(Video) Police Kill Suspect Inside Library In New Jersey


A suspect wanted by police was shot inside a local library in Lyndhurst, New Jersey at 2:30 pm.

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(Photos) Look-A-Like Or Nah? Fashion Stylist Claims She Resembles Rihanna!


Lots of gals may be flattered to be told they resemble the feisty R&B goddess RiRi, others may be unfortunate. A fashion savvy stylist by the name of Bianca Guthrie, claims she looks like the retro queen and sadly regrets it!

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(Photos) Founder Of Illegal Silk Road Sentenced To Life In Prison


Life definitely comes at you fast and I’m sure the founder of the Silk Road website, Ross Ulbricht, would agree with that. After being convicted on seven other charges, a Manhattan judge sentenec Ulbricht to life in prison. Click more to read the full story!

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(Photo) Suge Knight Seeking Dismissal From Murder Charges


Could Suge Knight, the notorious Death Row Records co-founder possibly get a dismal from his murder charges?

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(Photo) Does Chinx Have A Baby On The Way… Not From His Wife?


Recently, a very honorable New York Hip Hop artist by the name of Chinx Drugz was killed on Jamaica ave in Queens New York and everyone has been incredibly devastated with his death. It has been reported that Chinx Drugz impregnated a women before his death and it was not from his wife. Hop into the post for all the details and photos supporting the statement. #IFWT!!!

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(Video) So This Is Why Tyrone Wants To F*** Your Wife!


Tyrone has swept social media with his wild videos of him approaching strangers and telling them he wants to f*** their wives. LOL! Well, Tyrone recently sat down with DJ Kay Slay and explains why he is out to snatch your wife and f*** her! Click more to check out the video!

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(Graphic Video) A Mob Burns Teenage Girl Alive In Guatemala

_IFWT_A Mob Burns Teenage Girl Alive In Guatemala

A mob in Guatemala starts an outrage after they burned and beat a young 16 year old girl alive after accusing her of killing a taxi driver. Read more on the story and check out the horrific and graphic video below!

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(Photos) Chinese Nationals Cheat SATs


A group of Chinese nationals in Pennsylvania have been indicted for developing a conspiracy to help foreign students to cheat on U.S. administered college entrance exams. On Thursday, the charges were handed down by a federal grand jury, with the Justice Department saying it could be just the beginning of an international conspiracy to commit counterfeiting and defraud American schools and the immigration system.

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Nicki Minaj Reveals She Demands Orgasm Every Time!


Imagine having sex with Nicki Minaj? Well, imagine no more. The rapper got up close and personal in an interview with Cosmopolitan for the most recent issue. The 32-year old revealed that she is very demanding and particular when it comes to the bedroom. Hit the jump to get all the deets.

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(Video) Did Drake Say That Cash Money Stole From Him in New Verse?


Drake dropped a pretty unexpected freestyle the other night on stage at his Jungle Tour and everyone has been talking about it since. Well some may just look at it as a few stray bars, but Did Drake say that Cash Money stole from him? Is That Why Drake Is Leaving Cash Money? Hop into the post to find out. #IFWT!!

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