandi Burruss

All celebrities have their specific wants and needs for their backstage arrangement. However, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has some EXTREMELY odd demands for her musical production of “A Mother’s Love.” Her contract rider states that she NEEDS Popeyes chicken and ONLY Popeyes. “Please do not substitute for KFC or Churches, we know the difference,” the contract says. However, she demands only KFC coleslaw, along with a brand new toilet seat and a bathroom stocked with Cottonelle toilet paper and Dove soap. But wait, that’s not all! She also is asking for a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter, a golf cart and umbrella incase of rain and a police escort incase there’s a huge traffic jam. Oh, the life of a diva!

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