(Video) Johnny Depp Gets Emotional Talking About Sick Daughter


Johnny Depp is known not only for his fantastic roles in great movies such as “Edward Scissorhands” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” but also his huge heart. Deep always makes it a priority to go out to different children’s hospitals and bless sick children with his presence and kind words. He usually goes dressed up as a character of some sort to make light of bad situations for these children.

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(Photos + Video) A 19-Year-Old From New Jersey Is The Star Of ‘The Wiz’!


Dreams truly do come true, especially for those who strive hard! 19-year-old Shanice Williams is playing the role of Dorothy in “The Wiz” live! Seems so unreal getting a chance to work with such big names such as Mary J. Blidge, Queen Latifah, Neyo and More.

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(Photo) Donald Trump To Meet With Black Pastors

ifwt_donald trump

As Donald Trump continues to lead the top of GOP polls and make offensive remarks, the business mogul is causing heads to turn once again as he prepares to meet with a group of black ministers. In addition, the meeting itself is planned to be televised, but the real question is, is this a sick political tactic to gain African American votes or does he genuinely mean well? You be the judge.

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Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole Collab Is Coming Very Soon


Kendrick Lamar’s sister might have just put hip-hop in a frenzy with teasing some big news of a J.Cole/K.Dot collab coming early next year. Hit the jump.

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(Photo + Video) Justin Bieber Crashes Chainsmokers L.A. Concert After Canceling TV Appearances


Justin Bieber definitely shocked his fans friday night when he crashed a Chainsmokers L.A. Concert in Los Angeles. After canceling two television appearances earlier this week, we didn’t expect this!

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(Video) Rhode Island Dancing Cop Fired For Protesting Against Black Lives Matter

IFWT_Black Lives Matter

The number of Black Lives Matter protest has sky rocketed especially with the high number of police brutality stories that are now surfacing around. Our people are now fed up and demanding justice. We are now looking to have our voices heard by all means. Maybe not all agree though. Tony Lepore was recently fired after organizing a protest against a Dunkin Donuts worker who wrote “#BlackLivesMatter” on his cup.

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Donald Trump Declines Heavily In The Polls; Drops 12 Points

ifwt_donald trump

Donald Trump has dropped 12 points in the last week during his run for the United States’ Presidency, marking his biggest plummet since it has commenced. Full story after the jump.

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Obama Lashes Out After Planned Parenthood Shooting: “Enough Is Enough”


President Obama is really fed up with the recent acts of violence that has been going on throughout the world. He lashed out upon hearing about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado. He says “enough is enough.”

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(Video) Bob Saget Calls Bill Cosby Allegations “Despicable”


Bob Saget, who we know as “Danny Tanner,” the father from full house, has alot to say about the allegations being thrown on his former mentor Bill Cosby. Sage says that the allegations are “despicable.” Guess Cosby doesn’t really have anyone standing behind him. Well I mean who would after over 50 woman have came forward saying they were sexually assaulted by him.

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Atlanta Nonprofit Teaches Grandparents How To Text And Use New Technology


One of the most common complaints we hear from grandparents are that their children and grandchildren don’t call them enough, or never call them at all. Now i think we can all admit that in this day and age most people would rather text then talk on the phone right? And thats unfortunate for some grandparents who never sent a text a day in their life. That was until now. An Atlanta nonprofit called BlueHair Technology Group knows exactly what to do to fix this issue and that is to teach grandparents how to text and stay in touch.

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