SHOTS BLASTED! Julissa Bermudez Slams Kim Kardashian For Her Response To BFF Adrienne Bailon


In case you missed the morning tea, Adrienne Bailon made the September ’14 cover of Latina Magazine and boy-o-boy did she take shots at ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian for his cheating habits, among other things. Well, sisters Kim and Khloe came to the rescue and had a few words for Ms. Lil Bailon.

Things have not ended there as Adrienne’s BFF, Julissa Bermudez has a rebuttal for the Kardashian that’s married to Kanye. Um, hit the jump and check out the major READ that was given.

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(Photos) Ummm, WHAT? Miley Cyrus Has A STRANGE & DANGEROUS New Hobby

Miley Cyrus Gets New Tattoo

In the past year, Miley Cyrus has done just about everything that defines the word CRAZY. From straddling horses naked to kissing girls and posing topless for the ‘Gram, it’s safe to say the chick is a little nuts. However, Miley has a new hobby to add to her list. She tattooed a little smiley face on her BFF Cheyne Thomas’ ankle. Unfortunately for Thomas, it came out looking horrific but let’s not forget the crazy health hazard it poses (Hepititus and god knows what else.) WELP, that’s Miley for you. Check out her “tat skills” in the gallery.

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(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Man Shot Point Blank In The Face


On Sunday(7/27/14) at around 8:16p in the evening the whole thing was caught on CCTV, in front of a local bodega in East New York on the corner of Stanley Ave. at Van Siclen Ave, one guy(the ‘suspect’) walks up on the other guy then suddenly pulls what looks like to be a small caliber gun(maybe a 380) runs toward him and fires in his face.

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(Video) What?! Orlando Throws A Punch At Justin Beiber!


TMZ reports that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a scuffle in Ibiza on Wednesday, and Bloom threw a punch!

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(Photos) Ariana Grande Opens Up On The Bitter Fall Out With Her Father In The September Issue Of ‘Seventeen’


Ariana Grande is Seventeen magazines cover girl, and inside the issue, the pop singer revealed that severing ties with her father, Edward Butera, was the hardest thing she has had to do.

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(Video) Selfie Disaster Strikes! Couple Almost Gets Struck By Lightening Trying To Take A Selfie


Trying to take the perfect selfie has now gotten out of control. A couple on their Mexican vacation decided to take a selfie in the rain and it almost took a dangerous turn.

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A New *NSync Album Was Just Released and Nobody Knew It Was Happening—Not Even *NSync!


Could this be the reunion album we’ve all been waiting for? Not quite. But Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone are back! Sort of.

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OK, So THIS Is What Happened To The Malaysian Flight Shot Down!!


According to sources after the investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17′s black boxes, the downed flight suffered a “massive explosive decompression.” It occurred when shrapnel tore through the plane — a Boeing 777. The results of the infamous surface to air missle. More info after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) After Bumping Into Another SEPTA Passenger, A Woman Is Punched And Robbed!!


On July 10, while exiting a SEPTA trolley in Philly, a woman almost knocked down another passenger. Almost immediately after, the man who almost fell, threw his cup at the passenger before confronting her when he got off of the train. The woman then flipped him off. At that point the man punched the woman in the face and took off with her headphones. See it after the jump.

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SMH: Woman Abandons Her Two Young Children In Her Car To Show Her BF What That Mouth Do!!


Sad news in parenting. 25-year-old Princess Marks of Lake Charles, Louisiana is in hot water with the law. She left her two children, ages 5 and 7, in her car while she went to show her boyfriend what that mouth do. And no, it wasn’t an argument, but things got heated. More info after the jump.

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