(Video) NFL: Tom Brady Drops Too Many F-Bombs, FCC Receives Complaints


The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, has received several complaints regarding the foul language consistently dropped by New England Patriots’ star quarterback, Tom Brady. Talk about letting the game get to you…

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(Video) Black Teen Found Hanging Launches A Federal Hate Crime Investigation

Lennon Lacy

Lennon Lacy was a Football Star from Bladenboro North Carolina who was the black teen found hanging some time ago. The medical examiner ruled the black teen found hanging as a death from suicide. The Mother of the teen football star Lennon lacy, believes otherwise and that Lennon Lacy’s 32 year old white, drug addicted ex-girlfriend knows exactly what caused the death of her son. The Last time 17 year old Lennon Lacy was seen my his mother Claudia Lacy was August 28th 2014.

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(Video) Family Of Man Killed By Cops In Walmart Sues

IFWT_Walmart Racist Halloween

Family Of Man Killed By Cops In Walmart Sues, The news and net’s been buzzing today as the Family Of Man Killed By Cops In Walmart Sues Ohio police and the corporation for a reported $75,000. More than that, footage has been circling of the police interrogation of Tasha Thomas, the then girlfriend of John Crawford who was shot and killed in the mega-store for allegedly picking up and waving a toy gun that had been out of its package and on its shelf for two days. The video shows a very aggressive approach taken and Tasha almost crumbling over what was a 90-minute round of hard hitting if-and-when questioning.

As the momentum of #BlackLivesMatter is coasting this just adds fuel to every fire…but what EXACTLY’s going on here?

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(Video) Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana while the latest album from D’Angelo in 15 years shook the world and has the #1 slot in a chokehold, more than a few eyes are on one of Hip Hop’s most beloved female lyricists, songstress and icon. Many are dreaming with their eyes open in hopes of another legendary album drop as Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana a few days ago. Part of “Afrobeats Big Festival” the one Ms. Hill, in good voice, style, and sound wowed crowds with her world class re-imagined set of “The Miseducation,” classic Fugees, Bob Marley tributes and eternal star power.

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Bobby Shmurda & The Migos Are Linking Up For The “Shmigo Gang” Mixtape


I shmeel (

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Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine To Body Build

Riff Raff

Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine, Eccentric rapper and Ex reality TV star from Vh1’s show titles “from G’s To Gents ”  Riff Raff , is making a lifestyle change for the new year . The mad decent artist known as Riff Raff has been rapping about drugs like molly, cocaine and the abuse of alcohol for the majority if not his entire career. According to TMZ, and tweets from Riff Raff himself, Riff Raff has chosen to give up the crazy fast life to go for the sober living  drug free lifestyle . TMZ is has reported that Riff Raff went completely sober a few months ago after he got so wasted the night before a celebrity basketball game for charity that he wasn’t even sober enough to even tip toe in his Jordan’s, let alone play a full court game against his hip hop celebrity peers.

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NJ Man Busted With 250 Pounds Of Weed

Pounds of Weed Seized

A New Jersey man Nelson Anderson was busted with 250 pounds of weed today in Cherry Hill, NJ. The man loaded up about 100 pounds in his car and still had another 150 left in his storage unit. What he didn’t know was that the feds were watching… as they always are.

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Fabolous & Emily B Are Expecting Another Baby?!

Fabolous & Emily B

Fabolous and Emily B have been together for YEARS and have went through all of the trials and tribulations together. They have one 6-year-old son together named Johan a.k.a. Prince Joso and Emily has a 16-year-old daughter named Taina from a previous relationship who Fab helps raise, as well. We got a better insight into their relationship after the two appeared on Love & Hip-Hop: New York. (Well, more so Emily than Fab.)

Now rumor has it that the two are expecting their second child together! Emily is apparently in her second trimester, hence why we have not seen too many full body shots of the hot Latina recently. Sources close to Bustamante claim that she’s already starting to show a lot. How exciting! I can’t wait until the two make the actual announcement. They are my absolute favorite celebrity couple!

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Drake To Star As A Character Called ‘PE*NIS’ In A Spike Lee Movie


Is Drake returning to acting? According to a leaked Sony email sent from Spike Lee’s agent, Drizzy may be co-starring with Kevin Hart in a sequel to Spike Lee’s 1988 musical School Daze as a character named PE*NIS.

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Bill Cosby’s Wife Speaks Up!

IFWT_Camile Cosby (2)

Bill Cosby’s Wife Speaks Up, Camille Cosby has finally decided to speak up and let her opinion on her husbands rape allegations be heard.

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