Walmart Takes Social Media Hit With Racist Costume

IFWT_Walmart Racist Halloween

Walmart is at it again….. recently the super store giant was in the media for their alleged “fat girl” section of costumes. See what new Halloween scandal arises with them.

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(Photo) Highest Ranking African American NYPD Officer Quits Before Taking New Post

IFWT_Chief Banks III 1

Chief Phillip Banks III, decided to step down instead of take a new position that would have seen him named 1st Deputy Commissioner. That ranking would have made him second in command to the largest police force in the Country!

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(Photos) NYC Street Speed Limit Change Effective Friday November 7, 2014

IFWT_New Speed Limit For NYC Streets

This past Monday NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio signed a Bill that will lower NYC speed limit to 25 Miles Per Hour. The law will affect most NYC streets and begins on Friday November 7, 2014.

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Don’t Forget To Change Your Clocks And “Fall Back” This Weekend!


It’s that special time of the year, for everyone to receive an extra hour of sleep! Be sure to change your clocks back ONE hour after daylight savings comes to an end on Sunday at 2am!

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(Photos) Kanye West And Madonna Snap Selfies Together!


Last night at the “Keep A Child Alive Ball” Kanye West, and the legendary Madonna took a minute to snap a couple of selfies before the night was over. Similar to us “regular folk,” celebrities enjoy selfies, and hashtags just as much as we do. In true Madonna fashion, she uploaded the picture of her and Kanye West with the caption:”Self Obsession much? #unapologeticbitches.”

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#DJFunkFlexApp: IFWT Exclusive Mixtape: Remy Ma – I’m Around


Remy might have went away for a while, but she’s back around with a highly anticipated mix tape “I’m Around”. Available below.

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(Video) Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Anna Cardwell Breaks Down When Talking About Her Child Molester!

_ Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Anna Cardwell Breaks Down

The popular show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was recently canceled by TLC because Honey Boo Boo’s mother, Mama June, is being accused of dating a child molester named Mark McDaniel. Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Anna Cardwell claims McDaniel sexually assaulted her at eight years old. Anna, 20, broke down in tears on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ while talking about the incident. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Video) #FixItJesus: Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Facility; Spotted Roaming The Streets


Amanda Bynes has been released after just two weeks from the facility she’s been held at for her looney ways. Although sources close to the troubled actress explain that she’s been taking her meds, the doctors say she is still extremely insane in the membrane (literally.) On Thursday night, the former Nickelodeon star was spotted roaming the Sunset Strip looking for a place to stay when she finally ended up at a diner by herself. She ordered fried chicken, salmon, caesar salad with guacamole and a house salad and ate it ALL by herself while talking to the waitress about a bunch of nonsense. She was also reportedly babbling on to herself for a long time. UMMMMM, GET THIS GIRL SOME MORE HELP PLEASE!!! Peep the vid below of Amanda talking to the poor waitress at the diner.

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2 Bronx Girls Must Face Alleged Rapists Face-To-Face In Court


Two girls, 12 and 13, are accusing two boys who attend Urban Science Academy with them in the Bronx of rape. They claim the boys, 13 and 14, sexually assaulted them for two hours straight after lunch in their school’s auditorium on October 16th, 2014. Since then, both suspects have been arrested and charged with rape. This upcoming Monday, the girls will have to face their alleged attackers face-to-face in court because if they don’t testify, the boys will not be suspended according to their attorney, Alan Ripka.

“(The girls) don’t want to be in front of these people,” Ripka said. “Anybody with half a brain wouldn’t want to be. To traumatize these two young girls again by sitting them down at the same table as their accused rapists will be psychologically traumatizing, and the Department of Education should not be demanding they be present for the hearing.”

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(Video) Kanye West Really Liked This Kids Sweatshirt!


Kanye West was spotted in New York City today (October 30), when he spotted a fan with a dope sweatshirt. He played photographer and asked the fan to pose so he can take a few pictures of it with his cell phone.

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